Still no common cup at Mass in Sacramento diocese

Sacramento diocese won't lift liturgical precautions because health officials report several more weeks of "flu activity" are expected

Bishop Jaime Soto (image from Orange County register)

The following is a memo from the Director of Worship of the Diocese of Sacramento.

Many have asked when the flu restrictions will be lifted. We base our decision on the influenza surveillance report issued by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) each Friday.

According to the latest report: Flu activity is decreasing but remains elevated and “widespread” in California.

Several more weeks of flu activity are expected.

The restrictions will be lifted when Influenza-like illnesses (ILIs) have dropped below the critical threshold of two standard deviations above baseline for two consecutive weeks. I expect the restrictions to remain in place for a few more weeks.

Thank you for your patience and understanding,

James Cavanagh, Director of Worship

Full story at Diocese of Sacramento.


  1. I wish the whole idea of “the cup” distribution was never begun. This is one of the beautiful things of the Latin Mass, no cup, no communion in the hands, etc. etc. etc. My parish doesn’t even have “the cup” at the Novus Ordo Mass.

    • Here we go again: praising the “Latin Mass” at the expense of the Ordinary Form. People, the Magisterium is completely within its competency and right to allow the Blood of Our Lord to be made available to the faithful as a greater sign of receiving Him. One doesn’t receive less of Our Lord if one communicates with the Body alone; but it’s a matter of greater participation and a greater sign of receiving Him.

      • Wake up call says

        Nobody should need a “greater sign.” And no sign is greater anyway than Christ being fully present in the host. The actual effect of this is to suggest otherwise, that Christ is not fully present in the host. Along with so many other things, as practices pander to the lowest common denominator in the pews, the faith is undermined from within.

        • Receiving the cup is “pandering to the lowest common denominator”? Really? If a soul is nourished spiritually by receiving the cup as well, is that the lowest common denominator? I say, your fanaticism towards the religion called “traditionalism” has made your priorities skewed, perverted. You aren’t the decision-maker with respect to liturgical discipline. The Magisterium is–that is, the Pope and the bishops. If they say that people may receive from the cup, so be it. And there’s nothing wrong with receiving from the cup.

          • Bleacher seat says

            A soul is no more “nourished” by receiving from the cup than it is from receiving the host alone. Please don’t spew heresy. Too many under-catechized Catholics (lowest common denominator?) are stunted by post-V2 novelties already. Another 50 million of them left the Church entirely.

          • So Bleacher, who are you to say that a soul is NOT nourished spiritually by the Body AND the Blood? Maybe not you, but many Catholics, all over the world, who have been sharing the Cup ARE so nourished. This not heresy, this is fact. Just because you apparently do not want the Cup, doesn’t mean that YOU can deprive others of It.

          • Bleacher seat says

            Christ is fully present in the Host. To say that the cup provides something additional which is missing in the Host is heresy. This is pretty simple. What do you even mean by “nourished” anyway – it’s not a theological term. I know it’s the liberal way, but let’s not put people’s feelings ahead of theology.

          • The “Liberal way”? That Catholics all over the world who share the cup receive spiritual grace and nourishment is the “liberal” way is laughably ridiculous. And Bleacher, please, do read St. Thomas Aquinas’ “Bread of Life: On the Adorable Sacrament of the Altar.” There you’ll find that the Angelic Doctor uses the word “nourishment” no less that 10 times!

    • Your Fellow Catholic says

      You have an issue with doing what Jesus commanded, anonymous?

    • Agree !!! It’s interesting that most I’ve spoken to receive on the hand for health reasons but are willing to take a sip from a cup that was used by another .

    • Anonymous says

      I do not receive Our Lord from the Chalice for hygenic reasons. I prefer the traditional way of kneeling at the altar rail, receiving Our Lord on the tongue. For me, personally, that is very holy! I do not like to receive Our Lord in my hand, and I am always afraid, as I get older, less steady on my feet– of being required to hurry, and accidentally dropping the Sacred Host… very scary!!!!

  2. A Leeuwenhoek says

    Thank you Bishop Soto and Father Cavanaugh for being good shepherds of the flock. Thank you for using your good judgment in making decisions about the health of your people. May God Continue to Bless You both in your service to the Church.

    • Jim Cavanaugh is faithful and wise, but a priest he is not. He is a lay person and doing a very good job.

      • Steve Seitz says

        Yes, he’s excellent and a valuable member of the diocese. I heard that he used to be a Protestant minister.

  3. Interesting that no other Diocese appears to have adopted similar preventive measures.
    Why such technical jargon ‘two standard deviations ” why not simply say ‘above the CDPH’s critical level’

    • Steve Seitz says

      mike m,
      Mr. Cavanaugh was simply giving the criteria that the diocese uses to implement its restrictions. He didn’t have to: He was simply being transparent.

  4. William Robert says

    Mike M: contagious diseases can vary by locale. Perhaps the Diocese of Sacramento is dealing with a different level of illness than other Dioceses.

  5. Silent Observer says

    Along with this, I have always thought that the “Sign of Peace” in its modern form is highly disruptive within the beautiful liturgy of the Mass. It can also be very awkward if anyone around you is coughing or sneezing, and then extends a hand in Peace. We should be able to say, “Peace Be With You” to our neighbors in the pews without having to make physical contact, and without being thought of as rude.

    • Fast track says

      “Let us offer each other the sign of peace” “The” sign of peace? What sign of peace? Where is it prescribed that a handshake is “the” sign of peace? Nowhere I’m aware of. The whole thing is ridiculously corny. Another dumb-down thanks to the Novus Ordo.

      • No it’s not corny. St. Augustine wrote about the “sign of peace” in the Eucharistic liturgy in one of his sermons for Easter: “Behold, when the Sacrifice is finished, we say the Lord’s Prayer which you have received and recited. After this, the ‘Peace be with you’ is said, and the Christians embrace one another with the holy kiss.” Peoples, there is much that goes on in the Ordinary Form that is a RESTORATION from the early Church, peoples. Please do your legwork/research first before you ridiculously denigrate any of the sacraments of the Church.

        • Simple man says

          Based on your suggestion, I researched the 7 sacraments and couldn’t find the Sign of Peace anywhere! Somehow, I don’t get the impression that “restoration” is your objective here!

          • Then you’re not researching enough. I quoted St. Augustine up there who was aware of the sign of peace.

          • Anonymous says

            Bless you, Simple Man! Yes, the Sign of Peace is in the old Latin Tridentine Mass! It occurs right before the Agnus Dei– when the priest takes the broken Sacred Host, breaks off a little Particle, and with the Particle, makes the Sign of the Cross over the Chalice, saying– “Pax Christi sit semper vobiscum” — to which the Altar Boy replies– “Et cum spiritu tuo.” Then the Particle is placed in the Chalice… etc.

          • For some reason no one ever mentions “restoring” the practice in the early church, and even in some churches now, of men sitting on one side of the sanctuary and women on the other. It seems that there is a lot of pick and choose as to what “restoration” is to be “restored”. Just saying.

          • Anne TE- It looks to me like all of the so-called “restorations” in our post-Conciliar Church are based on their goals of ecumenism!!

        • Commentator says

          High Fives and back slapping is not a sacrament. The consecration takes place wholly independent of the idiocy in the pews since V2. So we defend the high fives and Richard Nixon peace signs by saying that all the clowning mimics the priest? This discussion is past the point of absurdity. When will people start to see the connections between the liberalism of the Novus Ordo and the liberalism which produced the priestly scandals, not to mention the use of contraception by a majority of married Catholics?

  6. Matthew de San Luis Obispo says

    It gets so tiresome when people offer the EF Mass as some sort of silver bullet. The Church began to rot when the Tridentine Mass was indeed the OF Mass. It laid the foundation for the crap we have to deal with today.

    • West coast says

      It was the liberals of that period who commandeered V2 and eventually succeeded in suppressing the EF because it represented everything they hated. Read a book.

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