Solomonic Appointment by Archbishop Cordileone

Fr. Vito Perrone new Chaplain for Star of the Sea School
Father Vito

Father Vito Perrone, a priest of “impeccable orthodoxy,” will be new Star of the Sea chaplain

On April 28, the Archdiocese of San Francisco announced new clergy appointments. The announcement included the news that Fr. Vito Perrone, of the Contemplatives of St. Joseph, will serve as the new Chaplain of Star of the Sea School, starting May 1.

The appointment addresses the controversy at the school which began when the pastor of Star of the Sea, Fr. Joseph Illo, announced that only boys would be allowed to serve at the altar–a decision at the pastor’s discretion. Fr. Illo’s announcement did not go down well with some of the parents at the school, who began a vendetta against him, which included retaining San Francisco’s hired PR gun, Sam Singer, to orchestrate efforts to have Illo removed.

The appointment of Fr. Perrone, a priest of impeccable orthodoxy, does a number of things. It ensures that the students at Star of the Sea will continue to receive the same level of fidelity to the Catholic faith as they had from Fr. Illo. It should defuse the concerns of parents, whose relations with Illo had degenerated to such a state that the parish was suffering. It should comfort parents who can be confident that their children will continue to receive a faithful Catholic education, without the distraction of battling against the parish’s pastor—assuming faithful Catholic education is what they want. It will strengthen Fr. Illo in his work at building the parish and the Oratory of St. Philip Neri, without those same distractions. Faithful Catholics should be happy as well. Those who know Fr. Perrone know that his appointment to any parish cannot possibly result in a diminution of Catholicity.

Father VIto Perrone

Will things be better for Fr. Perrone than they were for Fr. Illo?

Fr. Perrone will still be attached to the Contemplatives of Saint Joseph. Their webpage describes their mission:

“The [Contemplatives of Saint Joseph], a Catholic religious order of men, was founded recently within the Archdiocese of San Francisco. The priests and brothers lead a life of deep contemplative prayer and serve in an active apostolate within the Archdiocese of San Francisco and surrounding Bay Area dioceses. We are a Public Clerical Association of the Christian Faithful as decreed by Most Reverend Salvatore Cordileone, Archbishop of San Francisco….Discerning that it is God who chose them to join the Contemplatives of Saint Joseph, the priests and brothers have the faith and confidence to bear witness to their calling as contemplative souls within the modern world.

The priests and brothers spend significant part of each day in contemplative spiritual practice. This intense spiritual lifestyle prepares them to become proficient in matters dealing with their active apostolate.”


  1. If these Star of the Sea parents don’t like the message, it really doesn’t matter who the messenger is. Many blessings to Fr. Illo as he continues to be a true and faithful shepherd.

  2. This smells like retreat. With such a small Catholic community at the school why is a third priest needed?

    • Then was Fr. Illo removed from his role in overseeing the school? Were the parents objecting to Fr. Illo in particular or to his policies?

  3. On the web site, the School is 58% non-Catholic students. I hope ALL the children are required to learn about the Catholic Faith.
    This percentage is NOT acceptable, and non-Catholic parents should not be in a position to determine anything about the teaching of the Catholic Faith.

    And that ALL the teachers are required to adhere to the Catholic Faith in teaching and in example.

    Completely and fully as stated in the CCC –
    “….the CATECHISM has raised throughout the world, even among non-Christians, and confirms its purpose of being presented as a full, complete exposition of Catholic doctrine, enabling everyone to know what the Church professes, celebrates, lives, and prays in her daily life.” – Pope John Paul II (CCC pg xiv)

    • Anonymous says:

      58% are non-Catholic? Why? It should be 100% Catholic!

      • Your Fellow Catholic says:

        Anonymous, have catholic schools ever required that students be catholic in order to be admitted? I was not catholic when I went to catholic grade schools and high schools in the 60s and 70s. It’s entirely likely that I wouldn’t be catholic today if they hadn’t admitted me as a non-catholic. And that was back in the day when the nuns taught everything except PE, and even then sometimes they did that too!

        • YFC, you are not Catholic today.

          You are a Catholic heretic.
          Your own posts state that you support sodomy, and sodomy (homosexual) marriage.

          • Lannie, it is not your duty to determine who is and is not a Catholic in good standing. God will make that judgement on the last day.

          • schatzi says:

            @Bob One, Not true, Bob. If someone professes to be vegetarian but continues to eat hamburger, we don’t need to wait for God or the Judgment Day to let them know they are full of bull.

      • Anonymous says:

        So you don’t think Catholic schools should let in non-Catholics?

        • Only if they agree adhere to Catholic Church teaching.
          That is what they are paying tuition for.

          This is true of all schools that are affliated with any religious belief.

          • St. Christopher says:

            “Anonymous”: Catholic schools are for Catholics first and foremost. Such schools are not secular centers of education, but of providing education in a Catholic environment.

            Non-Catholic students (and parents) can be good, or not good. Just look at the troubling circumstances at Star of the Sea School. Parents want a voice in their child’s education, and will not like the definitions provided by the Church on certain issues. They will protest, and the like, giving the Zombie-Left Catholics room to join in and demand changes in the Church.

            So, to answer your question: (1) Catholic schools for Catholics only; (2) non-Catholics should be required to take religion and attend religious events, such as Mass (no communion) and the Rosary; and (3) all non-Catholics should be advised, when applying, that the school rigorously applies Catholic doctrine and their child will be exposed to it. (This latter point is rarely followed by Catholic schools, at least in the CA.)

          • Abeca Christian says:

            Lannie is right! It is disrespectful to be a guest in someones home and have expectations of entitlement by imposing on people to change ones home to suit theirs. Its common sense! Just think forcing oneself into heaven and telling our beloved Lord how heaven should be run. Its not gonna happen because of pride in it self, is the root of all evil.

  4. If the Archbishop were a layman, he would be a very effective manager in the business world. It will be interesting to follow this story. The parents who are not satisfied with their pastor’s policy regarding altar servers will probably persist in their efforts to assume control of the parish. It’s about control more than anything else. They evidently never lived under any form of discipline and don’t respect authority when those in control exercise it. If the pastor’s policy on altar servers were not the issue, they would find something else they didn’t like about him.

    • caritas says:

      Ted, you’re dead right. What did these “prominent Catholics” hope to accomplish by publishing a letter that should have been only for the Holy Father’s eyes? They destroyed their own credibility. When one pulls back the curtain on their little drama, it’s plain that their major complaint is that Salvatore Cordileone is the Archbishop of San Francisco and they are not. Shoemakers, tend to your lasts!

  5. Anonymous says:

    So the San Francisco Archdiocese has such an overabundance of priests that they can waste one as a chaplain to a Catholic school that already has two priests in residence. Well, they did ordain a whopping four new priests last year. I guess they don’t know what to do with them all.

    • What do you mean “waste”?

      Perhaps the chaplaincy fits in with Fr. Perrone’s current duties. That may be why he was chosen.

    • Linda Maria says:

      Anonymous, what do you mean– “waste” a priest? Fr. Perrone is a very fine priest, of a fine religious order! He has many other duties, besides serving as Chaplain for the school! He is NOT a diocesan priest, and is NOT a member of the Oratory of St. Philip Neri, like Fr. Illo, Fr. Driscoll, and other priests and brothers, interested to join, at Star of the Sea! There is also a special men’s group, for the laymen, called the the “Little Oratory,” at Star of the Sea! Very good for the spiritual life, of Catholic men who are laymen! How about Catholic fathers of children attending Star of the Sea School? Excellent!!

  6. Our Archbishop is a man of wisdom.

    • So true Gramps……people will be amazed by Fr. Vito–holy holy holy…..he’s cut from the very same cloth as Fr. Illo.

  7. Fr. Vito is an excellent choice. I pray that he can smooth the choppy waters.

    Unfortunately I can already hear what the Prominent Catholics™ will be griping about (and I haven’t read anything in the mainstream media yet either).

    They will never be satisfied.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Thank God for Archbishop Cordileone, who obviously read the canonical documents, the many articles about the mess with that little girl, and the court records.
    In his wisdom, he is putting a priest into the school with a nice, CLEAN record.
    Given what our poor beloved Catholic Church has gone through with priests and children, I applaud and am grateful to Archbishop Cordileone for listening to the worried parents, and then making this very sensible change in leadership.
    God bless him, and all our Bishops who are trying to be faithful to the Magisterium, and protectors of God’s children!

    • Ivy Leegh says:

      Anonymous, you pretend you are applauding +Cordileone, when in actual fact your real motive is to derogate Fr. Illo, who contrary to your aspersions, has a CLEAN record. Our “poor beloved Catholic Church” has not and will not suffer at the hands of Fr. Illo no matter how much you and others try to villianize him.

      • Your Fellow Catholic says:

        Excuse me, but Father Illo screamed at a child who was attempting to report a difficult situation, he apparently authorized an examination of conscience for youngsters that asked them if they masturbate, commit sodomy, or have had an abortion, and he has stopped training girls to be altar servers in a city that is absolutely committed to equality. That is hardly a CLEAN record.

        • Ivy Leegh says:

          YFC – Yes, the child was indeed reporting a “difficult situation” alright; I think we might colloquially refer to it as “a pack of lies!” The pamphlet you mention, as has been stated many tedious times, was meant for the parents, not the students. And just in case you didn’t know, the Catholic Church, of which Fr. Illo is a member, does not follow fashion and fads (and certainly does not look to the city of San Francisco for guidance!!!) but the teachings of Jesus Christ. It’s all old news YFC. The mud ain’t stickin.

          • Your Fellow Catholic says:

            I’m not sure that it was a pack of lies or not. Perhaps it was. I wasn’t in the situation. But it is not denied that 2 older priests including Illo screamed at this child. Screamed.

            Secondly, I’m not sure who the ‘pamphlet” was “aimed at”, but it was given to students. Younger grade students. If there is an error of fact in what I am saying, please refer me to an official clarification of that, and I will willingly retract. But all the information I have says that the “pamphlet” was given to pre-pubescent children.

            Thirdly, there is no where in any teachings of Jesus that only males shall serve at the Altar. Nowhere. So you can make up such claims all you like, but you will come up short, and prove yourself to be untruthful.

          • Ivy Leegh says:

            YFC – You say Fr. Illo “screamed”, Anonymous says “he shouted and called her a liar”. Seems Fr. Illo was a good judge of character. She was a liar. Nowhere in the reporting of the case does it say anything about Fr. Illo’s manner of questioning but concludes that he caused the girl liar “emotional distress.” I too would be emotionally distressed if I were lying and knew that I had been found out. He was cleared of any wrong doing and, was then, and is now a priest in good-standing.
            Again, yes, tedium ad nauseum, the pamphlet was given to students in error. Are you deliberately choosing to be obtuse or do you really not understand that sometimes humans (even priests) make errors? Fr. Illo admitted it was an error.
            Finally, regarding your statement that I am making stuff up, remember that Catholics view the Bible as only one of two definitive witnesses to divine Revelation. Christ taught many other things to the Apostles that are not recorded in Scripture; we call this Catholic Tradition, literally meaning “that which is handed on”. Christ gave the keys of the kingdom to Peter “to bind and loose” and then to his successors, the popes and bishops. In granting permission to have girl servers, the Pope gave to each bishop the full authority to decide whether pastoral circumstances necessitated the authorization of altar girls. The Pontifical Commission with papal approval, states that even if a bishop permits altar girls in his diocese, priests are not required to use them.

          • Your Fellow Catholic says:

            Exclusive use of boys at the altar is neither a part of the Bible nor of Tradition.

            That Father Illo screamed at the child may not be something in the reporting you saw, but it was in reporting that I saw.

          • Ivy Leegh says:

            Cite your sources YFC for both your statements.

      • Amen

  9. The Other Rose says:

    Archbishop Cordileone is faithful, brilliant and wise! Good move!

  10. mike magee says:

    An unpleasant question: If the school requires a Roman Catholic Baptismal certificate for each student admitted, can that total number of students financially support the school? Or will the school be forced to seek [more] funding from the Parish, the Archdiocese and/or third party sources? After all, the bills do have to be paid. Absent adequate funding, will the school have to close?

    • Is anyone seriously suggesting that students require a baptismal certificate to be admitted?

      A link to an article might be interesting.

  11. Elizabeth says:

    I believe that once seats are filled with Catholic students and if there are any ‘left over’ then, and only then, should they admit non-catholics. I believe that is what Serra High School does. I also believe though, that since these non-catholic students are in a Catholic school, they still need to listen to the Catholic teachings!

    • Anonymous says:

      Time for a reality check:
      — our Catholic schools don’t have enough students.
      — our Catholic schools are closing due to lack of paying tuition.
      — our Catholic schools are often the ONLY refuge for non-Catholics, who want good solid values which are absent from the horrible public schools in Frisco.
      — poor people can’t afford Catholic schools any more.
      We need all the students we can get, and they ALL get Catholic faith as part of their teachings.

  12. Linda Maria says:

    God bless Archbishop Cordileone! And God bless the new appointment, of Fr. Perrone, as Chaplain, at Star of the Sea School! I know that Fr. Perrone will have other duties, too, for the work of his religious order! He is not a diocesan priest, and not a member of the Oratory of St. Philip Neri, either, at Star of the Sea church! Perhaps he will say the Tridentine Mass for us, sometimes, and maybe give some retreats, or other spiritual offerings! Excellent!

    • Shhhh! Please don’t mention the “T” word. Next someone will be asking about the funny hat in the picture…

  13. It’s sad to say but the orthodox Catholic laity is more orthodox and courageous than the bishops and priests.

  14. Catherine says:

    More encouraging news! Another good move!

    Bishop Larry Silva: Returning the sacraments of initiation to their proper order | Hawaii Catholic Herald

    The Servant of God, Father John Hardon SJ was responsible for assisting hundreds of faithful Catholic families, (from all over the United States) in bringing their children to be confirmed by a generous bishop in Mexico. Father Hardon knew that with today’s challenges, our children needed these necessary graces long before they entered high school. Faithful priests in the United States also assisted in preparing these children for the sacrament of Confirmation because they too recognized the heterodoxy being taught to young students in Catholic school and CCD programs. These families did not want their children to attend terrible programs that undermined solid Catholic Church teaching. These families also knew the importance of arming their young children with the necessary graces in order to face a world where immorality is being praised and supported.


    • The choice of adjectives in the headline is interesting. Solomon violated everyone of of the laws of the king set out by God in Deuteronomy, worshipped other gods (was a heretic), and set the Temple on its on path toward its ultimate destruction.

      • Anne T. says:

        Dave N., Solomon was a very wise man until he took foreign pagan wives. That was his down fall, which led to the down fall later of his kingdom..Blessed Archbishop Fulton Sheen called women who tried to seduce Catholic priests “Jezebels” in one of his books. His words not mine, and he is up for sainthood.

        • Anne T. says:

          A clarification: By saying they were not my words in my last post, I meant I did not put those words in Archbishop Sheen’s mouth..

      • Anonymous says:

        I though it meant splitting the baby in two. The parish with one priest, the school with another. Did I read something into it?

        • Anne T. says:

          Anonymous at 11:10 am, if you are a different Anonymous from the Anonymous to whom I was replying you are right about that one. The other anonymous had a very different interpretation, though. That is why I said what I did in my reply to him. It is also a warning for some who are smart enough to know what I meant.

  15. Catherine says:

    A few years ago I was asked to be the Confirmation sponsor for a high school student in the Diocese of Orange County, California. During class time the teacher wrote the word Pope on the blackboard and then proceeded to mock and undermine the authority of the Pope, right in front of the adult sponsors and the high school Confirmation students. “This Confirmation teacher said, “Is it right or fair that on account of one man being told that he is in charge, that I cannot love who I want to love? ” This same individual who undermined Church teaching as well as the authority of the Pope still gives talks and seminars in our diocese. Some people are still wondering why Confirmation is now being called the sacrament of “farewell.” No need to wonder any more. Why should high school students remain Catholic when their Confirmation teachers are the ones who are instructing them to disregard the Pope and the teachings. Thank you Archbishop Cordileone and Father Illo for defending the faith. Thank you to the good sisters in Marin County who also defended the faith! As witnessed by these good sisters, these dissenters are still doing these things behind closed doors. To think otherwise IS to be just as blind as ignoring the sex abuse scandals that were taking place right in front of the faces of those WHO DID have the authority to STOP IT. Many of our Catholic schools are still in great need of a thorough housecleaning. God will help our faithful bishops! How do we teach the children? By actions that back up words. Please bring the teaching of Jesus’s Real Presence front and center by bringing the Tabernacles back to the front and center! Implore the heavenly aid and the heavenly protection of the Mother of God ! Where Our Lady IS the darkness isn’t.

    • Linda Maria says:

      Catherine, I agree! This is the unfortunate truth! I, too, have wished for years, that the Church would do a thorough “house-cleaning!!” I also do not agree with the modernized manner in which the post-Vatican II Sacrament of Confirmation is done. Too shockingly modernized– half the true ritual is gone! The candidates do not get the full meaning, and true ritual, at all! The Sacrament of Baptism is also botched, in the Vatican II rite!!

    • Anonymous says:

      “…To think otherwise IS to be just as blind as ignoring the sex abuse scandals that were taking place right in front of the faces of those WHO DID have the authority to STOP IT.”
      Catherine, you are right on!
      Sadly, Father Joseph Illo is one of those priests who did precisely the wrong thing when a little girl reported abuse: instead of calling the authorities to investigate, he dragged the child into a room with the alleged abuser, and both men shouted at her, called her a liar, and berated her mother until the parish secretary had to come in and rescue the 11-year-old girl.
      I hope and pray that Father Illo does not deal with child abuse claims in this way any longer…

  16. hosemonkey says:

    How sad it is that Catholics in the bay area have been blessed by the presence of so many priests and the leadership of a good man such as Abp. Cordeleone , that they yet continue to rebel against that authority by grousing and griping and putting expensive ads in the paper. So many faithful Catholics elsewhere must share a single priest among four or five other parishes and have to struggle to even hear a mass. Pearls before swine. IMO.

  17. Marguerite says:

    From all the articles and comments, it seems clear that these priests mean well, but perhaps they shoudl be working with older students, such as college kids.
    When a little child reports abuse, you don’t go ballistic, even if you believe she’s lying. There are very strict clear protocols.
    I think the talents of the oratory priests would be better used for adults and univeristy people.

    • Ivy Leegh says:

      To date YFC said Fr. Illo “screamed”, anonymous said he “shouted” and Marguerite chimes in that he went “ballistic!”. Any advance on ballistic anyone?

  18. Michael McDermott says:

    “Any advance on ballistic anyone?” Ivy

    Well – I suppose they could be considered as sub-orbital slurs and destined to crash when the weight of gravitas overcomes the hateful hype that rocketed them in to the Anti-Catholic ‘Troll-O-Sphere’ they constantly shoot themselves (in the foot most often) for.

    OR – More likely just the usual launching of the same ole bunch of Gaystapo Space Cadets on their routine Ped-Trolls

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