She’s proud of Obamacare

Once criticized by Church leaders for her role in passage of pro-abortion healthcare law, Sister Carol Keehan says she has been vindicated

Sister Carol Keehan, a Daughter of Charity, is president and CEO of the Catholic Health Association. She is pictured in a 2015 photo in Washington. (Credit: CNS.)

Sister Carol Keehan, widely considered one of the foremost champions for universal access to healthcare, is stepping down as president of the Catholic Health Association (CHA) in June 2019.

In 2010, when President Barack Obama signed into law the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Keehan was one of the 21 recipients of the pens he used. Her involvement in the process would go on to land her as one of TIME magazine’s top 100 most influential people, along with regular listings in Modern Healthcare’s list of “100 Most Influential People in Healthcare.”

Today, the presidential pen hangs outside her office in Washington, D.C., and as she reflects on her career, the success of pushing through legislation that brought healthcare to an estimated 20 million more individuals is her proudest achievement.

Her role in the effort, however, has not come without criticism – particularly by fellow Catholic leaders.

In fact, Cardinal Francis George, the former archbishop of Chicago and president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) at the time, said afterwards, that “Sr. Carol and her colleagues are to blame” for the bill’s passage.

Not only does Keehan now feel vindicated by everyday citizens who were once critical of the legislation but now support it, but particularly by the U.S. bishops, who, when President Donald Trump sought to repeal the ACA in 2017, vocally opposed the move.

“It wasn’t perfect, it is still not perfect, but it was a major step forward in this country in getting a health policy,” Keehan insisted.

“I have been heartened by the fact suddenly people are saying ‘I’m not going to vote for somebody who doesn’t protect what we got from the ACA,’” she told Crux. “Holy cow, did I ever think this would happen?”

As for the U.S. bishops, she says she feels “gratified” that “all the stuff they were fed that the ACA would be the biggest expansion of federally funded abortion the nation has ever had, all of those horrible predictions were proven untrue.”

Full story at Crux News.


  1. http://mike%20m says

    Whatever happened to ‘Repeal and Replace’?

  2. http://Anonymous says

    fake nun. fake catholic. real democrat.

    • Got that right, she’s gives the real Catholic church a bad name.

    • http://Charles%20Teachout says

      How sad that the Catholic Hospitals have declined so much since the Council. Their fearless leader Sister Carol and Co.have driven tens of thousands of religious women out and rejected the long-standing faithful norms of traditional Catholic hospital care. Her leadership will be remembered for her fierce fidelity to passing and implementing the terrible Obamacare, and the loss of Catholic hospitals of any serious Catholic identity.

  3. Actually, Sister Carol “gives the Church a good name.” She has been a much better Catholic Christian than the priests who sexually abused children and the Bishops who covered up the abuse for many years costing the Church its moral influence, its future and billions of dollars.

  4. http://Kerry says

    She is a disgrace to the true Catholics in this country. God help her.

  5. http://Your%20Fellow%20Catholic says

    Let’s not forget that what we call “obamacare” is really a warmed over version of Republican then-Governor Mitt Romneys plan passed in Massachussettes. As a Freshman Senator, I imagine Romney will be a champion of ACA.

    • http://Anonymous says

      You think just because something has an R attached to it that conservatives like it or agree with it? We’re not like Dems who blindly supporting anything labeled with a D.

      • http://Your%20Fellow%20Catholic says

        Anonymous, I think ACA is widely supported by the American people, and I think it is even more widely supported by the Catholic laity and clergy, as a just and fair way to provide affordable to health care to all of God’s people. We ARE called to be good Samaritans, in keeping with the tradition of Catholic nurses and hospitals going back since the first centuries of the Church. I don’t think that care for the sick has a D or an R attached to it, which is my point entirely.

        • http://bohemond says

          “: think ACA is widely supported by the American people” Only because you live in a echo chamber called California. I love how some use the government to try to impose “charity” in God’s name but ignore gross violations of His laws ala abortion and so called gay marriage approved by that some government

        • http://bohemond says

          No, I am saying people like YFC virtue signal about the ACA yet ignore that the rulings of this government go against the moral law.

  6. http://Diane says

    Wonderful that she is ‘stepping down’.
    She surely is one of the RADICAL FEMINIST NUNS, so sad!!!!!!
    Perhaps she can retire to a cloister and repent for her pushing Obamacare which as we all know allows coverage of abortion in all forms!!!!!!

  7. http://Bob%20One says

    There are many who hate the ACA because it provides coverage for abortions. Fair enough! But, it also provides affordable health care for those who can’t afford the market prices. It ensures that people can have basic healthcare without resorting to the emergency room for minor illnesses. Surely no one is opposed to good health care for everyone.

    • http://Your%20Fellow%20Catholic says

      Actually, Bob One, federal dollars are still prohibited for abortions, even under ACA, just to be clear. Just want us to keep that in mind, in case there is some confusion there. But I agree with the rest of your comment.

    • http://bohemond says

      The typical logic of a leftist, Government funding of infanticide is justified because the Left’s fetish “health care for all” is satisfied. Wrong Bob One, I am against anyone getting health care the in its intents kill babies .

      • http://Your%20Fellow%20Catholic says

        Not having health care kills adults and children, bohemond. That’s the entire point of ACA.

  8. http://Mary says

    Abortion and other related life/moral issues took a (to-be-expected) backseat during the ACA/Obamacare debacle.
    Not to wonder why. In 2010 ‘Cardinal’ McCarrick and other hierarchy members–known now for either direct involvement in sexual immorality and/or giving cover to clergy sexual predators—gave no resistance to Sr. Carol Keehan’s disobedience, thus giving silent permission to her signature on the ACA. Sr. Keehan played ‘useful idiot’ for the Obama anti-life crowd.
    Turns out Sr. Carol’s hierarchy cheerleaders were actually on the sex predator team. No surprise there either.
    All of us get to suffer the ill effects from Obamacare & the Church Sex Scandal.
    ‘Shame’ related to Sr. Carol Keehan isn’t strong enough a word.

    • http://Anonymous says

      Check out her salary.

      • http://Bob%20One says

        Her salary is much lower than other hospital CEOs. But, it is really paid to her Order, and not to her. She does receive payment for benefits and expenses, but they are de minimus. This is the usual arrangement for any Sister or Nun who is working. Their salary is paid to the Order.

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