Sex ed now required in California public schools

Sacramento Democrats pass law that includes teaching students about gender identity
Genderbread Man (

Acalanes High School in Lafayette, California, allowed Planned Parenthood employees to teach freshmen students sex education using a gingerbread man-like diagram of transgender expression and pamphlets asking students if they are ready for sex.  (From Christian Post article. Image from

The following comes from a January 13 KQED article by Ana Tintocalis:

A new state law in effect this year requires all California public school students to take sex education beginning in seventh grade.

For years, sex education has been optional. If parents wanted their children to take a sexual health class, they had to sign up for the instruction.

Parents who don’t want their kids to learn about issues like body image, contraception and HIV awareness and prevention will have to formally opt out by submitting a document to their school or district.

The law, called the California Healthy Youth Act, attempts to standardize and update sex education in the state, which also now must include gender identity.

California is also the first state in the nation where high school students will now learn about affirmative consent, known as “Yes means Yes.”


  1. Tom Byrne says:

    I teach seventh grade Religion and Science in a Catholic school. If that gingerbread man is any example of what’s going to go on, we’re talking rank propaganda of the type described in “Education for Death” about the schools of 1930s Germany: the perversion of science and psychology and the shameless abuse of childhood’s trust in adults to serve perverse political ends. God help those poor kids.

    • Abeca Christian says:

      This is definitely an agenda and if parents there do not fight this, it only tells us how bad this society has become!

  2. The job of a school teacher is very likely a huge magnet for sex offenders. The idea of a school teacher asking students if they are ready for sex really bothers me. The sex scandals should be erupting soon.

  3. Sneaky Planned Parenthood! The abortion rate is declining, thank God. PP have to find innovative methods like this to cultivate their future clientele. Their public image is fairly seriously damaged, so they must keep a low profile. Pro Lifers must now find a way to counter this tactic.

  4. This is the beginning of the new dictatorship in which people will be required to submit to forced listening. We now have forced speech in California that requires pro life pregnancy organizations to inform potential clients that they could, instead, abort their baby at an abortuary down the street.
    Grade school and Junior high are places where our children learn how to become “responsible” citizens of the state. They don’t have to listen to their parents, but they do have to listen to the socialization mantras of groups like Planned Parenthood and the LGBT propaganda outlets.

  5. I wonder if the Planned Parenthood booklet, “Healthy Happy and Hot” will be part of the “sexual health” education. It tells HIV-infected young people that disclosure of their HIV status to potential sex partners interferes with their right to have sex.

    I don’t understand why people are not outraged by this booklet. It can be downloaded from the PP site.

  6. Peter Comaskey says:

    Leave it to the demopervertcrats to further drag down morality to new lows. Shame was a once a positive marker as it placed a moral barrier(stop) on all individuals, political parties and institutions and was formerly a sign of high civilization in this former moral country. Just what in the hell is shameful anymore in this now increasingly immoral degenerate sodomite nation? It’s not just the morally corrupt politicians it’s We the corrupt people who allow this to happen. Like Mike Huckabee I too ask the same question, “How can God bless this nation when it kills 4,000 babies a day?”

  7. Linda Maria says:

    I think sex-e should be ILLEGAL in the schools! All parents should teach this subject, to their kids! Also, lawmakers should once again re-establish Judeo-Christian morality for our Nation, establishing Traditional Marriage, home and family, and making a strong Code of Ethics, for all institutions to abide by! This will ensure the welfare and safety, of all citizens! There should also be strong laws, banning immoral books, music, literature, movies, concerts, entertainment, and computer information. The nation’s churches/synagogues should all be invited, to help strengthen the Nation, by regular worship of God, and teaching morality, with programs to support the Traditional Marriage, and family!

    • Linda Maria: SURPRISE! I agree with you 100%!. And I welcome your conversational tone. There is absolutely no right of any teacher to intrude into subjects like sexual education. Sexual activity necessarily and inevitably deals with important moral values. These may differ depending on the faith (or none) of the parents. But, however those parental values may differ, NO TEACHER IN A PUBLIC SCHOOL, SUPPORTED BY OUR TAX DOLLARS, has the right to undermine them. As for me, I hold fast to the sexual morality taught by the Catholic Church. And I believe that the Divine natural law makes parents, not agents of the State, the ones charged with imparting those values. In these matters, public school teachers, STAY OUT OF OUR CHILDREN’S…

  8. Linda Maria says:

    The filthy sex-ed programs in America, invite moral disorientation and disintegration, and destroy the Traditional Marriage and Family! This is a terrible thing, for kids to endure! It also encourages and inculcates crime, and the spread of disease, including death from ADIS, and similar very dangerous diseases! Additionally, it encourages human trafficking, prostitution, and campus rapes! Women and children are viewed as something “cheap” and “dirty,” to be immorally used, for filthy, and often violent “pleasures” of criminals, on the “wrong side of the tracks!” Eventually, such a filthy, disordered, immoral country, will totally break down, and die, slitting its own throat, in the evil Death Culture!

  9. Abeca Christian says:

    Garbage immoral education!

  10. Some have perverted the rainbow, now some want to pervert the Gingerbread Man.

    Well, my favorite new version of a children’s story was recently on Fr. Z’s blog. It was called “Little Red Riding Hood (now has a gun)”. There is a saying, “Shoot the wolf closest to you.”

  11. Michael McDermott says:

    The Pogrom of senator Mark “Kiddie Porn King” Leno makes such Anti-Scientific pandering mandatory:

    SB 48 mandates instruction in social sciences to include a study of the “role and contributions” of “lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans”…

    – prohibits adoption of textbooks and other materials, instruction or school-sponsored activities containing any matter that “reflects adversely” upon persons because of their “sexual orientation.”
    (Note: the language “reflects adversely” was amended on March 29 to “promotes a discriminatory bias.”)

    The bill states that it is the intent of the Legislature that charter and alternative schools “take notice” of these provisions due…

  12. Michael McDermott says:

    With Mandatory Draft Registration – Just Who is in Charge of the Military and what their Trans-Agenda is, effects us All:

    former Air Force Secretary Fanning has been the White House’s pick to take over for Army Secretary…

    Sensing Fanning might face some opposition (he’s been a gay activist for almost two decades), the administration bypassed the rules for government vacancies.

    Fanning has been open about his LGBT advocacy.
    Before rising to one of the highest civilian positions in the military, Fanning served on the board of the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund, where he caught a vision he hoped to push in the ranks. In an interview with the Washington Blade in 2013, Fanning made his…

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