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Jerry Brown will speak on climate change at Vatican event hosted by Pope Francis
Gov. Jerry Brown, pictured here speaking at the signing of a climate change pact in Sacramento in May, will travel to the Vatican later this month. (Justin Sullivan / Getty Images)

Governor Jerry Brown, pictured here speaking at the signing of a climate change pact in Sacramento in May, will travel to the Vatican later this month. (Justin Sullivan / Getty Images)

The following comes from a July 9 LA Times article by Chris Megerian:

Gov. Jerry Brown will go to the Vatican later this month for a summit on climate change hosted by Pope Francis, who has sought to focus worldwide attention on environmental issues.

The event, which includes a discussion on modern slavery, will draw an international collection of government officials and United Nations representatives.

“This unprecedented gathering of global leaders is a wake-up call to face up to the common threats of climate change and human exploitation,” Brown said in a statement Thursday. “This is about the future of humanity and how we as human beings live and treat one another and the natural world around us.”

Brown, who once considered a life in the priesthood and spent years in a Jesuit seminary before dropping out, has traveled widely to urge stronger action against the advance of global warming. He spoke at a conference here on Wednesday and told reporters that he wanted to “light a fire” under national leaders.

In an interview this week, Brown said Pope Francis, who urged in a recent encyclical that more effort was needed to fight global warming, was “bringing a moral and theological dimension that adds to the market and political calculations” about climate change.

“We face an existential threat to human existence as we know it,” he said. “It’s not being taken seriously by the vast majority of powerful people. When the pope, as a powerful person, issues this encyclical, it’s a helpful addition to the mix.”




  1. http://Steve%20Seitz says

    The sad part about this story is that Jerry Brown and the Democrat party are not serious about climate change, yet Brown is going to speak at the Vatican as if he believes it to be true. If climate change is the threat that Jerry Brown say it is, he would have incentivized the creation of hydroelectric and nuclear power plants during AB32 rule making. But, as it is, liberals hate ultra-low carbon hydroelectric and nuclear power, therefore, they quietly decided not to incentivize these low-carbon sources of power. In other words, liberals only believe in climate change as long as it advances liberal causes. Is anyone awake at the Vatican?

  2. http://Steve%20Phoenix says

    Entirely expected. The global magnates, hungry for even greater world power, will convene, conspire, and plan.
    “Why do the nation’s rage and the peoples utter folly: the kings of the earth rise up, they conspire against the Lord and His Anointed.” (Ps. 2:1)

  3. http://St.%20Christopher says

    Gov. Brown and Pope Francis are, it seems, true soul-mates, at least as to the environment. But, what does that mean? It means, of course, that both see capitalism as “dung of the devil” as the Pope said (and no, it does not matter that he also said “unfettered”).

    It also means that both are, effectively, fascist in their political outlook. Why? Because, like Hitler, Stalin, Mao and many others, they all believe in at least two central things: (1) the State as the only true Master on Earth, and the sole arbiter of economic, political and social policy and benefit; and (2) the individual serves the State, and lacks and real personal freedom. Oh yes, religion serves the State alone, and does not stand apart. It is towards this…

    • http://Bob%20One says

      St. C, Hitler was a Fascist. Stalin and Mao were Communists. Not that it matters a lot at this point.

      • http://St.%20Christopher says

        “Bob One” — perhaps a text book definition, but no difference in actuality and in their murderous results. In fact, communism is just fascism made universal. In fact, more people have been killed under the banner of the hammer and sickle than under any other ideology.

        But then, the Pope seemed pretty pleased with his “special” crucifix. While there is some debate on whether he said that the crucifix was “not right” there is also ample discussion that he seemed pleased. The Pope definitely did not reject the gift or make a detailed statement opposing its symbolism. Nope, the Pope has placed himself on the same slippery slope as he makes the Church a political instrument and no longer much of a religious one.

  4. http://St.%20Christopher says

    (Continued) “direction that Francis is moving”.

  5. http://MAC says

    We need an Encyclical on FAITH & MORALS – – – not on scientifically questionable global warming/climate change; or that promotes a one-world government with law making, policing and enforcing, and taxing powers.

    We need a Motu Proprio that requires ALL Seminarians world-wide to study from cover to cover, not only a Catholic Bible, but also the “Catechism of the Catholic Church, second edition” of 1997 (CCC).

    We need a Motu Proprio that requires ALL freshmen and sophomores in “Catholic” Colleges and Universities to study the Bible and CCC.

  6. http://MAC says

    The Faith and Morals of many Catholics is a MESS. Many Souls are being lost – this is the real threat. Not temporal but for eternity.
    Where is our Pope when we need him regarding MORALS ? ? ? ? ?

  7. http://Bob%20Bugiada says

    I can’t believe that Governor Moonbeam, one of the most pro-abortion politicians, is being allowed to even set foot in the Vatican! It looks like what I’ve read in “School of Darkness” and “AA-1025” is turning out to be true.

  8. http://Warren%20Memlib says

    Who in the Vatican selects or vets characters such as Jerry “Moonbeam/Fruitfly” Brown?

  9. http://Amy says

    The only thing missing is John Kerry, another so called Catholic who believes
    in climate change. It is good that Algore is not a Catholic, otherwise, this expert on Climate change would be chiming in at the Vatican too. There is absolutely no proof that the climate has changed dramatically in the last 30 years more than an minute amount. It just is not true! The sky is not falling and neither is the world heating up. This is all propaganda by the people who would like to control the population. Francis would be better sticking to matters of faith and morals and to stay away from the Pro Abortion politician, Jerry Brown. Jesuits of a feather, flock together.

    • http://Anonymous says

      If climate is not changing how do you account for melting glaciers and ice caps?

      • http://MAC says

        There is zero appreciable change in water height / depth anywhere in the world.
        The South Pole is freezing more than ever.
        These are natural changes.
        Nothing is under water as predicted by those who wish to control others and get rich.
        And the polar bear is as healthy as ever.

      • http://Steve%20Phoenix says

        How do you account for the fact that satellite data collected by NASA for at least the last 17 years shows no temperature increase in earth’s atmospheric conditions.

        Glaciers and polar caps ebb and flow as they have even throughout human recorded history—a blip in geological time. Did it ever occur to you to ask why Greenland was so named by the Vikings?

        • http://Steve%20Phoenix says

          Now, before you allege that “17 years isn’t enough of a time frame to determine climate change”, Michael Mann, the famous Penn State “expert” who produced the now-debunked “hockey-stick theory” (i.e. that temp changes would jump suddenly) predicted previously (1999) a catastrophic increase in temperatures in the next decade. It didn’t happen: he now predicts “global-cooling”.

          How ’bout predicting it will rain good-quality German beer? I’ll buy into that. Ja, prost!

      • http://Steve%20Seitz says

        Anon, the question isn’t whether the climate is changing since, to some degree, it’s always changing. The question is why is it changing.

        Is it changing due to carbon dioxide or is it due to some other mechanism? What made Al Gore and many environmentalists lose credibility is that they blamed carbon dioxide on all climate change. This assertion is dogmatic and is not rooted in science.

  10. http://Sarah says

    While talking with the Pope, will Gov. Moonbeam tell him about the successes he has had in promoting free and low-cost abortions, and putting Planned Parenthood in some public schools? Is multi-millionaire Al Gore invited to the Vatican summit? He claims to know all there is to know about climate change. If Pope Francis wants advice on the redistribution of the world’s resources and wealth, he should invite Vladimir Putin and Raul Castro; they are experts Are all these people going to fly to the summit in their private jets?

    • http://PETE says

      Will Moonbeam talk about his CALIFORNIA DEMOCRATIC PARTY goals – in its 2014 Platform to support Euthanasia at taxpayer expense ?

      Let them talk about: Death, Judgment, Heaven, Hell, and Mortal Sin.

      Everyone, write to the Pope about these important things.
      Use “google translate” to put it into Italian.

  11. http://Amy says

    Sarah surely has the correct take on the Climate Change Summit at the Vatican which includes Pope Francis and Gov. Moonbean. As Sarah says, the Governor can tell Francis in great detail how he and his cohorts in California, promote abortion – free for one and all thru Planned Parenthood. In the public schools in California, students can leave school for abortions with no permission from their parents. In one high school located in Northern California, Planned Parenthood is granted permission to be on the campus to promote their services. The Pope should be well informed after his meeting with Jerry Brown not only on climate change but on other pertinent facts which are more important than climate change. Students at Jesuit…

    • http://hosemonkey says

      True Dat! Anyone who climbs into bed with Gov. Moonbat and his ilk runs the great risk of getting raped and not even kissed. Our good Pope should stick to Popin’ and leave the lying to the Politicians.

  12. http://Steve%20Phoenix says

    It is already well-known to most that the principal guides in Laudato Si, Bp. Marcelo Sorondo-Sanchez (MSS), a Hegelian theorist and admirer of Leninist theory, or Hans Schellnhuber, or Naomi Klein, or Jeffrey Sachs, or Ban Ki-Moon, are (assuming we can except MSS) atheists and haters of Catholic doctrine.

    But here is another issue: the break in continuity due to Vatican II. There was the Church then: a different quasi-church now. This is contained directly in Laudato Si: Where? Here: there is no citation of any reference to a pope or Council prior to Vatican II in LS. Check it out.

    There is a certain break from the Church “then”, to the increasingly substituted New Church/”Now-Church”. In LS: No mention of the social…

    • http://Steve%20Phoenix says

      ….There is a certain break from the Church “then”, to the increasingly substituted New Church/”Now-Church”. In LS: No mention of the social encyclicals of Leo XIII, nor Quad Anno of Pius XI: certainly no mention of the hated anti-modernists S Pius X nor Pius XII. Why?

      Because there was a fundamental break in the Church occasioned at the time of Vatican II: and Laudato Si, thank Pope Francis and MSS, proves it beyond the shadow of a doubt. “What was unacceptable then is now acceptable.” –Jerry Brown.

  13. http://Elizabeth says



  14. http://Gratias says

    It will be so and the enemies of the Church will indoctrinate the world in global warming and human trafficking from the the most beautiful setting in the Vatican, the Casima Pio IV at the center of the Vatican gardens. In this way Pope Francis will be entitled to a Nobel Peace Prize, the better to deliver the world to universal taxation by the United Nations on the excuse of Global warming.

    Problem is, this Marxist communitarian anti-Capitalist revolution will spread poverty worldwide. Capitalism has been great for poor countries, despite of what our own President thinks. If it is not good then they could give up their cellphones and Internet, all due to Americam ingenuity thank you very much ingrates.

  15. http://Amy says

    Mr. Anonymous – July 10, 2015 response. Are the glaciers really melting and the ice caps, too? Or is this the media feeding us false information like they are prone to do 24/7. The story about the penguins all dying was a false hood….as so much of what we are fed on the T.V. and in local papers. Check it out for yourself on a valid site. And then decide who is right and who is wrong.

    • http://Anonymous says

      Yes, glaciers ARE melting, now at an accelerated rate.

      • http://Bob%20One says
        • http://Steve%20Phoenix says

          Ah, the ever-objective Boston Globe: which article 7/11/15 actually attributes the ice-retreat to changes in the jet stream (not carbon-gases in the atmosphere), and studiously avoids the previous-invoked credo, “greenhouse-gases”: Because that was untrue, just as CF3’s causing the ozone hole over Antartica was untrue. The graph the BG uses is not sourced (showing an apparently sharply increasing warming) because it is clearly “adjusted”-data derived from E. Anglia Univ: this is because objective satellite data, the most accurate data available shows no net temp increase since 1998–at least 17 years. Now Michael Mann (the debunked “hockey-stick graph” theorist) claims the earth is cooling. ( I am hoping it will rain…

          • http://Steve%20Phoenix says

            (I am hoping it will rain good-quality German beer..)

            Many naïve Catholics, and now their pontiff, evidence much more faith in constantly disproved human global warming theory than in the Sacred Trinity.

  16. http://Janek says

    The Roman Catholic Church is in a death spiral and the Pope is talking about the FAKE religion of so called “Climate Change”, I mean come on is this a bad nightmare or what??

  17. http://Janek says

    And the F.S.S.P., Institute of Christ the King and the S.S.P.X. continue to grow why? Because they teach the Roman Catholic Faith!

    • http://Steve%20Phoenix says

      Janek on target as usual: Le Figaro, a leading French newspaper reported July 7th, 2015: “The number of priests ordained in France has never been so low.” I 68 ordinations of diocesan priests in 2015, down from 82 in 2014; 52 ordinations of priests from religious orders, this makes up 120 priests (diocesan and religious) ordained in 2015: the lowest number in the last 15 years. Le Figaro: “10,000* [of the priests in France] are over 65, and 7000 are over age 75. One French bishop honestly cites the cold facts: “I ordain one priest per year, while I bury 12.” Each year, traditional groups, both “in union” and “not yet in full union” (SSPX) ordain approx. 20 or more priests: about 15% or more of the total.
      * By the way, I…

      • http://Steve%20Phoenix says

        By the way I think the “10,000” “active” Catholic priests in France are way overstated, comparing Le Figaro’s info with Centurion blog which has documented this info on the “eldest daughter of the Church” for some time.

  18. http://Steve%20Phoenix says

    Reuters, 7/13/15, “Pope ends South America trip urging youths to ‘make a mess'” (Hagan un lio.._” ) correspondents Philip Pullella and Mariel Cristaldo
    “It was not the first time Francis has called on young people to shake things up, repeating a mantra he voiced in Brazil in 2013 when he urged youngsters to demand a more outward-looking Catholic Church.”

    Since PF appears to have abandoned the papal role to become Obama-style community-organizer-activist, freely advocating for anti-social behavior among his adherents, I am sure for the rest of us, all our behavior can be equally excused. Si, o No?

  19. http://Steve%20Phoenix says

    And since we are on the global-warming kick: AD 900-1350, there was a generally acknowledged global temp increase: it caused the Southwest Indians of Arizona, the Anasazi, to pick up and move out of the Sonora desert (“the Hohokam”). From 1350-1850 there was the “Little Ice Age” , with temperatures falling about 1.2 C. Then we had a warming period, not much (.6 C) from 1850-1940. From 1940-1970, the earth cooled .2 C (Remember Paul Erlich on Newsweek in 1975 threatening the world with an Ice Age: and He was a Scientist.)

    So where, then, were the SUV’s and the capitalist industries in the 900-1350 AD period, allegedly spewing their carbon, that the Sovereign Pontiff and his jesters want to corral now?

    • http://Your%20Fellow%20Catholic says

      Steve Phoenix, you have proven yourself to be a smart man, but your logic fails you here. Because A causes B does not mean that every instance of B is caused by A. If a rash can be caused by poison ivy does not mean that every rash is caused by poison ivy. If you get a shingles rash, do you go to your doctor and say, “But doctor, I wasn’t anywhere near poison ivy!!” Because increased Carbon Dioxide causes global warming does not mean that every instance of global warming was caused by carbon dioxide.

      • http://Steve%20Phoenix says

        You know, YFC, that now-discredited Michael E Mann of Penn State, the “Hockey-Stick” Papa, is now predicting global cooling. His graphs from 1999 are worth reviewing as he warned of imminent calamity by 2006! And note, even his pro-climate-change-aholic “scientific” confraternity acknowledge he unaccountably “adjusted” data in 2004 which could not be reproduced.

        So, yes there is climate-change: and I am looking forward to it: raining [good-quality] German beer, YFC: Franziskaner (very appropriate for our climate-change Pope), Grafenwalder; Erdinger, St Pauli Girl, (and now many of these come in N/A version which is really quite good, for those who decline ethanol). May the heavens open and the deluge cominzie, bitte!

    • http://Paul says

      Ocean water level in CA has not risen either.

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