San Francisco Plans Marriage Chain- April 30

Signs provided - see below


The following was sent via email to Cal Catholic last week from this website.


Modeled after the national life-chain movement, a San Francisco marriage leader, Ted Kirk, has organized the first educational Marriage Truth Chain in the nation for Sunday, April 30.

“Many people are discouraged because of the Supreme Court decision. I hear about marriage rallies, but nothing seems to be happening. Marriage is too important, that is why I decided to organize the Marriage Truth Chain. We need to keep fighting, but in a positive way.”

“We need to let people know what we are for, not against,” Kirk said.

This educational rally is exclusively focused on Marriage Truth. People know that marriage has been redefined to permit same-sex couples to marry but what they fail to understand is the real consequence of redefining marriage. There is no such thing as “same-sex marriage” in the law. Instead, the Supreme Court made the change by eliminating the only institution that specifically unites children with their mother and father (marriage between one man and one woman as a unique and privileged civil institution). “The Court’s marriage decision enshrined the principle of marriage and family equality,” said Bill May, president of Catholics for the Common Good Institute. “Now children must be taught that marriage is merely a lifestyle choice with nothing to do with procreating children and the foundation of the regular family. Children must also be taught that family diversity is a good thing meaning that having more families with children deprived of their moms and dads united in marriage is a good thing. That is a lie!”

Signs will be provided. Messages are designed to be educational and are geared to provoke thought, not conflict, about the reality of marriage that most people have forgotten.  For example, messages include

  • “Marriage is the Only Institution that Unites Kids with their Mom and Dad,”
  • “The Supreme Court Eliminated the Only Institution that United Kids with their Mom and Dad,”
  • “Do We Need a Civil Institution that Unites Kids with their Mom and Dad?”
  • “Kids have a Right to Be Raised in a Family with their Mom and Dad United in Marriage.”

See examples of signs that can be downloaded.

The goal of the Marriage Reality Movement, a coalition of like-minded people and organizations, is to take back marriage for our children and family. That starts by educating people about what marriage is in reality. The word “marriage” has been redefined, separated from its reality, and no longer means the institution that from the beginning of time specifically unites children with their mother and father. Not every man and woman living in true marriage has children, but every child has a mother and father — their own mother and father.

“Members of the Marriage Reality Movement will not rest, until the reality of marriage once again becomes a privileged institution that is supported and promoted by every law, every public institution and every curriculum,” May said.


Download Flyer

San Francisco
Marriage Truth Chain

Sunday, April 30, 2017
Meet at 2 PM

Park Presidio Drive
(between Geary and Clement Streets)

Signs will be provided.

Contact Ted Kirk
for more information.




  1. Your Fellow Catholic says:

    When and where did the Supreme Court “eliminate” marriage between men and women? Why is this kind of fake news being touted on CCD?

    If you and your fiance have been denied marriage because of the Supreme Court, because they “eliminated” marriage, please call me! I want to take your case to the Supreme Court. Seriously.

    • Linda Maria says:

      Oh, really?? So you are going to help “you and your fiancee” fight their case in the Supreme Court— if they are “denied marriage rights?” And what is your definition of “marriage rights?” One Man and one Woman, taking their sacred Marriage Vows, in the traditional, thousands-of-years-old, Judeo-Christian, Biblical Marriage, created by God? Are you Catholic? Some misguided people believe that today, “marriage vows” can mean any old thing they dream up, in San Francisco’s filthy, anti-society, anti-Christian, disoriented, dope-infested, AIDS-infested, crime-ridden gutters of the Haight Ashbury or Castro districts— or worse!

      • Your Fellow Catholic says:

        The US Supreme Court NEVER eliminated marriage. California still marries men and women, and has not denied them marriage rights. And by the way, California does not perform “Judeo-Christian Bibilical” anything. To do so would be unconstitutional.

        Again, I say, when and where did the Supreme Court “eliminate” marriage between men and women as this article claims. You can stop about all the things you think are wrong with San Francisco – which by the way – are incorrect.

        • Anonymous says:

          Your Fellow “Catholic”– You should be mature enough to write responsible replies to other fellow, devout Catholics, in a Christian manner-Better start educating yourself, in our Church’s Faith and Morals — start reading the Bible and Catechism! Learn what Our Lord teaches, on the Sacrament of Marriage! Read Genesis 2:24 and St. Matthew 19:2-6, for starters!! Anyone can do it!

        • But they take benefits that were meant for married men and women to help take care of their children and make marriage less stressful and give those benefits to people who have no right to them.

    • You might be right in that it didn’t eliminate marriage between one man and one woman but it did redefine marriage to include those with gender confused disorders and gave them the ability to enter into a “counterfeit” marriage. In doing so it totally destroyed the institution of marriage by sending a message that anything goes.

      And if two gender confused people can claim marriage rights, why not three and why not men and boys or mothers and sons? Once you redefine what’s natural all bets are off.

      • Your Fellow Catholic says:

        Ronnie, if you are talking about transgender people when you use the disresectful and inaccurate term “gender confused disorders”. And you are also inacurrate with respect to them: SCOTUS did not rule specifically on transgender people’s marriage rights. It didn’t even mention them in the rulings.

        • Unless a person is actually born with a genital defect, a man who thinks he is a woman and a woman who thinks she is a man IS gender confused. If you would take the time, which you won’t of course, to actually watch some of the videos by people who have come out of such confusion, you will find most often the person was mistreated by a relative because of his/her gender. One such man had a psychological sick grandmother who dressed him as a girl when he was little. When his parents found out they were rightfully angry at the grandmother, but it was too late as the little boy already felt unloved because he was a boy. Doing this to a child is just plain evil.

        • I’m referring to all people with gender confused disorders: gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual, questioning (!), pedophilia, etc. Any orientation which deviates from the “natural order” is unnatural and disordered. And it is not disrespectful to speak the “truth” that gender confusion is dangerous to the body as well as the soul. The spiritually works of mercy demand exposing sin. Love your neighbor as yourself remember. Would you want your neighbor’s soul to be in danger? The first two commandments are the most important.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Marriage reality is that some kids are harmed by their parents and don’t want to be united with them any more than they have to be.
    Marriage reality is that some children witness one parent kill their other parent.
    Marriage reality is that some parents while married abandon their children.

    • Linda Maria says:

      Anonymous– are you Catholic?? Our Lord Jesus never meant ABUSE OF THE SACRAMENT OF MARRIAGE!! The REALITY of the holy Sacrament of Marriage– is that it must be correctly received, by a mature and well-prepared Catholic couple, who have discerned that this is what God is calling them to — it is a Vocation!! All Sacraments are the Living Christ!! Over a lifetime, Marriage is a pathway to HOLINESS, a preparation for Heaven! The Catholic married couple must be prepared to receive any children, from Heaven, which God may lovingly bless them with! And the center of their home, must be Christ, Who is truly Divine Love!

    • Steve Seitz says:

      Are you saying that extreme family violence is the norm and, therefore, we must get rid of the concept of family? Or am I having a tragic misread of your statements?

  3. The Watchman says:

    The marriage between man and woman husband and wife is the only marriage created by Almighty God. We as a society should do everything we can to support and protect the traditional family because the future of our civilization depends on it. Pray America Pray.

  4. Joel Fago says:

    Pray and protest!!

    • Linda Maria says:

      YES!! And Thomas Edward Miles needs someone to send him a copy of the Holy Bible, instruct him in it, read to him aloud, the passages in Genesis, all about the creation by God, of Man and Woman; read to him aloud, the passages all about “For a man shall leave his mother, and a woman leave her home, and the two shall be joined together, and become one flesh! What God has joined together, no man may put asunder!” (etc.) And read to him aloud, the story of the fate of evil Sodom and Gomorrah, and read aloud, Christ’s teaching on Marriage, in His Sermon on the Mount! Next– invite him to accept the true teachings of Christ– and become a Catholic!!

      • Linda Maria says:

        From the Catholic New American Bible– Genesis 2:24 That is why a man leaves his father and mother and clings to his wife, and the two of them become one body.

  5. Manny T. says:

    This may be the one and only rally NOT funded and promoted by George Soros.

  6. Dear Concerned Catholics,

    As the socialist, anti-Church Left attacks the foundations of Catholicism, when did you last hear a sermon from your parish priest or bishop about the Sacrament of Matrimony, the sin of “living together” or contraception?
    I have lived in CA for more than twenty years and travel greatly—and attend Mass on Sunday wherever I am. I have heard nothing. The young people in church are denied doctrine.

    • shelly, many parish pastors live under a debt repayment plan. if they are fortunate enough to have a newly ordained priest who preaches the basics, soon enough complaints about the young conservative priest begin to arise and the new assiastant or associate pastor is asked to be careful. other priests in his diocese are surprised that the seminary filtering system has allowed someone like that to get through to ordination. the pastor quietly requests the priest be moved to an assignment where his ‘conservatism’ would be more tolerated or at least take less of a toll on the collection plate and the sense of comfort of…

  7. The U.S. Supreme Court has decreed foolishly that triangles should be called squares, henceforth everyone now is compelled under the law to say that triangles are squares and to treat triangles and squares the same even though it is obvious to everyone that triangles are one thing, squares another; they are not the same, nor are they equal, and errors follow if you treat them equally.

    Triangles are not squares. Nor are same-sex phony marriages true marriages. Nobody will ever succeed in compelling me to say that a triangle is the same as a square, nor will anyone ever succeed in compelling me to say that same-sex phony marriages are true marriages.

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