San Diego diocese head of liturgy to join Latin Mass order

Father Eggleston surprises the FSSP
Father Eggleston from the 2003 diocese directory

Father Eggleston from the 2003 diocese directory

The following comes from an Aug. 15 email sent by a Cal Catholic reader.

“Just got the news from a reputable source (a priest who works in the diocese) that Fr. Earl Eggleston from the diocese of San Diego is going to be leaving the diocese and joining the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP). He’s such an awesome pastor, helped me greatly in my life, especially in the Sacrament of Confession.”

Father Eggleston is listed on the San Diego diocese website as the director of Liturgy and Spirituality for the diocese. He has served in recent years as pastor at Our Lady Angels in Golden Hill and is currently in residence at St. Joseph Cathedral in downtown San Diego.

Father Eggleston did not return phone calls placed to him at the diocese, but according to a reliable source, even the local FSSP priests were surprised by Father Eggleston’s decision.




  1. Good for him. Wonderful community. Not only do you get the Mass and sacraments according to the older rite, but you get that old time Catholic religion for preaching and classes they teach.

    • Abeca Christian says

      Yes but they are human too Carol. I have already caught a few corrections that needed to be said. The lay faithful need to privately and kindly correct any priest even if they come from the Latin mass. A past homily has stirred up some confusion even more so because it came from a EF sermon. I think that some of those who attended where shocked but did not want to question the pastor because they are thought of as being perfect.

      We are all human and can stir up confusion, it is a loving action to ask for clarity or correction.

      • Ann Malley says

        Of course we are all human beings. But it is a blessing from God to be able to receive the straight dope in matters of faith, morals, and Catholic discipline.

        If, however, foolish people believe that the priest is perfect and beyond reproach when speaking in error, that is all the more reason to learn the Faith and the history of Holy Mother Church.

        • Abeca Christian says

          Exactly that Ann. I agree. So with the knowledge and wisdom we have and the fear of the Lord, we know this and apply it. It is applied both in the OF and EF mass when they are in accordance to the GIRM.

          • Ann Malley says

            But applying orthodoxy to a rite of mass that is open, by its very nature, to more interpretive actions in accordance with the priests preferences, leaves the door wide open. If the priest is orthodox, you will get orthodoxy. Great! If he is not, you won’t. Quite the problem.

            That is why many are gladdened by a return to Tradition because by the very nature of it being more strict in its execution, it eliminates much of the shenanigans to which Our Blessed Lord and a trusting faithful have been made subject. That’s my whole point, Abeca.

            Not that Our Lord isn’t there or that everyone who attends the Novus Ordo is bad or bad willed or anything else. But Our Lord and the faithful deserve better.

          • Abeca Christian says

            Yes Ann you are correct. But I have to add:

            I have seen good priest that apply orthodoxy in the OF parishes too. They are the ones who taught me about the early writings of many excellent saints. I also learned it from the Ukrainian Rite and the Marian Rite. They are not in Latin but they are true to faithfulness to the Magisterium. Speaking from experience. Haven been there myself in attendance to those holy and devout parishes, yes they were in the NO rite, OF. So with that said, I still caution people to always be aware, even in the EF, like I said before in my comments. People are still human. I guess I am just repeating stuff from my original comments, oops sorry, it just feels like I have too because I feel like we are going in circles.

          • Abeca Christian says

            Ann but your comments give the insinuation that the EF is better equipped with Orthodoxy. You focus on those things but remember that not everyone can have a holy parish near by, so even if some have to be tortured by a parish that is less Orthodox, that is not a reason for them to not attend Mass. Since our Lord is still there, they are required to attend Mass as long as it is done in accordance to GIRM. What You brought up in your last sentence, you really do not understand any of my points from the past and that is where we are just indifferent. I get it, I only wish I had more energy to explain what I mean and try to convey. Most people are fixed on their traditions and or their book of the law or something of the like but what I pray for is that people really take seriously the words of Jesus. His real presence brings truth, Orthodoxy, charity, hope etc. Trusting In His word even if everything seems like its falling apart.

          • Abeca, Ann Malley is not orthodox. She is messing with your mind. Get away from her.

          • Your Fellow Catholic says

            Abeca realtes a loving situation, but she is incorrect when she tells readers that they only need attend their local mass if it attends to GIRM. This is incorrect. It may be her personal standard, but it is wrong. GIRM is not the measure of whether a mass fulfills the Sunday obligation, not by a long shot.

            Every Catholic is urged to attend Sunday mass. Obligated to do so, in fact. The faithful is not permitted to judge their obedience to the Sunday obligation by whether the mass follows GIRM.

          • YFC you are correct. A lack of adherence to the General Instruction of the Roman Missal would not invalidate the Mass and it would still fulfill one’s Sunday obligation. One would still be required to attend and would be in violation of the precept of the Church and the 3rd commandment if one did not. I have a feeling that Abeca Chrsitian did not mean it that way. I think she knows it but AM was playing games with her.

          • Abeca Chrsitian, I know you know this but the things that Ann Malley said are not true. Neither form of the Roman Rite is open to interpretation by the preference of the priest. Also, when Ann Malley uses the words Tradition and orthodoxy, she uses them in a different way than the Church uses them. In this post, she seems to mean the EF of the Roman Rite-which is not Tradition. I noticed that she used the term bad willed in her post to you. You are the only one who uses that term. Ann Malley’ does not seem to know the Catholic Faith very well and she will pick up on new terms that she learns here or on other websites and then use them incorrectly or in a way that makes no sense. To those who have not watched her pattern here, it may seem as if she is a great Catholic but she has declared on a different thread that she believes only some of the things that the Catholic Church teaches. And that she is the arbiter of what is Catholic and is not.

  2. How wonderful this is !!! I will pray for him. The more priests that will say the
    TLM the better. I just hope that more priests in the central valley will learn the TLM.

  3. God Bless this Priest and keep him close.
    I have met a few of the Priests from the FSSP. They are holy men.

  4. St. Christopher says

    There is no more to say about this, except God bless you, Father Eggleston. We pray that neither the local ordinary nor the Vatican attempts to prevent you from this critically important choice. For those in the San Diego Diocese, Father Eggleston is doing more than expressing a preference for a liturgy type; he is following the true Faith; he knows that how we pray is how we believe. Here is a man to follow; here is a hero.

  5. respectlife says

    Many Catholics have drifted away from Church and morale values from the Gospel. I pray that more priests like Fr. Eggleston will be the instrument needed to bring them back to Holy Mass. He is a true shepherd… God Bless Fr Eggleston!

  6. Great gossip. Your first line reads like as National Enquirer, “Just got the news from a reputable source…” Shameful.

    • PJT,

      P = Phobia of Truth… J = Jugular T = Terrified

      Let us talk about the REAL meaning of *shameful*. Now I realize PJT, that it must be extremely threatening for you to read the above article. Hence the reason for your fearfully motivated comment. Holiness has always threatened the vital sources of evil.

      What an exceptional blessing to be able to teach the fullness of the Truth without the consistent reality of being shackled from within by the FEARFUL & SHAMEFUL purveyors of selective social justice.

      May God continue to bless Father Earl Eggleston and all of our faithful priests, including the ones who are still faithfully working while still shackled.

  7. Joan of El Cajon says

    Our loss of Father Eggleston as a diocesan priest is FSSP’s great gain. Father Eggleston is a wonderful, good, holy priest. May Christ, through Father Eggleston as an FSSP priest, lead many more souls to salvation.

  8. Wonderful news. Each priest makes such a big difference. Now the FSSP is even starting up in Los Angeles.

  9. Wow great news especially for a diocesan priest to leave, very brave of the good Father!!! I will pray for him and The Traditonal Latin Mass which is spreading by leaps and bounds. Deo Gratias! Pray for these orthodox bishops as well very strong supporters of the TLM, Bishop Morlino, Archbishop Cordileone and Archbishop Alexander Sample all have said the TLM on many occasions and Bishop Morlino of Madison Wisconsin who mandates that his seminarians learn the TLM!

  10. A priest such as this good and holy Fr. Eggleston is probably frustrated with the fact that the old authoritarian Catholic Church model started in the Middle Ages is no longer working around the world. My guess is virtually all of the attendees at the Latin Rite Mass believe the Pope never makes a mistake, women belong at home and have their heads covered at Mass, controlling the size of your family is evil, the Mass, sacraments and teachings cannot be studied and evaluated in today’s world because the Middle Age popes were only ones who could perform that function, all non-Latin Rite people on Earth are going to hell, and the age range of these folks is limited to 65-100. Ultimately, the Latin Rite Catholics will die out, and Latin Mass will become a kind of historical relic, like a renaissance faire, rodeo, or museum where people gather to see how life was “in the good old days”. Latin Rite rituals will bring back Latin Rite leaning Catholics and no one else. Bringing back a dead language and dying authoritarian culture will not refill Catholic churches, but it will give Latin Rite people a place to gather with their fellow Latin Rite folks to partake in rituals that from “in the good old days” that will never return.

    • Anonymous, you have it backwards. The ultra modern/progressive Church is not working – that is why people over the past 40 years have been leaving in droves.

      Btw the Catholic Church NEVER taught much of what you are complaining about.
      Read the “Catechism of the Catholic Church, Second Edition” – for the truth.

    • Ann Malley says

      Anonymous writes, “…Latin Rite rituals will bring back ‘Latin Rite leaning Catholics’ and no one else.”

      How very wrong you are. And Thank God!

    • Interesting that you define them as the “Good” ol days.

  11. God bless and protect Fr. Eggleston and help him to be an excellent priest.

  12. Abeca Christian says

    I think that he is the one who was one of the older kids, when I was attending my youth group back in high school. His name sounds familiar to me. We had a very good youth group, his sister was also in our teen Mass choir. I will try to contact him to find out if he is the same person we knew back in our high school youth group.

    This is because we grew up knowing and living the real purpose of V2. This is the beautiful fruits of V2. Praise Be Jesus Christ.

    • Ann Malley says

      These two sermons on audio sancto (run by the FSSP and other TLM priests in union with their diocese) are particularly well suited for gaining a better understanding:

      The following by Bishop Schneider, in union with Rome, explains much too:

      God bless.

      • Your Fellow Catholic says

        Dear Ann Malley – Interesting website you are sending the faithful to. A site that has sermons by anonymous priests. Anonymous because ” they have duties and responsibilities as priests to care for the souls of the Faithful entrusted to them. By remaining unidentified, their attention for their flock won’t be divided by folks outside of their parish who might seek them out for questions rather than going to their local priests.” In other words, we have to take your word for it that these Anonymous priests really are priests in good standing.

        See, now I get where the early Church went wrong. Instead of allowing themselves to be fed to lions or burned at the stake, our early Pastors and Bishops should have worn masks and used pseudonyms or anonymous names. That way, they could still attend to their flock.

        • Ann Malley says

          I am glad you visited, YFC. You should listen…if you do you will discover how these priests are in good standing. And Bishop Schneider is wearing no mask. Perhaps you should read his book, Dominus Est.

          As for the early Church, they spoke the truth and were willing to die for it. Not so in the Western world today . Too ‘divisive’. That’s a lesson in itself.

          God bless.

          • Your Fellow Catholic says

            OK, if you are going to defend anonymous “priests” then don’t go around criticizing Anonymous lay posters on CCD.

          • Ann Malley says

            Its easy enough to identify the FSSP with AudioSancto, YFC. Much like it is easy to identify many, but not all, anonymous posters here as agitators and change-agents, not Catholic.

            And you’re assuming all those not named are mere ‘lay’ folk.

            God bless.

          • YFC,

            You are a recognized dissenter that will not gain any traction on this website. Other posters have the choice and the ability to use an anonymous but still recognized moniker. The readers could then discern the consistency or the inconsistencies of their posts. The reason why these same posters choose to not do this is that their agendas are exposed. Anyone who pays attention will see the red waving flags of inconsistency. There agendas are as obvious as a National Geographic picture of a baboon’s red bottom. This is why these same posters hide or pick a new name each time they post. The style is recognizable….it’s OLD UNDERHANDED SLIPPERY SCALED FISHING at it’s worst.

          • Your Fellow Catholic says

            Dear Ann Malley – I started listening to one post, it was 40 minutes long, more time than I had, but I picked through the findings. The one homily I listened to was the one where the Anonymous “priest” claims that a woman in cancer remission was prescribed a new drug which became available during the remission period, but was denied payment for the drug and instead was offered euthanasia drugs — all in the denial letter. The story is so absolutely incredible that it by itself calls into question the entire website you cited. I can cite lots of horrific insurance denial claims, including literally a nail biting wait for authorization while my fiancé’s mother was already in pre-op for breast cancer surgery, but it is just not the case that insurance denial letters ever offer alternative treatments, let alone euthenasia. (The exception – and a very important one – is that insurance companies may deny a branded drug when a generic version is available) What I suspect happened was that this “new drug” was an experimental drug not covered by the insurance. And that somewhere down the line, when the cancer progressed, the insurance covered palliative care in the last, sad and unfortunate stages. The availability of experimental drugs is – certainly – an issue. But to claim that euthanasia drugs were offerred at the same time as experimental or newly available drugs were denied just doesn’t square with reality.

            The combination of circumstances that the Anonymous “priest” related were so unbelievable that it really casts a shadow upon the whole website.

          • Ann Malley says

            You discredit yourself as a Catholic resource by writing, “…my fiancé’s mother,” YFC. must really overset you with its orthodoxy.

            But the FSSP is growing as is the move toward Sacred Tradition.

            God Bless

      • Ann Malley,

        Thank you for the links. Bishop Athanasius Schneider’s explanation is very helpful in clarifying some of the many reasons why there is so much confusion. I did not know that when Cardinal Dolan met with members of a mosque that he told them that we all worship the same God. We do not worship the same God and Bishop Schneider explains why there is a great need to clarify certain teachings and clarify ambiguous and statements and writings that have caused great confusion.

        I watched Cardinal Dolan on a Fox television interview tell the viewers that we all worship the same God no matter how we view God as a he or a she or whatever. I couldn’t believe it but he did say this. This seems to tie in with what Bishop Schneider is conveying about confusion. Even when our local bishop dedicated Christ Cathedral he made a similar reference that could confusingly place a mosque as being seen as no different than a Catholic Cathedral or any other house of worship. While it is true that we are taught to show respect for people of different faiths, there seems to be a great number of Catholics who truly now think that all religions are just as good as long as you believe in God. This needs to be rectified and God bless this Bishop Schneider for his charity in trying to truly teach and clarify. Thanks again Ann Malley for your charity!

        “Love and fear must go united together, fear without love becomes cowardice. Love without fear becomes presumption. When there is love without fear, love runs without prudence and without restraint, without taking care where it is going.” — Counsels from Padre Pio

        • Ann Malley says

          Much like it is confusing when the Catholic Church will sell a sacred space to those who would make it a mosque and smile away as if this is a good thing. Because the church will be used to ‘worship’ God. For didn’t St. Paul warn against false prophets, preaching another gospel?

          He did. And yet there are those within the Catholic Church who attempt to circumvent these differences and promote worshiping in one’s own way as good enough or great. As if God Himself does not see those called to be His closest friends selling out for profit and smiles and the damnable lie that ‘it’s all good’.

          Meanwhile, what is one to evangelize if, in practice and action, Catholics are trained to think there’s really no difference? Makes for a mess to be sure.

          • “Meanwhile, what is one to evangelize if, in practice and action, Catholics are trained to think there’s really no difference? ”

            Ann Malley,

            That is very true. Years ago I told a faithful priest that in some cases you almost have to corrupt someone’s blissful naivety and innocence in order to protect them and stop them from attending a parish where you know that they will be scandalized and taught error. I have had many good priests tell me that they have someone sent to them for proper catechesis but then the priests discovers that these people live by a parish where heterodoxy is often the SOUP DU JOUR. These good priests try to guide these people who are interested in becoming Catholics to parishes that are not quite as compromised. Here is an example and sadly this true story is not uncommon. Just a few weeks ago a visiting priest from Africa had to undo the terrible damage that a young girl struggling with SSA was given in the confessional by a Orange diocesan priest. It was a visiting priest from Africa who then had to tell this young woman that the diocesan priest was very very wrong in what he (the diocesan priest) told her. The girl’s mother who brought her daughter to this diocesan priest was also told in the confessional to look at the animal kingdom and think about the animals that are also attracted to the same sex. The mother told the priest. “Father we are NOT animals and my daughter is not an animal. We are human beings made in the image and likeness of God.” This was after the young girl had already been told that it was alright to love who you love. Thank God that the mother found this visiting priest but the damage has been done and caused great confusion and division with the daughter who did speak with the priest from Africa. This diocesan priest holds an influential role with troubled youth. What an outrage to Our Lord and an injustice done to this young girl.

            continued ….

          • continued from August 25, 2014 at 9:45 am

            Do we now have to rely on the happenstance occasion or gift of a visiting priest from Africa to undo the terrible damage done by local wolves in sheep’s clothing? Who is guarding the sheep? What is being taught to the already troubled youth? The diocese of Orange could also use a FSSP parish in order to have a reliable parish to send those who are newly evangelized. Our bishops can no longer claim or feign ignorance or business as an excuse. The reason a priest in a leadership role is that comfortable giving out such appalling advice in a confessional is because there is no fear or imminent threat or concern about being disciplined.

            Jeremiah 23:1 “Woe to the pastors, that destroy and tear the sheep of my pasture, saith the Lord. ” Douay-Rheims Catholic Bible

          • Ann Malley says

            Too many stories of compromised teaching to either be popular and/or keep folks in the pews. As if the priest is the one to be followed and not Christ…what a grace the young woman you wrote about received. Thank God for it!

          • Ann Malley says

            …a grace to receive the Truth from the visiting priest and the grace of being made aware of the danger of hirelings.

          • Gossiping and listening to gossip is sinful. Your intention seems to be to harm the reputation of a particular church (the diocese of Orange).

          • I agree with both of you and I hope you were able to hear Dr. Wm.Kilpatrick speak on Mohamedism today on Catholic Answers. We do not in any way worship the same God, nor do we share similar views on Jesus or Mary (or anything, for that matter) I’ve heard other authorities say that Mohamedism isn’t even a real ‘faith’ as it incorporates a whole political system. And Hillaire Belloc, in his book “The Three Great Heresies” says that Islam is just an errant Christian/Judaic heresy and not an authentic separate religion at all. People always refer to them as one of the three great religions, but when you think about it, Christianiaty is an outgrowth of Judaism and there is really only ONE great religion. No matter how we look at mohamedism, if one can judge by its fruits and nothing else, it’s barbaric and anti life and to be avoided…especially as they do not acclimate to any culture they invade. It’s truly time to start speaking out folks. The truth hurts, but it hurts alot more to have your head cut off…and worse, having our churches destroyed and our freedom to worship Jesus as Lord silenced. Muslims may be delightful, loving people, bur their belief system is NOT!

          • Your Fellow Catholic says

            Muslims surely do not have the fullness of Catholic revelation, but if they do not worship the same God as we do, then what God do they worship? Is there some other God we should be looking out for?

          • “Gossiping and listening to gossip is sinful. Your intention seems to be to harm the reputation of a particular church (the diocese of Orange).” = Harm the reputation? Tell that to the entire world, Wikipedia AND to the parents of each the victims who tried to expose the corruption. There is – for the Documenting of the Catholic Sexual Abuse Scandal

            Taken from Wikipedia Settlements and bankruptcies in Catholic sex abuse cases
            2005, Jan 3 Orange, CA 30 priests, 2 nuns, 11 other $100 million 87victims

            $100 million dollars in payouts for protecting molesters and you accuse a CCD poster of trying to ruin the reputation of the diocese? You must also work for the Obama administration. There should also be a Bishop’s Accountability for spiritual neglect and also accountability for allowing hirelings to spiritually molest the sheep. How often did you call the parents of the sex abuse victims sinners and gossipers when they tried to expose that problem. You are an enabler of mortal sin.

            Nine ways of being an Accessory to Another’s Sin

            I. By counsel
            II. By command
            III. By consent
            IV. By provocation
            V. By praise or flattery
            VI. By concealment *
            VII. By partaking
            VIII. By silence *
            IX. By defense of the ill done *

            * = You

          • Abeca Christian says

            Anonymous I don’t think she was gossiping! But she may be trying to sell a propaganda, selling or trying to insinuate that all parishes that are not Lain mass, are bad. Which we know its not true, I have been to Traditional NO (OF done in accordance to GIRM) parishes, and they are flourishing too! We have the Norbertine’s in Orange County area as well, they are an excellent order, holy and devout. So all of Orange County is not lost as some like us to believe. Maybe throwing all parishes under the bus because of a few bad priests.

            BUT I understand her concern, especially when a priest is misleading souls and not teaching true Catholicism. The devil also likes secrets. So lets hope that the mother of that child, will report that priest for the bad guidance he gave her child. Of course we know that not all of the diocese is lost, but in that example of that priest, surely did not represent the true teachings of mother church.

            Our Lord surely is hurt of the dissent coming from everyone. Lets pray for that mother and her child.

          • Abeca Christian says

            I was speaking of the child who suffered with SSA disorder and at the confessional she was mislead. That is a tragedy and it needs to be reported, if it was and nothing seemed to have been done, then trust that our Lord will be just and justice will prevail.

            I had a bad situation when I was trying to go to confession, I was shocked by it all but with prayers and encouragement to do what is right, I filed a complaint and the diocese corrected the problem.

            I understand that its not always going to go in our favor when we defend the truth but we should not fret, in this life, nothing will be perfect, because sin complicates things.

          • Ann Malley says

            Beware of false gods, YFC. We’re warned against as much in the first commandment.

          • Ann Malley says

            Your intention, Anonymous, seems to be misdiagnosing fair warning as gossip in an attempt to hide that which can be highly dangerous and/or damaging to one’s Faith. That said, it is especially incumbent upon parents to vet those given access to their children, that obligation increases when the person of influence is in a position of authority.

          • Ann Malley says

            Thank you for the info on Dr. Kilpatrick, Dana. In the nutshell for me is the fact that Mohammed came after the time of John the Apostle which marked the end of revelation. Mohammed preached a different gospel…. St. Paul warned us. Add that to the fruits and the answer is no, not good.

            But again, it is the belief system and ideology, not the individuals that are bad.

          • Catherine, if calling me an enabler of mortal sin, makes you fell better about yourself, well OK.

          • Ann Malley says

            “…But she may be trying to sell a propaganda, selling or trying to insinuate that all parishes that are not Lain mass, are bad.”

            There is also the ‘propaganda’ that everything is the same and equal and fruitful no matter what the rite. And that is an increasingly tough sell. Not because there are no good fruits from those in Novus Ordo communities – what fruit is there is from the actual Faith – not the rite itself. That is why in times of crisis, going back to that which worked – in this case a rite that does not lend itself to so much heterodox interpretation – is often advisable. The fruits of TLM communities are showing themselves to be bountiful… and orthodox.

            Again, visit
            Listen to:

            Nobody is disparaging the people themselves. That would be foolish as we are only as good as what we are taught to be when aided by grace. But disparaging methods by which people are catechized and how that learning is reinforced is definitely in order when looking at the devastated vineyard. That is if the desire is to rebuild and maintain faithfulness to what the Church has always taught. Not just what she appears to teach now.

          • Abeca Christian says

            Ann you are wrong. I am not selling anything. It is you and Catherine that have to prove your notions, not those of us who understand that Christ is one body. Understanding that sin exists since the beginning of mankind is what is causing the division. No one said that everything is the same and equal but what the truth is that the EF and OF mass done in accordance to the GIRM are not to be argued about, our Lord is there. The same Jesus. I think that you may have a misunderstanding. There is no selling of anything only what Our Lord expects from us, but telling from your comments, we know that there is a different point of view and a pattern seen here on this website, a pattern of schism. No I am not attacking you, please don’t get upset again. I am being honest with myself and I see it very clearly.

            Thank for your input, but I have to disagree. God bless you. No hard feelings here. = )

          • Ann Malley says

            Thank you for your input, Abeca, but I’m not the only one who disagrees with you. The Catholic Church up until very recently disagrees with you. (50 years isn’t that long of a time.) And those individuals who disagree with you are not unfaithful Catholics or under some misconception as you keep insisting. Nor are ‘they’ selling propaganda.

            So whereas you say that Catherine and I need to prove something, you need to actually engage and do the research and/or at least listen to the links I sent you – you can look up the background connections of audiosancto right on the internet if you’d like. It’s very easy and would, in truth, help you quite a bit if only to understand that you are castigating the wrong people in this area.

            FYI: I never said Our Lord wasn’t there in the Novus Ordo Missae. But, Abeca, Our Lord is there in a true Black Mass also. That is not to say that the NO is a Satanic rite, but to let you know that Christ’s presence at the mass is no indication of a ‘rite’ being a good one. The fruits of the rite are what tells the tale. And a rite that is wide open to myriad interpretation or one that downplays the sacrificial nature of the mass is a rite vulnerable to those abuses we all know are offensive to Our Lord – specifically because He is present.

            If you do not want to take the time to understand the differences, that is your choice and okay. So saying, however, the pattern that you are setting is labeling observation of Catholic truths, Catholic patrimony and history, and basic reality as schismatic. Even when sources are provided that are in complete union with Rome.

          • abeca, the Catholic Church does not disagree with you.
            The Catholic Church proposes to you and everyone the Divinely revealed Truth which we can accept or reject.
            You are a good Catholic who has tried to learn the authentic voice of the Church and will always conform your will to the Will of the Father when you are given the Truth.

          • Ann Malley says

            And Abeca, you say that …. “…not those of us who understand that Christ is one body. Understanding that sin exists since the beginning of mankind is what is causing the division.”

            Yes, sin is the cause of division, Abeca. But it is not just the sins of today causing the present crises, but rather the sins of those who came before us and were of bad will or at the very least weak in their fight against that which is bad. Sin reaches into future generations, Abeca, and wreaks havoc. That is why it is incumbent upon adult Catholics to have a care to learn their history in as much as they are able. The sins of the fathers if you will, in order to better combat that which they might not otherwise understand or recognize:

            “…And the Lord spoke all these words: [2] I am the Lord thy God, who brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. [3] Thou shalt not have strange gods before me. [4] Thou shalt not make to thyself a graven thing, nor the likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or in the earth beneath, nor of those things that are in the waters under the earth. [5] Thou shalt not adore them, nor serve them: I am the Lord thy God, mighty, jealous, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children, unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me.”

            You are also ABSOLUTELY CORRECT in that Christ is One Body, that is why I look at you as a fellow member of that Body even if you do not see that I am also a part of that One Body, Abeca. It is the Faith that unites us. Faith in Him. Faith in that which is consistently handed down. Novelty and ambiguity preclude this continuity.

            Be well.

          • Abeca Christian says

            Thank you Anonymous and Ann. Lots of comments to read. = )

          • Abeca Christian says

            Ann your comments help me understand where you are in error. Comparing the NO mass by saying that even our Lord is in the dark Mass is 100% irrelevant not even close to the love I want to share about our Lord. That example was insulting Ann. The dark Mass is evil and not part of the Magisterium and all is irrelevant and you prove nothing. As you try to misinterpret my love for Christ and His church and even His Mass, the OF and EF…is something I can’t help you change your heart on. I discern to be watchful of what you say. You are in grave error even in your examples ….I find it insulting that you would even bring up an evil Dark Mass as close to the OF mass….that example really shows where your points of view do not help you get closer to the heart of Christ’s message.

            Pretty disturbing to me…….and you do not speak for the church……for your words tend to offend and conquer…..Praise God for His mercy.

            this precious Church, the Body of Christ…..

          • Ann Malley says

            Of course a Black Mass is evil, Abeca. That is why I said I was not, that is not, comparing the Black Mass to the NO. Please read carefully. What I said is that the the presence of the Lord at mass is not that which determines if a rite in itself is a good one. For even you indicated that one should avoid a NO mass not celebrated according to the GIRM. YFC took issue with you on that score, indicating that one must attend a poorly celebrated, perhaps abusive mass anyway to fulfill one’s Sunday obligation.

            That’s the kind of open door inconsistency of which I speak, Abeca. Again, please read carefully if you’re going to respond and ask pointed questions. As to your receiving good instruction from a solid NO priest – excellent. That is wonderful, Abeca. That is something I’ve always said. There are good folks in both rites. But again, those rites or writings that leave much up to preference or interpretation leave the faithful vulnerable. That is why there is such a hoorah at times when the TLM comes to town. Less chance for unorthodoxy. Not perfection, Abeca, but a greater stability in what one can and should expect in worship.

  13. Abeca Christian says

    “Prayer is the best weapon we have; it is the key to God’s heart. You must speak to Jesus not only with your lips, but with your heart. In fact on certain occasions you should only speak to Him with your heart.”
    ― Padre Pio, Padre Pio

    “If, then, you are looking for the way by which you should go, take Christ, because He Himself is the way.” St. Thomas Aquinas

    “This Blood that but one drop of has the power to win
    All the world forgiveness of its world of sin.”
    St. Thomas Aquinas

    “Mount Calvary is the academy of love.”
    St. Francis de Sales

    We are what we eat, drink and breath. Make sure that it is Christ whom you live for and nothing more. Pray for our priests and our Pope. They need our love and prayers always.

    • Prayer and sacred music, Abeca. Thanks for the lovely quotes. Getting these truths out there on the internet and on the airwaves does much to restore the earth’s equilibrium. Satan’s been really getting his music and words in all the media 24/7 and we need balance things out. Sometimes when I pray the rosary I imagine my voice being carried into the sky like little golden drops joining all the others saying their rosaries flowing together into a shimmering golden river swirling up to heaven. Our prayers do matter and no word is lost…even if all we say is,” Jesus, I love you” it counteracts some vile swear word or evil thought.

      • Abeca Christian says

        Thanks Dana. God bless you. I agree with you. Today I felt very weak. I had no energy, my anemia has even marked my leg. (I bruise easily) and I thought to myself, well Lord I don’t feel good today to accomplish somethings in your glory, so I prayed and thought what else can I do. I can offer up my sufferings. Well the rest, the Lord knows.

        Keep your eye’s fixed on Jesus as you are now. I can’t help but feel compassion for the poor souls who have lost good graces. It can happen to anyone of us. Especially more when one is walking the good walk, it is then, that we all need prayers even more. Just think how often our priests and even our Pope is spiritually attacked. That is why we need to pray. Our Lord commands at least that of us.

        That is why I feel that our faith is a gift. We must not take it for granted, even if those of bad will are trying to destroy it.

    • “But she may be trying to sell a propaganda, selling or trying to insinuate that all parishes that are not Lain mass, are bad.”

      Dear sweet sister in Christ. Your statement is false. Shame on you for not recognizing your own. Also, my children attended the school where the Norbertine parish and school is. Yes, the Norbertines are now there but the school still employs many of the same teachers who do not uphold “all” Church teaching. I know this because a priest who was once there and a teacher who taught there were often assailed by these feminists who were pro-choice and anti men and gay agenda supporters. That is a FACT! The Norbertines were divided on the admittance of children of homosexuals and that is a another fact. The children were listed in the school yearbook with there two male fathers. This scandalized many! That is a fact! Some wanted this and some didn’t so you do not know the real facts. Then the principal treated the families who stood up for Church teaching like pariah and she is still in charge. Bill Donohue even stood up for the children being accepted into the school. Yes, even Bill Donahue did. They even read his letter of support at a Mass and placed the letter in the bulletins. Bill Donahue supported this until a few Archbishops spoke up and then he was finger up in the wind against it. There is no doubt that there are very good Norbertines who ARE trying to fully regain the Catholic identity of the school but the terrible damage was done when some tried to pull a fast one and have the entire school scandalized by this situation. The diocese supported this situation and this principle keeps claiming that she will retire but she is still running the school show and many Catholics know this. You have been a light on CCD but you need to take serious stock in how you treat those who have been scattered by such circumstances and how you treat those who are on the same page. Are you going to obey Pope Francis when you leave the one in the pen and go after the 99 and then attack and insult them into returning?


      • continued from August 26, 2014 at 9:22 am

        At one time Abeca I agreed with k when she said that you were the most charitable example on this website. Please pray for prudence before you diminish others who only have the very same goal as you. Fidelity, Fidelity and more Fidelity to Jesus Christ in following “all” of the Magisterial teachings of the Catholic Church. No more and no less. Do not accuse your own of propaganda, for it greatly diminishes all of your other very good works.

        • Abeca Christian says

          Catherine frankly I don’t care if you didn’t like what I think of your actions here. I have no agenda to hurt you or anyone else. I will not change my mind, because they are what they are, I am discerning, now as for you bringing up K…well lets not go there…I suggest you be prudent as well. I don’t know why you brought up k? You could just echo the sentiments without bringing her into this. Another disturbing way that you make arguments, I don’t see anyone converting anytime soon under your whip and assumptions. I don’t think we have the same goal. I know mine is loyalty to Christ and you have a different way about going at it. I don’t agree with how you are going at it on some things. I use to but I saw some disturbing things about you and Anne. I will have to go by my gut feelings on this. And maybe its shame on me because I don’t agree with you, but that is fine too….but I have no shame on pointing out the obvious about you Catherine. I’m being honest and I mean no harm. There is something spiritually wrong. The fact is that you give blind eye to certain behaviors, you are double standard and I don’t think that you and I are fighting for the same thing. I feel that you re a schismatic in some ways and defend schismatic behaviors, that is not the way you should fight for Christ’s church. You say shame on me about what I thought as if I want to stop you for fighting the good fight? Shame on you, when this division began between us, you allowed it to happen. I was super loyal to you because I did not see now I see. Remember I keep my eye;s fixed on Jesus, perhaps that is what is helping me discern the tone of schism that is goes on here. From the homosexuals to the opposite side.

        • Abeca Christian says

          Don’t try to flatter me by calling me sister in Christ…..then go on saying shame on me. I said nothing shameful. I pointed out something in you that needs attention. You don’t think that your behavior on another thread against me was shameful? See you are double standard. Now as for your other things/facts……well if they are what you say they are, then let me give you a list of the things that I saw wrong and fact about some in the Latin Mass…but why go there? Because I will get gunned down by mostly here. Plus I want to help the EF grow, that is my goal, so I will not give you more reasons to come after me too. Don’t worry about me Catherine, I am not here to make friends. Can you tell that I don’t have many here? I thought I did, thought we were all in the same page but then one day, the tone of schism came over us, then that is when I saw that we were not fighting for the same thing. My loyalty is for Christ and His church. The sins of men, God will be the one to deal with.

          You are so angry aren’t you? Why do you think that you and I aren’t working hand in hand together anymore. When you gave blind eye to Ann attacking my person, that is what gave me a huge warning. We were not in the same page. I don’t think I could be good enough for you. All those actions are disturbing to me. I got to see the truth. I don’t want to argue with you, I don’t have the energy to argue back today either,

          • Abeca Christian says

            Also thank you for telling me about the Norbortine situations, I have called and left a message, I will seek answers. There was a famliy in Orange County that had us over for dinner several years ago and they invited a Norbortine priest over for dinner, If the Lord helps me to recollect his name, I will try to contact him as well. Lets see if this is our Lord’s will for me to get a hold of someone.

            Again thanks for all the info. God bless you. Pax Christi

          • Abeca Christian, you are the most respected and loved person here on this website. People do not jump to your defense because we have learned not to feed these two.

          • Ann Malley says

            Abeca, you turn a blind eye to your attacking others unfairly. You think you see clearly, but you do not. If you do want the Latin Mass to grow – learn about it. Learn more than what you think you know. That said, there is no magic bullet to make the world right outside of God’s grace, but learning our own Catholic history is an excellent starting point. Again, read Bishop Schneider’s comments. You may then begin to understand:


            That is not to say you are of bad intent or anything else. You just don’t have any exposure to what is being discussed and therefore find it to be an attack of some sort. But, Abeca, nothing could be further from the truth.

            God bless you and stay well.

          • Abeca you wrote …”You are so angry aren’t you?”

            No Abeca, I am not angry, YOU were and are still angry and that is why you uncharacteristically treated Ann Malley so unchristian like. You have actually shown more patience and kindness to YFC who despises Church teaching. And what is Ann Malley’s great crime? She was scattered by wolves and she values the TLM and you have been given the opportunity to show kindness in demonstrating that there are many Catholics in full communion such as yourself who ARE still fighting the good fight. What threatens you the most? Someone’s love of the TLM or the ravenous wolves within who claim to be in full communion while they are dismantling teachings left and right? Wouldn’t it be following God’s Will for you to reach out in kindness and sympathy to those who have been scattered so that one day we may all be one? No you prefer to even turn on your own if someone disagrees with your emotionally charged temper. Abeca, The only one who is still turning a blind eye at the moment is you regarding the reality that it was you attacking others first and when they did not lay down and accept your attacks then you became even angrier. You can claim to not care but in reality you really do because you keep commenting. You hurl “schismatic tone” insults and then all of the sudden claim you don’t have the energy to argue. You were apparently able to have the energy to write in a post below “Janek I sympathize with you”.


          • Abeca,

            Should others accuse you of now having a “schismatic tone” because you have shown charity to Janek who often expresses similar concerns as Ann Malley? AND Please stop writing, “Frankly Catherine I don’t care what you or anyone else thinks” ..especially if you are only going to disregard your own words by proving that you really DO care. I am no more a schismatic than you are and you know that. You are currently proving that there is much truth to your acting like a “wet hen” even when other sisters or brothers in Christ make a statement that you do not care for. You took silence as my having a blind eye. Believe me there was no blind eye, there was only great disappointment at watching you uncharacteristically attack and not show Ann the same kindness that you just showed Janek. You have yourself stated that Ann shares many precious truths. I won’t call you a schismatic for showing kindness and sympathy to Janek in your post below so please follow your own words that you post. Stop fighting with your own brothers and sisters in Christ who do not mock Church teaching and remember that Christ prayed that they may all be one.

            Also, I have never called you sweet “sister in Christ” just to flatter you. It is a term that the Legion of Mary members use with each other and I have always thought of you in those loving terms. If that bothers you then it shows who is really the angry one instead of being your usual best self.

            John 17: [21] That they all may be one, as thou, Father, in me, and I in thee; that they also may be one in us; that the world may believe that thou hast sent me. [22] And the glory which thou hast given me, I have given to them; that they may be one, as we also are one: Douay-Rheims Catholic Bible

          • Abeca Christian says

            All this babble just because I pointed something out in Catherine and there is always an analogy, there is always an assumption with these two ladies. They are always manipulating a conversation into something most malice. What a pity. A poor way to dialogue, but what can we do, pride is the root of all evil.

            Catherine take it however you like. Now go in peace. = ) And thanks for the comments, Ill take them to heart but you are completely wrong in your assumptions. That is all I have to say to you, I don’t want to do what you do, put you on trial here. Same goes for you Ann. Thanks for your time ladies.

          • Abeca Christian says

            My my thanks Ann for your suggestions. Interesting advice. Well we can always take them into consideration but I disagree because you seem to assume that I am ignorant on some things. I am not in the dark on things. Well Ann if you think that I need improvement, Pray for me. = ) You too Catherine. I pray for you both often. When you are ready to take my point of view, without taking it personally, then I will love to chat some more. But in the meantime, lets be cordial. I’ll do my best. Just stop interpreting everything, like every comment has to mean that you are being corrected or there is some malice behind it, you both always turn things like that.

            When it comes to our beloved Lord, one does not have to hold a lot of learning, just have much faith and humility. Which we know that it is something we all work towards.

            Such is life…Catherine since you want others to know that you seem to read hearts, I want to let you know that you are far from reading mine. Especially with your comments here. I care most of what my Lord thinks. But I do respect your convictions that we hold of like mind, just like I do with others. Again thank you for your thoughts. They were not necessary, really. But since they were said….OKIE DOKIE then. God bless you ladies.

            Hardened not your hearts. Because you won’t find me there.

          • Abeca Christian says

            Anonymous you are right, not a good idea to jump in. God bless you and thank you. = )

  14. Fr. Richard Perozich says

    The San Diego diocesan website lists 98 parishes, 14 missions, 98 active priests in diocesan assignment, 8 active without diocesan assignment, 50 retired living here to help the parishes. We need every good priest that we have such as Fr. Eggleston, not for our priests to go to other religious orders to live out their priesthood because the priest does not feel integrated into the diocese because of its administrative processes.
    For a priest to stay active in diocesan ministry the priest needs proper affirmation, attention, and affection from his bishop, recognizing talents to build them to strengths in ministry, affirming good work, and guiding the priest in love. This is the role of the bishop.
    With Bishop Flores in LA for medical care, we do not have a bishop who is doing this. We have priests in administration overseeing activities, but administration cannot provide the emotional and spiritual care for the priest. Not just any of us priests can be bishops either.
    Only a bishop who has the charism of love for ALL of his priests in their uniqueness and qurikiness, who draws them into his care and ministry as Jesus did with His disciples, can do so.
    San Diego needs a bishop now to care for the clergy, be it Bishop Flores or an auxiliary or coadjutor bishop to assist Bishop Flores, not a manager bishop, not an administrator bishop, but a faithful, compassionate, holy man who loves his flock from the least known in the pew to the priest who has been chosen to guide them as well.

    • Your Fellow Catholic says

      Dear Father Perozich: I suspect you and I don’t agree on very much, but I just wanted to say that your post this morning at 10 AM was probably one of the best posts ever on CCD. It was a beautiful testament to the roles of priests and bishops and their relationship to each other. Thank you.

    • Abeca Christian says

      Father Rich Thank you for making us aware. I will keep this in my prayers this week and also the pro-life prayer for which I promised to keep in my prayers today.

      You are always in my prayers. God bless you and protect you! We appreciate you!

    • Ann Malley says

      Father, you write, “…not for our priests to go to other religious orders to live out their priesthood because the priest does not feel integrated into the diocese because of its administrative processes,” would seem to indicate that you think Fr. Eggleston is making this move based on blighted feeling. Because he doesn’t have a caring Bishop.

      If Fr. Eggleston weren’t moving to a TLM order, I might see your point, but his moving so decidedly toward tradition would seem to indicate far deeper motives than feelings. And those motives, shared by many who adhere to the TLM, are quite real and tangible.

      • Your Fellow Catholic says

        Dear Ann Malley: It is always interesting that you attribute people’s motivations to “feeling” and “emotion”. Very often times, in response to me, you have called love an “emotional” reaction. In fact, love is the calling of all of us. It is not an emotion, but rather, our deepest encounter with a Christ who, in love, gave himself on a Cross for us, and gives himself to us in Eucharist. Love is our calling. Love is not our emotion, anymore than this priest is emoting his calling towards one charism of the Church or another.

        • Ann Malley says

          YFC, Fr. Perozich used the term feel. That is why I asked for clarity.

          But yes, Christ gave Himself in love for us, but also in perfect love for the Father as a reparation for our sins which offend Him greatly. That is why I do not understand you seemingly equating the choice to embrace sodomy as a love you cannot deny. When Christ denied you nothing.

          False gods, YFC, False loves.

          • Your Fellow Catholic says

            Dear Ann Malley – “Sodomy” is no more love than straight married sex is love. Any person who has ever lived a full life knows this. Love is certainly much much more than the sex that might be a part of it. This is why it is impossible to judge the love in a relationship from thousands of miles and many gigabytes away, as so many attempt to do. And they think that when they do so they are upholding Church teaching, even though the Catholic Church has never ever opined on the love between two men or two women, and rightly so. In fact, some local Church documents show quite a lot of compassion between couples attempting to support and nurture each other.

          • Ann Malley says

            Sex is not all there is in love, but sex is definitely understood to be part of a marital relationship, YFC. So hide behind the judgment card if you’d like, you’re fooling nobody. Not even yourself. But then you may have issues that would lead you to decry the ‘judgment’ of saying that water is wet.

            Your agenda on CCD is crystal clear which is why you would very much like to cite ‘local’ Church documents.

    • St. Christopher says

      Father, your words implicitly critical of the choice of Fr. Eggleston, which is unfortunate because your words about the need for a strong, pro-priest, Holy, bishop are certainly true, generally. Fr. Eggleston has made the correct choice, both for his immortal soul and for those to whom he will be a Traditional priest. Your post, Father, suggests that there is no difference in the value of one “version” of a sacrament (“new Church”) or another (Traditional sacraments). In fact, just as with the Mass, there is a profound difference between something being “legitimate,” such as the Novus Ordo Mass, and its spiritual value. Take a look at the article, “Finding What Should Never Have Been Lost: Priests and the Extraordinary Form,” by Jim Graves, The Catholic World Report (Aug. 19, 2014). The Catholic Church as it has always been will not go away and cannot be ignored. Fr. Eggleston is not a social worker, providing jury-rigged sacraments while ignoring the message in his heart. The best thing that could happen in the San Diego Diocese would be for most of the priests to stand up and make the same choice as did Fr. Eggleston. A new, or reinvigorated bishop will do nothing under the present Catholic Church to advance the Church’s role as the leading to salvation. Instead it will be more of the same old/same old message, focuses on things of man (e.g., employment, immigration, income inequality, sexism, global warming, all this kind of stuff). Jesus did not say much about Roman and Jewish governance, suggesting that one leave that “to Caesar” whilie rendering what is God, to God. Fr. Eggleston is doing just that; hopefully many other priests will join him soon.

  15. Abeca Christian says

    “I see it as a body that gives service, a body that helps me and serves me. Sometimes negative news does come out, but it is often exaggerated and manipulated to spread scandal. Journalists sometimes risk becoming ill from coprophilia and thus fomenting coprophagia: which is a sin that taints all men and women, that is, the tendency to focus on the negative rather than the positive aspects.”
    ~~Pope Francis

    “A church that limits itself to just carrying out administrative duties, caring for its tiny flock, is a church that in the long run will get sick. The pastor who isolates himself is not a true pastor of sheep, but a ‘hairdresser’ for sheep who spends his time putting curlers on them instead of going to look for others.Today we have one in the pen and 99 we need to go looking for.” ~~Pope Franics

    • Abeca Christian says

      Correction sorry for the typo, I am typing way too fast….the second quote is from Pope Francis! God bless our Pope, the Vicar of Christ! Please keep our Pope in your prayers. I know that many do not like his style. Its not a sin to not agree with some of it. But we must be careful on how we carry out those sentiments. But do know that God always helps improve us because of the loving prayers of others.

      We live in these times and to many of us, this is the first time, that we had the blessing to have seen 3 different Popes do God’s work in our own lifetime.

      1. St. Pope John Paul…evangelizing and reaching out to my youthful years,
      2. Emeritus Pope Benedict who magnified the beautiful traditions of our church, and now:
      3. Pope Francis….still learning about him. Definitely a different style especially since he comes from a Latin country and coming from those eye lenses of his country, there is a lot of poverty that he may understand better than many of us who are spoiled here in the USA. So lets pray for our Pope.

  16. Abeca Christian says

    Take from the website Catholicbible101:
    Pope Francis recounted the biblical analogy of the impure spirit who leaves a man, noting that once the spirit is gone “it wanders in deserted places, and seeking rest and finding none, says: ‘I will return to my house, from which I left.’”

    When the spirit returns and finds it “swept clean and adorned,” he explained, it then “takes another seven spirits worse than he, who come and make their homes,” and in that way “the last state of man becomes worse than the first.”

    “Vigilance,” he stressed, “because his strategy is this: ‘You became Christian. Advance in your faith. I will leave you. I will leave you tranquil. But then when you are used to not being so watchful and you feel secure, I will come back.’”

    “The Gospel today begins with the devil being cast out and ends with the devil coming back! These are not lies,” he urged, “it is the Word of the Lord!”

    “Let us ask the Lord for the grace to take these things seriously. He came to fight for our salvation. He won against the devil! Please, let us not do business with the devil! He seeks to return home, to take possession of us… Do not relativize; be vigilant! And always with Jesus!” Words from Pope Francis

  17. Your Fellow Catholic says

    Dear Abeca Christian: I went to the website which claims to cite the Holy Father. I have a very hard time believing that he ever uttered the words corprophilia or corprophagia, especially in the context of the Papal press corps, which was what he was describing. Can you please provide deeper first person quotations? If the Pope had, as you say, called the press out on its shitloving and shit eating tendancies, it would have made more press than anything else that day. Just saying.

  18. Dear Father Perozich, being that you are the new pastor of Immaculate Conception Church in Old Town San Diego is there any chance you will add the Traditional Latin Mass to your schedule????????

    • Abeca Christian says

      When Father was in Escondido…the first time we visited, he did have the mass in the NO Traditional Latin.

      The question for you Janek when will you go visit Father and help him accomplish all that….He needs lay faithful to help! Just like when the EF Parish came to us, the music director there, use to be the director of music at our OF parish. The priests at the EF parish consider her gifts a blessings because she came to them and offered her gifts of knowledge to sacred Catholic music.

      Especially since Father Rich has to deal with a parish that is mainly visited by tourists. They come and go. Some of the regulars there, well they need our prayers.

      Plus Father Rich’s health is not helping him either, He needs support not stress. After all, if you haven’t noticed, they are human too! Even if Father doesn’t do all that you ask, He is still faithful, He is still administering the sacraments and doing what He is called to do. It may be simple and NOT good enough for YOU, but at least, He is still available for sinners in that area, that should they have a conversion, all due to your prayers I would hope, that they would come across this holy priest and seek the sacraments.

  19. And will you be re-install the Communion rails for the TLM should you decide to have a TLM? Being in a tourist area such as Old Town this would be a great opportunity to expose so many people to the TLM and help spread it to their parishes when they return home from vacation in San Diego.

    • Abeca Christian says

      Yes Janek it would be a great idea. It will take a lot of work to turn around that parish. To help this priest have alter boys not girls serving, to help him. Father tries to do good and there are those constantly complaining about him, so in order to help, we must become one in Christ, and help balance things out. We need to combat the bad, which is currently a heavier load. Even combating those who are never being part of the solution but instead they are adding more grief. Good priests can’t do it all by themselves. I have already seen another holy priest almost have a heart attack. He was attacked even more because he was very pro-life. He stood his ground but false accusations where spoken, then when he wanted peace, then you would have people who bragged about being traditional, criticize him. That he wasn’t doing this, that he wasn’t doing that, that this bishop yaddy etc. People can switch to liking you to not liking you in a split second just because humans can be bought easily by gossip and slander. I understand you trying to encourage Father, but its more complicated than you may know.

      Jesus said that He came for the sick, the sick are the sinners, and if all whom say they know Jesus, they know the mass of all times, leave because they say Jesus isn’t there, then let me tell you, people are looking for the easy way out, the sinners, meaning us all, need Jesus and we need good priests and we need to be right there to pray and support them when we can. God bless you Janek, thanks for addressing Father, I trust that you will pray for Him.

  20. You are right Abeca thanks, also if the good Father tries anything like the TLM or having only “altar boys” the push back from the congregation may be too much for one good priest to handle. I was just thinking what a great chance to expose all those tourists to the Mass of All Times and asking for it in their home parish when they get home. I sadly live in a diocese with a bishop who is hostile to the TLM and we only have the S.S.P.X. in our city to offer the Mass of All Times. The local diocesean paper here “warns” Catholics to stay away from the local S.S.P.X. chapel but the bishop just loves the local Islamic, Hindu, and Protestant communities with a passion.

    • Ann Malley says

      “…The local diocesean paper here “warns” Catholics to stay away from the local S.S.P.X. chapel but the bishop just loves the local Islamic, Hindu, and Protestant communities with a passion.”

      Rather confusing instruction coming from a Catholic Bishop.

    • Abeca Christian says

      Janek I sympathize with you. I understand too, you see for a while, my friend (my elder) who has always loved the Latin mass said that she had to suffer too without it and she also attended the SSPX. She left them for personal reasons but I told her back then, lets pray earnestly and keep putting the pressure on the bishop for us to get an EF parish, back then the Norbertine priests were the only ones coming far, driving to us to a cemetery to give us the Latin Rite Mass and even a holy priest from within the diocese. She use to say that the Bishop was hostile to those who wanted the EF mass but guess what, after years of prayers, we now have the Tridentine Parish people wanted. Its not perfect either, its still run by humans too but it is much more solid and holy thus far.

      • Abeca Christian says

        Janek also during those years, I stayed away from parishes that were not faithful to the Magisterium, meaning even from within. So we drove far to attend Mass at a parish that offered the OF according the GIRM. We met very faithful and holy people that way. At one time I did attend the local parishes but I involved myself, my family and I did what we could to bring the truths. Getting involved I met wonderful pro-life people and holy ones too. They love the church. Half of the women who attended my bible gatherings and with a holy priest visiting, they have grown to love the EF mass too. I use to think ” Lord why am I bothering with this, its too much work, I have children, a newborn to nurse etc.” Sometimes I got discouraged because I didn’t have a packed room. But now when I see how much the ones who did embrace the teachings of the CCC, the Bible and early writings of the Doctors of the church, OK the hard work and stress was worth it. But let me tell you the spiritual attacks one gets. Whew!

    • It is not difficult for a Priest to have at least one EF (Latin) Mass in each parish on Sunday.
      Then people could choose which they prefer.

      It is not difficult for a Priest to encourage people to read the Bible and CCC at home.
      “….. let us ask ourselves if we have actually taken a few steps to get to know Christ and the truths of faith more, by reading and meditating on the Scriptures, studying the Catechism, steadily approaching the Sacraments.” Pope Francis, May 15, 2013.

  21. Abeca Christian says

    My prayers are to have another EF parish open up in our area. YES nothing is impossible for our Lord but we must trust and remain faithful. Since the Lord is merciful and appreciates our loyalty to the Magisterium, I know and trust that He will provide. But in the meantime, He will continue to send us holy and obedient priests from both the OF mass and EF mass. We have been blessed with receiving the sacraments from the Ukarian Rite, from the Marion Rite, from Milies Christi order, from within the diocese. Yes all have brought Jesus salvation to us and their devout and obedience to the Magesterium have been a blessing to us. They teach the truth, the wholeness of the church.

    Praise Be Jesus Christ.

  22. YFC, is making up his own religion again.

    The OF (Ordinary Form) Mass must adhere to GIRM (General Instruction of the Roman Missal) – which can be found on both the USCCB and Vatican web sites.
    Any changes to GIRM must be approved by the Vatican.
    Not even a Priest can change anything.
    Abuses should be reported to the Diocese Bishop.

    The EF (Extraordinary Form) Mass must adhere to the 1962 Missal.

  23. For those who have never attended an EF (Extraordinary Form / Latin) Mass,
    I recommend that you get a copy of: “Latin-English Booklet Missal”
    which contains both the Latin and English for easy understanding.

    Mantillas (or some form of head covering) for women are not required but are usually worn.

    FSSP Masses –

    Catholics can petition their Pastor and Bishop to have the Latin Mass in or near their own Parish.

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