Sacramento Bee – stalking horse for suicide

“The Catholic Church, has changed, too’
Maynard on the cover of this week's People

Maynard on the cover of this week’s People

The following comes from an Oct. 26 editorial in the Sacramento Bee.

It has been 20 years since Oregon adopted the nation’s first “death with dignity” law, allowing physicians to prescribe lethal medication to terminally ill patients. And it has been 17 years since the legal challenges were defeated and the law took effect.

That’s more than enough time to conclude that the law has not led to a rash of coerced suicides by family members tired of taking care of Granny. It did not lead to a rash of anything, in fact.

Data from the Oregon Public Health Division show that between 1997 and 2013, 1,173 terminally ill patients received prescriptions for life-ending medication and only 752 of them decided to use the medication. Another 31 people may have taken the medication, but the information wasn’t reported to the state.

Those numbers are evidence that the fear mongering that has shut down past attempts to get similar laws passed – including efforts in California – was baseless. The data should also empower political leaders in other states to restart the public debate about whether dying people have the right to consciously choose how they live, or don’t, in their final days.

California may be the first, thanks to Brittany Maynard. The 29-year-old who was diagnosed in April with an incurable, aggressive brain tumor that kills its victims in a particularly horrible way that involves seizures, memory loss, personality changes and pain.

Maynard doesn’t want to go that way. So she and her family moved to Oregon where the law allows her some control over a certain end. At this point, she’s planning to take the lethal medication on Saturday. Meanwhile, she has spent her final days advocating for right-to-die laws.

Her message has resonated nationally. It is this week’s cover story for People magazine.

The last legislative attempt in California was seven years ago. But Assembly Bill 374, the California Compassionate Choices Act, stalled before it could get a full vote even though Speaker Fabian Nunez was a co-author.

Some things haven’t changed. Organizations opposed in 2007 still are opposed – the Catholic Church and the California Medical Association, among others. The California Coalition Against Assisted Suicide is actively speaking out against “assisted suicide.” (The other side calls it “aid in dying.”) People are still getting arrested and going to jail for helping loved ones with terminal illness, even things as simple as handing morphine to a dying parent.

But enough has changed culturally since 2007 that it’s an open question. While a majority of voters in California passed Proposition 8 banning gay marriage in 2008, just a few short years later, gay marriage was legal and accepted, not just in California but a growing number of states.

The right-to-die’s toughest opponent, the Catholic Church, has changed, too. Pope Francis has refocused on poverty and human rights. Baby boomers have begun to grapple with the end-of-life realities of their parents and themselves.

And then, of course, there is Brittany Maynard, whose sad story could be a game changer.

“It brought younger Americans to the issue in a way that made them think it could happen to them,” said Peg Sandeen, executive director of the Death With Dignity National Center in Oregon. She said polls show millennials generally support right-to-die laws, but don’t think it’s very relevant to their lives. Now they might.

Toni Broaddus, California campaign manager for Compassion & Choices, says there is a new campaign for a right-to-die law in California. Though whether it will be through legislation or the ballot hasn’t been decided yet….

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  1. The California State DEMOCRATIC Party Platform for 2014 includes euthanasia (code words = ‘death with dignity’).

    ‘Worthiness to Receive Holy Communion, General Principles” – Cardinal Ratzinger (Pope Benedict). – re voting, abortion and euthanasia.

  2. MIchael McDermott says

    AI am reminded of author Kurt Vonnegut’s “Ethical Suicide Parlors” as well as the movie Soylent Green – and how ‘ending it all’ is seen as preferable to hanging around when its no fun any more.

    The only problem – a lack of reporting from the other side on whether Suicide Actually Accomplished any of the intended / hoped for purposes?

    I mean really folks – what if killing yourself actually makes things Worse – in any number of ways.

    We do not even understand Life, let alone the ability to Create Life from Non-Living materials (Turkey Basters notwithstanding)….

    Sooooo… How about some “Reasonable Assurances” that killing yourself works a positive change, or at least not a worse one?

  3. We certainly do have a culture of death. A recent article revealed that there is a growing movement to allow “post natal abortion”, i.e. infanticide for children up to 5 years old. Here’s the article:
    Our Church leadership really needs to wake up and start forcefully and clearly teaching against these intrinsic evils rather than throw all of their effort into matters of prudential judgement.

    • Your Fellow Catholics says

      This is obviously a lie designed purely for sensationalism. Nobody supports killing 4 year olds. Please don’t feed this story.

      • Uh, yes they do and it’s called “post birth abortion”. New study out this week shows college students are OK with killing children to age 5 because they are not “self aware”. This is the world we live in.

        • Your Fellow Catholic says

          Where is the a single independent study showing any support for killing children? This is simply an act of lying by those who think it will push the pro life agenda.Post birth abortion is not a thing except in the minds of profie extemeists.

          • YFC, you are wrong again. The Pro-life agenda is not pushed by lies, nor is it pushed by undocumented studies.
            Do not mix the two, because that is dishonest.

          • Your Fellow Catholic says

            So MIKE show the studies. It’s just that simple. This article is nothing but innuendo and accusation, and it is clearly not an objective portrayal of people’s opinions on the matter.

          • Check out the rantings of Peter Singer, Yale University’s longtime killing advocate. How about Dr. Kermit Gosnell? Yeah, lots of after birth killings from this man who sits in jail at this very moment- for the crime you believe does not exist. Take your head out of the sand, these people are real and you may be in their next target group!

  4. Here’s more on the developing culture of death:

  5. I have questions; Does suicide mean we no longer believe in God? Or do we just no longer believe in the Ten Commandments? Maybe we just no longer believe in an eternal heaven or hell? What IF killing does result in ETERNAL damnation, is that better than a temporary pain? What is happening morally these days, even “sodomy” is a “good thing”? Killing is good? Satan has turned us inside out and upside down! Is there an eternal consequence for just supporting those who want to do these things? Has God changed somehow in the past fifty years? I don’t know about others but I certainly think about eternity as much as I do “this life”, and I prefer ETERNAL HAPPINESS, so I will not agree with any of these evils. I believe that we just no longer THINK, we simply react to emotions.

  6. Were does the Bee get their information to be able to say “The Catholic Church, has changed too.” ? That’s baloney!……..and it wasn’t the people of California that reversed their thinking on gay marriage after voting it down with Proposition 8 – it was the court stepping in, that did so. That editorial is certainly biased and it would appear the Bee has it’s own agenda.

  7. Life is a gift from God. Jesus made us, and he will take us when he is ready. Praised be Jesus & Mary, now and forever, AMEN!

  8. Brittany Maynard is using her disease to further her own political beliefs.
    There was/is no need to leave her home and the State of CA for her to commit suicide. Overdosing with drugs, shooting oneself, jumping off a bridge, hanging oneself like Robin Williams, etc are done in CA without anyone’s permission.

    And if she gets legislation changed, she knows that we all will be forced to pay for assisted suicide.

  9. I feel sad for this young woman. I don’t know why she left California.
    All she had to do is call Hospice. They will give her all the medications she needs, including instructions on how to terminate her life……..

  10. Keep praying for her. It sounded to me that she got terrified by the description of an awful death full of suffering and that is really why she is doing this. She is just a young girl who found comfort in being able to control and avoid something she was scared and burdened by. Keep praying for her to be healed, for God’s will to be done, for her to gain courage and for her to be given an understanding of the wrong of killing anyone, even oneself.

    • She could have killed herself in CA.

      It’s all politics, so that the rest of us will have to pay for euthanasia if new legislation is passed based upon emotions.

      • what a cruel reply.

        • It may seem like a cruel reply, mous, but it cuts to the reality of the situation when the emotion is taken out. Making ‘killing oneself’ legal across the board will, in turn, become a vehicle for forcing those that are morally and rightfully opposed into having to fund it at some point – under the ‘right to die’ or some such legislation.

      • Somehow this reminds me so much of sandra fluke, the woman who aired all her sexual needs in public, and the woman that video taped her abortion and now the very public choices of this woman with a terminal tumor. As I painfully remember friends that have died very bravely and faithfully with cancer, maintaining their dignity and love for their families and friends and especially of God to the very end, I find all these morbid public displays very distasteful and utterly irresponsible. From whence comes this pathetic need to be publicly affirmed? It’s like using something very private and soul-searing for profit, Sorry, but I find all this disquieting and rather insidious, rather like those dreadful wedding videos where everyone is choreographed to strut their stuff and shimmy down the isle in what should be a precious uniting of two souls and instead becomes some tacky viral video.

    • Prayers are being answered. Terminally ill Brittany Maynard may postpone taking her life

    • Thank you Dana for the updated link. Very sad. It looks as if the same type of opportunistic vultures are all swooping down in order to use Brittany Maynard to sell suicide in the same way that Norma McCorvey was used to sell abortion.

      “I didn’t attend any of the court proceedings.” — Norma McCorvey

  11. She ended her life today. Lord have mercy.

    • And folks, do not fail to express your pro-life views on this issue. Euthanasia WILL be the centerpiece of Obamacare and many will be killed without ever granting “permission”.

      • This is simply not true.

        • Anonymous, euthanasia/suicide is already being promoted in many State Democratic platforms in preparation to push it at the next DEMOCRATIC National Convention.

          This is included in the 2014 CA Dem Platform:
          ” California Democrats Present Our Blueprint for the Golden State”
          ” California has led the nation with a vision developed and promoted by our Democratic Party.
          This document, which embodies the vision and principles embraced by the California Democratic Party, is meant
          to inform our citizens, our Party leaders and members, our elected officials, and candidates who seek endorsement.”

          For example, the California 2014 Democratic State Platform supports:
          – euthanasia (code words – “Death with Dignity”) – at taxpayer expense.
          – sex change operations and lifetime drugs at taxpayer expense for transgenders;
          – homosexual marriage;
          – abortion and contraception at taxpayer expense without requiring guardian, judicial, parental, or spousal consent or notification;
          – insure that Churches can not have funding if they do not support the homosexual agenda – under equality of opportunity.

          This is all available on the internet.

          Why hasn’t the CCCB warned Catholic voters ? ? ?
          Is everyone sleeping, or supporting evil ? ? ?

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