Rocklin school board narrowly approves LGBT-friendly curriculum

Heated debate lasted until after midnight before 3-2 vote adopting new K-5 history and social studies curriculum; opponents argued kids too young to understand

Page from proposed textbook for Rocklin Unified School District, featuring Harvey Milk. (image from Sacramento Bee video)

After a heated debate that went past midnight as hundreds crowded a Wednesday school board meeting, the Rocklin Unified School District school board narrowly approved a new school curriculum that includes contributions made by LGBT figures.

The 3-2 decision came after hours of public comments. At 1 a.m., the district said it was set to adopt the new K-5 history and social studies curriculum.

Parents in opposition urged the district to pilot an alternative program, saying the students were too young to learn that historical figures identified as gay or lesbian.

The meeting was held at a Rocklin middle school gymnasium to accommodate the large crowd. Many supporters of the curriculum wore yellow, and both sides cheered their speakers and were filled with emotions during public comments.

California’s FAIR Education Act, passed in 2011, mandates that school textbooks and curricula be more inclusive of historically underrepresented communities, including those with disabilities, from various religious backgrounds, and the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

The district’s chosen curriculum, Studies Weekly, complies with the FAIR Education Act — also referred to as the LGBT History Bill. The bill, SB 48, is often met with debate when implemented at the school district level.

The district spent a year piloting several units of the the new curriculum, introducing it to 35 teachers in the majority of the district’s schools, said deputy superintendent Kathleen Pon.

“All students should be able to see a role model in their textbook, and say, ‘A person like me did something great, and I can do something great too,’” said Whitney High School student Michael Whiteside.

But nearly 1,000 Rocklin residents signed a petition asking the district to delay the decision to adopt a new curriculum, because they said elementary students were too young to understand sexual orientation.

And those opposing the new curriculum threatened to hold a “sit-out” and not send their children to school on Friday.

“We believe that anyone who has made a significant contribution to society should, of course, be included in our history textbooks,” said Rachel Crutchfield, spokeswoman for Informed Parents of Rocklin. “However, the concept of sexual orientation is far too complex of a topic for elementary-aged children to be introduced to at school. Children in second grade simply do not have the tools to comprehend sexuality, nor do we want them to. Let’s let kids be kids.”

Full story at The Sacramento Bee.


  1. You will bake the cake. You will deliver and arrange the flowers. You will take the photographs. You will send your children to the government propaganda centers to be indoctrinated. If you do not, you will be charged with hate crimes, found guilty, imprisoned, fined, lose your job, and be labeled a social pariah and threat to the common good.

    This story shows that educators don’t understand education. They are propagandists and indoctrinators. Of course K-5 is too young to teach about sexual preference. That doesn’t matter to the LGBT rainbow brigade.

  2. Rocklin Catholic says

    Rocklin is part of a rare area in Northern California where there are more churches/places of worship per capita than anywhere else, and where family comes first. Many left-leaning from the Bay Area have relocated there to escape what is the cause of their very ideologies. The schools boards are very week and worried about bad PR. This unfortunately is more about the politicization of academia than the objective study of events, people, and geography.

    Why is gender “orientation” SO important—in fact the most important “identity?” It’s an obsession that has gone from tolerance, to acceptance, to our right full embracing—if you don’t do the latter, you are ostracized.

  3. Clinton R. says

    Remember when schools existed primarily to teach the three R’s? Thanks to progressivism, this LGBT garbage is being forced upon children. The only choice for Catholic parents is to either enroll your children at a Traditional Catholic school (if any actually exist) or to home school them. The public school system has fallen into the hands of the devil.

  4. Anonymous says

    How can 2% of a society effectively cause it to collapse? I want to go back to 1980s America.

  5. William Robert says

    Yes…let kids be kids! Are we going to start listing historical figures by their sexual orientation? George Washington – heterosexual, Benjamin Franklin – philanderer, Leonardo Da Vinci – homosexual…How stupid!

  6. The clearest option is homeschooling–which is difficult for working parents. The public schools are not going to get better…

  7. Kristin says

    Lots of millstones around necks these days! Woe to those responsible for this abomination!

  8. No area of California is safe to live in anymore, uninfected by leftist kooks. They’ve taken over the whole state. Even Orange County has now gone left. Maybe some rural parts of Shasta County are still okay, but they won’t last long. You’re better off leaving that state if you’re Catholic or a Conservative.

    Why anyone would want to live in the urban areas of California anymore with the crowds, high cost of living, homeless and crime problems, eyesores, and leftist nonsense every corner you turn, I don’t understand.

  9. Annt TE says

    Harvey Milk is not a man to emulate. A lot of young men died early deaths because of his encouragement of sodomy. Even he regretted later having encouraged the promiscuity in the bath houses. He also took money for his union from the infamous “Rev. Jim Jones”, even though he knew Jones was dangerous.

    • Fr. John Higgins says

      And didn’t Harvey have an underaged “boyfriend”?

      • Anne TE says

        According to many reports on line, the boyfriend was 16 when Milk was thirty three. When older men talk about all the “homelessness of such boys”, one cannot help suspecting their motives for taking them in, instead of encouraging them to go home to their parents.

  10. Anonymous says

    Here is the problem. The American Psychiatric Association was blackmailed in the early 1970s to remove the “LGBT” illnesses from their medical books– and consider their illnesses to be “normal”– a variety of expression of gender and sexuality. So the Supreme Court, later, could state that “gay marriage” could be a valid form of marriage, too! No scientific material exists, now, to classify all of this as wrong, unnatural, sick or abnormal! And schools are being forced into acceptance of it all. A great danger for kids!

    • Anonymous says

      The only science needed is an understanding of the complementary purposes and design of male and female genitalia. A sword belongs in its sheath, not with another sword, to put it one way. And a sheath belongs with its sword, not another sheath. It really is that simple.

      • Anonymous says

        Anonymous– in the professional world, you need good facts to support your reasons for your beliefs and decisions, when in a prominent position of responsibility. If you have no scientific facts, or solid reasons to support certain important decisions– it may look like your decisions are based only on your whims and possibly, your biases– not on objective facts. This has nothing to do with “swords” and conflicts! In this case– responsible school board members are being called to make a good decision on behalf of children. Scientific support for the fact that “LGBT” behaviors are abnormal, dangerous to kids– and also symptoms of illness– are the missing key, here! Hypocrisy!

        • Anonymous says

          Where’s the scientific support that a kid biting a Pop-Tart into the shape of a gun is dangerous?

        • “Science” has come to be anything but knowledge, it’s root definition. Relativism is everywhere. Truth is what I want to make it. I feel sorry for all who think they have to accept such madness. Parents, fight for your children!

  11. Anonymous says

    Kmbold– many parents simply homeschool their children! The public schools are worthless, in today’s world!

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