Pro-Cordileone picnic getting bigger and better

SF archbishop support event moves to bigger location - City advises larger venue
Sue Bierman Park in San Francisco

Sue Bierman Park in San Francisco

The following comes from an April 29 email from San Francisco Catholics:

San Francisco’s May 16 Archbishop Family Support Picnic has been moved to a new location. The picnic, an opportunity for San Francisco Catholics to support their faithful Archbishop, Salvatore Cordileone, has been moved to San Francisco’s Sue Bierman Park, at the foot of Market Street. The picnic, which had been scheduled for the city’s Little Marina Green, was moved to the new location on the advice of city officials, concerned that the anticipated numbers would overwhelm Little Marina Green

Archbishop Cordileone has been under relentless attack from the power structure of the city of San Francisco, international LGBT activists, elected officials, the media, and “prominent Catholics” for his efforts to ensure that fidelity to the whole teaching of the Catholic Church is articulated in Archdiocesan High Schools. The opposition has mobilized faithful Catholics, not only in San Francisco and around the Bay Area, but all over the country as well, to rally around the Archbishop and the Catholic Church. That initiatives on the part of the hierarchy to ensure faithful Catholic teaching are needed was thoroughly documented in a 2014 series of articles in CalCatholic. The articles documented the widespread presence of open, activist homosexuals in the departments of theology/religious studies at religious order high schools in the Archdiocese. If any further doubt remained, it evaporated when 80% of the teachers in the Archdiocese’s own high schools signed a petition rejecting the initiative.

Playground at Sue Bierman Park

Playground at Sue Bierman Park

The contrast between the supportors and opponents of Cordileone is stark. The extremely expensive April 15 advertisement in the anti-Catholic San Francisco Chronicle from “prominent Catholics” asking Pope Francis to remove Archbishop Cordileone, was signed by many “well-connected” people. Whether they are well-connected are not, some of them are extremely wealthy. The signers were overwhelmingly white, with not a Chinese name among them, and very few identifiably Hispanic names. In contrast, the website of the Family Support Picnic recognizes the diversity of San Francisco’s Catholic Church, with webpages and flyers in Spanish and Chinese as well as English.

The lead organizer of the picnic is Eva Muntean, co-founder and co-chair of the Walk for Life West Coast, one of the largest annual events in San Francisco. Muntean’s proven ability to mobilize tens of thousands of Catholics and other pro-lifers may have influenced the city’s advice that the picnic be moved to the larger site. Unquestionably Sue Bierman Park is the better location. It is at the foot of Market Street, San Francisco’s main thoroughfare, and adjacent to Justin Herman Plaza, the original site of the Walk for Life West Coast. It has a play area for the many children who will be at the picnic, as well of lots of grass, food vendors, and street vendors. It is also adjacent to the Embarcadero BART Station which also serves San Francisco’s light rail, and is by the terminal to a number of city buses. Muntean said “The city was concerned because of how many people might show up, which of course makes us happy. But we would like to know the numbers of people attending, so we ask that you please visit our website where there is a place for you to let us know how many are in your party.

But I love this change! For those not familiar with Sue Bierman Park, it’s the large grassy park right next to Justin Herman Plaza. This is a much larger area with a huge playground for the kids, restaurants next door and across the street, beautiful views, and a BART station nearby. Plus we’ll get noticed more!”

The Archbishop Family Support Picnic is on Saturday, May 16, beginning at 11:00 AM. To learn more, or download flyers, visit:


  1. Let’s all show up to support our Archbishop! It will be a great day with our families and friends! We need some good times in this climate of insanity.

  2. Bravo to organizer Eva Muntean, who by the way, was also in attendance at last week’s Mass Mob at Star of the Sea. She is a force for good in a city desperately needing it! Have a wonderfully successful picnic San Francisco! 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    A picnic.
    If you REALLY want to support Archbishop Cordileone, send a nice, fat donation to the Archbishop’s Annual Appeal, which helps him carry on his ministry as Shepherd of the Church of San Francisco!
    So many angry people are withholding donations, using all kinds of excuses (he’s mean, he’s against gays, he wants teachers to be virtuous), we need more people to step up to the plate and show the Archbishop we are behind him – if those rich people can waste all that money on a full-page ad attacking Archbishop Cordileone (as if the Holy Father reads the Chronicle!!!), then we should counteract that by helping him.

    • Audrey says:

      First of all, what indication do we have that all these people threatening to withhold donations have actually given in the past? Are they even at Mass on the Sundays when collections are taken up for AAA?

      Second, it is not either go to the picnic or contribute to AAA. One can make their donation and attend the picnic.

      The picnic is a way to show visible support for the archbishop. Not that the local media is going to cover it.

  4. If 80% of the teachers in Catholic HS of SF Archdiocese signed the petition, it appears we need to replace the 80% of teachers with Catholic teachers.

    Everyone can bring a picnic and enjoy the sight of wholesome family fun. Bring enough to share a lunch with the homeless.

  5. I love to read positive stuff happening! Thank you Eva — I only wish I could be there. I will be praying for a huge success!!

  6. Michael McDermott says:

    The same tactics and twisted sisters who try to disrupt the March for Life and other Pro-Family Events, can be expected to stage their usual tantrum theater for the lamesteam media to focus on. The question, is will the Church have enough Security to Protect those peacefully attending?

    We can count on little help from the SF Police and even less from other agencies – as unlike events such as Bay to Breakers and ‘pride’ – they Abandon the Streets to Hate Groups like the annual tax subsidized SF Dyke March – who gridlock the city with impunity and no warning to the citizens.

    Men told not to rain on parade Unity key to Dyke March / 50,000 expected at S.F. Dyke March 50,000 expected — Men Not Advised.
    Anti-Prop. 8 mob rings in 2009 with more church vandalism

    The tolerance bullies are at it again — engaging in renewed property damage in the name of peace, love, and understanding. Oh, and shooting themselves in the foot to boot. The anti-Prop. 8 mob opened up their new year by spray-painting a Catholic church in San Francisco’s Castro district to protest support for traditional marriage.

  7. Michael McDermott says:

    The Catholic Voice – an online publication of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Oakland – Quoted Bishop Barber about the Attacks on Arch-Bishop Cordileone that are worth repeating:

    “I know many graces will come to you for your participation in the congress,” Bishop Michael C. Barber, SJ, told attendees at the opening Mass of the 2015 Regional North American Congress on Mercy on April 24. “Thank you for being apostles of Divine Mercy,” he said, adding that more people will come to know Christ’s mercy through the group’s efforts…

    The bishop asked the congregation for special prayers for two purposes.

    First, he asked for prayers for San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordileone, former bishop of Oakland, who is undergoing “unconscionable” attacks for upholding Catholic teaching.

    “Strike the shepherd and the sheep are scattered,” the bishop said. “An attack on him is an attack on all of us.”

    For more information,

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