President Trump bans transgender people from military service

“Our military must be focused on decisive and overwhelming victory and cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that transgender in the military would entail,” says the president

President Trump arriving with the first lady, Melania Trump, in Vienna, Ohio, for his rally on Tuesday. (Credit Doug Mills/The New York Times)

President Trump announced on Wednesday that the United States will no longer “accept or allow” transgender people in the United States military, saying American forces “must be focused on decisive and overwhelming victory” and could not afford to accommodate them.

Mr. Trump made the surprise declaration in a series of posts on Twitter, saying he had come to the decision after talking to generals and military experts, whom he did not name.

“After consultation with my generals and military experts, please be advised that the United States government will not accept or allow transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the U.S. military,” Mr. Trump wrote.

“Our military must be focused on decisive and overwhelming victory and cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that transgender in the military would entail,” he added.

The sweeping policy decision was met with surprise at the Pentagon and outrage from advocacy groups. It reverses the gradual transformation of the military under President Barack Obama, whose administration announced last year that transgender people could serve openly in the military. Mr. Obama’s defense secretary, Ashton B. Carter, also opened all combat roles to women and appointed the first openly gay Army secretary.

It was not clear what prompted Mr. Trump’s decision. The Pentagon referred questions about the policy change to the White House, where several officials did not immediately respond to questions about the reasoning and timing behind Mr. Trump’s decision.

But the announcement came amid a debate on Capitol Hill over the Obama-era practice of requiring the Pentagon to pay for medical treatment related to gender transition. The dispute has unfolded as Congress considers a nearly $700 billion spending bill to fund the Pentagon.

Full story at The New York Times.


  1. Your Fellow Catholic says:

    Idea: How about we stop paying for Trump’s weekly golf junkets that cost taxpayers $3.6 million every week? Then we can afford to keep honorable trans troops fighting for the freedoms of all Americans.

    • “honorable trans troops” lol

    • St. Christopher says:

      No president was more wasteful of the taxpayers dollar when taking vacations than President Obama.

      Good choice, President Trump. I do not wish to pay for gender re-assignment surgery and drugs for military trans-people. Nor do I wish to pay for contraceptives or abortion or for Planned Parenthood.

      • SC .. Federal funds do not pay for abortions. Google the Hyde Amendment for details.

      • Your Fellow Catholic says:

        What? You can’t be serious! Trump spends millions going to his own properties, has the government pay to keep all his staff – every single weekend. Guess who gets to pocket the money? Trump himself of course!

    • Faithful and True says:

      Obama spent more time playing golf then the four presidents before him combined. True.

    • A process called “draining the swamp”. One must remember that certain body parts are made to rid the body of waste.

    • Bohemond says:

      No such thing YFC, you had zero problem with Obama’s record golf trips…. Trans people are mentally ill in a more sane society they would be jailed

    • Innominato says:

      YFC. It is time you ” came out.”

  2. Jim McCrea says:

    Glad Mr. Draft-Dodging Chicken Hawk is such an expert on the military.

    • Faithful and True says:

      His generals are the experts. We need to listen to these guys now.

      • It’s not clear that he really did consult any Flag Officers. Gen Mathis only learned about it the day before the tweet. A notification, not a consultation. Too bad he didn’t ask the Chair of the Senate Armed Services Committee his opinion.

    • Michael McDermott says:

      Hmmm – former POTUS Barry ‘on the down low’ Soetoro trashed the Military he was ‘commander in chief of’ and referred to Navy / Marine Medics as “Corpse Men” (Previous POTUS Knew that Corpsmen is pronounced as Kore Men) – and the bought and paid for free press gave him a free pass (unlike Dan Quayle adding an ‘e’ to Potato) despite displaying his massive ignorance.

      BTW – Joe Biden Dodged the Draft with 5 Deferments and was then after law school got itself declared Medically Unfit to Serve (as a Low Paid Military Attorney) – so he went on to become a high paid private attorney and politico

    • Poor Jim. You’ve admitted elsewhere that you were thrown out of the seminary [and not a minute too soon]. You left the Catholic Church and its moral standards, but won’t leave either alone.
      Jim, stop the ad hominem attacks. Godspeed and God’s peace on whatever life path you are attempting. It does not seem that, whatever it is, it is bringing you happiness. As your sour commentary here and on National Catholic Reporter [among others] amply demonstrates.
      If you must remain miserable, could you give the rest of us a break and do so alone and in silence? Your nihilism is tiresome.

  3. Anne T. says:

    God bless Him!

  4. Covfefe says:

    The ban doesn’t go far enough. It should be extended to others who are also confused or perverted in their understanding of sex and human nature. In short, if anyone identifies with any letter in LGBTQIA and whatever else is added in the future, that person is unfit for military service. The only flag worthy of respect is the Red, White and Blue; definitely not the rainbow travesty.

  5. Kristin says:

    Best that these people work out their issues on their own time, and on their own dime. A correct decision by the President!

  6. Linda Maria says:

    Many Americans were eager to join the military, during Wold War II, after Pearl Harbor. Billy Graham tried several times to join, but was always ejected, because he was underweight! He tried to gain weight, but it didn’t work! He could have served as a Chaplain. The military is no place to play around, with issues of “inclusiveness,” just because of someone feeling “left out,” who wants to join! It is very serious, and very scary, defense of one’s country! Trump’s decision is all for the best— very smart, and practical! I also liked the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy— keep your business to yourself, be a good soldier, work hard together, in defense of our country!

    • Linda Maria says:

      Sorry– in my post above, in the second line– it should read, “…but was always rejected…”

  7. Michael McDermott says:

    BRAVO – Forcing Americans to Pay for and Pander to such Depraved Lies is Destructive of the Military and
    Society. There are only two genders – Female =XX & Male = XY (genetic /gestational birth defects notwithstanding) – and the past shows the consequences of such Depraved Perverts taking charge
    The strange, strange story of the gay fascists
    The piece is written by Johann Hari, a self-admitted homosexual who describes himself as “a gay left-wing man.”
    Remarkably, Hari says the connection between homosexuality and fascism is attested beyond any shadow of doubt. Says Hari, “The twisted truth is that gay men have been at the heart of every major fascist movement that ever was —…

  8. Faithful and True says:

    For 8 years it was reported that Obama didn’t follow the advise of Border Patrol nor his generals. Now we have a president who is following his generals’ advise. Trump will be crucified by leftists for this strong support of his military advisors – but this is a campaign promise fulfilled. Trump promised to LISTEN TO and FOLLOW the advise of his top military, border patrol, homeland security and police. This president is doing what he promised. GREAT!

  9. Joel Fago says:

    This is a victory for morality.

  10. Romulus Augustus says:

    The military is not a social experiment, gays in the Armed Forces is fine there is and always has been gays in the militaries though the centuries Alexander the Great being the most famous, it is illogical to deny this. However people who think they are not male or female and wish to “change” well do that outside of the military and pay for it yourselfs. I have relatives who are gay and their opinion is that the “trans” movement is ridiculous and in no way helps straight society in accepting gays in general. My gay brother states you are either male or female there is no in between, genitics are genetics.

    • Michael McDermott says:

      From the ‘Uber-Gay’ Homosex Ephebophiles who Led (Ernst Rohm & his ‘Du’ boyfriend hitler) the storm trooper takeover of post weimar Germany (destroying the Boy Scouts and forcing All Boys in to the Ephebophile Rape Stable known as the ‘hitler youth’) back to the Spartan Ephebophile Cult of vicious slave keeper warrior armies – Homosex Perversions have been the bane of civilization.

      Proper Citizen Soldiers are those with both Rights & Moral Codes – which is the opposite of the Homosex Ephebophile warriors who stained history red with innocent blood
      6 Ridiculous Arguments In Favor Of Transgender Soldiers
      Progressives’ arguments in…

  11. YFC, let’s see how far out of reality your phantasmagorical thinking will take you. Suppose a “white” person firmly believed that they were really African American, but “trapped” in a white body. Should we develop “race reassignment surgery” for them: add collagen for fuller lips; rhinoplasty to widen their nostrils; tightly curl their black-dyed hair; color their skin to the brown they find most comfortable? Ridiculous? Why? All of these procedures are much less invasive and permanent than those irreversibly done in “gender reassignment” surgery. Then should we admit these psychos to the armed services charged with defending us?
    Where in the hell has rational thinking disappeared to in the USA?

  12. If Privates Shilly ‘n’ Shally can’t figure out where they stand in the Battle of the Sexes, how would he know which side she’s on in a real war?

  13. Linda Maria says:

    Bruce (Caitlin) Jenner could have served in our military– if he had played his role well as a man, tried to be a good soldier, and forget all about his personal problems, such as the “transgender” stuff– leave that for some other time, and be a good soldier! Work together as a team, in his unit, and serve our country well! “Don’t ask don’t tell.” Everyone has their problems And if his transgenderism is too great a medical/psychological issue, interfering with the job of being a good soldier– then, decline his application– it is all for the best! Like declining those who are underweight, have flat feet, are deaf, blind, paraplegic, have serious back or knee injuries, etc.

    • Linda Maria says:

      I have read that our government is spending thousands of dollars on sex change operations, for transgendered soldiers! Big mistake!

  14. Sgt. Ralph says:

    It is obvious the roll out of this “new policy” was not well thought out. It is undoubtably a distraction to the real issue which is Mr. Trump’s connections to the Russian regime.

  15. Bohemond says:

    They have no rational answer Roberto, the left as personified by the likes of McCrea, YFC and C&H, they was complete sexual anarchy. Yet they claim to be “good Catholics” because they embrace diversity, tolerance and inclusiveness, something our Lord never did.

  16. Michael McDermott says:

    ‘Don’t feed the trolls’ really is good advice – here’s the evidence
    – what really influences trolling behaviour is the social pleasure derived from knowing that others are annoyed by it. The more negative social impact the troll has, the more their behaviour is reinforced…
    Happily, this discovery suggests an easy way to deal with trolls: ignore them, rather than giving them the satisfaction of an angry reaction…
    So it appears that the classic internet adage really does hold true: don’t feed the trolls

    • I am sure they take part of our messages out of context, too, and post them on other sites to stir up trouble. That is why I recommend reading everything in its context. We all know that “Judge not that ye be not judged” has been terribly misused because many people do not bother to read it in context and/or go to orthodox websites that do explain it properly.

  17. Michael McDermott says:

    Robert Oscar Lopez has written a Brilliant expose of the GILBERT Gaystapo Agenda – targeting the youngest and most vulnerable.SEE
    LGBT: These are the People Who Want to Talk to Your Kids, Part 1
    by Robert Oscar Lopez

    You know the old saying: “Burn me once, shame on you; burn me twice, shame on me.”
    In the case of the LGBT lobby and children, we have to add: “burn me fifty times, shame on me and everyone who ever left me alone with you.”

    Currently in Texas the debate rages about what to do with SB3, something proposed that deals with transgender bathroom access. It’s also much bigger than just the “bathroom bill,” because school districts all over Texas are grappling…

  18. Oh it is so sickening to read the leftist homosexuals comments on this blog. They twist, lie, and deceive. May they see the evil of their deeds defying God’s will by leading the naïve to offend God under the pretense that He approves of their wicked ways. May they see the light, see their horrible sins and the catalytic decimation they are doing to the naïve readers souls who fall for their lies. May they see the light to confess their sins and amend their lives. The LGBT is one of the devil’s most wicked arms to destroy souls and this country, and they insidiously try to fool so many. Pray for them as their souls are in grave danger. Read St. Paul’s Epistle to the Roman’s Chapter 1 verses 24 through 31. Yes, God is love and…

    • Michael McDermott says:

      Indeed Doug – and many hide behind ‘anonymous’ screen names and refuse to discuss whether they are Paid Trolls (like the Tim Gill Gaystapo finances) Or whether they get income from donations by the Faithful – ostensibly working ‘For the Church’ – while like so many of their ‘professional catholic’ ilk they are actually working to destroy it from within.

      Don’t Feed the Trolls – and Don’t Pay them Either – an see how long they continue to bother us like blowflies at a picnic.

  19. God is love and merciful. He is willing to forgive those who are sorry for offending him if they have a contrite heart and intend to amend their lives. We only have until our death to be faithful, obedient, and remorseful to Him. Once we die we are immediately JUDGED as deserving Heaven, Purgatory, or Hell. Justice nolonger is in the back seat to Mercy, now Justice prevails at the moment of death. Heaven is for eternity. Hell is for eternity. I would rather obey God’s Holy Will to live with Him in Heaven for eternity, than to offend Him (even briefly) and suffer the consequences of Hell for eternity . Our Lady of Fatima showed the three children hell and they were scared to death!

  20. The Watchman says:

    Doug the three children of Fatima were so scared of hell that they ended offering all their sufferings for the conversion of sinners Seek God’s love and mercy or face his divine justice. Our Lady of Fatima pray for this poor lost world and the conversion of sinners. Pray America Pray.

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