Pope donates $500,000 to help migrants stranded in Mexico

Archdiocese of Tijuana among 16 Mexican dioceses and religious congregations that will receive money to provide food, lodging, and basic necessities to migrants

Migrants in Tijuana encamped by the wall marking the border with the United States (ANSA)

Pope Francis has donated half a million dollars to assist migrants in Mexico, the Vatican announced today.

The Catholic Church said in a statement that the funds will be distributed to 27 projects in 16 dioceses and among religious congregations that have asked for help to continue providing housing, food and basic necessities to migrants, who are mainly from Central America.

The statement noted that 75,000 migrants entered Mexico in 2018 in six caravans, adding that “all these people were stranded, unable to enter the United States, without a home or livelihood.”

The projects that have already been authorized will be undertaken in the dioceses of Cuautitlán, México state; Nogales, Sonora; Mazatlán, Sinaloa; Querétaro, Querétaro; San Andrés Tuxtla, Veracruz; Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas; and Tijuana, Baja California.

Meanwhile, around 600 mainly Cuban migrants who escaped from a detention center in Tapachula, Chiapas, on Thursday remained at large as of last night, immigration authorities said.

The INM said that most of the 980 Cubans who were held in Tapachula had applied for amparos or injunctions through Tapachula lawyers who provide “false expectations” of obtaining a transit visa that will allow them to travel to the United States border.

Unprecedented numbers of migrants have entered Mexico at the southern border since late last year.

Interior Secretary Olga Sánchez said earlier this week that around 300,000 migrants traveled through Mexico en route to the United States in the first three months of this year.

Full story at Mexico News Daily.


  1. St. Christopher says

    Not that the CCD censors will permit me to say this, but Pope Francis has no authority to make such payments and guarantees. He is acting as an ally of George Soros and other pagan globalist interests. These people are taken care of, except for those who are selected as media “actors” to give false testimony about their conditions. How much more obvious can it be that these “caravans” are political events, meant to show that the USA cannot have its own border. In fact, it is a pretext to an assignment of how many “immigrants” that the USA will be expected to take in. Such terrorism to our own country must be opposed. In such circumstances, one remembers what then-candidate JF Kennedy said to Protestant ministers that the Pope…

    • Do not misuse and misapply the word “terrorism” to these folks who are illegally crossing the southern border. They’re not inflicting terror upon anyone; rather, they’re violating the immigration laws of our land. You cheapen the word “terrorism” by misapplying it. Desist.

      • St. Christopher says

        Yes, jon, it is terrorism to attack a country’s sovereign border in violation of its laws. And, due to his complicity to this political goal, Francis places the Vatican, an independent nation-state, as a direct ally of such terrorism.

      • Your Fellow Catholic says

        Actually most are not illegally crossing the border. They are applying for lawful asylum.

      • Right. Sorry SC–your position is sounding more and more ridiculous as you continue to defend your untenable position. These illegals are “attacking” the border? Laughable. As for Your Fellow Catholic: Sorry, but your point one won’t fly either: in international law, the adjacent peaceful nation-state where the asylum-seeker is likely to land first is the place where the application for asylum is adjudicated. In this case, that is Mexico. Therefore, clearly, the majority of the aliens who are coming from Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, and in some cases even beyond, are illegal.

        • St. Christopher says

          Surely you, jon, and YFC, have enough intelligence to understand the use of the word “attack” here. The globalist crowd, beloved of Francis, are seeking to use whatever means they can — including en masse filing for “asylum” — to stay in this Country. This gaming of the immigration system is only permitted due to timid politicians — except President Trump and a few others — as they refuse to protect their own people. While you both parrot the Democratic Party line, such unlawful attempts to enter are quite costly to America and continue to place many, many Americans at the risk of real harm. No, YFC, “most” of those crossing the border are “illegals.” You just love to make this stuff up.

        • Your Fellow Catholic says

          We have our own laws, jon. please look them up.

      • Danijela Brekalo says

        Jon, why do you think many Mexican citizens are so against these terrorists coming through their cities? Because they do spread terror in areas they pass through. They break into homes and destroy and steal. They have absolute disregard for any laws, any common decency and any property or human rights of other people. That is terrorism. Using lawlessness to spread fear and to intimidate others to give in to one’s political demands. That is the classic definition of terrorism, and that is what these people are doing.
        These same tactic has been and is still used in Europe by Muslims to get into Western European countries forcefully and unlawfully. They are leaving destruction everywhere they pass. They break into homes and businesses,…

        • Sorry folks (that is, SC, Your Fellow Catholic, and D.Brekalo): Firstly, calling these illegal aliens “terrorists” will not fly at all. You can call them that, this is a free country. But Trump himself (whom I support by the way in his immigration policy, contrary to SC’s very false point that I “parrot” the Democrats–proving that SC thinks using stereotypes and biases)-Trump himself DOES NOT refer to these illegals as “terrorists.” Secondly, to Your Fellow Catholic’s point: the asylum laws of the US agrees with international law concerning asylum applications.

  2. Your Peter’s Pence at work!

  3. He is a bountiful source of encouragement for others to join the invasion.

  4. And this is why I don’t donate any money to Peter’s Pence, Catholic Charities, Catholic Telief Services, CCHD…

  5. Trump should reply with promising unlimited drinking and cigarette money for the vagrants and migrants who populate the areas around the Vatican Walls. HF Francis may then see directly how paying for such behavior causes more of it when the City of Rome is further overrun. Of course like Nancy Pelosi he has his own private police force and bespoke secure border so doesnt have to worry about it himself!

  6. This year’s Peter’s Pence collection will be on June 23. Make sure you don’t donate.

  7. S Hateity says

    Popes have every right to help people facing adversity throughout the world. In so doing they are carrying out the ministry of the Lord! All of the recent popes, including Pope Benedict XVI St Pope John Paul II, have engaged in similar actions.

    • Bleacher seat says

      How have these other popes engaged in actions which directly affront the sovereignty of the United States? The “migrants” are pawns of supranational forces with an agenda of one world government. As St. John prophesied in Revelation, the beast will rule over every nation, tongue and creed. By definition, the seat of antichrist cannot exist except by means of world government. So the Vatican sees fit to assist this process? Rather than facilitate the designs of global socialists, the Vatican would do better to hire transportation to remove these people back to their homelands.

  8. Simon of Simony says

    More reasons to withhold donations all together whether they are weekly collections at the parish and diocese levels, apostolates or to Catholic Charities itself!

  9. “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”
    America welcomes the refugee escaping the perils of their home country. America encourages people to come, to belong, to join us. America is the fountain of freedom in the world or was.
    What has happened to our sense of values, our welcoming posture, or sense of history? It is the poor immigrant, the refugee, the down-trodden, that has made America great. Why do we want to go back to the days of the Know Nothings? What would Jesus do? The Jesus I know would welcome the poor, the weak, the immigrant. The Jesus I know would feed them, clothe them, welcome them into His home. We need to follow Jesus.

    • Wake up call says

      Jesus said to render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s. Intellectually and morally compromised liberals won’t admit of the distinction between legal and illegal immigration. The United States has always been a nation of laws, and from that foundation it became the beacon you speak of. But trash the laws and it becomes another Honduras, which is what the global elite want – the destruction of America and the dissolution of all nation states into world socialist dictatorship. Hitler was a socialist.

      • Anonymous says

        Oh ye lecturer of what is legal and illegal, moral and intellectual compromises: People applying for asylum ARE making a LEGAL claim for morally correct asylum status. That is why the Bishops and the Pope come to their defense. They are COMPLYING with the law, not avoiding it! https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/8/1158

        • Simple man says

          Your code section is riddled with exceptions. Further, there are 30 million illegals in this country already and not a tenth of them have even heard of asylum. The ones who have were bought and paid for. Do you deny the globalist agenda? Have you even heard of it?

  10. Anonymous says

    Sounds to me like the Pope– and our Peter’s Pence donations– are being compassionately used to help these misguided, desperate people— and will help the situation of U.S. border control! Maybe the migrants will find jobs and housing south-of-the-border– and this will eventually clear up the problem!

    • Wake up call says

      As long as ignorant people are being paid to engage in revolutionary activity (by socialist NGOs and now the Vatican), the “problem” of revolution will never be “cleared up.” The Jacobins and their minions of the French Revolution paid the vagrants of southern France to ride to Paris on donkey carts to march in the streets. Nothing new here, especially all the dumb and naive Americans (especially Catholics) who think this has anything to do with compassion. What it’s about is the deleterious effect on the intellect caused by Liberation Theology.

      • Bob One says

        Well, that woke me up! You went from socialist NGOs to Robespierre in one paragraph. Then on to Liberation Theology. My heavens! Political freedom isn’t worth going to the US for? Economic oppression isn’t a reason to seek asylum? Wow! At what point is Caritas wrong? When does it become wrong to want to help people better themselves? When does it become wrong to help people achieve the American dream? Every time there has been a surge in immigration, the Know Nothings come out with dire warnings.

    • Anonymous says

      There are always many sides, to complex issues. In this case, many of the refugees– from what I hve read– are families of good people, who have been terrorized in their own countries, by criminals— particularly, the dope gangs! This is a huge problem– it may require international help, from many different sources! Mexico cannot handle the refugees, either– wonderful that the Pope is trying to help! I believe the U.S. should not tolerate illegals– and should deport illegal criminals, ASAP! I also believe having “sanctuary cities” is misleading — and should not be legal. I am so sorry for all the poor, grieving “Angel Moms!”

    • Anonymous says

      Above all– I know some people make irrational decisions, when catastrophes occur, and their lives get all torn up! — but to break the law??– NO! — that is not acceptable! You have to calm down, and be patient, pray– and obey a country’s laws! Go about things step-by-step, apply for services, apply for immigration, and pray, and wait patiently — and God will come and help you, and answer to your needs! God has a good plan for each life that He creates! We just have to go about the right ways to seek His Will, His Plan, for us!

  11. It’s called the New Disruptivization. Coming to a diocese near you.

  12. If one is withholding donations to various organizations within the Catholic Church, where then should those funds be donated?

  13. Mike M: in line with many posters on this article, please send your donation to the GOP, MAGA or
    the Heritage Foundation!

    • St. Christopher says

      Or, to: (1) Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles; (2) Carmelites of Fairfield (PA); (2) Our Lady of Clear Creek Abbey; and (4) Samaritan’s Purse (yep, Evangelical, but Christ-centered for purpose of helping people in need). There are many others, as well.

    • Anonymous says

      Jesus didn’t belong to the GOP or MAGA or Heritage.

  14. Bob One says

    Some good references to help continue the discussion:
    Deuteronomy 10:17-19
    Psalm 146:9
    Ezejuek 47:22.
    Matthew 25:36
    Romans 13:10
    3 John 1:5

    • Bob One, those passages are selective. Israel did not have open borders. They were told not to mistreat those going through the land and foreigners, but did not treat them all the same. They could not charge their own citizens interest on loans, but they did charge foreigners, Deuteronomy 23:20. Other examples are : Deuteronomy 15:1-3 and 14:21, also Exodus 12:43. There are many passages where they did not allow certain enemy tribes in either.

      • In other words, Bob One, no country gives the privileges of its tax paying citizens to those traveling through or to foreigners. From what I hear, many other countries, including Mexico, do not allow foreigners to buy their land, but the United States does, often to the detriment of its own citizens.

        • Your Fellow Catholic says

          Anne TE: If you’ve ever known anyone who got sick and needed urgent care while travelling, especially in Europe, you know that that is not true. On a recent cruise, a person broke her leg in two places and was given a bill for $42 for the ER, X-Ray, and the setting of the fracture. Surely the country’s taxpayers subsidized that care. Likewise, a friend got an eye problem (detached retina I think), and required emergency surgery and a few days in the hospital. The bill was something like $160. Again, the European taxpayers paid for the bulk of the care.

  15. helen wheels says

    was stranded in las vegas once,
    never thought to ask the Pope

  16. FrMichael says

    Peter’s Pence is one of the mandatory collections parishes must have. But there are ways to limit its publicity at a parish and thus how much it takes in. These same methods I use to depress the CCHD collection 80%. This summer will be the first time I’ll be using it for Peter’s Pence.

    • Anonymous says

      FrMichael, this is shocking and appalling. Your parishioners have a right to contribute (or not) to those collections. You should not be manipulating them. Blessed Mother Mary, Queen of the Clergy and Mother of Mercy, intercede with your Son for FrMichael and all priests.

  17. Anonymous says

    Peter will get no pence from me.

  18. Robbing Peter to pay Pablo.

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