Pontifical Academy for Life reportedly changes vaccine advice

Says using vaccines made from cell lines derived from aborted children "does not signify some sort of cooperation in voluntary abortion,” a change from its 2005 position

Marcia Rodriguez holds her child as nurse Diane Dickinson prepares to give the measles vaccine. (Photo: Joyce-Zoe Farley/The Republic)

The Pontifical Academy for Life has encouraged parents to have their children vaccinated.

A statement from the Pontifical Academy—released in July 2017 but only now made public—appears to take a very different tone from a statement issued by the same Vatican office in 2005.

In the 2005 statement, the Pontifical Academy for Life noted that many vaccines use cell lines derived from aborted children. Despite the potential benefits of using these vaccines, the Vatican office said, “there remains a moral duty to continue to fight and to employ every lawful means in order to make life difficult for the pharmaceutical industries which act unscrupulously and unethically.” The 2005 statement said that parents could be justified in allowing vaccination, but strongly urged the faithful to press for the development of vaccines that were developed by morally licit means.

In a news story issued on March 20, the Catholic News Service (CNS) reports that in the 2017 statement, the Pontifical Academy concluded that “the use of such vaccines does not signify some sort of cooperation in voluntary abortion.” Earlier, theologians had argued that the use of the tainted vaccines would constitute “remote material cooperation,” which could be justified in compelling circumstances.

Full story at Catholic Culture.


  1. The Vatican has lost status as being the moral compass for Roman Catholics and for the world. This is support for the most vile, barbaric and evil practices of today: murder of innocent babies!

    • Your Fellow Catholic says

      No, it’s not. Innocent babies are not murdered in order to make vaccines. But what is vile and barbaric are parents who allow their children to die because they don’t get their kids vaccinated.

      • Yes babies were murdered to make the MMR vaccine and the Chickenpox vaxine. The developer of these vaccines freely admitted it in a video recorded interview. What else did the developer state with a smile on his face during this interview? That the Vatican has said it is OK to use them. Even the Vatican isn’t denying that they were made with aborted (murdered) babies.
        Be angry if you will but direct your anger where it should be directed – at the pharmaceutical companies (MERCK) which refuse to manufacture viable, safe and proven vaccines without” human diploid cells” in them (check the back of the box – this ingredient is stated in black and white for all to see.) Also blame Barrack Obama, who gave an absolute monopoly to MERCK…

        • Your Fellow Catholic says

          Sorry to dissapoint, KC, but I’m not angry., just truthful. The abortion happenned 50 years ago, and it’s just not true that the abortion was forced or coerced in order to obtain the tissue. The cells used to grow the viruses are lung fibroblasts, and have no more ability to become a child than the cheak cells that you remove when you brush your teeth. And by the time the vaccine is packaged, the human cells have been removed and the product is sterilized. It is just simply not true that there are living cells in the vaccines. https://abcnews.go.com/Health/aborted-fetuses-vaccines/story?id=29005539

          • Anonymous says

            So you would be OK with a lampshade make of human skin because the Nazi killed the Jewish “donor” decades ago? Gross man, gross.

  2. Not being a biologist, I’m confused. Does this mean certain [all?] vaccines must be derived directly from aborted cells, thus requiring a continuous supply? Are there alternate sources?
    The popular understanding is that vaccines save many lives and limit the damage of other diseases. Without suggesting the end justifies the means, I continue being confused

    • Cell lines that have been characterized for many years are essential to produce biomedical vaccines. Immunize your children.

    • There is another way to produce vaccines, using animal cells. The traditional process is to inject viral material into chicken eggs and then to harvest the antibodies that are produced. But this is a time intensive process. So vaccine manufacturers use a quicker method, using human fetal cells, instead of chicken eggs, as the medium in which to grow the viral material to produce the desired vaccine. The human cell line used to produce many vaccines, PER.C6, was derived from an aborted baby.


      • Your Fellow Catholic says

        Even if that is true, the baby died a long time ago. To discourage people from using vaccines from a cell line from a fetus aborted more than 20 years ago is like saying that people shouldn’t get a heart transplant because the organ donor was the victim of a gunshot wound.

        Of COURSE it would be immoral and a mortal sin to shoot someone in order to obtain a heart for transplant, but that is not what is happenning here.

      • Lynn Suer says

        Chicken eggs are unable to produce antibodies. Some viruses, such as the influenza virus, are able to grow in chicken eggs, many others are not. Innoculating eggs is a labor intensive and specialty procedure that is rarely used nowadays, especially since many people are allergic and can’t receive such vaccines. Animal calls can be used for some viruses but other viruses require human cells. Only two major vaccines are produced in cells descended through many generations from fetal cells obtained in the 1940s. No vaccines are produced in the original fetal cells.

  3. Clinton R. says

    Who’s running the Pontifical Academy for Life, George Soros?

  4. Another disaster.

  5. This changes nothing in the Vatican’s advisory to parents seeking immunization for their children. Nothing. Practically speaking, parents are to do nothing different from what they were doing before this statement.

  6. No, babies are not newly aborted to vaccinate your child. However, some vaccines were originally developed decades ago using aborted fetal cells. The fetuses were not aborted to make the vaccine, but a fetus with the disease was used to isolate the virus. While that past abortion is tragic, you are not justifying it by vaccinating your child.

    • Gene says that preborns (fetuses to him) were not aborted (killed to me) in order to create vaccines, but a fetus “with the disease was used to isolate the virus.” Seems to me that still means that some preborns were put in harms way while lab technicians withdrew something within the womb to test for the disease?
      So, these preborns were found to have use for the community even as they were killed for the benefit of the mother? Is that right?

      • Anonymous says

        No Camille that is not right. No preborn was killed in order to create a vaccine.

      • The preborn child was not infected with a virus. That child’s lung cells were passaged through several generations to multiply them so they could be used in a laboratory for inoculation with the vaccine virus. This procedure produces many, many billions of vaccine viruses which can then be purified of cellular material and used for vaccine preparation.

  7. Marie Gauley says

    Be aware and do your own research. What is presented as science and credible research has been corrupted.

  8. Anonymous says

    There are no original fetal cells in the vaccines– but there may be residual effects of the original fetal cells absorbed into the vaccines. The fetuses chosen for the development of the vaccines were healthy ones, that met certain standards. Remember before abortion was legal in the US.?? Well– where did your local doctor get his vaccines from, for all your children? Think of that!

  9. Anonymous says

    Perhaps the Vatican hopes to save the lives of those in need of vaccinations, in parts of the world where vaccines from non-human fetal sources may not be available. Perhaps the Vatican does not want parents to worry about their kids getting vaccinations. But the Pope should vigorously scold and pressure the money-hungry pharmaceutical companies, on this issue!

    • Perhaps the Vatican should read its own Catechism, which states that one cannot knowingly, purposefully carry out an evil act (abortion) in the hopes that a good might come out of it (vaccine development and production.)

      • Your Fellow Catholic says

        KC again, as has been pointed out elsewhere, that is not what happenned. You are correct: you cannot knowingly purposefully carry out an evil act in hopes good might come out of it. But that didn’t happen in this case. People who weren’t alive when these fetuses were aborted 50+ years ago produce these vaccines today. They could not have carried out the evil act in question, because they weren’t alive when the evil act happenned in the 1960s.

  10. Children of God has a great list of vaccines, some of which have ethical versions. Some vaccines have ethical versions that are available in other countries, but not the USA
    There are a couple fetal cell “lines”‘ that have been in use for several years, which are still in use for developing vaccines.
    Anonymous — vaccines can be made from cells of active diseases. Japan makes measles vaccines from a patient who had measles. To be continued…

  11. Part II to anonymous — who needs some education…
    In the 2008 journal Biologicals, (pg 184-197) FDA scientists stated the danger of residual DNA in vaccines “has been debated for over 50 years, without resolution”. Those dangers include cancer, autoimmunity and genomic disruption.*
    More startling is the amount of DNA Deisher found in these vaccines. While the FDA guidelines allow for no more than 10ng per vial, on average the rubella vaccines contained over 140 ng per vial.
    “I would call this a ticking time bomb, except in this case, autism has already exploded”, stated Vinnedge. “The CDC and FDA need to recognize the importance of this new evidence and provide real solutions for parents.”

    • Your Fellow Catholic says

      Peggy, the mere presence of DNA in a vaccine, even if we assume you are correct, does not present a moral question for Catholics.

      Besides, DNA is not a ticking time bomb. You eat it every day when you eat almost anything. You literally eat milligrams of DNA every day in your salads and your meats. Thousands of times what you would get via a vaccine.

      • “the mere presence of DNA in a vaccine”
        Its the presence of HUMAN DNA in a vaccine that is the problem. Why are you trying to conflate the term “DNA” with the term “Human DNA”? Its almost as if you don’t want anyone to know that when parents give their children the MMR and Chickenpox vaccine they are injecting their children with the DNA from a human infant that was killed by an abortionist.

        • Your Fellow Catholic says

          KC it doesn’t matter. If you’ve ever donated blood, your blood contains diploid human cells that contain thousands of times as much “Human DNA” as is present in these vaccines. Do you have a moral problem with donating blood or receiving blood transfusions?

          • They do not kill people to get their blood, if they do it is totally wrong to use it. The only ethical way to obtain blood for transfusions is through voluntary methods which does not put the person’s life in danger. Example: Anemic people I told not to give blood because it puts their life in danger and would not help the other people anyway.

          • Your Fellow Catholic says

            Once again, Anne TE, the fetus was not aborted for the purpose of creating a cell line from which to make a vaccine. Again, go back to the analogy of the person shot to death. Obviously a sin. If a doctor, on examining the corpse discovers it has a healthy heart and they had signed the consent form, and he transplants that heart into another person, that is not a sin. The doctor did not cause the murder, therefore, he is in no way morally responsible for the death of the individual by transplanting the heart into another person.

  12. Anonymous says

    Before abortion was legal in the U.S., mothers did not have to worry about all this, when having their children vaccinated! Also, many mothers today, have fears regarding possible vaccine-induced diseases– autism, etc. Scientists say not to worry. The main point is– stop science from using aborted fetuses, from now on!! The Pope should speak up on this topic!!

    • There is no relationship between autism and any vaccine. The British medical doctor who claimed such a relationship did bogus work at the behest of a group of lawyers. The patients the doctor claimed had autism did not in fact even have autism. Everyone associated with the doctor condemned his work and the medical journal which published it withdrew it. Unfortunately the withdrawal didn’t make the news much. The doctor who commited this massive deception lost his license to practice in Great Britain and moved to Texas.

  13. Trumpovsky says

    The anti-vaxers are just plain nuts. The development of vaccines has led to significant improvements in the quality of life for billions of people. The simple statistics bear this out.

    • Anti-lifers are just plain nuts. The development of vaccines using aborted fetal cell tissue has led to significant commodification of human infants and a very robust infant body parts business, thus ending life for thousands of people. The simple facts bear this out.

      • Your Fellow Catholic says

        KC there is no “infant body parts business” in the vaccine industry. That is the simple fact. Maybe you are confusing vaccines with fetal stem cells?

  14. Lynn Suer says

    The fetal cells used in vaccines are derived from two abortions performed in the 1940s. There is no business in infant body parts for vaccine purposes. Vaccine production has little profit so most U.S. companies that used to produce vaccines no longer do so, leaving us dependent on imported vaccines, mostly from Europe.

  15. CDC Members Own More Than 50 Patents Connected to Vaccinations. The CDC Immunization Safety Office is responsible for investigating the safety and effectiveness of all new vaccinations. THE FOX IS GUARDING THE HEN HOUSE! https://www.lawfirms.com/resources/environment/environment-health/cdc-members-own-more-50-patents-connected-vaccinations

    • LYNN SUER says

      These lawyers are hunting for clients – they look like ambulance chasers. They’re citing patents for obscure (in the U.S.) vaccines like the yellow fever vaccine which was discovered about a century ago, and is a great vaccine but how many Americans are immunized with it?. Any patents on this vaccine have long since expired. As for adjuvants, only a few may be used in human vaccines. The adjuvant patents these hungry lawyers cite are for research purposes, not for vaccines routinely prescribed for children and adults. Don’t fall for these lawyers’ come-ons.

  16. Lynn Suer says

    A lampshade made of human skin isn’t at all the same thing as a potentially life-saving vaccine prepared from viruses which were grown in lung cells descended many generations ago from actual fetal lung tissue harvested in the 1960s. Sometimes it’s not possible, as with the rabies vaccine, to get a vaccine where the virus was not grown in such cells. Anyone exposed to rabies, an essentiailly 100% fatal disease, needs vaccination immediately and so has to accept such a vaccine, and it is definitely licit to do so.

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