Pelosi to get lifetime award from Maryland homosexual group



The following comes from an Oct. 28 story in the Washington Times.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi — whose late father was Baltimore Mayor Thomas D’Alesandro Jr. — has been recognized by Maryland’s gay activist crowd as a leading voice for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights and will receive a lifetime award for her dedication to the cause, community leaders said.

Mrs. Pelosi’s “unending support for our community and commitment for equality make her the perfect choice for our lifetime achievement award,” said Matt Thorn, executive director of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center of Baltimore, in The Baltimore Sun. The award will be presented at the group’s Nov. 17 Hometown Hero Awards & Champagne Brunch in Baltimore, with an expected turnout of 500.

Mrs. Pelosi, for her part, is thrilled with the honor.

“[It is] a great privilege for me to come home to Baltimore and celebrate the progress we’ve made in the fight for equality,” she said, in a statement. “[I’m] particularly touched to be honored by the GLCCB and my hometown community after such a banner year for Marylanders and indeed all LGBT families across our country.”

The award is to honor her “longtime dedication to LGBT rights and her work to fight HIV/AIDS in Congress,” members of the group said, as The Sun reported.
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  1. Wonder if Baltimore will take her back? It sure doesn’t seem to matter, Catholic-wise, the bishops and archbishops just stand by while she ignores what the Church teaches.

  2. Abeca Christian says:

    I guess this answers it all…her rewards are here on earth…..from the secular. Better we reap our rewards from God, which are eternal, than from things that can cause our loss of salvation. We have free will and we are created in His image and not all Catholics honor God.

    St. Diadochus of Photike
    “All of us who are human beings are in the image of God. But to be in his likeness belongs only to those who by great love have attached their freedom to God.”

  3. Western Schnieder says:

    So, She is being honored by a Gay lobby? The Holy Father has said Gay lobby’s are a problem

  4. Western Schnieder says:

    Chinua Okwonkwo says:

    On November 5, 2013 at 9:47 am

    Your Fellow Catholic

    Carrying in public this impure(gay) identity is sinful. Letting a (gay) temptation define who you are is sinful.
    Demanding that people recognize your particular (gay) temptations as part of your identity and this persona of unnatural attraction as something worthy of respect and recognition is sinful.

    Let go of your sinful identity.

    I agree totally with Chinua. This is the faith of the Church; this is what the Church in Charity teaches.

  5. So we now know that Mrs. Pelosi cares about LGBT “rights”, not to mention abortion “rights”. Do we know if she cares about God’s Rights?

    We now know that Mrs Pelosi has received a “lifetime achievement award” for her dedication to the “cause” which has “touched” her deeply. I wonder if she ever gives much thought to the “awards ceremony” she will be attending when Jesus Christ, accompanied by His angels, returns to earth?

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:


      By her actions, we KNOW she does not care about God’s or our rights!

      May God have mercy on an amoral Amerika!.
      Viva Cristo Rey!
      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

  6. Maryanne Leonard says:

    So now having been judged as worthy of a lifetime achievement award by a group largely composed of individuals openly, rudely, loudly and proudly opposed to the teachings of the Catholic Church, Ms. Pelosi might be well advised to begin at last to concern herself about the judgment of Our Lord once she enters her significantly longer deathtime period.

    Though it may be considered politically incorrect to mention it in impolite company such as one finds in abundance in Washington, D.C., even well-heeled, well-known, publicly lauded, shiny-lipped, smooth-talking, slick-o San Francisco lawmakers are subject to the laws of God just like everyone else.

    Though we are wise to honor and follow the teachings of the Catholic Church in acknowledging the souls and dignity of our fellow human beings afflicted with same sex attraction, I would consider myself in deep and desperate danger for time and eternity were I to be granted any sort of award whatsoever from a group of self-serving sinners who actively and shamelessly promote sin and flaunt every manner of social decorum in attempting to defile the bride of Christ and attempt to encourage others to fall into sin and depravity as well.

    To accept the accolades of such a disruptive and damaging group of people is to announce to the world that one is also caught up in the snare of evil and needs our prayers and encouragement to turn away from evil even if she despises us for so doing. She may not seem to us to deserve our help, but it is the ensnared who need our words of guidance toward the light more than the righteous. Let her laugh at us and disdain us, but maybe one day she’ll repent.

  7. The next thing we will be hearing is that Nancy Pinocchio Pelosi will be having a United States stamp printed in her “honor” like Harvey Milk. What is it going to take to have our Cardinals, Bishops and Archbishops take a public stand on Nancy Pelosi. Cardinal Levada and AB Neiderauer did nothing – or it appeared they did nothing to Ms. Pelosi when they had the opportunity. They, too, have to answer for this neglect of their duty.

  8. She is a sign of our times where an evil [in practice] is called a civil right and where, like abortion, the actual pictures and images of these practices are kept from public view due to the very point that they are too disgusting to look at and therefore would not be accepted by the general public.

  9. And they still won’t excommunicate this harridan?

  10. Renewal of the Baptismal Vows

    Almighty and eternal God! Thou knowest all things: Thou seest the very bottom of my heart, and Thou knowest that, however sinful I have hitherto been, I am resolved, by the help of Thy grace, to love and serve Thee for the remainder of my life. And therefore, O my God, kneeling before the throne of Thy mercy, I renew, with all the sincerity of my soul the promises and vows made for me in my baptism.

    I renounce Satan with my whole heart, and will henceforth have no connection with him. I renounce all the pomps of Satan, that is, all the vanities of the world, the false treasures of its riches, honors and pleasures, and all its corrupt teachings. I renounce all the works of Satan, that is, all kinds of sins.

    To Thee alone, O my God, I desire to cling; Thy word will I hear and obey; for Thee alone I desire to live and die. Amen.

    The New Marian Missal, Imprimatur: L. Suenens, vic. Gen. Mechliniae, die 15 Maii 1958

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