Paul Ryan, Catholic

How the possible future Speaker of the House implements Catholic social teaching
Paul Ryan giving the commencement speech at Benedictine College (from October  21 Catholic Vote article)

Paul Ryan giving the commencement speech at Benedictine College. (from October 21 Catholic Vote article).

The following comes from an October 21 Catholic Vote article by Tom Hoopes:

Now that Paul Ryan is willing to run (reluctantly) for Speaker of the House, his record is being pored over. For my part, I looked over his visit to Benedictine College as commencement speaker two years ago, when he was fresh from his campaign for Vice President.

Here is some of what he shared.

He said “I strongly support measures to protect religious liberty. I believe Catholic institutions — like colleges, hospitals, and social agencies — should be free to do their work according to their moral standards. It’s essential to our society. And it’s essential to subsidiarity.”

He added, “Over the years, we’ve been blessed to hear three popes make the case for these principles. Take John Paul II. He rallied the Polish people against the Soviet Union.

He said, in effect, that Communism was wrong. There was something beyond this world — and we knew it. There was a God — and we were his children. And by speaking the truth, he electrified the nation — 36 million strong — not with a promise of wealth, but with a simple call: ‘Do not be afraid!’ He showed solidarity with the Polish people. And he freed them from fear.”

“Pope Benedict XVI warned us about another danger — which he called ‘the dictatorship of relativism.’ It’s the belief that there is no right or wrong — that every person is a law unto herself. And it can’t stand the truth — because the truth is self-confident and self-sustaining. So it snuffs it out. It burns books. It censors the press. But as St. Thomas Aquinas once wrote, ‘all men are forced to give their assent’ to reason. Pope Benedict revived interest in his teachings. Just as his predecessor Pope John Paul freed Poland from fear, Pope Benedict taught us how to protect the world from falsehood.

Then he turned to Francis, who he said was “breathing new life into the fight against poverty. He’s renewing our commitment to help the least among us. He has a chance to lift the dialogue to a higher level. I hope he will heal the divisions between the so-called Catholic ‘left’ and ‘right,’ so ‘that all may be one’ in Christ — because it’s the spiritually impoverished who need the most help.”

He called political office his “vocation” and shared “my take on Catholic social teaching.”

“It’s not a step-by-step guide; it’s a philosophy,” he said. “It grounds you in certain principles. In a culture that stresses the ‘I,’ the Church stresses the ‘We.’ In a culture that liberates the passions, the Church shows that discipline gives you freedom. And in a world where relativism threatens the weak, the Church works to protect the poor and the powerless. These are the truths that anchor Catholic social teaching. They offer guidance as you discover God’s plan for you.”


  1. He is a Novus Ordonarian.

  2. One of the many Political Bozos. He would be a disaster as Speaker of the House, like another so-called catholic John Boehner, as both bow on bended knee to the most evil criminal who ever took residence in the White House. As an IL state legislator and now presidiot, Obama encouraged, simplified, supported and helped pay for murderous domestic and foreign abortions of over 7 million “black lives matter” and “all human lives matter” babies in our nation alone these last 7 years. The stains of these and foreign innocents blood are dripping from the fingers of his hands, worse than Hitler’s holocaust and those who voted for him are accountable.

    • Bruce, congratulations! You have surpassed Rush L. in your ability to scream out innuendo and conspiracy theory, most if not all of it incorrect. Our current President is not responsible for “domestic and foreign abortions of over 7 million” He favors abortions choice, yes, but he also took an oath to support the laws of the nation. Abortion laws were implemented before he was old enough to think about running for President. John Boehner has fought Obama at every step, so he doesn’t wipe his shoes. Paul Ryan ran against President Obama and criticized him at every turn. Perhaps a better study of U.S. history would help you before you crank up the Fox News kind of dribble.

      • Bob One, you bs too much. Obama is responsible for his appointee in the Dept of Justice – who refused to look into Planned Parenthood violations of the law for their part in selling baby body parts – and PP continues to receive government funding.
        Obama by one of his infamous executive orders also did away with the USA’s “Mexico City Policy” having to do with no aid for abortion – check it out on the internet.

        • Wm. Hamilton says:

          Bob One made the accurate observation that Mr. Ryan ran for VP against the Obama ticket in the last election and “criticized him at every turn.” To paint Ryan and Obama with the same brush is historically inaccurate. Either you did not read the comment carefully or you are unfamiliar with recent US political history.

      • OBAMA doing away with the “Mexico City Policy” so he could give promote abortion is well know and reported by all media forms.

      • Bob One, I think it unfair to equate the tone of Bruce’s tone to what is heard on Fox News.

      • John Feeney says:

        Apparently, Bob One is okay with Obama. Is this the same Obama who demanded that Catholic statues, etc. be removed or covered when he visited Notre Dame and Georgetown? Did Bob One vote for Obama?

      • Criticize opposing view (Fox News) is all the liberals have they are the true just cannot stand the fact that your precious media/opinion monopoly has been smashed to pieces…

      • Of course Bob One considers CNN and MSNBC to be center of the aisle or conservative…and honestly believes everything the NY Times reports….

        • Someday, Canisius, we will have to meet so that we both understand each other better. For the time being, let’s agree that MSNBC is the mirror image of Fox News. CNN tries to be the middle-of-the-road, but can’t usually pull it off. The NY Times is pretty liberal, but at least tries to be somewhat accurate. So, you have to listen to them all and read them all to get perspective. I find The News Hour to be fairly middle of the road because they usually try to have opposing views represented in each discussion of current events. Nothing/Nobody really satisfies.

          • We have blocked MSNBC from our home to insure that they get no ratings from us.

            They support Abortion, Homosexual Marriage, Euthanasia and all the other INTRINSIC EVILS.

          • Bob One you want my perspective here it is the Left/Liberal is inherently evil,,I do not trust anything its mouth pieces say ever. I want a civil a war in this country with end result being the complete and total destruction of the Left and its influence on this country. From government bureaucrat to every college professor, to every Catholic Bishop.. because the Left destroys whatever it puts its filth hands on, from the Church to Family it destroys. BTW the NY Times distorts what it reports….

          • Tell me Bob One was there single crimes against human trial brought against a single communist official in the old Eastern Europe for millions of deaths the Left caused in the 20th century????

  3. 1) Ryan wants the ability to ‘Vacate the Chair’ taken away from the House – so that he can be Dictator of which bills can be placed on floor for vote.
    2) He believes in OPEN BORDERS – therefore there is no way this Country can control who comes into the USA – which include terrorists, drug traffickers, sex traffickers, murderers, rapists, and gang members. and

  4. Joel Fago says:

    Paul Ryan has indicated that he will not do everything possible to stop the killing of unborn babies.

  5. He’s a worshiper of Ayn Rand, as is well known.

    • Wm. Hamilton says:

      I seriously doubt that Mr. Ryan worships Ayn Rand. He may be philosophically sympathetic to her views, but worship, nah. This kind of exaggeration does not contribute to intelligent discourse.

  6. How about we all spend more time praying for the man, who’s position I do not envy.

  7. Bob One, you are only showing your IQ, you just don’t get it, and that is not a question! Rather than living in a John Lennon imagine-land, open your eyes, try to connect the dots and think it out. Thinking hurts when the truth hurts, but that shouldn’t keep you from learning about the awful truth.

  8. The U.S.A. and Canada both truly need Elections EVERY YEAR, so that the Citizens of our countries have the ability to defeat those that do not truly represent the population.
    Yes, the elections may cost the Parties and the Candidates additional money, but not much more than the scandalous amounts being spent on pre-Primaries, and then after the Nomination, more millions of dollars, in an attempt to fool the public voters into believing all of the Fabulos Promises being made in order to get elected.
    The good Representative will be reelected, and the poor ones will be defeated, each and every year, not after four long years of failed good representation, as the electors will easliy remember how the candidate performed over the past 12…

  9. Ryan is a protege of John Boehner., Ryan is an open border guy to boot, and one wonders why Mr. Trump is winning in every poll nationwide, enough already of the Bush crowd and his ilk go retire already and enjoy your millions.

  10. Elizabeth says:

    I’ve seen him on EWTN a number of times….they have very strict standards!

    He’s Catholic, Pro-Life and a family man. I pray he can unite the Republican party and that we will have a wonderful President in 2016 who Loves God, Loves this Country He has given to us and is Pro-Life!!!

  11. The American ethos is built on the idea that people of different views can come together and form a more perfect union. It is not built on the “my way or the highway” approach. We as a nation should not be in the stalemate in which we find ourselves. Neither of the political parties are the enemy of the other. When I grew up, there was always a majority party and a minority party that referred to itself as the “loyal opposition”. Each had strong beliefs about how the country should go forward, but at the end of the day they compromised, put a bi-partisan plan together and did what they could to “form a more perfect union”.

    • Today, half of Americans hate the other half and no one is willing to compromise; both parties are equally to blame. The recent Bengazy hearings were a shambles on both sides of the aisle. Neither side was interested in preventing another occurrence, but just in making points with the base. Neither party, or factions within the parties, is willing to compromise on any issue; they are not willing to govern. Our nation was once the greatest nation in which to live on the face of the earth. Today, with no one willing to govern, we have lost our edge.

      • That’s right Bob One no more compromise with the Left, not another inch..The Left hates this country and its founding it always has..civil war is inevitable if not necessary…

      • Ann Malley says:

        Bob One, your correlating the Benghazi hearings as a demonstration of Republicans only wanting to earn points is rather off. Whether one is a Democrat or whatever, getting to the full truth of how Benghazi was handled is critical. To our national security.

        The demonstration made is that certain folks consider themselves above the law even to the degree of being above telling the truth (…be it during the ’12 election of Obama or the current scramble to make it appear that skirting national security measures is okay so long as one is running for president and is a Clinton.)

        And the reality is that no one can prevent anything from happening again if they don’t get to the root and admit where the problem (s) are beginning. Same…

        • Ann Malley says:

          … thing in the Church with the avoidance of examining Vatican II soft speak.

          Too many are concerned with taking a side instead of understanding that we are all on the same side. And if we compromise with the Devil, we’re all going to Hell.

      • We got the “proof” through the Committee’s diligence that Hillary is a LIAR.
        1) She did have emails on her private home server that were government business,
        and about 400 contained secret information.
        2) Hillary, Obama, and Susan Rice (Obama’s National Security Advisor), lied to ALL the American people.
        Three of Hillary’s emails proved she knew that Benghazi was a terrorist attack, and had ZERO to do with some guy’s video on YouTube.
        TRUTH is never wasted.

        • Your Fellow Catholic says:

          Leigh: HIllary never said that there is no government business on her private email. What she said is that it was a bad choice but not illegal, and she’s right. As to whether it was a terrorist attack, she was getting conflicting information herself. Every objective observer agrees that the hearings last week were an exercise in politics, not in fact finding.

          • YFC you are correct. It was purely political on the part of HRC. No facts were uncovered because she provided none; wouldn’t know the truth if it hit her in the face. She is a liar and unworthy of the trust of any citizen and unworthy to approach whats left of the office of the Presidency post obama.

          • What objective observers? the liberal media? Her cronies?

          • Just how many bad choices does she get to make? She chooses abortion, even partial birth abortions. She chooses euthanasia, although not for herself. She chooses planned parenthood and their wanton destruction of life. She chose to destroy the lives of women who were used and abused by her disgusting spouse; some champion of women!
            She chose to compromise, without any concern, the lives of those serving in our military and the security of this country, and she laughs about it and calls it a bad choice.
            she chooses to have armed guards defend her and her family, but deprived her “good friend” Amb. Stevens the same (asked over 600 times that she says she never heard) Just how disconnected can a person be? Is she a liar or just plan…

          • HRC cont…. incompetent. When there are moral alternatives, no Catholic could possibly vote for her without sharing in her guilt and shame.

          • YFC sucking up to the ruling class… in a sane world the harridan would have been fired… transparency to the Clinton’s is getting caught…

      • Steve Phoenix says:

        Bob One, OK now to stretch forth your wrists and put on the chains of bondage: all the “republican-democratic” legislation of our elected puppets points us in the direction of the necessary future seizure of personal pensions, IRA’s, savings, by the dictatorship to “pay off” the landlords:

        David Walker, former GAO-head says the actual US debt is $65 Trillion plus, and growing (Nov. 7th, 2015, “The Hill” [hardly a right-wing publication]):

        Keep that smiley-face on 🙂 , Bob-The-Republican-One.

        Welcome to France, 1789.

  12. Paul Ryan, though I disagree with many of his proposals, is a fine decent man, who loves his country, his God, his family and the institution that is the Congress. He doesn’t deserve the slings and arrows that are being thrown his way. We should be praying, as hard as we can, that he will be able to unite the members of the House. We need someone who is willing to lead and someone who is willing to govern. Pray for him, and give him a chance, even if we don’t agree with him 100% or even 50%.

    • ALL Public officials – whether elected or appointed, must be held accountable for their own public statements & actions.
      Especially those that affect the lives of others.
      Reviewing incumbents voting records are required – for truth.

      Yes, we should pray for our elected officials, and this Country.

  13. Steve Phoenix says:

    Bob One, OK now to stretch forth your wrists and put on the chains of bondage: all the “republican-democratic” legislation of our elected puppets points us in the direction of the necessary future seizure of personal pensions, IRA’s, savings, by the dictatorship to “pay off” the landlords:

    David Walker, former GAO-head says the actual US debt is $65 Trillion plus, and growing (Nov. 7th, 2015, “The Hill” [hardly a right-wing publication]):

    Keep that smiley face, Bob-The-Republican-One.

    Welcome to France, 1789.

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