Papal confidant calls for Raymond Arroyo’s head

Father Antonio Spadaro retweets call for EWTN to be severely censured “until they get rid of Raymond Arroyo” following coverage of Spadaro speech at Georgetown University

Pope Francis meets with Fr. Antonio Spadaro, SJ. (image from LifeSiteNews)

Papal confidante Father Antonio Spadaro retweeted a call for EWTN to be severely censured “until they get rid of Raymond Arroyo.”

The call for an “interdict” to be imposed on the Catholic media empire started by Mother Angelica came from Anthony Annett, Assistant to the Director at the International Monetary Fund’s Communications Department.

An interdict is essentially one step short of excommunication. It bans a person or people from accessing most Church Sacraments.

It forbids the faithful, while still remaining in communion with the Church, the use of certain sacred privileges, such as Christian burial, some of the sacraments, and attendance at liturgical services. It does not exclude from Church membership, nor does it necessarily imply a personal fault of any individual affected by the interdict. When imposed for a fixed period, it is a vindictive penalty because of some grave act done against the common good of the Church by one or more parishes. Usual religious services are curtailed, but sacraments may be given to the dying, marriages celebrated, and Holy Communion administered if the interdict is general or local (not personal). A general interdict may be inflicted only by the Holy See. Parishes or persons may be interdicted only by the local ordinary.

Annett called for an interdict to be imposed on EWTN because of a February 15 World Over segment.

“Make no mistake,” tweeted Annett, the show’s discussion of a recent Spadaro speech and ultra-liberal Cardinal Blase Cupich “represent ‘total war’ on the papacy of Pope Francis.”

Arroyo was a close friend of Mother Angelica. He is the author of numerous books. As confusion has mounted during Pope Francis’ reign, his signature show, The World Over, has analyzed troubling developments in the Church. Arroyo often does this with the help of Father Gerald Murray and Robert Royal (the “papal posse”).

Spadaro, a Jesuit who is often called the pope’s “mouthpiece,” frequently criticizes critics of Amoris Laetitia’s ambiguity or the Francis pontificate. He is the editor-in-chief of La Civiltà Cattolica.

The World Over segment covered Spadaro’s recent speech at Georgetown University. Arroyo said he’d asked Spadaro for an interview but he said he was too busy.

During this speech at Georgetown, Spadaro said of the pope’s diplomacy: “The pope is light years away from the theorists of a clash of civilizations. Francis seeks to dissolve the narrative of a toxic final clash of religions that nourishes the fear of chaos.”

Fr. Murray told Arroyo those statements were “puzzling” because “it’s reducing human life to simply a game of ‘king of the hill.’ And the Church teaches the exact opposite. Human life is about fulfilling God’s will, knowing that will, and then trying to bring a society into accord with that will.”

“That involves identifying things that are evil [and] reprobating them,” said Murray.

Full story at LifeSiteNews.


  1. Kim Jong Un nods his head in approval.

    • We must pray for all Catholics around the world not to give up hope;
      and to get rid of the evil in the Vatican for their agenda is not of Christ.

  2. Antonio Spadaro SJ went after Vox Cantoris, the Canadian blog site a year or two ago, making all sorts of legal threats against them. They called his bluff. Today Vox Cantoris continues to mock Spadaro and the nonsense coming out of the Vatican and its Bishop.

    • The Vatican and it’s Bishop? Do you mean the Bishop of Rome? The Pope?
      It mocks the Pope, the Vicar of Christ?
      Fake Catholic.

  3. Lou Varini says:

    This is interesting. The call for an interdict came from an official representative of the International Monetary Fund, specifically from that organization’s communications department.

    The question, therefore, is —- What interest does the IMF have in calling for the punishment in the form of an official interdict? The proposal is preposterous, particularly coming from a representative of a secular organization.

    The Late Mother Angelica took on the now disgraced Cardinal Mahony when he was the Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, and won! It therefore follows that a secular organization such as the IMF cannot (and should not) impose its will on the Holy See; unless, of course, there are other interests or agendas to…

  4. I am confused. What is the reason they want EWTN to get rid of Raymond Arroyo?

  5. Elizabeth M. says:

    How horrible. I saw this article before in another venue and I can’t believe that the Vatican would even consider such a thing. As it is I’ve lost much confidence in this papacy so this might be the tipping point. As for Cardinal Cupich he makes me uncomfortable just looking at him. Poor Cardinal George must be rolling in his grave seeing who is successor is. There seems to be something sooooooooooooo wrong in the Vatican. Compare the goings on there with the life of Billy Graham a TRULY HUMBLE MAN. I must continue to pray. Mother Angelica please pray for us and EWTN.

  6. The darkness of the Francis papacy is trying to extinguish the light of EWTN.

  7. If the Vatican takes action against EWTN, I will decrease my contributions to the Vatican and increase my contributions to EWTN.

  8. Thanks for this informative post.

  9. With all this horrible news, is it no wonder why traditional groups in the Catholic Church are growing? It seems if one stays in the mainstream Church, that person will loose the faith, and become either a Protestant, an atheist or an agnostic. With the LA CCD congress promoting sodomy, the German church allowing EVERYONE to receive Holy Communion, the persecution of the Franciscans of the Immaculata, not only are Catholics confused, they also do not know whom to turn to.

    • Pilar, this is not news. It’s gossip which we are not supposed to listen to. The internet loves to blow things like this out of proportion. You are correct about the damage that reports like this can do when someone is not firm in the faith. Catholics can get confused but please do not turn to the Internet. Turn to the Tabernacle. When I was young and getting upset about things in the Church, I just decided “If God can stay, I can stay.” These are just passing storms. Remember when the Apostles woke Jesus in a panic and he calmed the storm, he also said to the Apostles “Do you not yet have faith?” Sometimes people make the analogy about how strong a trees roots become when it is buffeted by winds. Sent a Hail Mary up for you…

      • Anonymous — remember, most all of the traditionalist groups are all Catholic, too! It is just that many of these groups are growing, because they are good, and orthodox, and support the faith of Catholic parishioners! We all are Catholic, same Church!

      • Remember Readers, anything that Anonymous disagrees with is gossip.

    • Dear Pilar, please do not allow the smoke of Satan that entered the Sanctuary to blind you to the Light of Christ in the Eucharist and His Word still faithfully proclaimed by many faithful Bishops and priests, such as Cardinal Sarah, Bishop Burke and many others. Do not leave the Church because of those who are turning against its teachings and corrupting it with worldly filth. Stay faithful. Stay close to the Lord and Our Blessed Mother. Pray for the conversion of sinners inside and outside the Church.
      God bless you.

  10. God Bless Raymond Arroyo and Fr. Murray. Pope Francis should be more like Mother Angelica.

  11. As Jusit Priest Father Macali Martim has started “the Catholic Church in the Vatican no longer exists “

  12. I think someone hit a nerve.

  13. From what I recall watching EWTN a few years back, Ray seemed to be defending the modern pontiffs these last few decades and coming up with allabyes. What happened to Raymond’s point of view? Grew more conservative? You know I hate to admit it but I can’t help myself, Raymond to me looks alot like old TV idol Pee Wee Herman. :^)

  14. Being the Papal confidante is not something to be proud of. Mother Angelica – YES……Pope Francis – NO.
    Who does this confidante think he is? God Almighty. Even Pope Francis is not that! Climb down off your high horse and get a real grip on what the real Catholic Church is about. It is not you, Fr. Spadaro.

  15. There are positive uses for twitter, like sending condolences or announcing new product. However, twitter poses the temptation that when you are annoyed by something you will send out a “look at me, I’m stupid” post. Then others who are annoyed (or who just enjoy helping others make a fool of themselves) retweet it. For some unfathomable reason, news outlets or pundits decide a 140 character stupid comment is worthy of a thousand word essay. It’s just a stupid comment. It is not news.
    Please, rise above.

  16. Because we are alive, we grow, our faith grows also. Many of us were totally behind everything the pope said because he could say no wrong. However, we are witnessing the destruction of the Church by a pope who wants to eradicate practically everything She stood for. Mr Arroyo has finally realized the truth, and sometimes it is hard to face. Because our faith means everything to us, when we see it demolished, we finally wake up and wish we had learned earlier the falsehoods which are being jammed down our throats. Ave Maria Purrissima !

  17. Pilar’s comment above shows the dangers of this kind of article. Every word that is critical of a priest (even if true) can harm someone for eternity. Catholic websites that attack priests (or “expose” them) need to remember the story of the pillow and the feathers. You cannot get those feathers back and you have no idea where they will go or who they will affect. I know sometimes people are fooled into thinking that they are helping the Church or purging evil but that is just a temptation. I have been guilty too. I have known family members and friends who stopped participating at Mass or even left the Church because of something someone said about a priest.

  18. In my opinion, the headline is unnecessarily inflamitory. I doubt Fr Spadaro wants Mr Arrayo’s head on a platter. He wants him dismissed from his position at EWTN. Precision in the headline would help.

    • Chang Wei-Zeng says:

      Fr. Spadaro wants EWTN to fire Mr. Arrayo or else “EWTN would be severely censured”. Maybe you didn’t see the second part. This sounds almost like the “patriotic Catholic church” in communist China with whom Pope Francis is enthusiastically and eagerly embracing.

      • Yes, and it isn’t real. The Vatican is not going to threaten an employer with interdict to pressure them into firing an employee. The Church does not work that way.

        • Larry Northon says:

          “The Vatican is not going to threaten an employer with interdict to pressure them into firing an employee. ” They just did.

    • In this case, a distinction without a difference, mike m.

  19. LOVE Raymond Arroyo and EWTN! I think that Pope Francis would be angry with Fr. Spadaro, if he tried to harm Arroyo and EWTN!! Above all, I think that Pope Franics wants friendliness, reconcilliation, love, and welcome to all! Even if he disagrees with some in the Church– I don’t think he likes conflict at all– very embarrassing, for a Pope who preaches love, reconcilliation, and mercy to all! I think this is all just a passing storm, another conflict, for Spadaro.

    • Fr. Spadaro, editor of “La Civilita Cattolica,” has had numerous critics and conflicts. For one thing, “Amoris Laetitia” has caused lots of criticism!

      • I bet that the USCCB, Mother Angelica’s Poor Clare nuns, the priests associated with the nuns, the priests involved in EWTN productions, the local Bishop of the Alabama diocese where EWTN is located, and many prominent Catholic leaders, would all be extremely angry, at being involved in any nasty, vindictive, un-Christian “interdict!” It would cause a HUGE mess– and surely the Pope would not want this mess in his Church!! And the media coverage, and possible attacks on the Pope and Spadaro– would not be worth it!

    • TheVeiledThreat says:

      The Anonymous (I think there are several posting here, so I am clarifying) who posted “I think Pope Francis would be angry with Fr. Spadero…” is jesting.

      Good job! LOL!

      • Veiled Thread, I don’t think that Pope Francis would approve of an angry, vindictive “interdict” in his Church! He always preaches love, mercy, compasssion, “inclusion” of everyone, and reconcilliation! And who is it, that would carry out this ugly, vindictive “interdict?” The local bishop of the Diocese of Birmingham, Alabama, where EWTN is located?? What if he refused to cooperate? A great many famous priests, prelates, nuns, the USCCB, and Catholic lay leaders, would also be involved– very bad publicity, for the Church, and the media would attack the Church mercilessly, and make it into a HUGE laughingstock!

        • I think Spadaro needs to exercise diplomacy in this situation, and to forget it, and go onward! Not worth it, a vindictive action! Catholic and secular journalists and newmen from other countries, are also big critics, for him to deal with!

          • I wonder what big American USCCB prelates, such as Cdl. Dolan, Abp. Chaput, and others, who have appeared on EWTN– have to say, about Spadaro’s sadistic “interdict” threat? What does the Pope think, and other Vatican leaders?

          • Linda Maria says:

            I forgot to put in my “moniker,” on a differrent computer– so no name was registered! Anyway, I do have faith that the Vatican will not harm a fine reporter, Raymond Arroyo, and the excellent EWTN Catholic network, all for a ridiculous, unimportant, brief dispute, over a couple of remarks in a speech! Instead, I hope for diplomacy, Christian brotherly love, and reconcilliation! The post-Vatican II Church has been vigorously preaching brotherly love, respect, and “inclusion,” for the ideas and beliefs of all Catholics. So– how about Spadaro “forgiving and forgetting,” on this incident?

  20. The article about Raymond Arrayo and the Vatican ‘thought police’ has not only appeared at calcatholic, but also on several other news sites. Therefore, I do not believe this to be gossip or an evil rumor against the Vatican. I trust that this information is true until it can be proven otherwise.

    • The tweets are true but they are not from the Vatican. Do you know what a tweet is?

    • Gossip can be true. It is still gossip and still evil. Look at what happened here. Person A says something. Person B says that Person A said something. Person C says that Person B said that Person A said something and adds that Person B knows person D, and he says it to a crowd. Now the crowd is mad at Person D who is only guilty of knowing Person B.

  21. Oh, never mind. Spadaro just meant the tweet as a private communication with his sister. Just like Cardinal Tobin.

  22. And this is how fake new spins around the world in a few seconds. People see something like this and get all worked up when it isn’t true. Remember the Russian bots in the last election? Millions of people bought into their messages and thought they were real. Then they re-tweeted them or shared them and the spin continued. I think its important to keep in mind that the Vatican’s communications department is pretty well managed and every sentence is parsed before release. A single priest, although a friend of the Pope, does not speak for the Vatican.

    • Larry Northon says:

      “A single priest, although a friend of the Pope, does not speak for the Vatican.” Are you sure about that? Do you remember Roman Rota Dean Father Pio Vito Pinto, quoted in Crux November 29, 2016 regarding the dubia cardinals? ““What they [the cardinals] have done is a very grave scandal, which could even lead the Holy Father to take away their red hats, as it’s happened already in some other times in the Church.” He clarified, though, that Francis would never do such a thing. (Then why even mention it?) Don’t you think it strange that under Francis, Holy See functionaries and papal “confidants” every now and then toss out what sounds like dire threats against the pope’s critics? I don’t remember this happening under previous popes.

  23. I can see that the level of hostility and animosity toward the Pope has increased to the point where people will believe anything.
    You know how they say that people get taken because they are greedy. Other people get taken because they are angry.

  24. Fr. Spadaro should keep in mind that Americans are a main contributor to the Vatican´s coffers. EWTN should be treated with great respect even by Jesuits.

  25. Michael McDermott says:

    OK – Time to stop playing the ‘Anonymous’ game
    This site should make Every Poster choose a discrete name, even if it is not the one on their drivers license

    However, reading ‘anonymous’ denouncing anonymous for supporting anonymous in regard to anonymous – is simple Stupid.

    Having paid (And continuing to do so) for using My Own Name – I don’t see why those who try to hide behind their anonymous shields should be allowed to – particularly as many of them Retaliate against those who do not Hide Their Real Name.

  26. helen wheels says:

    I implicate the resentment of YOUR statement !!

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