Olympic athletes must fight ‘discrimination’ based on ‘sexual orientation’



The following comes from an Oct. 25 story on LifeSiteNews.com.

U.S. athletes who want to participate in the Olympics must now take a vow that they will not engage in “discrimination” based on “sexual orientation.”

The U.S. Olympic Committee CEO Scott Blackmun said the committee changed the rules last week “to address the legislation in Russia prohibiting advocacy of non- traditional relationships among minors,” its anti-gay propaganda law.

Last Friday, the committee announced it had altered the “Commitment to Integrity” portion of the code to read:

The U.S. Olympic Committee is committed to honesty and integrity as the cornerstone of our activities. In turn, the committee expects you to conduct yourself in an ethical and legal manner as a representative of the U.S. Olympic Committee. This requires you to:

* Respect the rights of all individuals to fair treatment and equal opportunity, free from discrimination or harassment of any type, including, without limitation discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, national origin or otherwise.

The change was made amidst controversy over the upcoming 2014 Winter Games to be held in Sochi, Russia. Many gay activists have called for a boycott of the games because of Russia’s policy forbidding the exposure of children to pro-homosexual propaganda.

The Olympic Committee has no plans to boycott and has repeatedly stated it is not their place to try to influence foreign policy.

But Blackmun said, “Even though we have been assured by the IOC that the new law will not directly impact anybody in Russia for the Games, it is important for us to emphasize that we believe the law is inconsistent with the fundamental principles of the Olympic and Paralympic movements. To bring that point home, yesterday, our board voted to amend the committee’s code of conduct to include specific mention of sexual orientation in our own non-discrimination policy.”

“The fact that we do not think it is our role to advocate for a change in the Russian law does not mean that we support the law, and we do not,” Blackmun added.

While Rule 50 of the International Olympic Charter (IOC) bans “demonstration or political, religious or racial propaganda” from “any Olympic sites, venues or other areas,” Blackmun said the U.S. committee will stand behind athletes who speak against the Russian law prior to their arrival at the games.

He singled out comments made by runner Nick Symmonds and skier Bode Miller as “good examples” of the kind of speech the U.S. committee supports.

Miller said of Russia, “I think it’s absolutely embarrassing that there’s countries and there’s people who are that intolerant and that ignorant.”

In an interview with Runner’s World, Symmonds said he would “dedicate the win to my gay and lesbian friends back home” and “then continue to fight for their rights in my beloved democratic union.”

But some people wonder who will stand up for the rights of Christians athletes.

Steve McConkey, a Christian pastor who ministers to top track and field athletes, says he worries that the new Olympic Committee rules may set the stage for discrimination against those whose religious beliefs oppose homosexuality and other non-traditional sexual orientations.

“The policies are set-up for discrimination against gay athletes, but there could be reverse discrimination in the future,” McConkey said in a said, adding that it “is a matter of time” before traditional morality is discriminated against by “the law of the land.”

McConkey said he found it disturbing that the Olympic Committee took no similar action in 2008, when the games were held in Beijing, where Christians are jailed or even executed for their beliefs….

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  1. The tentacles of the gay mafia are longer than I thought

    • Trying to be faithful says:

      I thinks it’s the “tentacles” (your word, not mine) of our Lord, who wouldn’t abide by the stone throwers. Are you a stone thrower, Canisius? The Human being is created in the Divine image, regardless of orientation. Discrimination has nothing to do with faithful, Christ centered Catholicism.

      • Abeca Christian says:

        Trying to be faithful he is not the stone thrower but the person who is being thrown the stone at. The gay mafia is the one throwing the stone….not the other way around.

        • Abeca Christian says:

          Today those who impose these “gay” ideals are the ones who are throwing the stone, they are stoning anyone who have morals and who want to abide with the natural law that God has placed upon mankind.

          Abide by God’s natural law and stop making everything about sexuality….let the games begin but not the sexuality thing….

          • Your Fellow Catholic says:

            Abeca, who is throwing a stone? We are just trying to live our lives free of discrimination, with the Constitution applying to us as well as anyone.

      • Our Lord would have us “go and sin no more”. Throwing stones is not the point. The point is the sin of acting in sin, as in homosexual sin. Please keep it clear. The sin is not in the burden of having a homosexual attraction to a person of the same sex, but in acting on that burden, which would be to sin and for others to act in this way: “the exposure of children to pro-homosexual propaganda.” It is clear that the Russian government is thinking of their future, the children they had forgotten about, whom they are working to protect. I applaud them, and agree. It is their society, their culture, not anyone else’s, and as long as US olympic athletes are going to participate in those games in that country, I hope they do not embarass themselves and act so foolishly as to disregard the laws of the country they will be visiting.

      • Chinua Okwonkwo says:

        The problem is not the temptation, no, the problem is letting the temptation redefine who you are, from where you spring forth and demand that everyone must honor your temptation, because you have become that temptation.
        Further, some people go further and engage in deplorable acts with themselves and others and celebrate these most vile and offensive sins, and demand that they must be accepted by society and the Church.

        This is a problem.

      • I believe you’re missing the point…Russia doesn’t want to end up like us, promoting this unhealthy and unnatural lifestyle and using propaganda to infiltrate the schools and confuse our children about their sexuality. Love the sinner but hate the sin. The gay movement wants to promote their sin…

      • “Trying to be faithful”, can you explain to us one single benefit the children of Russia (a dying nation) gain by being exposed to homosexual propaganda?

  2. Sebastien says:

    “Respect the rights of all individuals to fair treatment and equal opportunity, free from discrimination or harassment of any type…”

    How anyone could find this objectionable is beyond me.

    You’re in seriously murky moral territory if you’re defending Putin’s oppressive, authoritarian crack down on free speech and expression, simply because he hates the same people you do. And it’s a real stretch to claim victimization by those expressing vocal but ultimately ineffectual symbolic opposition to it.

    • Tom Byrne says:

      Opposition to someone’s behavior is not hatred of their person. Canisius and I are old enough to read between the lines of the language of “tolerance” as the word is used by the modern Left and we know where this is going: the eventual criminalization of individuals and organizations who won’t say “gay is OK”. You’re right: there’s no real victimization now, but evidence from Canada and Sweden shows that it’s coming. As for “ineffectual”: we Catholics go by God’s standard and that is the standard of faithful witness. Who listens is of consequence to their immortal souls, not to ours. Putin is out for Putin, but it is typical American secular arrogance to judge “free speech” by Anglo-American “Enlightenment” standards, as if those standards were absolute. In some cultures, the defense of that culture (which means the family) and the honor of God is more important than the right to pornographic free speech.

      • What about sensationalism?

        • Abeca Christian says:

          The first statement of a Church council on homosexual practices was issued by the Council of Elvira (305-306). The decree excludes from communion, even in articulo mortis (at the moment of death), the stupratores puerorum (corrupters of boys). The decree of the Council of Ancyra, held in Asia Minor in 314, strongly influenced the Church of the West, and it was often cited as authoritative in later enactments against homosexual practices. Canon 17 speaks about those “who . . . commit [acts of] defilement with animals or males.” The Council of Ancyra established for these crimes a series of punishments according to the age and state of life the infractor

          • Abeca Christian says:

            Saint John Chrysostom denounces homosexual acts as being contrary to nature. Commenting on the Epistle to the Romans (1:26-27), he says that the pleasures of sodomy are an unpardonable offense to nature and are doubly destructive, since they threaten the species by deviating the sexual organs away from their primary procreative end and they sow disharmony between men and women, who no longer are inclined by physical desire to live together in peace.

        • peter, what about sensationalism? What is your point?

          def. Sensationalism – The use of lurid or exaggerated detail in writing, art, or politics.

          def. Lurid – Horrible; gruesome. Stressing violence or sensational elements.

    • Sebastian…It’s about the promotion of a disordered orientation which is deadly to the body as well as the soul. What don’t you get about that? Respecct everyone yes, but as we are seeing first hand, the gay agenda includes repression of religious rights and intolerance, and in some cases so bad tha people are losing their jobs due to the fascist tactics of the radical gay moverment. Tolerance works both ways. Of course Putin is authoritarian and repressive. But at least he is open to the truth, that this gender identity confusion is destructive…..And who are the haters?

  3. If a person isn’t male or female, what is “it?” By what right do some persons demand to have special treatment or special dispensations? Why should the rules of the International Olympics Committee, that have been the standards for centuries, be changed to cater to them? If they don’t like the IOC rules, let them have their own Special Needs Purple Olympics.

    • Gays are not fighting to get special treatment. They are actually/only fighting for EQUAL rights under the Laws of our Country and nothing more. You know, The Constitution of the USA.

      • They already HAVE equal rights. They can act as any other person, obey the laws, not break them, harm others, marry as they choose without all the special treatment they demand. If they truly want equality, why call attention to their “special ” sexual orientation? I don’t see any heterosexual person asking for anything “special” because they are heterosexual. Their arguement of asking for “equal rights” is a phantasm, not anything with real substance. If others cannot understand their behavior, and deem it inappropriate, how does it help them, personally, to demand something that others cannot abide, which is homosexual acts? If I demand that you agree with me that blue is actually green, does that make blue any less blue?

        • Gays do not have equal rights under the Constitution. Your religion does not define gay persons rights under the law of the land.

        • Your Fellow Catholic says:

          life lady, you already have the right to work, to eat, to get an apartment without fear that who you love will be grounds to fire you, refuse you service, or evict you. Most importantly, you have the right to marry whomever you please, with precious few restrictions. In 35 states, we still cannot marry those we love.

          • YFC, you also have the right to choose Heaven or Hell for eternity, based upon your own choices in life.
            Never tolerate mortal sin. Sodomy is a mortal sin.

          • Anonymous says:

            We are Catholics. We cannot marry those of the same gender. We cannot marry someone who does not want kids. We cannot marry someone who has been married before (with some exceptions.) We need permission to marry someone who is not Catholic. Even with permission, if we marry someone that is not a baptized Christian, it is not a sacramental marriage. We are not permitted to marry if we do not intend it to be lifelong.

          • Your Fellow Catholic says:

            Paul, I know that is what you believe. I have no doubt you are sincere. However, what you view as mortal sin is not something that you have the right to impose upon non-believers. That would be to incorporate canon law into civil law. Not a good idea.

          • YFC, if I had the right to marry whomever I pleased, I would be married by now.

      • Chinua Okwonkwo says:

        Gays are asking that we respect them for sinful behavior.

        • Your Fellow Catholic says:

          No, Chinua Okwonkwo ,we gays are asking that you respect us because we are people created in the image and likeness of God, equal citizens under American law, and deserve to be treated as human beings. This, by the way, is the teaching of the Catholic Church.

          • YFC – the Catholic Church teaches that sodomy is a mortal sin, and if unrepentant the sinner will go to Hell. Most Christian Faiths teach this as well since it is in the Bible.

            If you choose to live in sin that is up to you, however – do not expect society to accept your sins.

          • Wrong YFC. Homosexuals are not just “asking that they be respected.” Respect as human beings they have with me, it goes without saying. However, homosexuals are asking that people of faith like me approve and make legitimate “gay marriage.” Your straw man argumentation will not fly.

          • Your Fellow Catholic says:

            jon, i am not asking you to make my marriage legitimate, any more than any straight person asks YOU to make their marriage legitimate. That is what the couples do for each other. We merely ask the STATE to acknowledge what already exists. You don’t have to approve or legitimate anything.

          • Here is how it works:
            Spoiler alert-kids who reaction to gay proposals is that it is weird are turned by an adult who talks about how gays are mistreated.

          • We are not permitted to contract a civil marriage.

          • YFC, this statement of yours is disingenuous. Because “gay marriage” is endorsed civilly, society as a whole is thereby compelled to accept its reality, if not its legitimacy in civic life. Therefore, people of faith like me–by virtue that we are part of society—are by default forced to recognize gay marriage as a reality, CIVILLY. For you to say that people of faith are not being asked to make legitimate “gay marriage” does not square with the reality of things. The agenda of making “gay marriage” legal civilly is ultimately to compel people like me who disagree with it to be forced to accept it. You argument therefore is totally lacking in reality.

          • YFC, when are you going to acknowledge GOD’S rights? God never has nor never will change HIS definition of marriage.

          • Your Fellow Catholic says:

            jon, people like you were forced by the Supreme Court to abide by the agenda of those who wanted to approve interracial marriage, even against religious objections. People like you were forced to honor the marriage commitments of those who decided to use contraception against your religious agenda. People like you are forced to honor marriages by couples who have decided to have abortions, against your religious objections. People like you are forced to honor marriages between catholics and people of no faith, once again against your religious objections. People like you are forced to honor marriages between divorcees, against your religious objections.

            So let me ask you this, jon, if you want to draw the line here, why not draw the line at any of these other places? Why not deny employment, or services, or housing to any of these sinners?

          • YFC, you have hit a gross mistake in logic by equating “gay marriage” with interracial marriage. This is where your entire argument breaks down. HORRIBLY breaks down.

            Let me explain it for you: what you have committed is called an “informal fallacy” called “false analogy.” This is an error in the substance of an argument, like your. Your logical mistake therefore is comparing TWO VERY DIFFERENT THINGS!

            Let me boil it down for you further. The reason you have committed this logical fallacy is because you are not convinced in the Church’s teaching (which flows from God The Son’s command to love God above all and neighbor as oneself) that the homosexual act is a MORTAL SIN! Learn this.

            Additionally YFC, your latest comment is instructive in that you have point-blank admitted that your agenda, and the agenda by extension of those who are advocating “gay marriage” upon us, is to FORCE people of faith like me to “accept” and “approve” something which our conscience tells is it MORTALLY SINFUL. You want acceptance from people of faith, the Church, for “gay marriage”. Well, you can never get that acceptance, because you can never FORCE God Himself to accept it.

      • Jimmy C., when you use the term “Equal rights under the Law” and refer to the US constitution, are you suggesting that our Constitution guarantees that everyone in the USA can have what they want, when they want it and how they want it? How can this even be possible?

        • Women did not have the right to vote when the Constitution was written. How in the word did they get the right to vote? How did African Americans become free from slavery? How does any minority gain equal rights under the Constitution? Our Constitution Guarantee’s that all of its citizens have equal rights under the laws of this land. The Constitution of The United States will, no matter how long the fight takes, defend all from racism, bigotry and discrimination. The Constitution guarantee’s separation of religion and government. Religious belief does not trump the Constitution as it is the law of the land.

          • No American is FREE to do everything he or she may want to do.

            Militant homosexuals want to FORCE everyone to accept their sinful lifestyle – which violates everyone else’s rights under the First Amendment of the Constitution.
            “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;”

            All human beings must be treated with respect. Love the sinner, hate the sin.

          • Paul, Gays will not do anything they want any more than you will. One thing they can do is have the same equal rights under the law as you do. Equal does not mean more than you have. Gays having equal rights under the Constitution does not violate the first amendment. Remember, it is not against the law to be a homosexual in this country. The rest of your post is your personal religious opinion, which is protected in the first amendment. Your religious opinion, in this case, is not law due to “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.

          • Jimmy C., our law states that every child in the USA has the right to a “free and appropriate education”. Under a homosexual activist’s definition of “equal rights” shouldn’t I too have the “right” to a “free and appropriate education”. Am I a second class citizen because I am not a child? Am I not worthy of the education I want and need? I cannot afford the “appropriate education” I want, so why is my government discriminating against me? Am I less human than a child? Does the fact that I am different than a child give our government the right to discriminate against me?

          • Tracy, that is one poor excuse for an argument against equal rights under constitutional law.

          • Jimmy C, please explain to me why?

          • From a Constitutional standpoint one could argue that education is an inalienable right. We all have a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. When Locke wrote about this, he connected these inalienable rights to property ownership. In today’s society, these rights are connected to intellectual property, if you will. If one is denied a basic education, one cannot function well in this “high tech” society. One needs literacy skills, math skills, and social skills if one is to be free of disenfranchisement. In effect, U.S. born children have the inalienable right to receive a free and appropriate education. Gays have the right to the inalienable rights that you fully enjoy. You know, We all have a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

          • Abeca Christian says:

            Jimmy C you are wrong! If the unborn have no rights in the womb of a USA citizen what makes you think that selective sexuality does? Our founding fathers did not fight for this great country so we can have perverse rights….now what you do behind closed doors, well its up to you and others but do not pawn it onto others.

            Imposing immoral laws are taking the rights away from the true intention of our Constitution which originally had the tone that lead to fear the Lord and for the common good. Sexual appetites are not for the common good!

      • Abeca Christian says:

        and Jimmy correction: Gays do want and are getting special treatment! Sodomy is not a right….it may be in sinful humans and their societal laws but not in God fearing men!

        • The sodomy law(s) was settled in 1973. You might be surprised what I think about abortion. FYI: some of the unborn happen to be gay.I’m very thankful that you also think at least the unborn gay fetus has the right to life as all the rest do. So why do you flip flop on them after they are born? Once again your religious belief does not trump the laws of this land. Gays are fighting for EQUALITY under the Constitution of this great nation.

          • Jimmy C. hasn’t God’s Judgement on Sodomy been settled as well? God will never flip-flop on His view of life, nor on His view of “sodomy”.

          • Jimmy C… There is no genetic basis for being born gay. Race is innate, sexual orientation is not. And what of all those ‘former’ gays? Our new Marxist Mayor in NY is married to a ‘former’ lesbian as one example…. Equality and respect of course, but ‘special’ rights and redefining marriage is destructive to natural marriage and the rights of children to be raised by a mother and father.

      • We cannot marry our first cousins in most states, nor our aunts and uncles, and father and mother and brothers and sisiters; nor can I marry two men at once, nor my husband two women at once, but when questioned about it, the homosexuals and lesbians who want to marry the same sex finally admit that they do not give a damn if that happens, as long as they get what they want. They care not for what is good for society AND children as long as they selfishly get what they want. Their motto really is “To hell with anyone else”. That is the way I see it.

  4. Who can object to Russia’s rule of “prohibiting exposure of children to exposure of pro-gay propaganda”? Emphasis is on the word “children”. Why does the gay agenda have to disturb and destroy all that is wholesome and good??

    • If you want to live under Putin’s rule of law, then go for it. “Viva Russia”, as many of you have said on this site.

      • Jimmy C. this article shows us that the only Russian law which the Olympic committee has a problem with is the one Peggy mentions above, which is the one which prohibits anyone from exposing children to pro-gay propaganda. There was no mention of “Putin’s” other “laws” or what they might be, so I myself could not base wanting to live or not to live in Russia solely based under my knowledge of one single law.

        That being said, can you, Jimmy, explain to us one single benefit the children of Russia (a dying nation) gain by being exposed to homosexual propaganda?

    • Your Fellow Catholic says:

      And you believe that this law is only about children? You are going to believe the former KGB chief and his clowns? I suggest a reality check.

      • YFC, explain to us one single benefit the children of Russia (a dying nation) gain by being exposed to homosexual propaganda?

      • YFC: Responding to your comments to Jon and your confused reasoning concerning interracial marriage, race is innate… sexual orientation is not.(just ask all those former ‘gays and lesbians’ one, the new NYC mayor’s wife)
        As for honoring contraception, abortion, ect. who exactly honors that?…
        Reality check: The only ones who are the targets of discrimination and intolerance are those who oppose same-sex gender identity disorders….

    • Sebastién says:

      Peggy, you seem to like the semantics of the way the law is worded. Do you have any idea of how it is used in practice?

      I suggest looking up any of the countless YouTube videos of gay pride events in Russia, and tell me “all that is wholesome and good” about state-sponsored violence and oppression.

      • Yes, let’s look up all those incidents at the Gay pride (pride in what? sodomy?) events in the US and watch the disgusting simulating sex acts and nudity and hate towards the Church and those who oppose this unnatural lifestyle….Of course, violence should never be tolerated but what about the violence against all those children by the gay Priests which nearly destroyed our Church…

    • Peggy ~ The same group of legislators is preparing a bill to allow the state to seize the children of gay parents and put them in orphanages. Is that also OK?

      • C&H Yes it is

      • As Pope John Paul II once said…Gay adoption: allowing children to be adopted would actually mean doing violence to their full development and is gravely immoral…

        • Your Fellow Catholic says:

          Ronnie – Many children born into gay households are the biological children of one of them. To take them from their household would certainly be a violent act. It would mean the forcible removal of a child from a premises, ala Elean Gonzales a few years back. However, adoption is a peaceful and lawful action, not a violent one.

        • Ronnie, although the main stream media has avoided publicizing it, there are now young adults, who were subjected to a childhood of being raised by homosexual couples, who are now speaking out and writing books about the widespread terror they experienced growing up in homosexual households. These children are rarely isolated from one another since most homosexuals like to congregate with other homosexuals. Their testimony validates our late Pope’s statements on this issue. Thank you for posting it.

      • C&H, it is child abuse to deliberately (note deliberately) deprive a child of a mother and father, and in many cases that is exactly what has been done when a lesbian is fertilized unnaturally on purpose. Also, there have been women in lesbian relationships who had children naturally, sometimes from previous heterosexual marriages, and the child was their very own flesh. And the children were taken away from them and given to a past partner when they broke up because the natural mothers refused to give visitation rights to the past lovers. One such woman testified that the ex lover was molesting her child. Now that is the ultimate child abuse. One mother left the country with her very own child when they were going to take her own child away from her because she no longer wanted to be in a lesbian relationship, and they were going to give it to the ex lover whom she claimed had molested her daughter. It is just plain evil for a judge to do that. It was stupid, of course, for the mother to have gotten into that kind of situation in the first place. Actually, it would probably have been better if the court could have given the child to a decent two parent heterosexual family and gotten her completely out of that mess. Same sex relationships are causing an even worse mess for our courts when they involve children.

  5. Who cares about the Olympics anymore? I don’t watch it. Bunch of athletes competing. Who cares?

  6. Putin, the Communist, is more traditional and seems to have better morals than the IOC. Putin does not want children exposed to pro-homosexual propaganda. What’s wrong with that?

  7. Thomas Edward Miles says:

    Great News, who would want to side with Russia?!!

    • Tom Byrne says:

      If on one particular point I think Russian policy is correct, how is that “siding with Russia”? Did every liberal who wanted socialized medicine in the 1950s or disarmament in the 1960s “side with Russia”?

    • I know I will… long live Mother Russia

  8. Michael McDermott says:

    Hmmmm… The Rules of ‘doping’ – whether it be using a Lance Armstrong type cutting edge – or good ole Steroid Shots, are going to need some serious re-thunking…

    Because tolerance for difference includes steroid lesbians and drag queens – competing with others of the Same Political (if not biological) Gender.

    Or they could take a lesson from this guy:

    “Journey to manhood: a former ‘transsexual’ tells his story

    Walt told LifeSiteNews in an interview that those who are struggling with their identity as a man or woman and think sex surgery is the solution “need to go to a psychologist or psychiatrist and get into therapy and dig down deep to find out what is causing this desire, because there is some underlying psychological or some psychiatric issue that is unresolved that needs to be explored — whether it was sexual abuse, whether it was physical abuse, [or] whether it was modelling.”

    “It may take a year to explore the deep issues that are going on and then, when you do that, you can bring the person to a point where they can begin to understand their gender and begin to accept their gender and want to live out the gender that God gave them.”

    As a now old man, Walt believes that if he could go back in time and say a few meaningful words to himself as a younger man, he would tell that younger man to avoid the sex surgery, and to discover the root cause behind the desire for surgery.

    Walt believes that his story witnesses to the power of hope,


    • Michael, it sounds as if the grandmother had a screw loose, if you know what I mean, and I am sure you do.

      • I should not have disparaged the woman as she might have gotten some very poor advice about putting dresses on little boys. Some councilors give out very poor advice, but if so she needed a new one.

  9. Homosexual Activist engage in the following behaviors without rest or letting up:

    Discriminate- To make a clear distinction; differentiate. To act on the basis of prejudice.

    Prejudice – Irrational hostility toward members of a particular race, RELIGION, or group.

    Harassment – To disturb or irritate persistently.

    Irritate – To make angry or impatient; annoy or bother.

    Disturb – To destroy the tranquillity of. To trouble emotionally or mentally. To intrude upon interrupt.

    Even athletes are not given immunity to the homosexual activist’ vile behavior.

    • Abeca Christian says:

      Yes Tracy I agree and to be disappointed even more by the fact that many in our church are even straying away from the truth because of all the confusion taught, our church once defined these sinful lifestyles very well but now there is much confusion due to our leadership adding more to the problem with their dissent. We must revive what the church has always taught and keep repeating it and reminding our leaders from within what the church actually teaches against these sinful lifestyles.

      • Abeca, this teaching as well as many others will have to be taught by faithful Catholics, whether they be lay or clergy. Unfortunately, the heretics have a loud voice in the Church these days.

        • Abeca Christian says:

          Tracy the heretics have a louder voice because they throw tantrums. Its like a rebellious child, they will get louder when they don’t get what they want, even when it’s not good for them, but as they say, we must remain charitable and firm in the truth, which never changes, only humans change but their sinful nature remains the same, many still choosing away from God.

          What gives me strength is this simple quote from the scriptures:

          Douay-Rheims Bible Hebrews 13: 7 -9
          Remember your prelates who have spoken the word of God to you; whose faith follow, considering the end of their conversation,
          Jesus Christ, yesterday, and to day; and the same for ever. Be not led away with various and strange doctrines. For it is best that the heart be established with grace, not with meats; which have not profited those that walk in them.

          • Abeca, thank you for the verse in Hebrews.

          • Abeca Christian says:

            Your welcome Tracy. I know that you already know them because you seem very knowledgeable. I just enjoy quoting them because it’s something that I use as well to encourage and lift up one another in the Lord. God bless you. : )

          • Amen!

  10. I often wondered about the Olympics in my youth, even though I was involved in lots of sports. The name was and is so pagan — taken from Mt. Olympus, the throne of the libertine god Zeus. I was never fully comfortable with it. In the early days of Christianity, both devout Jews and Christians refused to go to the games because of their decadence, with almost everyone performing stark naked. It seems many of the sports events in the United States are no longer fit places to take ones children — filthy dancing and skits at many events by nearly naked women; riots and beatings and even one man in California murdered at one game; sports figures beating wives and girlfriends and taking illegal drugs — and now this. What’s next? everyone performing in the buff again. It might be time once again for decent folk to just “throw in the towel” as far as most “sports” events are concerned, including the “Olympics”.

    • Actually, the rioting has been done in Canada and other countries — not sure they have done that in the U.S. YET.

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