Off to Rome we go

Gov. Jerry Brown, Bay Area mayors head to Vatican for climate-change meeting
This May 28, 2015 file photo shows California Gov. Jerry Brown speaking at a gathering of political, business and community leaders at the annual  California Chamber of Commerce Host Breakfast in Sacramento, Calif.  Brown announced Thursday, July 9, 2015, that he plans to discuss climate change and modern slavery with Pope Francis and other dignitaries at a two-day event starting July 21 hosted by the Pontifical Academies of Sciences and Social Sciences at the Vatican. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)

California Governor Jerry Brown announced Thursday, July 9, 2015, that he plans to discuss climate change and modern slavery with Pope Francis and other dignitaries at a two-day event starting July 21 hosted by the Pontifical Academies of Sciences and Social Sciences at the Vatican. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)

The following comes from a July 19 Contra Costa Times article by Josh Richman, Jessica Calefati and Ramona Giwargis:

California Governor Jerry Brown and Pope Francis will cross paths this week at a Vatican symposium on climate change and human trafficking.

For now, both have discerned that battling climate change is part of that mission.

“I’m very impressed with Pope Francis and where he’s taking the church — I see the hand of Jesuit training and inspiration in what he’s doing,” Brown, who studied to be a Catholic priest before deciding his true calling was politics, said in an interview with this newspaper before he left for Italy.

San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo and San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee also will travel to the Vatican for the symposium, two of five U.S. mayors who were invited to speak. They’re making the trip one month after Pope Francis issued an encyclical on the environment, including his call for a partnership between science and religion to combat human-driven climate change. The symposium also comes a few months before world leaders convene in Paris for the United Nations Climate Change Conference.

A handout picture taken on July 12, 2015 and released on July 13, 2015 by the Vatican press office, Osservatore Romano, shows Pope Francis waving to the crowd during a Holy mass at the Nu Guazu in Luque. Pope Francis greeted Bolivians with a message of inclusion Wednesday, a central theme of his three-nation tour to his home continent, as he arrived in South America's poorest nation. AFP PHOTO/L'OSSERVATORE ROMANO RESTRICTED TO EDITORIAL USE - MANDATORY CREDIT "AFP PHOTO / OSSERVATORE ROMANO - NO MARKETING NO ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS - DISTRIBUTED AS A SERVICE TO CLIENTS-/AFP/Getty Images

Pope Francis greeted Bolivians with a message of inclusion Wednesday, a central theme of his three-nation tour to his home continent, as he arrived in South America’s poorest nation. (AFP photo/L’Osservatore Romano/Getty Images

“To achieve anything in Paris, we’ll need grass-roots efforts by religious leaders and states and provinces,” said Brown, who during his latest terms as governor has become an international proselytizer for action against climate change. “We need to work together to intensify the pressure on these national leaders to get more done than is currently on their respective agendas.”

The two-day event, hosted by the Pontifical Academies of Sciences and Social Sciences, aims to drive local awareness, dialogue and action on climate change and modern slavery, two pressing issues highlighted in the pope’s recent encyclical. Brown will attend sessions on “Modern Slavery and Climate Change: The Commitment of the Cities” on Tuesday, as well as Wednesday’s sessions on “Prosperity, People and Planet: Achieving Sustainable Development in Our Cities.”

Lee issued a statement saying he’s eager to “share how San Francisco has reached and exceeded aggressive climate change goals even while growing the economy and seeing increases in our population.”


  1. So Pope Francis and Gov. Brown (A.K.A. Gov. Moonbeam) will meet at the Vatican Symposium on climate change. The Pope seems to meet only with ultra-liberal and communist groups and people. Has he ever met with any conservative groups? Does Francis know that Gov. Moonbeam is pro-abortion, pro-Planned Parenthood and pro-euthanasia? Has the Pope made any statements regarding the current and on-going murder of millions of Christians in the Middle East and Africa? Has he promoted the return to the traditional Latin Mass, as Pope Benedict XVI did? Does he know what has happened to the Church in communist countries?

    • The Vatican has been effectively hi-jacked by the radical left. Francis is complicit in that hi-jacking. It is a bad scene whatever way you cut it.

  2. This makes me really sad to say this but Pope Francis has a severe allergy of “conservative” groups. The Heartland Institute tried desperately to meet with him before he released his climate change encyclical but they were forbidden and called all sorts of names by Pope Francis’s gate keepers. Pope Francis doesn’t care if these government officials are pro abortion etc.., the people he had approved to be his personal advisors in writing his encyclical Laudato Si are big global government Marxists pro abortion population control advocates that have ties to George Sorros. Check out Jeffery Sachs and Namoi Klein and Hans Shullenbher just to name a few, all major advisors to the Vatican and Pope Francis. He is not stupid he knows exactly…

    • Catherine says

      Thank you Susanne for your very informative July 20, 2015 at 6:19 pm post.

      Also……. LA gets three new auxiliary bishops, including Fr. Robert Barron :: Catholic News Agency (CNA)

      • CHRIS P. says

        That’s all LA needs is another heretical Bishop (Barron) – who thinks Jesus is a liar,
        and just about everyone is going to Heaven.

        • Abeca Christian says

          How old is Bishop Barron? One would hope that our elders would know better especially if they knew our country in the times before i was born? It makes me sad when i see elders from the church, who are in high places, who grew up before V2, that they would of been taught the faith better and one would hope that they remain faithful in these modern times. But i dont see that. Even growing up, i saw very liberal bad willed elder Catholics in our parishes, yet my peers didnt agree with them because V2 was in their hearts to evangelize the faith and read the bible and the CCC. We grew up learning about apologetics.

          • Anonymous says

            Father Barron is not unfaithful. He is orthodox. He is conservative. The Catholic Church has never said that anyone is in hell. So his speculation that there will be no people in hell is not contrary to Church teaching. The faithful are not required to believe any private revelation. (I believe in the revelation of Fatima and others that show people in hell.) He may not know about them. His video on this is not to Catholics but to people who have a problem with Catholicism and the doctrine of hell. His point is “We must believe that there is a hell. That is dogma. You must believe that people can go to hell. But whether anybody has actually gone to hell is not a matter of doctrine.”

          • Ann Malley says

            ….an orthodox Catholic who has never heard of Fatima? Interesting mashup.

            What you have just illuminated, Anonymous, is shinnying around. A have-your-cake-and-eat-it-too speculation; dangerous since we know there is a Hell, Our Lord Himself spoke of it, and yet we – wink, wink – are free to speculate that it was just a prop God threw out there for the heck of it. As if God is some sadist intent on scaring people for the fun of it.

          • Anonymous says

            I did not say “had never heard of Fatima”
            Hell was created for the devil and his followers.
            Matthew 25:41

          • Ann Malley says

            You wrote,”I believe in the revelation of Fatima and others that show people in hell. He may not know about them.”

            You’re word smything again, Anonymous.

          • Anonymous says

            I was respectful to you and did not insult you.

          • Ann Malley says

            …indeed you were very polite in your attempt to assert that there is nothing wrong with shinnying around the truth.

            An ‘orthodox’ Catholic priest would by the very intimation of orthodoxy know that hell and people going there was/is part of the Fatima message.

  3. The Pope’s socialist detestation of Capitalism, especially tricke-down economics will condemn millions of people to the poverty of slow GDP growth. And

  4. This is a three-ringed circus, as well as a dog and pony show. How tragic !

  5. DottieDay says

    Fellow traveler Mayor Bill DeBlasio is also being given a platform at the Vatican. He is another progressive 40 watt bulb. How long before the lights go out completely at the Vatican?

  6. Steve Phoenix says

    Now, everyone does realize, correct, that the hotel-stays, limo costs, expensive dinners, and all the special expenses incurred by these useless political-lords at this Elmer-Gantry-type swindle-conference, are going to be paid for by their sponsor, the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences? That means by you and me, us dear simpleton wage-earning capitalist consumerist Catholics (via Peter’s Pence and diocesan “special collections”..

  7. Veronica says

    Thank you Susanne for enlightening us on what is going on in the Vatican with the advisors to the Pope. You state it well and simply. What we can do about this is say the Rosary daily. This is like the battle of Lepanto. The likes of Jerry Brown and the many politicians like him are attempting to destroy the Catholic Church as we know it. The Holy Father should stick to matters of Faith and Morals and leave deciding about climate change to the politicians. If you notice, a discussion on abortion is not on the agenda. The Holy Father is sadly mistaken if he thinks he can charm Jerry Brown. He is no match for this seasoned LEFTY POL from California.

    • Veronica, I agree with your suggestions completely, except I think Pope Francis should leave climate change to God the Father of all things, who created all things.

    • I also agree with Susanne in reference to the Holy Father’s “gate keepers.”
      It is unclear how much he even hears of the “other side” of issues considering he seems to be so distant in terms of Catholic life in general and what is important right now. PP selling body parts of their victims, ISIS butchering children and destroying the practice of Christians, Iran preparing to secure a nuclear weapon, same sex marriage not only legal, but now taught in our grade schools… For someone who decided to live more humbly and closer to the people, he seems very detached. The Papacy has not been lifted up by his “talking points” to the press in such an “off the cuff” manner. Pope Francis himself is now admitting that he has been…

  8. ‘Climate Change’ aka ‘Global Warming’ is not a matter of Faith and Morals.
    Unproven science is not a matter of Faith or Morals, and if untrue the Pope has perpetrated a lie.
    Science, Economics, and Governmental Organization are not matters of Faith and Morals. The Pope has no experience in these matters either.
    CCC: ” 2442 It is NOT the role of the Pastors of the Church to intervene directly in the political structuring and organization of social life.
    This task is part of the vocation of the lay faithful, acting on their own initiative with their fellow citizens. Social action can assume various concrete forms. It should always have the common good in view and be in conformity with the message of the Gospel and the teaching…

    # 175, “…… it is essential to devise stronger and more efficiently organized international institutions, with functionaries who are appointed fairly by agreement among national governments, and empowered to impose sanctions.
    …… to guarantee the protection of the environment and to regulate migration: for all this, there is urgent need of a true world political authority, ”
    # 177 “….. One authoritative source of oversight and coordination is the law, which lays down rules for admissible conduct in the light of the common good.
    The limits which a healthy, mature and sovereign society must impose are those related to foresight and security, regulatory norms, timely…

    • Anonymous says

      Pope’s encyclical continued:
      # 177……The limits which a healthy, mature and sovereign society must impose are those related to foresight and security, regulatory norms, timely enforcement, …..”

      These statements are NOT the role of a Pope as set up by Jesus Christ.
      And it violates Doctrine of the Faith CCC # 898 & 2442.

  10. We do not need to follow the Pope in his personal opinions
    or in anything that is false.
    And certainly NOT in anything that violates Church teaching such as Communism, Marxism, Socialism, any form of Collectivism, and Liberation Theology.

    The Pope should have stated that each government has the
    Authority and Responsibility
    for everything Environmental, Economic and for Government Organization within its’ own borders.
    The Pope is fully responsible for his own public statements, and must be held accountable.

  11. First, I did not vote for Governor Brown in any election. Second, the expenses for his trip to Rome were minimal – he went on a friend’s plane at no cost, he stayed with friends and took only his wife and two aids. Third, he was one of the few Governors at what was primarily a meeting of Mayors from around the world. The U.S. had only a few Mayors in attendance, since the represent such a small number of Catholics – 6% at the most. Look at the list of attendees, and you will note how universal is the Church. Fourth, it is important to read the Encyclical to know that it is not anti-Capitalism or anti-Democratic or anti-Freedom. It is about excess created by greed. It is about how we the people treat the earth, and that is a moral…

    • CHRIS P. says

      Brown should NEVER have been invited by the Pope or the Pope’s staff.
      We don’t need heretics telling Church members what we should and should not believe on any level.
      The Pope is turning this entire thing into a farce. And the joke is on him.

      • Abeca Christian says

        I remember in my youth group moto of V2, it was “go out and preach the gospel” later on that stuck with me and during my husband’s conversion, we studied apologetics and tried sharing it with our elders. To this day, i remember some of them didnt know what the word “Apologetics” was. One thought it was a protestant word and didnt agree with us preaching the word from the bible. She said not without a priest present. I tried telling her that we werent interpreting the bible, we were just trying to answer protestants because they misinterpret the bible and use it to mislead Catholics who do not read the bible and do not know their faith.

    • Steve Phoenix says

      Bob One, I am sure Gov Brown’s spokesperson will say that he “stayed with friends” etc, to minimize the negative public-image of his travelling the world on the dime of the ordinary Catholic: but that isn’t the typical protocol when officials are invited to a Vatican conference.

      Although they pay the airfare, usually the Vatican covers all the expenses of an invitee’s stay, which is usually at a very nice secure hotel on the Vatican side of the Tiber. It arranges airport and daily limo service, and also arranges for at least some of their meals, which are very nice, in the vicinity of the Paul VI conference hall: this information is first-hand from those who attend these formal conferences. Part of the reason for the…

      • Steve Phoenix says

        Part of the reason is security; but the bottom-line fact is that it is very costly to host all these mayors from all over the world, and politicians never travel “on their own dime”, but expect to be hosted. Social justice people, from my own long experience, are the worst.

        You may want to think about the costs of these jet-setting elites so concerned with “the poor and the powerless”, who can’t pass up a photo op with the socialist Pope: with one hand out to bourgeoisie capitalists, demanding they fork over their earned income, and the back of the other hand ready to denounce them for their wicked “consumerism”. Hypocrisy in the social justice circles knows no limits.

  12. Michael McDermott says

    Gosh – Do you think Ed (not me) Lee will discuss the problems of Toddler Rapists Leading his Election staff – or instead trash Arch-Bishop Cordileone as usual?
    SF government again rocked by child porn scandal

    On May 9, the San Francisco Chronicle’s Matier & Ross column reported “Longtime San Francisco political consultant Enrique Pearce, an early backer of the “Run Ed Run” effort who was working as a $5,000-a-month consultant to Mayor Ed Lee’s re-election campaign,
    has been arrested on suspicion of possessing …photos and videos of infants and young children being raped and sexually violated when he was arrested.

  13. To call this “meeting” at the Vatican a “dog and pony show” is an insult to
    the animal kingdom. They have more sense than any of these people involved in this charade/circus…..and by that I mean starting from the top down. To hear that Bill De Blasio, the mayor of NYC is involved – was just too much for me to take. And just think. If any of us went to the Vatican and asked for audience with the Pope, it would be just about impossible. It is quite evident that this Pope is not the least bit interested in the average, everyday, church going Catholic who abides by all the laws of the CC. I would love to have Jerry Brown, Bill De Blasio and even the Pope join us during 40 Days for Life and pray outside of a Planned Parenthood…

  14. Veronica says

    Surely, we cannot say that Jerry Brown is Catholic. He may have been baptized a Catholic and attended a Jesuit Seminary for 3 years but this does not make him a Catholic. Anyone who sanctions abortion, time and time again, is not
    a Catholic in my estimation. I know there are those who will say it is not up to me to judge. I agree. But I do know that abortion is an intrinsic evil. Amazingly, is it one of the “planks” of the Democratic party. Truly, how can one be a Democrat and a Catholic at the same time? Very difficult for me to understand but I am willing to listen. Can anyone explain this in simple terms?

    • Veronica, it is very hard to be a Catholic and a Democrat. It is also very hard to be a Catholic and a Republican. One party has a platform that supports abortion, as the courts have ruled is Constitutional. The other party has a platform that is very much anti-people and totally pro-wealthy. Someone suggested that all politicians should wear jackets with the company logos of their sponsors just like racing drivers. At least we would know there the money is coming from. What would be easier to tolerate would be some politicians that are just right or left of center, rather than extremes at either end of the spectrum.

      • Canisius says

        Bob One : “he other party has a platform that is very much anti-people and totally pro-wealthy. the ignorance of your statement is breathtaking …slaughtering humans in the womb is the most anti-people position you could have.

  15. Linda Maria says

    I guess many people have heard by now, that Fr. Robert Barron will soon be ordained to the episcopacy– to serve as one of the new Auxiliary Bishops, of the Los Angeles Archdiocese! Of course– he is very famous, for his religious productions, in the media! I wonder if he will take on “Gov. Moonbeam”, when he comes to California?? Funny! Also– will he take on Hollywood, and try to convert evil media people there, to the Church??

  16. Linda Maria says

    “Gov. Moonbeam,” after leaving the Jesuit Novitiate, has seemed to be a man of no morals at all! Couldn’t the Jesuits have done something, to at least instill a good moral conscience in this man?? The Jesuit Order has educated too many talented and intelligent laymen, as well as priests — and since Vatican II, has provided the world with tons of Godless, immoral, leftist liberals, destroying our country!! “Gov. Moonbeam’s” parents were more decent — and Catholic!

    • Abeca Christian says

      Linda Maria in what you describe, those issues are not due to V2 but They are issues happening way before. A product presenting itself from issues not corrected from way before V2. A punishment for the neglect our church did not correct from ages. The bad willed before V2 misused V2 for their evil deeds. They did not apply it for its true intention but praise God many of us do correct the misuse and apply God’s grace. Shows how much we truly lacked true Catholicism back then because the issues we deal today came from the sins of our elders rooted way before V2. They also stem from heresy, schism and disobedience. Breaking away from Rome is a root. Whether they preach to appear Catholic or not. Moral relativism is alive and well,…

      • Ann Malley says

        ….yes the problems were there before V2, but were condemned. V2 compromise language made way for those bad things to never have to go away thanks to either/or compromise language. That’s why smiling +Kasper makes mention of compromise formulas. Why? Because whereas before V2 the attitude was to not compromise, the attitude after was – meh – we’re tired. Let’s just put it all in the document and call it good.

        “…The bad willed before V2 misused V2 for their evil deeds,” which is why V2 is used as the demarcation of compromise *within* the Church.

      • Linda Maria says

        Abeca– Actually, Gov. Brown entered the Jesuit Novitiate, before Vatican II. Regardless- after he left the Novitiate– he abandoned Christianity altogether, and led an immoral life! Why couldn’t some of that religious training, have done him some good– even to basically lead a decent life, respecting God?? And it is a well-known fact– that the Jesuit Order sadly fell into terrible moral and spiritual ruin, after the Council! From talking with them in the 1960’s– I know they made their own bad decisions, that harmed them. Well, where was their sincere love and fidelity, to Christ??

      • Linda Maria says

        Abeca, you might be interested to read all about Cardinal Ottaviani, the head of the Holy Office (the former name of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.) He was the head of the Holy Office, before, during, and after the Council. He was a very faithful Roman Catholic cardinal! You might enjoy reading all about him! YES– fidelity to Rome, is of utmost importance– and this good Cardinal, told people all about that! His entire life was based on that total fidelity! It is the true and simple root, yes, of our religion– fidelity to Rome! Many other Churchmen were— DISHONEST, lifelong, no matter what era they lived in!!

      • Linda Maria says

        I will add one more thing, to my above post. When a church such as ours– decides to declare “religious liberty,” for their members, in a new and important document, and when they also state that they are no longer going to correctly govern Church affairs– it is up to individuals– guess what happens?? Dishonest clerics will all take advantage of this opportunity! No more Church discipline– and oh, what a big mess!! Sadly– many intellectuals in the Church (including many Jesuits) were mostly interested in only intellectual interests and research, of a very secular type– and felt religious belief to be a HUGE restriction! So DISHONEST, to Christ’s work!!

  17. Linda Maria says

    It is the most important thing the clergy can do, to form all Catholics in Faith and Morals, from the day they are born– and lifelong! To form a good, Christ-like Moral Conscience, and to also be strong and practical, in recognizing both right and wrong, sin and virtue– and to live only by what is right, according to Christ’s teachings! That is the most important thing, lifelong! Especially, if we say we love God, and our neighbor! If we fall into sin– admit it, and go straight to Confession! And don’t be afraid, our Loving God is waiting there, to help you! YES, “Gov. Moonbeam,” Gavin Newsom, Nancy Pelosi, (etc.) !!

  18. On Saturday August 8 2015 from 2-5pm sponsored by Sisters of St Joseph of Orange and the diocese of Orange is hosting a three hour event on Pope Francis environmental encyclical at the Christ Cathedral in Orange. I would suggest people show up to correct the deceptive statements that will be said by the speakers and exposed the corrupt background of the advisors to the pope. It is a free event but you must RSVP according the diocese website. Spread the word!

    • Steve Phoenix says

      Sounds good, Suzanne: I don’t live near Orange,CA but it is a worthy cause.

      However, I hope they don’t call the police on all of you should you “make a mess” (hacer un lio) as Pope Francis advocates those who support him to do.

    • Susanne, what are the deceptive statements that will be said and what is the corrupt background of the advisers to the Pope? I have read the document, as perhaps you have, but can’t find the deceptions you predict. A little help on this, please.

  19. Steve Phoenix says

    Let’s disabuse ourselves of a notion that all these world officials, mayors, and political opportunists are paying their own way for this photo-op with PF: Catholics world-wide are paying for it, notwithstanding Jerry Brown’s protestations to the contrary.

    Although they pay the airfare, usually the Vatican covers all the expenses of an invitee’s stay, which is usually at a very nice secure hotel on the Vatican side of the Tiber. It typically arranges airport and daily limo service, and also arranges for at least some of their meals, which are very nice, in the vicinity of the Paul VI conference hall: this information is first-hand from those who attend these formal conferences.

    • Steve Phoenix says

      Another thing is the spectacle of all these world political elites and wanna-be’s attending a photo-op, of course jetting there, kept in climate-controlled environments (no air-conditioners off during the Roman summer, and let me assure you, having stayed there years ago as a history student, it is HOT! And I had no AC) and generally blowing up the carbon-gas cloud of the world—-all for the poor. You see, their toil is all for our good, you must believe it to be so.

      The social justice crowd is comprised, most of them at least, of the most self-serving Elmer Gantrys that have ever lived.

  20. Linda Maria says

    It is very sad, that so many big, secular political leaders at this event, reject basic Catholic moral teaching! Also, “Laudato Si” is controversial, from a scientific point of view. But regardless– can some great good result from this event, anyway? Maybe all of these people could be exposed to some Catholic teachings on morality, and maybe they also could help with big, world problems! I have no idea– but could some good result, from the event?? How I wish that all the world’s leaders, would at least believe in Christ, and respect Him– and accept completely, Christ’s moral teachings!

    • Catherine says

      Linda Maria, Was that 1:45 pm post meant to confuse? Who are you? You know It is never pleasing to God when shepherds knowingly or unknowingly mislead their flock. Please view the following You Tubes links continued below. Listen to the Audio Pod The real climate change that we all need to be on guard for is the climate change of recognizing the uprising storm clouds of Marxism being peddled within the Church. When shepherds do not catechize, allow heterodoxy, hide Tabernacles and easily get the laity to not even kneel before Our Lord during Holy Communion then the laity becomes very easy pickens to eventually be ravaged by rapacious wolves.


      • Linda Maria says

        Catherine, here is another thought. Maybe an excuse to go to the Vatican for a cause that some bad politician really believes in, misguidedly– would give that “bad guy,” a chance to be exposed to Catholicism, and maybe some would have some free time, to wander about the Vatican, and consider the teachings of Jesus Christ– who knows?? Could some good come from this?? The Vatican, of all things– is quite an impressive place!!

    • Catherine says

      continued for Linda Maria and clergy and readers who are interested in the truth.

      Hal Dorion retired NASA scientist
      Check out this video on YouTube:

      Richard Keen, Rome Presentation, April 28, 2015 The Heartland Institue
      He is a Meteorologist.
      Check out this video on YouTube:


      • Linda Maria says

        Catherine– I was only trying to be positive, hoping that the Pope’s interest to preach Christian MORALS, by way of introducing his (yes, goofed-up!) encyclical– might do the world some good! Yes, I agree with you. But can the Pope do some good, also, despite all the bad?? I do not know– but that is my prayer! Maybe God can do some good, in ways we do not yet know, through Pope Francis! That’s all!

    • The only good that is coming out of it is that some are waking up to that we have a very serious problem in the hierarchy of the Church. These prelates are indoctrinated in Liberation Theology. Problem is that there are many Catholics still in denial of this takeover and making excuses for these bishops and priests when it is right there in front of their eyes. It is like Stockholm Syndrome has permeated throughout the Church.

  21. Catherine says

    Elizabeth Yore, J.D. – Rome “Prebuttal” Press Conference, April 27, 2015 the Heartland Institite
    She speaks on human slavery trafficking, abortion connection to the UN and asks why is Pope Francis and the Vatican consulting with the UN Security General and Jeffery Sachs.

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  22. Catherine says

    Heartland Daily Podcast – Rome: Heartland Attacked By Name at Vatican Climate Conference
    April 28, 2015

  23. Catherine says

    When George Soros (Media Matters) tries to silence you then you know that the infiltrators are threatened.

    Heartland Replies (Again) to Media Matters | Heartlander Magazine

    On April 29, 2015, Media Matters, a front group and spin machine for the Democratic Party, released another error-filled essay about The Heartland Institute, this one by Andrew Siefter complaining about mainstream media coverage of our presence at a Vatican workshop on global warming held in Rome the previous day. You can read all about that project here.

    • George Soros (of Media Matters) and the Democratic Party of Death – hate the Catholic Church and what it truly stands for.

      However, they will not hesitate to ‘USE’ the Pope, the Church, or anyone else for their evil endeavors.

  24. Catherine says
  25. Anonymous says

    You will note at the beginning of the book it says:
    This book is a dramatized presentation of certain facts which are occurring in the Church and which are perplexing to many of the faithful.
    All resemblance to persons or contem-porary events are not to be considered as purely accidental.

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