More than 10,000 sign petition to stop Fr. James Martin from speaking at World Meeting of Families

Letter accompanying petition: "We believe that sowing error and confusion should have no place at the World Meeting of Families;" sponsors of event say they plan to make no changes to speaker lineup

Fr. James Martin at Boston College, 2014. (image from LifeSiteNews/YouTube)

Over 10,000 people have signed a petition to withdraw an invitation to Fr James Martin from the World Meeting Of Families.

The petition, started by the Irish branch of Tradition, Family, Property, opposes Fr Martin’s attendance on the grounds that he “supports trangenderism for children,” and “favours homosexuals kissing during the mass.”

Included with the petition is a letter, sent to Dublin Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, criticising Fr Martin’s support for the pro-LGBT New Ways Ministry organisation.

“Fr Martin is also in disagreement with the Catechism of the Catholic Church’s reference to homosexual inclination as ‘gravely disordered’.

“In this way, he would prevent those with same-sex inclination from arriving at a true understanding of their condition in the light of church teaching and God’s mercy. This is a great disservice to those whom he purports to help.

“We believe that sowing error and confusion should have no place at the World Meeting of Families. For this reason, we strongly request you to disinvite Fr James Martin from speaking at so important an event.”

For his part, Fr Martin insists that he “isn’t bothered” by the “ocean of hate and threats,” which he has received.

“What kind of Jesuit would I be if I let hatred stop me from loving?” he said. “Besides that, homophobia represents a very small percentage of Catholics, and I have the support of my Jesuit superiors, several cardinals, archbishops and bishops, and, also, the majority of the faithful, many of whom have LGBT people in their families.”

“These protesters are not only on the wrong side of history, they’re on the wrong side of the Gospel,” he added.

The organisers of the World Meeting Of Families event have said there will be no change to the current line-up. 

Full story at The Catholic Herald.


  1. Reduction of valid objection based on papal encyclicals and the CCC to “hate” and “threats”….edgy….and by an ordained Catholic Priest that possesses the endorsement of the Vatican…Allen Funt….call your office….Please!

  2. Why? Fr. Martin is a priest in good standing with the Church and with the Society of Jesus and possesses full faculties to exercise priestly ministry.

    • Why, Kendra? Because Fr. Martin doesn’t follow Church teaching. Loving all people is not the same thing as promoting active homosexuality.

      Fr. Martin is in good standing because the Church has fallen off the tracks.

  3. His message of all gay all the time has worn thin. Even those homosexual apologists who support his evil message must be bored by him by now. The homosexual rant through the Church caused enough damage and disgrace, enough with all those who promote and accept it.

  4. James Martin has been ordered by his Jesuit superiors not to disclose his sexual preference. If you have any doubt what his preference is, you’re not paying close attention. Nobody works as hard as he is to normalize something unnormal unless he has very personal reasons for doing so. You can hear it in his voice. You can tell by what he says. You can tell by what he doesn’t say. And probably over 50% of Jesuits are just like him. I will never cross the bridge that he wants to build. It leads to perdition.


      Stacy, I agree.
      The photo accompanying the article pictures Fr. Martin as extremely happy. One might even say very, very gay. And a picture is worth a thousand words.

  5. Who of the organanizers approved this homosexualist to give his sodomite talk and are you, Father Martin attracted to men ? These are the questions i have.

    • Fr. Martin has the approval of no less than the Pope himself and his Jesuit superiors and some of the most prominent cardinals in the United States. Impressive backers. What sorts of people are willing to vouch for or support “Joe”. That’s a question I have?

      • The sorts of people willing to vouch for him are, like he is, soft on the sinful nature of homosexual activity. This priest spends his time twisting the moral teachings of the Church. He wants homosexual couplings to be equal to heterosexual ones, which they can never be. He confuses people with what to uneducated ears, sounds like reasonable arguments. Do not be fooled Kendra, this man is a homosexual apologist, for whatever reason, and he will lead souls to hell. Those churchmen who support him are likewise, responsible for causing scandal and confusion.

        • They have God-given authority. They wouldn’t be the pope and bishops if God didn’t want them there doing what there doing. The Holy Spirit guides the church remember?

      • Linda Maria says

        Kendra, the Pope, and his bishops and priests, all are ordained to preach and teach only our Church’s teachings — straight from Our Lord Himself! Many of our current Church leaders are shameful hypocrites and heretics! All Christians have a responsibility to lead chaste lives, in accordance with their state in life! Chastity is a fundamental Christian virtue— and a great gift!

      • Even rat poison is 98% good corn-meal.

      • Truth Seeker says

        Kendra—How dark IS it in that closet from which you write?

    • How do you know that fr. Martin is going to give a “sodomite” talk. He lectures on many topics other than what he wrote in “Building a Bridge”

      • Be honest though C&H – as a proclaimed lesbian, your interest in the works of Fr. Martin springs from the fact that he is mostly known for his homosexualist leanings. This is his basic topic and all familiar with him know it, including you. Yes, with this scandalous priest, it’s all gay all the time and one must be wary.

        • I am no fan or follower of Father Martin. I have repeatedly asked that he be given no more publicity but I don’t own this website.
          However, he is not best known for his homosexualist leanings. He was a prominent Jesuit with a writing ministry long before he wrote “Building a Bridge.” It is not his basic topic although at this gathering I do believe he will be speaking about families with homosexual members. He is not all gay all the time. He does not teach anything contrary to the Church’s teaching. He is very careful not to.

        • Kristin … As a lesbian and a Catholic “Building a Bridge” was very helpful to me. Have you read it? Contrary to much of what is written here, As Anonymous (8/15/18 at 1:09 PM) points out , Fr Martin’s thoughts are 100% in line with Church teachings. What he asks in the book is that the Church understand and accept us and that gay people, especially gay activists understand and respect the Church even though there are public policy disagreements on what Religious Freedom means in the context of sexual orientation. issues. Just so you know, in my parish I have never been disrespected, marginalized etc. for my sexual orientation. We did have a dust up once at the parish council level when a couple objected to accepting a five…

          • OOPs too long ..year old girl with two dads adopted from China into our school. The couple who are very conservative never made it personal with me. I do know however, gay people who’ve been treated abusively in congregations, even Catholic ones, to say nothing of Fundamentalist Protestant ones. I hope this is helpful.

          • C&H, Fr. Martin teaches that Catholic homosexuals who have not “accepted” the Church’s moral teachings are not bound by them. This is a LIE! He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and you would be wise to avoid his counsel. Check out the works of John Harvey, founder of Courage, whose work presents the full truth of the Church’s teachings on homosexuality.

          • Kristin .. can you cite where in “Building a Bridge” or Fr. Martin’s other writings or videos he says that “…Catholic homosexuals who have not “accepted” the Church’s moral teachings are not bound by them?” I’ve read a lot of his stuff but have never come across that argument.

          • C&H – August 29, 2017 interview with Brandon Ambrosino, look it up. Fr. Martin has been generating controversy for some time now and you need to learn why, and not from his perspective.

            Lastly, STOP reading his stuff! He is in the bag for all things homosexual, and if you fail to see it, pray the scales will drop from your eyes.

          • Kristin, i don’t have Itunes so I can’t get the whole interview. Can you give a link to a transcript or something?

      • C&H in depths of your ignorance how can you not at see at this point the Church as a very large sodomite problem in the ranks of the clergy.

  6. Does the Church STILL no get it ???
    Maybe it’s time to start building some catacombs.

    • Steve Seitz says

      I think Pope Francis gets it. The problem is that I think he has a divergent agenda. Therefore, I suspect that we’ll only see some feeble attempts at damage control to appease the media and the masses.

  7. helen wheels says

    You are dating yourself w/ Allen Funt
    but … spot on !!

  8. What is it I’m always hearing…something like “the Church is not a democracy.” Someone should tell the petitioners. No one cares what they think, especially the hierarchy.

    • It’s not a democracy. So you better pay, pray and obey. And if you don’t like what you hear, keep it to yourself because you’re not in charge… the celergy are. That’s how God set up the Church.

      • pay??!!?? To pay to support evil is itself evil. Obey??!!?? To obey evil is to support evil itself. Pray, yes, by all means. That is good advice, Ronald. May I recommend to you Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen and his charge to the laity in the face of moral turpitude in the clergy?

  9. World meeting of fami-LIES.

  10. St. Paul to the Romans 1: 26-32.
    These are the words revealed to Paul through the Holy Spirit, yet they do not appear in the Lectionary.

  11. I’m really tired of reading about this man and seeing his face in photos.

  12. Lou Varini says
  13. Would someone please also start a petition to ban Cardinal Wuerl from speaking there too? Have you read the PA report? Wuerl covered up and hid abuse. Yet he and Fr. Martin are going to this big world meeting as celebrity clergy? Is the Church not serious about the faith or the truth anymore? Is this all a big joke on the laity? Cod help us all.

  14. Helen Stacey says

    This man should be stopped from speaking. Defrock.

    • Unfortunately, he is only accountable to his superiors in the Jesuit Order. So, don’t expect any disciplinary action. Also, since the Holy Father is a Jesuit, the probability of disciplinary action is virtually nil.

  15. Internet savvy people like Father Martin know that those who oppose him will spread his message farther and faster than he and his supporters ever could. They also will attribute to him things he did not say (but maybe wishes he could) and, that way, will bring in people who would never be interested in what a Catholic priest has to say..
    You should think about whether you want to really be a part of that.

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