Message from Modesto

Popular movements call for sanctuary, disruption; blast racism, ‘all forms of human hierarchy’

Los Angeles Archbishop Jose H. Gomez, second from left, links arms with other participants on stage after a panel discussion on migration issues Feb. 17 during the U.S. Regional World Meeting of Popular Movements in Modesto, Calif. The archbishop said fear has spread among unauthorized immigrants in the U.S. as the government cracks down on illegal immigration. (CNS photo/Dennis Sadowski)

Participants in the First US Regional Meeting of Popular Movements issued a “message from Modesto” following a four-day meeting in the California city.

Cardinal Peter Turkson and two dozen US bishops attended the meeting, which was cosponsored by the Vatican’s Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development, the US bishops’ Catholic Campaign for Human Development, and PICO National Network.

“We believe that every human is sacred with equal claim to safe water, education, health care, housing and family-sustaining jobs,” participants said in their message. “Racism and all forms of human hierarchy, whether based on skin color, gender, sexual orientation, physical ability, arrest and conviction records, immigration status, religion or ethnicity are immoral.”

“Racism is stripping Black, Latino, Asian, Muslim, Native people of their humanity and fueling police abuse and mass-incarceration, and fueling a crisis of homelessness and displacement,” the message continued. “Raids and Trump Administration Executive Orders are scapegoating immigrants and ripping families apart.”

The participants added:

“We understand that a small elite is growing wealthy and powerful off the suffering of our families. Racism and White Supremacy are America’s original sins. They continue to justify a system of unregulated capitalism that idolizes wealth accumulation over human needs. Yet too often our faith communities and religious leaders fail to heed the mandate to denounce greed and stand with the poor and vulnerable.”

In response, the message proposes several actions, including:

• “sanctuary”: “we urge every faith community, including every Catholic parish, to declare themselves a sanctuary for people facing deportation and those being targeted based on religion, race or political beliefs”

• “disrupting oppression and dehumanization”: “we must put our bodies, money and institutional power at risk to protect our families and communities, using tools that include boycotts, strikes, and non-violent civil disobedience”

• “bold prophetic leadership from faith communities”: “we ask our Catholic Bishops to write a covenant that spells out specific actions that dioceses and parishes should take to protect families in the areas of immigration, racism, jobs, housing, and the environment”

• “political power”: “to defend our families and protect our values we must build political power”

Full statement here.

From Catholic Culture.


  1. Trash the US all they can, but what one may gather from the various photos of these ridiculous Community Organizers (Alinsky’s euphemism for Revolutionary) is that they’ll never leave and they love the food.

    Message from Modesto: Hate the Sin, Love the Chef.

  2. Beware. The Muslima is a CAIR operative, attorney, community organizer, Zahra Billoo. CAIR is The Muslim Brotherhood. Waiting for Trump to charge CAIR as terrorists conspiring to destroy us.

  3. John Patrick says:

    I hate to tell these folks who know it all that there are plenty of people who are not white who detest other races, other religions.

  4. I am angry and fed up with the liberal, socialist, fuzzy minded hierarchy from Pope Francis, to most of the Bishops in America, to many priests, who have turned the Catholic Church into an institution that I barely recognize anymore. Just imagine this group of anarchists calling for sanctuaries, disruption, and political involvement. I do not remember any of these people getting all worked up when their darling Obama said that he would want abortion to be safe and available should one of his daughters need one; or their getting all hot and bothered when Obama directed his Attorney General not to fight for the Defense of Marriage Act. I say, lets take them at their word and practice some DISRUPTIVE TACTICS OF OUR OWN!!!

    • anonymous Anselm says:

      We are all fed up, ‘FED UP”, and the insane-left, many of whom are well-represented here, supported by an un-informed and apathetic populace, have doubled-down on their attempt to suppress entire nations and their identity in their effort to have an “Open World/Open Society” with no cohesion and no voice. Better for them to rule us with.

      And the insanity stretches from our tone-deaf bishops all the way to the top, the Red Pope.

  5. Jim Grisafi says:

    This not the Church of Christ, but political groups that are using the Church to promote their ideology.

  6. “We believe that every human is sacred with equal claim to safe water, education, health care,…” No mention about the “sanctity of getting born”. So disappointing to see our shepherds promoting civil disobedience on immigration but utterly silent on the scourge of abortion.

    • Your Fellow Catholic says:

      It’s worth listening to what the pro-choice people say. They say that they don’t understand why pro-life people care so much about the unborn, yet care so little about the post-born. They say that pro-life people care less about children and adults than they do about a single cell zygote. Don’t they have a point?

        • Your Fellow Catholic says:

          Well, if you want to change hearts and minds, you don’t start off by calling those who disagree with you “ridiculous”. That might make you feel better, but it closes off the opportunity for dialogue.

        • Your Fellow Catholic says:

          I also think that the argument is NOT false when, for example, the US Bishops went OUT OF THEIR WAY to oppose the Violence Against Women Act.

          It’s not false when you have dozens and dozens of comments and Catholics turning their back on refugees escaping death in their home country.

          It’s not false when most pro-life activists oppose a living wage.

          • The article above responds to your exact points. If you care to read it again, I think #6 and #7 are particularly good rebuttals to this argument.

          • Yes YFC it is false, like most of your liberal arguments. Supporting murder of children sends souls to hell, not supporting a “living wage” does not. Why don’t you just drop the act and come out and support abortion like most liberals. And we are not buying your seamless garbage like argument, this social just nonsense is NOT equal to the murder of the unborn not matter how you try and twist it.

          • Your Fellow Catholic says:

            Respectfully, Emily, I did read the article carefully. The points do not respond to my questions.

            Bohemond, I think that you just might be wrong about whether oppposing a living wage does not send souls to hell. But that is not my point. My point is that as long as people like you continue to stake out that position, you are seen by pro-choice people as being disingenuous at best and hypocritical or even callous at worst.

            Why don’t you come out against violence against women? Why are you opposed to saving lives in war-torn regions?

          • Bohemond says:

            YFC, no I am not wrong, you are. I don’t believe in federalizing domestic violence situations, which is what you liberals adore, more unaccountable power to a federal government . I will come out and oppose you on every stance you take.

      • Hey YFC check out Good Counsel Homes, and see how much we don’t care about the children who are born.

  7. Look at the red banner in the photo above. It reads “US Regional World Meeting of Popular Movements.”

    “Popular Movements”? Don’t be deceived! Our Lady of Fatima warned all of her children about Russia spreading her errors. Those children include faithful Catholics and faithful Catholic priests who will see right through these rebellious movements for what they are. An infiltration of wolves in sheep’s clothing. Yes, Jesus warned us in the Gospel that there would be wolves in sheep’s clothing who would scatter his flock.


    • continued…

      Several years ago, when Pope Benedict XVI was in reigning office, my friend visited a prelate in the Vatican. My friend was given an appointment to turn over documented evidence of the corruption taking place in Los Angeles as well as other parts of the country. This prelate warned my friend that Los Angeles was a “huge can of worms” and that Catholics would have to educate themselves as to what the Catholic Church truly taught. Otherwise, they might be led astray. God did not send down his only begotten Son to die hanging on a cross for three hours so his sheep could graze on nutrition-less or poisonous cud.


      • continued…

        Also, while attending a previous Los Angeles religious ed congress , another friend of mine respectfully approached Archbishop Gomez and shared with Archbishop Gomez the laity’s concerns about his very close ties with the Marxist group known as La Raza. Then, Archbishop Gomez responded, “Oh, no! I don’t think that La Raza is Marxist.” My friend responded, “Please, Archbishop Gomez, yes they are, please do some research, La Raza IS a very Marxist group and what you are doing is wrong, and it is no different, than if for example Chicago Catholics watched Cardinal George push for the ideals of the Klu Klux Klan.”


        • continued…

          My friend said that Archbishop Gomez became silent but that his face immediately became beet red. Then he smiled and walked away. Archbishop Gomez also allowed a homosexual couple along with their adopted child to bring up the gifts at Mass. This also runs contrary to Church teaching. If the authentic teachings of the Catholic Church were charitably taught to the two homosexual men, then these men would have never adopted a child. If catechized properly, these men would be the very first to tell Archbishop Gomez that their same sex union does not remotely model what Christ intended for marriage or what Christ died on a cross for.


          • continued…

            “It is an act of charity to cry out against the wolf when he is among the sheep, wherever he is.” – Francis de Sales

            Gay couple and their son help present gifts at the altar to Archbishop Jose Gomez – YouTube

        • Steve Phoenix says:

          Very interesting story, and I believe it, about Abp. Gomez apparently refusing to accept that La Raza is an atheist, Marxist and aggressively racist (my addition) organization, Catherine— turning red in the face and dismissing the petitioning Catholic.

          So it is, with most bishops today, who have adopted the same dismissive, hardened response no matter how politely and courteously presented with unwelcome but significant information.

          • Thank you, Steve Phoenix, for your words. I left out some important words in my above post regarding the advice that the prelate in the Vatican gave to my friend who presented the documented evidence of corruption. This prelate said, “YOU, ARE ON YOUR OWN!”, when it comes to searching out the truth and educating yourself as well as fighting the battles we are witnessing. God bless California Catholic Daily for educating us by exposing the dark. This is important for people to know so they are not left wondering why things are not addressed or why things are in such such turmoil. Russia is spreading her errors while persecuting the Church from within.


          • continued,

            Aside from the most efficacious spiritual tools of prayer, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the rosary, fasting, and other acts of reparation for these offenses, it is also a mercy to inform these wayward bishops that they are leading many astray. They, themselves, are in great danger of going to hell. Yes, I believe there are bishops do not really believe in the existence of hell, because if they truly believed in it’s existence, then they would never do what they are doing. These bishops will never be able to say that they were not lovingly approached in this life, just like my friend charitably approached Archbishop Jose Gomez.


          • continued,

            My friend even knelt down and kissed the ring of Archbishop Gomez in respect for the office and the apostolic succession of St. Peter. This is a traditional act of humility and respect that seems to repulse those who have agendas other than the salvation of souls. The faithful bishops and priests in the United States, should unite in prayer and give public witness to openly reject such a destructive movement so the laity can see who is faithful in their promises, responsibilities, and duties as a Catholic priest. It is naive and unrealistic to think that malignant cancers remain localized and don’t spread quickly.


          • continued,

            Our Lord, knows that faithful priests and faithful bishops have watched the courageous witness of Cardinal Burke and other Cardinals when charitably seeking to defend and uphold the faith.

            One day there will also be a particular line drawn in the sand for every priest, bishop and cardinal. They too, will have to follow or choose to ignore the faithful example of Cardinal Burke. I pray that they will have the holy courage to act as real priests of God, whether it be speaking up now, or individually joining the Church history books with St. John Fisher or St. Thomas More.

            May God, continue to bless, California Catholic Daily, for educating readers, by shining a light on the darkness!

  8. Betty Miller says:

    How co you tell our so called Catholic leaders to go to HELL! (they are working so hard to get there)

  9. I watched it on streaming video….and you can still see the archives…….if I heard ‘Community Organizer’ once i heard it 15 times. That was a red flag for me.
    Go to the site: to see for ourselves!!!!!!
    BACKED BY PICO (George Soros and his minions) and THE CATHOLIC CAMPAIGN FOR HUMAN DEVELOPMENT ( I wouldn’t give them a red cent)! They are not truly on the ‘road’ of being Catholic as they should.

  10. Steve Phoenix says:

    Only a few decades ago, who could have imagined a few Catholic bishops, and even an archbishop (so desperate for the red hat from Papa Francesco), dancing in a conga-line on stage with a procession of socialist-operative sock-puppets?

  11. Steve Phoenix says:

    One of the most interesting summaries of the Modesto Conference on World Popular Movements is this, a professionally-done cartoon board showing their objectives:

    Look at this one really well: “Mass Incarceration—Public Prisons—are used as a tool to control us!”

    The American system of justice is apparently a sham to these people: everyone in jail is pure as the wind-driven heroin.

  12. Pope Francisco is a revolutionary fighting for groups of people, such as the option for the poor. Cardinal Trurkson is one of the most powerful Cardinals who wrote the Global Warming Encyclical. The Church should be concerned with the saving of souls of individuals through their God-given free will, not groups.

  13. These Vatican II prelates are enabling Cultural Marxism. The destruction of the family through Gay Marriage, abortion by defending Obamacare, human trafficking by removing borders, creating a parasitic welfare class that live off American workers. The Bishops, Archbishops, Cardinals and our Pope should stick to preventing souls going to Hell.

  14. These US Catholic Bishops Promise to ‘Disrupt’ Trump | The Stream by John Zmirak

    A Cabal of Catholic Leftists

    ‘One highly placed cardinal and 24 US Catholic bishops just endorsed this crackpot manifesto’


    • continued,

      Pope Leo XIII and his successors … solemnly condemned every system of socialism. Let’s give those popes the credit for being prophets: Long before the gulag, and the famines and purges that decimated Russia, China, North Korea and Cambodia, these theologically educated men predicted such disasters. But the popes relied on more than logic;


      • continued,

        they also had the lessons of history, in the form of the crackpot millenarian movements that erupted in late Medieval Europe, composed of outraged peasants and self-appointed messiahs, who began as penitents trying to ward off the plague by scourging themselves and ended as armed mobs that massacred Jews and merchants, creating short-lived tyrannies that tried to abolish liberty, property, and (frequently) the family.

  15. Steve Phoenix says:

    “Muslim terrorism does not exist…” – P. Francis, Letter to the Conference, 2/10/17 (read 2/16-18/17 @ Modesto).

    Meanwhile, Coptic Christians have been forced to flee the N. Sinai peninsula, after 7 Copts have been killed in prior weeks by ISIS militants (2/27 story first in Wall St Journal today):

    In December, 25 Coptic Christians were killed in a suicide bombing in Cairo’s Coptic cathedral. ISIS has claimed responsibility and released a video praising the dead bomber as a true member of Islam.

    “There is no such thing as Muslim terrorism…”

  16. They say they oppose:

    “all forms of human hierarchy.”

    Hey Bishops Turkson, Tobin, Gomez, and MacElroy, throw down your Mitres and Crosiers immediately; please!

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