Long Beach library hosts Drag Queen Story Hour

Appearance of transvestite at Michelle Obama Neighborhood Library generates controversy

“Xochi Mochi” reading to kids at the Long Beach Public Library. (image from Instagram)

A photograph showing a horned drag queen reading a picture book to children at a Long Beach public library event is one of the latest images to generate controversy.

The person shown in the image is Xochi Mochi, who posted the photo on her Instagram account on Saturday afternoon, the same day Long Beach Public Library’s online calendar shows an event called Drag Queen Story Hour was scheduled to have taken place at Michelle Obama Neighborhood Library in North Long Beach.

Commentators in conservative news and social media have since attacked Xochi Mochi’s appearance. World Net Daily on Monday published an article headlined “drag-queen demon reads to kids at Michelle Obama library.” The American Conservative ran a post Tuesday under the words “Children’s story time in Weimer America,” a likely reference to the anything-goes culture prevailing in interwar Germany before the rise of the Nazi Party.

Long Beach Library Services Director Glenda Williams said Tuesday that the city had not hosted a Drag Queen Story Hour prior to this past Saturday’s event. She didn’t say explicitly whether another event of that nature may take place at a Long Beach library branch in the future.

“It’s so important to have representation and normalize all the letters in LGBTQIA+ in everyday lives,” she wrote on Instagram. “I saw so many excited faces it filled my heart with so much joy and hope to come back again soon!”

On Instagram, Xochi Mochi describes herself not as a demon, but as a “Los Angeles based Killer Klown from Outer Space.” That’s a reference to a comedic 1988 movie in which the titular Killer Klowns invade an American town.

Full story at The Press-Telegram.


  1. Prowling the world seeking the ruin of souls

  2. A drag queen in demonic makeup and costume named Xochi Mochi reads to little kids whose parents willingly and freely took them to the event at a library named after Michelle Obama. A more concise depiction of America’s social and moral corruption would be difficult to find. Ten years ago people would have laughed at you for suggesting such a thing, thinking you were being outrageous. Now it’s reality. And if you don’t support it you are labeled a benighted, backwards bigot. Oh, and a hater.

    • I’ll add that ten years ago this scene could have easily been the subject of a Saturday Night Live comedy sketch, with parents expressing dismay about the library’s choice of reader and the librarian’s defense of the whole thing with ridiculous appeals to tolerance and diversity providing the comedic material. Nowadays the cowards at SNL wouldn’t dare to offend the LGBTQWERTY idols by lampooning this patently absurd event.

  3. The worst part, IMHO, are the parents who brought their children to attend this “event.” Shame on them for exposing those young minds to this deviant behavior.

  4. Michael McDermott says

    Un-Civil Education BAMN: By Any Means Necessary
    The rise of uncivil education

    “The poster child for the “you-have-no-right-to-hurt-my-feelings” anti-liberty crowd is one Yvette Felarca, a Berkeley middle school teacher who is also a leader of By Any Means Necessary, a vile and violent left wing cult. The Berkeley Unified School District has amassed a 30 page dossier which chronicles her educational abuses… “ took advantage of non-native English speakers, the records show, persuading them to agree to send their kids to her protests when they didn’t understand the trip was not school-approved.”

    Felarca not only lied about doing all the…

  5. Anonymous 2 says

    What a relief, a drag demon only.

    Thought for a moment it was Hillary Clinton explaining, “What Happened”.

    • Michael McDermott says

      Finally – An accurate picture of what ‘our leaders’ refer to when they discuss the ‘Seamless Garment’ we are supposed to be tolerant of.

      I still remember the pictures of the Drag Queen / twysted syster taking Communion from the Bishop at Holy Redeemer in Sodom by the Sea, another shining example of what is passed as ‘tolerance’ – so long as it trashes Mainstream Catholics and promotes the radical leftist / gender feminist / homosex GILBERT Gaystapo pogrom… which is the seamless thread running through the sham of ‘tolerance’ they constantly harp on.

      BTW – it is “HIS” instagram account.. Wouldn’t want to upset the Pronoun Police now would we?

    • It’s not a demon. It’s a killer clown from outer space. Click the link.

  6. Pure EVIL to corrupt the minds and confuse the hearts of our innocent children in faith and morals. Those responsible for this would be better off tying a milstone around their necks and thrown into the depths of the sea, according to our Lord and recorded in the Gospels. Get the most accurate Roman Catholic Bible and study it: the Douay -Rheims Holy Bible.

  7. Thanks, David Pierre, for the FB post.
    It’s just a man in a costume.
    What books were being read?

    • Michael McDermott says

      “It’s just a man in a costume”

      Well Said & True
      Hopefully the Children see ‘kinky the klown’ as just that – a Man in a Klown Kostume, just like they and many others dress up in for Halloween

      Of course this will Outrage the GILBERT Gaystapo, as their Costumes and Pretenses Must be taken For Real, even when blatantly bogus

      • Your Fellow Catholic says

        It’s just a man in a costume. What’s the big deal? You don’t like Halloween?

        • I love Halloween and am so glad you found a job commensurate with your skill set.

        • Michael McDermott says

          We understand you wear a bogus ‘Costume’ when posting on Cal-Cathoic, but if you expect to have your GILBERT Gaystapo Propaganda be taken as other than a Pretense, quit Pretending and let the readers know Who You Are and What Your Connection (including economic) is to the Catholic Church?

          Or just admit being a homosex gadfly with nothing concrete to offer save an example of what a Homosex Troll acts like, howaboutit muffy?

  8. God’s rainbow has seven colors — red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. The one on the back wall in the picture is a counterfeit. Christians teach your children the difference.

  9. Linda Maria says

    The American Library Association — the ALA– for years, has been very “liberal-leftist”-infested, promoting “free speech,” and anti-censorship!! Many anti-pornography campaigns have been aimed at them, to try to get rid of their many liberal-leftist evils!!

  10. Linda Maria says

    Sorry for the duplicate posts, above– one needs to be eliminated! The computer goofed!!

  11. Linda Maria says

    The public libraries today, have all sorts of books, magazines, newspapers, movies, TV shows, documentaries, recordings, and all types of media, that you could ever possibly imagine –including the most highly-objectionable material, under the sun!! No censorship, no code of ethics, no morality exists!
    “Gay Pride Month” is one big thing, at all the public libraries, too– and nobody cares, about the potential harm to children, youth, and families!! During “Gay Pride Month,” for example, you wil find lectures, books, movies, and all kinds of presentations, to celebrate homosexuality– very offensive!! And a danger to the families, and children, and youth, in your community!!

  12. There should be no “homosexual pride” day or week or month. What is there for which pride is the appropriate expression? The evil of two men having sodomy, of violating God’s own Natural Law; is that it? Instead, there should be homosexual reparations month, where homosexuals publicly repent of their sinful behavior. Little children can be taught that to do these things is an affront to God’s design for Mankind.

    One might even make this a completely non-religious holiday. Say that the State needs men and women to be married, to have children and to be good citizens. Respect those not married, but never to the point of relishing deviant behavior, that is not only unhealthy, but repugnant to basic human values.

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