San Francisco Catholic parish to be site for re-design of Harvey Milk Plaza

Meetings will be held at Most Holy Redeemer parish hall to discuss plans for site named to honor slain gay crusader

Harvey Milk (on right)

The Friends of Harvey Milk Plaza is entering the next phase of the project to re-imagine the space above the Castro Muni station named for the gay slain supervisor and has announced dates for community meetings.

Most Holy Redeemer Church, San Francisco

Last year, the Friends group conducted a design competition, and an architectural team led by Perkins Eastman of San Francisco was announced as the winner and selected as the firm to partner with as the project enters its next phase.

The first meeting will be held Saturday, January 27, from 3 to 4:30 p.m. in the Parish Hall at Most Holy Redeemer Catholic Church, 100 Diamond Street. Additional meetings will be held March 3, and April 7, at the same time and location.

Harvey Milk and Jack Galen McKinley. McKinley first became Milk’s lover when he was sixteen, and Milk was 33. McKinley later committed suicide when he was 33. (

“This is an opportunity of a lifetime to acknowledge Harvey Milk Plaza for the sacred place it is and the role it has played in the history of the LGBT civil rights movement,” Greg Cassin, a longtime AIDS activist, said in a news release from the Friends group, where he volunteers on the steering committee.

The plaza redesign project has been scheduled in tandem with the city’s already-planned accessibility construction that is expected to greatly reduce the expense. The Friends group is in the process of a fundraising effort to secure private donations. A $500,000 donation was received last year from a gay California man.

Full story at Bay Area Reporter.


  1. James Valentini says

    Ok. Can we also raise funds to honor the one million who die in their mothers’ wombs each year in the USA? They, too, are real martyrs.

  2. All approved by Archbishop Cordeleone.

    Harvey Milk was born of Jewish parents in New York.
    As an adult man, Harvey Milk pursued only teenage boys for sex between 15 and 19 years old.
    The Catholic Church hierarchy are so hypocritical.. On the one hand they posture that sex is for married people, men and women only.
    But then they show their true rainbow colors by blessing Harvey Milk.
    Sick clergy everywhere.

  3. This is not an “Infamous” Catholic Church in SF. It is a scandalous church that is allowed to teach anti-Catholic venom.

    Who is responsible for allowing this?????

  4. Howard Grant says

    You don’t have to demolish the plaza to honor Harvey Milk! Many opportunities exist within the current plaza and the Castro station itself to create a more memorable memorial for Milk. It just takes imagination (and a lot less than $10 million!). Check out the Save Harvey Milk Plaza! Facebook page.

  5. Michael McDermott says

    Protect your children from ‘Harvey Milk Gay Day’
    Why is a predator of teens being honored in schools?

    Q: What were Harvey Milk’s values?**
    1. Harvey Milk supported the entire homosexual, bisexual, and cross-dressing agenda
    2. Milk refused to acknowledge sexually transmitted diseases spread by this behavior
    3. Milk was a sexual predator of teenage boys, most of them runaways with drug problems
    4. Milk advocated having multiple sexual relationships at the same time
    5. Milk promoted lying to get ahead

    Whether taught directly or indirectly, these values are wrong to teach to children as acceptable!

    WATCH: The facts about Harvey Milk (3-min)

    California parents, our video will…

  6. Most Holy Redeemer isn’t a Catholic parish. Don’t get me wrong: the sacraments are celebrated validly there. But it’s still not a Catholic parish because Catholic Faith isn’t celebrated nor professed there. You couldn’t get me to set foot in that church for anything. I’ve heard the sign of peace at that place is quite an affectionate and boisterous affair.

    • Yes, it is a Catholic parish. You admit that you have never been there. If you went there, you may find it was as you feared or you may find that it is in need of your prayer.
      I would love to go there. I love to go to any Catholic Church. If I see something amiss, I pray. I invoke the Blessed Mother. I make reparation to the Lord in the tabernacle.
      You cannot falsely state that a Catholic Church is not a Catholic parish simply because you heard gossip about it. And even if every bit of gossip you heard about it is true, it would still be a Catholic parish, just one that needed help.

      • And I suppose you think the National Catholic Reporter is a Catholic newspaper because it claims to be Catholic?

        The hostility of MHR parish to Catholicism is well documented. Try this story for starters from years ago before the legalization of same-sex marriage, which documents that the real, lived religion at MHR is homosexuality, not Catholicism:

        I stand by my claim: MHR is not a Catholic parish, just as the NCR is not a Catholic newspaper.

  7. TheVeiledThreat says

    How can “Harvey Milk” and “sacred” appear in the same sentence??!!

  8. The National Catholic Reporter is not a Catholic newspaper.
    MHR is a legitimately erected parish of a diocese of the Catholic Church. It is a Catholic Church no matter what has transpired there. Bad parishioners and even bad priests do not mean a parish is not Catholic.
    I know what you are trying to say but you are saying it in a way that is not correct.

  9. And the archbishop says nothing?

  10. In 2007 I went to MHR to listen to Bishop Niederauer’s homily. I wanted to know if he would tell the openly gay parish to “go and sin no more”. Instead Niederauer gave two sisters of the perpetual indulgence, in full regalia Holy Communion whose very motto is “go and sin some more”. I did not witness anything Catholic at that parish.

    • Archbishop Niederauer did not know who they were.

      • Wrong Kemosahbe, Niederauer stated he had seen pictures of the sisters of perpetual indulgence but did not recognize them in person. And if you believe that I have some of Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction for sale.

        • Steve Seitz says

          In his defense, I used to know Archbishop Niederauer back before he was bishop. Between this information and what I saw in the video of him distributing communion at MHR, I personally don’t believe he knew they were some of the infamous “sisters.”

    • You saw Holy Communion being distributed but you witnessed nothing Catholic at that parish?????????

    • Thank you for posting the video. You can see that the Archbishop gives a blessing when the communicant approaches. Then the communicant says something to the archbishop and he gives him communion. The video states that both the “sisters” are Catholic. The Archbishop apologized for giving communion to members of a group that mock the Catholic Church.
      The story also says that a group of Catholic men were unhappy with the Archbishop and had gone to the Mass to watch what he did. It sounds from your post that you did that too.

  11. Having second thoughts about the wisdom of demolishing Harvey Milk Plaza and replacing it with street level paving? Check out a new website:

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