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The following appeared in an August 23 story on LifeSiteNews.

Nudity on television is on the rise, and seen by younger eyes than ever, according to a recent study.

Full nudity on television shows rose by 403 percent during the 2011-2012 season from the previous season, according to the Parent Television Council’s study. Whereas in 2010-2011 there were 15 incidents of nudity in 14 shows, this rose the following year to 76 incidents in 37 shows.

The study also found that the traditionally family-friendly hours before 9 p.m. are now showcasing nudity with greater frequency, with 70% of the nude scenes occurring before 9 in 2012, compared to 50% the previous year.

The study also found that out of 76 instances of full nudity during the 2011–2012 study period, only five of those depictions occurred on shows that contained an “S” descriptor alerting parents to the explicit adult content.

The numbers are even more stark when looking at more explicit “full-frontal” nudity. Whereas there was only one instance of full-frontal nudity that occurred during the 2010–2011 study period, by the same time the following year, 64 instances of full-frontal nudity had aired – a 6300% increase….

In a lengthy court dispute between the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and two networks fined for indecency, the U.S. Supreme Court in January upheld the networks’ complaints over specific punishments, but vacated a lower court ruling finding the indecency law unconstitutional. One official said the FCC would immediately address the nearly 1.5 million complaints that had accumulated since the lawsuit put the agency’s operations on hold nine years ago.

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  1. I will never forget when I traveled to Ireland for the first time in 2001. I turned on the TV around 5 PM and as it came on there were 2 completely nude (frontal), male and female on the screen. Nudity on the screen (TV) in Europe is common place, and not just at night. I couldn’t get over it, because I came from America, where there are laws against regular TV nudity. I had been to Europe before and saw things, but never had much time for the TV. There are many beaches in Europe also with nudity and children all in the same space.
    Well p. Obama and his cohorts want the European model of society, and it seems to be coming to our living rooms full force. Now I am not blaming p. Obama for everything, we have had immoral magazines and screen pornography for quite awhile. We have xxxxx rated materials sent out in the mail every day and the child pornography and every other filth all over the internet. Also the sex slave industry has grown a million fold. It is all so appalling and evil, that I wonder why God has not wiped us all off the face of the earth. We are a sex saturated cesspool, and then we wonder why there are so many problems in the world. Again I reiterate Our Lady’s words at Fatima, more souls go to hell because of sins of the flesh.. When does it all end, and how does it all end?? I think we have a very simple 20 minute solution that she, our dear Mother asked for a long while ago,” say the rosary everyday”, but not many have heeded that request. It is so frustrating, because my heart especially aches for the innocent children. She has ask us to consecrate ourselves, our children and our families to her Immaculate Heart, let us do so.

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:

      Yes definitely PRAY the Rosary. Some time ago, I got rid of my TV, a decision I have never been sorry for.

      A good priest once gave a homily in which he told those listening “if you want to save your souls, turn off or even get rid of your TV”.

      My roomates still have TV in their rooms, and what I inadvertently hear on their sets, makes me glad that I threw mine out the door.

      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

    • Our Blessed Mother also requested that the Pope and all the Bishops consecrate RUSSIA to her Immaculate Heart. She didn’t ask for the world to be consecrated, her request was specific — She said RUSSIA. Why hasn’t it been done?

      • what are you talking about?

        this did take place, and russia has, fyi, experienced a rebirth of christian fiath since communism died there.

  2. I quit watching the T.V. shows back in the 90’s as I can’t stand all those commercials and the horrible canned laughter, I only watched CNN and Fox, and now I don’t watch any T.V. at all, only my DVDs. I agree with Carolyn and we should all be doing the Rosary as Our Lady has been constantly telling us to do, Our Lady gave us the Blue Army here in the U.S. (the only official Fatima group that tells the truth about Fatima), and Her Peace Plan is so simple: Pray, Fast and Sacrifice. +JMJ+

    • Good post!

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:


      I had a friend who had been an Undercover Agent in the Communist Party, USA along with his good wife. They told me that they had been assigned to use the media to further their cause and that the Pavlovian canned laughter was a valuable tool in the CPUSA’s arsenal.

      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

  3. The one and only way that will get the American Greed for Money, Ratings etc. is to QUIT THE EXPENSIVE SATTELITE AND CABLE SYSTEMS for their buying their packaged trash and forcing you to help pay for it via “NO CHOICE”. Complain and you are instructed to go to the individual producers which is ridiculous and that they have to buy their shows in batches. People have not discovered just how good the Federal change over to HD type “on the air broadcasting” for nothing except an antenna depending on the distance of the station.

  4. i, too, was shcocked by the nudity i saw in europe, even in newspapers and such, where it had no connection to anything — i mean, why do mean have to be stark naked to sell toothpaste?

  5. djtbyrnes says:

    Bishop Sheen explains the story of Jesus’ encounter with the possessed man in the land of the Gerasenes – we recognize demonic influence when we see 1. division – “we are many”, 2. violence – the breaking of his chains and 3. nudity – he was naked.

  6. It is called it “pushing the envelope.” Many TV networks are trying to see how far they can go in showing nudity and in using foul language, even at the risk of heavy fines, to change our society. Many of these people and groups despise the Judeo-Christian ethic and want to eliminate it from our culture. This is also happening on talk radio. We must protest offensive nudity and language on both TV and radio. If we don’t, it will be considered the norm. One of the reasons that children are using disgusting language in school is that they hear it on prime-time TV and radio and in the lyrics of popular songs and believe it is acceptable. Write letters to TV stations, radio stations and the sponsors and tell them that this is offensive and intolerable and will not be welcomed in our homes.

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:

      They also read it in the “Comics Section”. “For Better or Worse” is now featuring a brother who is shacking up with friend of the mother in this so called comic, and her Dentist husband is all for it.

      I would write a letter to the Editor of the Orange County Register to complain, but those in charge long ago have blackballed anything I write. We can almost bet that certain liberals will be printed often, sometimes even more than weekly!

      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

  7. Very good djtbrynes. I read this somewhere before, thanks for telling it was dear Bishop Sheen. I do wonder if some of these recent bizarre crimes aren’t possession, not ALL drugs. I am going to write this down and keep it in my Bible.

  8. Michael P. says:

    ‘ Got rid of my tv nearly two years ago.
    Really miss sports and some politics like thede Rep Cinvention speeches but wha I don’t see now makes it worth the loss..

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:

      You can chose to see all the Republican Convention on the Internet!

      God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher

      • Mr. Fisher, I was surprised to see Clint Eastwood on the stage there. I associate him with many movies that pushed the envelope on the degradation of morals in the movie industry.

        • k, Thank you for proving an important point. Now you know how many Catholics feel about Cardinal Dolan being on stage for a photo op at the Al Smith Dinner. It does come across as an endorsement of the degradation of morals.

    • I do not understand how Eastwood gets along with the Republican Party’s anti-abortion stance. Thus I wonder what he is up to.

  9. Mbûkû Kanyau Mbithûka says:

    Any wonder I got rid of my TV?

    • I pulled the plug on my TV going on twenty years now. We find old TV sets out in the desert … full of bullet holes (well, along with old washing machines, computers, dolls, toys, and other items of negative sentimental value to various target hounds).

  10. It’s not only the nudity. I was googling up some music fests and one from Norway or Sweden, with the big stage and throngs of people … broad daylight … well, as the band played, a naked couple walked out onto the stage next to them and began full sexual activity. Maybe they broadcast bestiality also, since it is legal in some of those countries.

  11. There is a reason why not many Americans immigrate to Europe.

  12. after reading some of these comments, I once again marvel @ the sheer gullibility of the American people who should really know better. THIS HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR OVER 50 YEARS, but the difference is how ACCELERATED the practice of showing nudity on T.V. and movies has become. Probably six or more movies and series shown on Sundance cable channel, for instance, show these things, and it isn’t because the channel is a paragon of Judeo-Christianity or conservatism, A true believer in uber-liberal progressivism and socialist, wacko environmental causes is the proprietor of Sundance, one Robert Redford.
    One comment by Carolyn, however, really caught my attention, posted 8-30-12 @ 10:34 p.m. “Now I am not blaming p. Obama for everything”……Well, Carolyn, if you had been educated to all the influences bearing on Mr. Obama, you MIGHT be inclined to blame him for MOST of the “everything” in this regard, the prevalence of SO MUCH nudity AND amoral sexuality so extant on the movie and T.V. screens in America. For his PRIME MENTOR for over ten years while he lived in Hawaii, one FRANK MARSHALL DAVIS, Stalinist Communist agent writing for Red papers in both Hawaii and Chicago, was ALSO a pornographer and photographer of nude women for MUCH of his life. It’s described in the new book about Obama,”THE COMMUNIST,” by Paul Kengor, PHD. It’s a stunning book and much needed @ this critical time in our history, if only to promote the removal of Obama from the presidency. Surely, Carolyn, you acknowlege the TOXIC PRESENCE of this man while in the presidency !? GOD BLESS ALL, MARKRITE

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