Hitler at Christmas


shepherdPolice on Sunday were searching for the person or people responsible for vandalizing Nativity scenes at a Catholic church and a home in Huntington Beach.

Someone misspelled “Hail (sic) Hitler” and drew a Hitler mustache on the baby Jesus outside a home in the 16000 block of Woodstock Lane, police said. They also put a Nazi symbol on one of the wisemen likely with a black Sharpie pen.

Homeowner Richard Candlish reported it to police and cleaned up the scene he said he spent a month putting up.

“It probably took less than 15 minutes for someone just to deface all of it,” he said.

The case followed another one in which similar scrawlings were found about three blocks away on a Nativity scene at Saint Bonaventure Catholic Parish. Parishoners called police at 9 a.m. to report the vandalism.

Parishoner Max Periolat, 10, said he was offended.

baby“Who would do such a thing?” he said. “If I saw them I would give them a whopper.”

Police said they were investigating.

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  1. I will bet that this will be another case where Rusty Kennedy and his Orange County Human Relations Commission ignores this hate crime! Their policy seems to be it’s okay if the hate crime is directed against Catholics. Our tax dollars pay for the Orange County Human Relations Commission!

  2. “To the evil, good must seem like evil”, observed Ray Bradbury in Something Wicked This Way Comes. The darkness of hate and hedonism hates the Light.

    Notice what was attacked: the Babe (holy innocence) and the Wise Man (reason in search of Truth). The hateful hedonism of the modern world is frightened of both, lest its darkness be found out.

  3. Start insisting that your elected representatives classify crime against Relgion as HATE CRIMES.

  4. Identifying St. Joseph or the baby Jesus with Hitler is another salvo in the culture wars currently raging not just here but in Europe as well. Demonizing Christ is as old as those days long ago when our Lord was accused of healing by means of Beelzebub, and reminds us that the ultimate target is not the Church but our Lord Himself. It is also a reminder that Christ’s enemies will nevertheless take the high moral ground in any actions committed againt Him by consigning Him and His followers to some place in hell along with Der Fuhrer. Oh how strange, but these are the times we live in and which our Lord promised would come.

  5. Laurette Elsberry says

    The devil never sleeps.

  6. These street waifs, who hate purity and knowledge, commit felonies when they deface private or public property; and when caught, they have to pay for the damage, and incur a felony record and do some time in the dungeon.

  7. Abeca Christian says

    mindless and poor lost souls. This is the reason Jesus died for our sins…so these lost souls can hopefully repent but in the meantime, we must set out some consequences for them, not making it easy for them so hopefully through just consequences, it can lead them to true repentance in Christ…

  8. Abeca Christian says

    Those that feed into their hatred…are ones that have mindless courage to commit these kinds of wrongs.

  9. Annette Dubois says

    Not every bit of mischievous behavior, probably by a juvenile, is demonic or part of the culture war or the beginning of the end of the world! Sometimes it is just something done out of disrespect and/or foolishness. Sometimes it just is what it is and nothing more. Now, take a deep breath and calm down.

    • Abeca Christian says

      why are people in denial? have we watered down sin? This is demonic behavior, humans are capable of doing such things. Yes, but of course since it is cold for Christ, (better to be cold or hot than lukewarm) we can always hope that they can repent but for now, lets call it for what it is….stop all this denial that demonic behavior does not exist or lets stop desensitizing.

      That is why sin is committed more and more so easily because people have watered down the seriousness that it can lead a soul astray.

  10. A sign of the “One True Church” is that it will always be under attack!

    I understand that St. Bonaventure is one of the more orthodox Catholic Churches in the Diocese of Orange.

    God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
    Kenneth M. Fisher

  11. These smear tactics have been going on for decades, only now they are becoming more widespread. It was the Communists who invented them and made these ideas much more popular. In Nazi Germany, the hate publication ‘Der Stuermer,’ along with the SS publication “Das Schwarze Korps’ printed page after page of scurrilous attacks upon the Catholic Church and the clergy, but in Russia, the real persecution of Catholics set in, and after the war, communist propagandists began to equate Roman Catholicism with Nazism, Fascism, and militarism. Their fellow travelers in the states picked up on this argument, and gave it additional boosts. Now, the current attacks described above, well, those responsible appear to be Hitler or Stalin’s proteges. Take your pic They all came out of the same barrel.

  12. Roberta Genini says

    I would like to encourage my fellow Catholics not to go down the path of considering such acts as those described in this article as “hate crimes.”
    It is unfortunate that such a term has found a place in law. These particular acts are defacement of property, and as such should be prosecuted if the culprit is found. Hate is thought, and we cannot prosecute thought or the non-destructive expression of thought, in the spirit of the First Amendment. Please realize that it may not be long before the Catholic Church itself may be under legal attack for the “hate crime” of refusing to acknowledge or bless homosexual unions.

  13. Laurette Elsberry: I believe your statement, “the devil never sleeps,” is logically true, i.e., the devil is a pure spirit, on a higher plane than us in terms of itellect and so on, therefore doesn’t need sleep,etc., but I have a caveat. The late Catholic convert, Clare Booth Luce, once averred the same, “the devil doesn’t sleep” (I’m paraphrasing) EXCEPT in Hollywierd, Calif., where everyone is under so deep control by him, he doesn’t NEED to be awake, he can actually snore his head (if he had one) off, and anyone who peruses much of the Hollywierd “product” knows EXACTLY what she meant. GOD BLESS ALL, MARKRITE

  14. simone_dubois says

    It is hate pure and simple. A hate which can not stand the light. Powers and principalities. It is going to get much worse. Blessed Mother pray for us. Blessed Lord have mercy on us.

  15. The phone number of the Orange County Human Relations Commission is:714.567.7470. Did the homeowner report this to the commission as a hate crime? Did the rector of St. Bonaventure’s report this to the commission as a hate crime? Did anyone in the parish report this to the Commission?

  16. probably some dumb teenagers out to do mischief during CHRISTMAS vacation.

    at our school, they dumped over the trash cans, making a mess.

    • Abeca Christian says

      max dumping trash cans is truly dump but what they did here is a bit more over the top…closer to evil especially when they use words that represent hate.

  17. Government law enforcement will only recognize “hate crimes” as that which is offensive to their favored special interest groups. Thinking people knew that the introduction of such a law (which is technically unConstitutional) was a tool for mischief right from the start. The track record has proven the critics as correct.

    All dictatorships in the past have placed such laws in the books in order to tyrannize their citizens.

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