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Calif. activists want ‘consent’ education in kindergarten


Lara Cooper/Noozhawk photo

Lara Cooper/Noozhawk photo

The following comes from a Dec. 26 story on the website of Campus Reform.

Student activists at California colleges are demanding children as young as kindergarten-age be taught consent education in order to curtail campus sexual assault.

According to a list of three demands from students at University of California, Berkeley; University of California, Santa Barbara; and San Diego State University, the state of California should teach sexual consent to K-12 students.

“We recommend consent education in K­12 [sic]. College is too late for people to learn about bodily autonomy and respect,” the request states.

According to Alejandra Melgoza, Take Back the Night coordinator at UC Santa Barbara, consent education would include teaching students to keep their hands to themselves.

“Concerned parents might think we’re talking about consent in a purely sexual context, when really we’re talking on a day-to-day basis,” Melgoza told The Huffington Post.

“Consent is not just for intercourse,” Meghan Warner, director of Associated Students of the University of California Sexual Assault Commission told HuffPo. “It’s for all aspects of our lives, and people aren’t understanding or being taught that.”

Warner, a UC Berkeley student, explained that the consent education would also cover healthy relationships, verbal harassment, and awareness of others’ space.

“I think kindergarten is too young for that,” Aaron Fulcher, a third-year biological science major at UC Santa Barbara told Campus Reform. “Kids that age shouldn’t be exposed to material like that.”

“A lot of sex ed can be either biased or incorrect, so with that kind of misinformation, it could be pretty damaging to a seven-year-old and their views on sex and relationships later in life,” Fulcher said.

The students also demand that all higher education institutions must meet federal and state requirements, including mandatory consent education with colleges placing holds on registration if students do not participate. The students also demand that all higher education institutions publicly release full data on sexual assault, domestic violence, and stalking reports as well as data on the schools’ investigations, adjudications, and sanctions.

The state of California is the only state to have officially adopted the controversial “yes means yes” consent law for college students although other states have looked into enacting similar affirmative consent policies.

Earlier this month the Department of Justice released a new report on sexual assault which showed that college students are less likely to become victims of sexual assault than non-students. The Bureau of Justice Statistics report also claimed that 6.1 per 1,000 students are victims of sexual assault, debunking the widely quoted 1-in-5 statistic activists previously referenced.

Redefining education for kindergarteners isn’t something new. Professors at the University of Texas at Austin have proposed using picture books to teach racial tolerance to kindergartners in order to avoid “another Ferguson.”

Neither Warner nor Melgoza responded to requests for comment from Campus Reform.

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  1. John Feeney says:

    Why not just change the name of the United States of America to the United States of Sex? That seems to be what this country is now mostly about!

  2. As soon as little Johnny tells a homosexual activist hands off, all hell will break loose. He will be branded as a bigot and a homophobe, the house where he lives will be vandalized, he will get death threats, and he will get expelled from school for being a hater.

    • More immediately damaging: little Johnny will come to suspect that all physical contact is sexual in nature and intent. The ordinary sort of tickling, poking, hand-holding and hugging in which (say) kindergartners are wont to engage will now come under legal scrutiny and suspicion. Much of course needs to be gently stopped as inappropriate, but nearly all springs from a spirit of fun and often the need to comfort or be comforted.
      A couple years back the kindergarten visited my 7th grade class for a Christmas project, and a little boy and girl exchanged a kiss in the middle of the room. This amused my kids and their teacher frowned and said she would speak to them later and notify the parents. What sort of “intervention” would be mandated under this new law, one shudders to imagine?

  3. My sons are involved in cub scouts, and every year there is one meeting about strangers, touching, etc. I keep my sons home since they have heard it all before.

  4. All children should be taught to keep their hands to themselves, regarding non-family members.
    This has nothing to do with sex.
    No one has the right to invaded the space of others without their permission.

    We also need to see the return of censors regarding sexual activity, dress code, and language on TV that comes into everyone’s homes.
    What children see, is what they learn to be acceptable behavior.

    In the 1st grade my brother used to chase the girls on the playground and give them kisses. When the school called my parents, my mother told him that it was germs to kiss anyone who is not a family member. This put a stop to his inappropriate behavior.

    • Joyce:
      Correcting bad behavior with bad information is not a good idea. Better had Mom told him he was not being respectful to his classmates and to the business of school.
      Of course kids need to be told to keep their hands to themselves, but they do not need to have motives not in evidence implied for their actions. Silly six-year-old behavior is not sexual harassment and we have no business loading a label like that on little boys and girls.

  5. Parents have the responsibility to educate their children.
    This is in the CCC, but far too many Bishops and Priests do not encourage the Laity to read the CCC in entirety if at all.

    When parents do not do their jobs, others will step in, and perhaps it may not have the desired results for a Christian family.

    Except for Family members and extended family, people should be taught keep their hands to themselves.
    Where are the parents ?

  6. You’re probably correct, ski ven, which is probably why PP has hired homosexuals to go door to door…people will feel compelled to let them in their homes for fear of being accused of being homophobes (shudder shudder) or bigots. Perhaps cable companies and other vendors will use them as well…think of the endless possibillities! They’ve been suing to be able to donate blood for years on the premise that it is discriminatory not to use HIV infected blood…well, almost, At this rate it won’t be long before the German bishops and cardinals find a way to force the issue in the Church as well. If anyone criticizes our head honcho about his illegal and unconstitutional activities, for example, they’re accused of being racist. Robbers and thugs accuse police of brutality and racism because they are persecuted and even shot when they rob and kill people ; feminists accuse men of being sexist if they talk to them on the street…this persecution biz is certainly working for the nonce.

  7. Michael McDermott says:

    SB 48 by senator Mark “Kiddie Porn King” Leno Forbids Any information that might “Reflect Adversely” on the GILBERT Laundry List of physically harmful pathological disease spreading Behaviors kept hidden under the Gaily Big Tent of ‘happy love’…

    Hidden from Parents paying the costs that is – as the Kids are Chock Full of It as a Gaystapo Recruiting Tool not unlike the Homo-Nazi Propaganda Pogroms of the 1930s – only with a lot better production values and special effects.

    Along with Pederast Icons like Larry Brinkin, Harry Hay, Liberace and of course Harvey Milk – Modern Leaders like Terry Bean of the HRC (arrested for Raping a 15 year old boy) are Celebrated despite being some of the most Media Censored Rapists in the Nation – but then none of them is a Catholic Priest or ‘Down Low’ president.

    The Official Teaching of UC-BS is that “Gang Rape Represents Normal Male Sexuality, the Abuse of Womyn for Fun.”

    Which is why their Published Recommendation from the Student Newspaper for dealing with (non-Homo-Anal) Males to:

    “Cut Open My Head, Drag Out the Pig, and Butcher It.” (UCSB Daily Nexus)

    Daring to Publicly Dissent from these ‘teachings’ results in the 900 Lb Mozilla Gaystapo Gorilla ‘tolerance’ treatment – as an example to others that Pander or Perish really is the ‘gospel of the Gaystapo

  8. juergensen says:

    Ban sodomites from getting anywhere near children and child sex abuse will drop by 33% or more.


  9. My question is, “What do they mean by sexual consent?”

    All children and young people need to learn to be ladies and gentlemen and not put their hands on each other’s bodies unnecessarily, especially the private areas. As far as I know this has always been taught in both public and private schools. Of course, common sense needs to be used and a child giving a girl or boy a kiss on the cheek is not harassment unless it continues after the perpetrator has been warned. This applies to same sex harassment too. Plain and simple — do not blow the situation out of proportion but do not ignore it either. And girls do harass boys, too.

    There also needs to be a dress codes for boys and girls AND for school employees. Some clothing sends the wrong message. All in the school should dress properly and modestly for the situation and weather.

  10. Michael McDermott says:

    I still have newspaper clippings from the original ‘Take Back the PsychoDyke Night’ Mau Mau Marches storming out of UC-BS (UC Goleta)

    It was typical Twysted Syster Lunacy with a heavy dose of Male Bashing –

    They originally Demanded that Men Must Walk 3 Paces Behind any Womyn they were accompanying (in abject shameful ‘solidarity) as a sign of PsychoDyke Leadership in promoting Rage against the Hated Hetero-Pigs; who they were ostensibly taking back the night from)

    The problem was that those ‘self loathing male feminists – Who were walking 3 Paces Behind the Womyn leading them…

    Also appeared to be walking In Front of other Twysted Systers (whether accompanied by their own stooges or not)
    – and thus you couldn’t actually tell who was walking behind whom as an act of shame for being born a Pig.

    BTW – the UCBS Newspaper (Daily Nexus) ran stories with pictures of caucasian males with pigs growing out of their foreheads – and ‘tolerant’ captions saying:

    “I Am a Lying Sexist, Cut Open My Head, Drag Out the Pig, and Butcher It!”
    Just in case anybody failed to get the Official Policy of UC-BS that:
    “Gang Rape represents Normal Male Sexuality – The Abuse of Womyn for Fun.”

    “Men told not to rain on parade Unity key to Dyke March / 50,000 expected at S.F. Dyke March 50,000 expected — MEN NOT ADVSED.


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