God frozen out of Disney

o-FROZEN-MOVIE-facebookThe following comes from an Apr. 27 story in the Times of Israel.

The award-winning duo behind the Frozen soundtrack say Disney only made them let go of one concept when writing the movie’s hit songs: God.

Speaking to NPR, Kristen Anderson Lopez, who together with her husband Robert Lopez wrote the Oscar-winning song “Let It Go,” said that putting religion into movies is a no-go for Disney brass.

“One of the only places you have to draw the line at Disney is with religious things, the word God,” she told Terry Gross on the Fresh Air program.

Before penning the songs for Frozen, Lopez was best known as co-creator of Broadway musical The Book of Mormon, which lampoons Mormonism, religion and Disney.

However he said Disney had no issue with bringing him on after that.

“I don’t think Disney has any problem with employing people who have, you know, done off color stuff in the past,” he said.

The animated movie Frozen, which tells the tale of a fearless princess on a quest to find her sister, has already drawn fire from conservative Christians for allegedly employing “pro-gay propaganda.

The song “Let it Go,” in particular was singled out by a writer for showing the lead character “coming out,” by “celebrating her acceptance of her true identity.”

The movie brought in over $1.1 billion worldwide, making it the highest grossing animated movie of all time.

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  1. Father Karl says:

    Growing up in Southern California, Disneyland always had a Catholic School appreciation day which catered to the parochial schools. It was great seeing all of us Catholic school children there with our teachers, and principals, who were nuns dressed in their traditional habit. Well, the nuns are gone, the schools are disappearing, and Disney has been dead since the 1960’s. Much has happened to the Disney empire. It is no longer Catholic or God oriented (even though “GOD” was never mentioned in a film, but the concept was). In Mary Poppins, Julie Andrews sings a song about feeding the birds, and the saints and apostles smile down on the old lady selling her bread crumbs. With the homosexual crowd to please and cater to, the new Disney has no time for traditional values with the trash they spew out on Touchstone Pictures, and the snub that is now given to religion. Without God in daily life, things will fail, and sooner or later this will happen to the Disney mega empire.

    • Your Fellow Catholic says:

      Father Karl, I would love to hear your exegesis of what is probably the most famous Disney piece of all, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Much as I love that short, I cannot find a spiritually redeeming theme in it. Seems utterly demonic to me.

    • Now Disney has “gay days”.

    • Richard Raymond says:

      I don’t know how old you are, I was born in Alhambra in 1948. Thanks for helping me to remember how different a country this was in the 1950’s. With the vast comphrensive change in so short a span of time it’s hard to keep up with just how much it has changed.

    • Here’s what I am doing. I AND MY FAMILY ARE SNUBBING DISNEY!! I decided that we would all in my family boycott Disney movies, all Disney toys and promotions, and all Disney theme parks. I decided I would do this when they decided to withhold funding from the Boy Scouts. I know this will not hurt them because people like us usually blow steam but never take action. That’s why we are a secular nation now. We all sat around while this cancer consumed us. BOYCOTTS DO WORK!!

  2. Maybe “mother nature” will intervene padre karl…yuh never know

  3. Abeca Christian says:

    This is the first time I heard of this. Wow how does one conclude all those things from that cartoon movie. I don’t get it, call me naive. I saw the movie and thought it was cute because it just magnified the love a sister had for her sister. How does one draw a “gay” hidden agenda about it? I didn’t, I can draw from that the sister probably could of had ADD or have autism and people still love their siblings with special needs. We can combat it by changing any malice coming from it. I liked the movie and thought it was cute. Not perfect could have had some improvements but what do we expect from secular cartoons.

    • Kenneth M. Fisher says:

      But now you have sort speak from the “Horses Mouth”! Boycott everything Disney. I have friends who personally knew Disney, and from what they have told me about him, if he came back, “Heads would roll”!
      May God have mercy on an amoral Amerika!
      Viva Cristo Rey!
      Yours in Their Hearts,
      Kenneth M. Fisher, Founding Director
      Concerned Roman Catholics of America, Inc

  4. Michael McDermott says:

    Hollyweird does Not have a ‘gay mafia” – just ask former mogul Michael Ovitz, who profusely apologized for having dared speak of it, and still got whacked – movie style. Disney is just another profit center, and Walt a faded memory:

    The homosexual movement’s push for adult-child sex
    BY MATT BARBER 4-28-14

    Shocking allegations by former child actor Michael Egan against openly “gay” “X-Men” director and producer Bryan Singer have stunned Hollywood into relative silence.
    I say “relative silence” because, unless he’s a Catholic priest, the relativist left’s false narrative is that a “gay” man is always the victim and never the victimizer.

    Nonetheless, this latest episode has once again shined the spotlight on the long-established link between the homosexual lifestyle/movement and pedophilia – a link that, despite “progressive” denials to the contrary, is hiding in plain sight.

    Egan has filed suit against Singer and several other high-profile Hollywood figures for homosexually assaulting him and other boys repeatedly at several “‘infamous‘ coke and twink pool parties” back when Egan was 15 and Singer was 32. (In the “LGBT” vernacular “twinks,” also called “chicken,” are highly sought-after underage boys used for sex by adult “gay” men.)

    Egan’s claims eerily mirror those of former child actor Corey Feldman who similarly alleged last year that such homosexual abuse is rampant, even systemic, in Hollywood.


    • Adult “gay” men should be monitored very closely by the authorities…for good reason…many “gay” men are ravenous chickenhawk’s…this is part and parcel for being a “tinkerbell”… they are all steeped in degeneracy…filth merchants…who indulge in perversion’s that would make the Marquis De Sade blush…

  5. I don’t see why a secular company wanting to keep God out of a project intended for a mass (and secular audience) is a scandal.

    Start talking about God, and SOME people are going to instantly dislike your movie because you get “God” wrong according to their beliefs. If God is not integral to a particular plot, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with avoiding offending potential audience members.

    Abeca thought the movie was “cute”. Isn’t that enough?

    I get a bit cynical when someone screams how everything fails without God. Often , such individuals are clergy of some kind. More people buying into religion inflates their importance. Or, they are “devout” laity who perceive themselves high up the totem pole of religious followers. If a non-Christian picks up this ego-driven agenda, you repel rather than bring them to God.

    Many times such protestations seem incompatible with the teaching that atheists can win salvation by hear ng the voice of God through natural law—they just don’t know they’re hearing God. We need to be careful, so that such people do not feel we’re dismissing them as evil. Such a person will consider you a liar—and you will have lost any chance to make them aware of God.
    Many so called agnostics, or “atheists” still have a sense of morality that extends beyond their self interest.

    We need to nurture, rather than douse, this flame. Forcing them into a subordinate position within a worldly hierarchy is the way of Satan.

    • Anonymous 2 says:

      JonJ, what do you do to personally and very specifically do to bring people to God ?
      We are all called to evangelize.

      In addition do you personally encourage your Diocese Bishop to actively encourage Laity to read the Bible and the “Catechism of the Catholic Church, Second Edition” at home by prominently placing this on their Diocese web site? Parish Pastors on their parish web sites and Sunday bulletins?
      If not, why not ?
      “….. let us ask ourselves if we have actually taken a few steps to get to know Christ and the truths of faith more, by reading and meditating on the Scriptures, studying the Catechism, steadily approaching the Sacraments.” Pope Francis, May 15, 2013.
      How can the Laity pass on to their children and others what they do not know accurately themselves?
      Do you think “God” should be kept out of the public square?

      Mt 10:32-33; Mt 28:19-20; Lk 12:8-9; Jn 14:12 – from the mouth of Jesus.

      “….the CATECHISM has raised throughout the world, even among non-Christians, and confirms its purpose of being presented as a full, complete exposition of Catholic doctrine, enabling everyone to know what the Church professes, celebrates, lives, and prays in her daily life.” – Pope John Paul II (CCC pg xiv)

      • Anon, you sound like a fundamentalist, and I believe religious fundamentalism is fundamentally the incorrect approach—no matter the stripe.

        Fundamentalism emphasizes obedience to a concrete set of rules. The problem with this approach is obedience becomes the end instead of the “beginning of wisdom”.

        Christ’s ministry clearly showed he wanted something much more than obedience. Instead, Christ wanted us to become so much like him, that our choices become what he would do in our position, with our limited knowledge, and with our human limitations. Not out of “obedience” to some “rules” but because that is who we have become.

        Obedience suggests conflict between our will and God’s will.

        Obviously, all of us fail this standard. But, this is, I think, what we should strive for.

        The problems with evangelizing start when we attempt to use coercive means to achieve “success”. Worldly force comes in many stripes. First we have the brute force at the point of the sword. Then we have worldly penalties—or worldly rewards. Lower than that, we have coercive force like ridicule and social rejection.

        Seems to me the whole point of Christ’s life choices was to show that we are to use persuasion so that others are free to choose God. Use force, and you get nothing but “obedience”.

        • Duncan, the man himself says:

          Jon J’s logic would have you believe that the literal interpretation of the 10 Commandments’s, is also a form of “fundamentalism”…wrong as usual JonJ…that type of thinking is not only patently wrong and incongruent with our faith as Catholic’s, it could lead a person down a slippery slope to “heresy”…now we don’t want anymore of that, now do we JonJ?….

  6. Michael McDermott says:

    And the Beat Goes On, and On, and On – but Only Against Catholics in the bought and paid for ‘free press’…
    – Who turn both blind eyes away from Hollyweird when the ‘reality show’ behind the glitter and glam gets a bit too much exposure, kind of like a ‘wardrobe malfunction’ only ‘Happier’:

    ‘Dozens and Dozens’ of Hollywood Sex Assault Victims Coming Forward, Lawyer Says
    The lawyer suing X-Men director Bryan Singer and other Hollywood power players for sexual assault says he has heard from “dozens and dozens and dozens of victims” alleging sexual assault and abuse by other “big names” in the movie industry.

    “They are ready to come forward,” said the controversial Florida-based attorney Jeff Herman. “It cuts across all of Hollywood: studios, agents, directors, producers, and actors.”


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