Gay-friendly texts approved for California elementary schools

State board of education gives nod to 10 LGBT-inclusive history textbooks for students in grades K-8


Children in California will be learning to identify historical personages by their sexuality.

The Advocate reported that the California state board of education approved “10 LGBT-inclusive history textbooks” for elementary school students in grades K-8 last week.

It also rejected two textbooks on the grounds that they did not include “LGBT history.” The exclusion of LGBT history violates California’s FAIR Education Act.

When the LGBT History Bill was presented, there was opposition from traditional family organizations. Candi Cushman of Focus on the Family told LifeSiteNews that the Bill was unnecessary because “California has some of the most pro-active laws in the nation in this regard already on the books.”

Cushman added, “The appropriate emphasis in history books and social science books is to honor people because of their contributions. It just seems kind of crazy to be promoting them based on their political or sexual identity. You wouldn’t want to leave people out based on that, but neither do you want to base the entire reason that they’re included in history on sexual identity. It should be based on their historical contributions.”

Full story at LifeSiteNews.


  1. Reminds me of the Nazis brain-washing the innocent German children in WW2 to turn them against their parents and virtues taught to them. The Nazis were socialists you know! Historical documents prove it.
    Checkout the meaning of their name
    Don’t be fooled by todays socialists in our school boards, systems, and teachers too!

    • Michael McDermott says:

      The strange, strange story of ‘gay fascism’ deniers
      There has been an article floating around the Internet for a long time by a self-described “gay left-wing man” named Johann Hari, a columnist for the London Independent. The article is titled “The Strange, Strange Story of the Gay Fascists,” and you can read it for yourself at the vehemently pro-“gay” Huffington Post website. It contains the remarkably forthright admission that homosexuality and fascism have always gone hand in hand. Hari writes:

      “The twisted truth is that gay men have been at the heart of every major fascist movement that ever was – including the gay-gassing, homocidal Third Reich. With…

    • Linda Maria says:

      Communists, socialists, Nazis, and those in power of similar ideologies, have all tried to destroy Christianity in the nations which they control. But Christ and His teachings will survive, anyway– and triumph over everything! Western medical science needs HONESTY and INTEGRITY— and to call a spade a sapde! “LGBT” issues are not normal, they are disorders, illnesses, disabilities! God made two sexes, in Mother Nature– Male and Female– and sexuality is designed by God, to produce babies!! Unnatural abuses of Mother Nature, in committing pervert sex acts– is wrong!! Mortal Sin, in Christ’s teachings! The U.S. education system is TOTALLY CORRUPT– but God will have the final say!!

  2. History texts should include Sodom and Gomorrah.

  3. Not in my classroom they ain’t.

  4. Michael McDermott says:

    The political snowstorm is about to turn in to an avalanche, with Children, Parents & Teachers being Targeted by the GILBERT Gaystapo

    Now that the Jail Time 4 Thought Crime ‘Pronoun Police Pogrom’ is Law these ‘educational’ Propaganda scams will have the Power to Imprison persons of conscience who do not want their Children Indoctrinated

    MassResistance speakers expose harsh reality of the “gay” agenda at local Texas pro-family conference.
    What you’re not being told about the LGBT movement’s lies.

    How LGBT “training” is getting into your elementary schools & libraries!

  5. “But he that shall scandalize one of these little ones that believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone should be hanged about his neck, and that he should be drowned in the depth of the sea.”

  6. Michael McDermott says:

    The most disturbing aspect of the Tranny Scam is Targeting of Children, which so many see as a ‘sacred cause’ and will turn Violent to Silence Any Dissent
    The article by Walt Heyer and the links in it provide telling information about the Pogrom

    While Three Transgenders Celebrate Election Victories, Detransitioners Tell A Different Story

    In the ten years I have been interviewing and working with transgender people who regret their transitions, I have found, to my amazement, one common thread in the stories of all. Each has some form of unresolved childhood pain that contributed to the onset of gender dysphoria…

    • Michael McDermott says:

      …Most are deeply depressed
      Rene Jax had gender-change surgery from male-to-female (MTF) in 1980
      He broke barriers when he became the first openly trans police officer in San Francisco
      Now this history-maker has written a book, “Don’t Get On the Plane: Why a Sex Change Will Ruin Your Life,” in which he uses his experience to show the dangerous outcomes that result when government and medicine use political correctness instead of science as a guide.

  7. State sponsored grooming.

  8. Michael McDermott says:

    Dr. Cretella on Transgenderism: A Mental Illness Is Not a Civil Right

    John Ritchie: You’ve stated that the transgender ideology is responsible for large-scale child abuse. Could you please explain why you call it child abuse?

    Dr. Cretella: Essentially, transgender ideology holds that people can be born into the wrong body: It’s simply not true. We can demonstrate this by looking at twin studies. No one is born in the wrong body. So to take that lie and essentially indoctrinate all of our children from preschool forward with that lie, we are destroying their ability for reality testing

    This is cognitive and psychological abuse. I want to say…

  9. Michael McDermott says:

    This happened most recently in Rocklin, California…

    The next story the teacher read was I Am Jazz, which is about a boy whose parents helped him impersonate a girl from the age of three. He’s 17 now, has his own television program and looks like a girl from the waist up
    After these two stories were finished, a boy (I’ll call him Joey) left the classroom, presumably to use the bathroom and came back in a dress. The teacher said: “Boys and girls, Joey is actually a girl just like Jazz. From now on we need to call her Josephine” (again I’m making the names up). This was very confusing to the other children in kindergarten and it terrified one girl in particular, which was clear from something that happened when she was home with…

  10. Michael McDermott says:

    Now, I know this because the mother called me. As the president of the College of Pediatricians I’ve been outspoken and parents reach out to me. This mother is being told that she is the one who’s crazy and that her daughter is the one who’s having a problematic reaction.

    So transgender ideology — yes, it’s child abuse because we are gaslighting our children
    And now that they’re thoroughly confused they will think that they really are the opposite sex and will be sent down a medical pathway As they approach puberty, they will be put on puberty blockers and then on cross-sex hormones That combination will permanently sterilize most, if not all, of those children and also puts them at risk for heart disease, diabetes, and…

  11. It’s a crime against children. Plenty if millstones waiting for those responsible for it.

  12. So called sex-change operations are just mutilations. If the person is born, I repet is born, with ambiguous sex organs, they certainly have the right to corrective surgery. Nevertheless, it is hard and painful just to reconstruct the body for the loss of normal body parts do to cancers and accidents, even using excellent surgeons. I can only imagine the bodily pain that will eventually come from mutilating it in so-called sex change operations. DON”T DO IT.

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