Evidence of the American Holocaust–part 6

From the LA Times

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After three and a half years of legal wrangling, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors in August, 1985 ordered the 16,433 mangled babies’ bodies found in Woodland Hills in 1982 to be turned over to the Guerra-Gutirrez-Alexander Mortuary for burial. Per the court’s order, the mortuary was selected because they didn’t have a religious affiliation.

Placing babies in one of the caskets

Placing babies in one of the caskets

To comply with the court order that the identity of the mothers, babies and abortionists be concealed, the Los Angeles County health department ordered the bodies to be dumped in bulk out of the individual containers into six coffin-sized plywood boxes lined with plastic. The department assured the ACLU that there would be no containers with identifying marks. While the ACLU would not object, the Feminist Women’s Health Center petitioned the Los Angeles Superior Court to block the burial, but the courts refused.

The largest babies were carefully placed inside.  The smaller bodies were finally placed within each box until all six coffins were filled.  The weight of each of the six boxes containing the 16 thousand babies’ bodies was so heavy that six adult men were needed to carry each of these six coffins.

On Sunday afternoon, October 6, 1985 six grey hearses carrying the coffins arrived at the Odd Fellows Cemetery  in Boyle Heights.  The non-denominational Odd Fellows Cemetery was chosen after pro-abortionists importuned the courts to block burial in a Catholic or other religion affiliated cemeteries, which had offered burial spaces.




Hundreds of people attended, including county supervisor Michael Antonovich, who read a eulogy from Ronald Reagan. Reagan’s message stated “Just as the terrible toll of Gettysburg can be traced to a tragic decision of a divided Supreme Court, so also can these deaths we mourn. Once again a whole category of human beings has been ruled outside the protection of the law by a court ruling which clashed with our deepest moral convictions.”

(Reagan had written a letter in May, 1982 encouraging a memorial for the 16 thousand babies. White House counsel – now Supreme Court chief justice – John Roberts wanted this letter to be kept private. But the letter was published widely, including in the American Holocaust brochure.)


Others in attendance were Representative Bob Dornan, state Senate President David Roberti, and state Representative Joseph Montoya. Archbishop Roger Mahony was unavailable to attend, but auxiliary bishop John Ward attended and blessed the graves and bodies. Hank Stolk, the employee who was the Martin Container company employee involved in discovering the 16,433 bodies, also gave a testimonial.

This was the largest known cemetery burial of human bodies in history.










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  1. Esther Marie Ventura Ferencz says:

    So sad…yet so many in this land do NOT GIVE ONE DAMN~~ ya see, They are as Germans during the war,,,Going their merry way,,,God will have HIS way w,them, and all of us.

  2. Larry from RI says:

    This was the largest known cemetery burial of human bodies in history.

    The American Holocaust is US policy per the Supreme Court of the US.

    Slavery was US policy per the Supreme Court of the US.

    US Congress said nothing and did nothing.

  3. There is a special place in hell for these faces of the Holocaust.

  4. I lived in Los Angeles during this time and will never forget the political tension. The abortion industry was overwhelmed with fear that the American public might see the holocaust. Only California Catholic has the guts to finally put forward the evidence that abortionists, population controllers, and yes, compromised clergy, would prefer we never saw.

    Thank you for giving us the evidence.

  5. Maryanne Leonard says:

    What single duty could have been more important than the laying to rest of 16,000 human babies, each of whom had souls, many of whom would have been Catholic schoolchildren, some of whom would have become priests, nuns, mothers, fathers, great surgeons, tender songwriters, oh, I can’t go on. I am so glad that Roger Mahoney has retired. I am writing this while blinking, blinking, blinking, but I still cannot see through wet eyes. God rest the souls of those 16,000 inconvenient children. Let us pray for God’s forgiveness for all 16,000 murderers and their 16,000 partners in crime, and all the 64,000 grandparents whose losses are profound.

  6. Thank you California Catholic Daily for recording this for history. Never forget.

  7. Kenneth M. Fisher says:

    Pro Life Bob Dornan was replace through voter fraud (sound familiar) with “Catholic” Loretta Sanchez Brixey. She is still in Office largely because of the “Catholic” Hispanic votes!

    I can personally first hand witness to the voter fraud!

    May God have mercy on America!

    Viva Cristo Rey!

  8. Shades of the nazi holocaust! When the 16,000 plus bodies of preborn babes buried in Odd Fellows cemetery are added in to the latest totals of abortion murder victims in Amerika, which should include the hundreds of thousands killed in California and New York pre Roe V Wade, the unbelievably gruesome total should be in excess of 100,000,000 (abortifacient contraception MUST be factored in as well, and also “Ella” abortion pills that were used)!! So Amerika has a horrific collective guilt complex that it largely will NOT officially recognize, and WELL IT SHOULD RECOGNIZE IT. And these bogus Conservative Amerikan politicians should be SHOUTING THIS FACT FROM THE HOUSETOPS! THE ONLY ONE OFF THE TOP OF MY HEAD WHO WOULD, IF HE HASN’T DONE IT ALREADY, IS CHRIS SMITH, REPUBLICAN REPRESENTATIVE FROM NEW JERSEY. However, to his credit, Ron Paul is one of the few presidential candidates, along with Rep. Chris Smith, who personally appreared at the 2010 Pro-Life March on Washington, AND PUBLICLY DECRIED THE AMERIKAN HOLOCAUST.
    We’ve got a whole lot to answer for as the “land of the free and home of the brave.” A disturbing thought pops into my head: Nazi Germany killed 6,000,000 Jews as their “final solution” to their delusional national issues; what is Amerika’s excuse for descending to such a depraved depth? To certify that we would stand by our Supreme Court decision 1n 1973, handed down in an aura of evil confusion and intense radical feminist pressure to ratify so-called “freedom of choice ?” A LOT TO ANSWER FOR INDEED! VIVA CRISTO REY! and GOD BLESS ALL, MARKRITE

  9. The late Bishop John Ward was a good bishop, unlike most of the others today.

  10. Walter Welborn says:

    What happens to the almost 4000 babies killed in the US by the mother each day, permitted by USA Law in the name of Abortion ? Once was this not called Murder ? God Loves us ? JMJ

  11. I recall a similar burial in Chicago with Joe Scheilder et al about the same time. It was super sad, tear jeriking.
    May their souls rest in peace and their mothers seek forgiveness. They HAD to know what they were doing, try as they could to cover their thoughts and emotions.

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