Embattled pastoral associate at San Diego parish submits resignation

Aaron Bianco, who had been the target of criticism for his apparent homosexual lifestyle and support for gay causes, submitted his resignation to Bishop Robert McElroy on Oct. 18

Aaron Bianco in front of St. John the Evangelist Parish in San Diego. (NCR photo/Dan Morris-Young)

The pastoral associate of a San Diego parish in the heart of the city’s well-known gay-friendly Hillcrest neighborhood has submitted his resignation “out of fear for my family and myself.”

In an Oct. 19 email to friends and associates, Aaron Bianco, who submitted his resignation to Bishop Robert McElroy, said he had “endured physical and emotional violence from groups like Church Militant and LifeSite News for the past year and a half.” The harassment included slashed tires, death threats, attacks outside Mass, and “hundreds of letters, phone calls and emails.”

The harassment increased “to another level” overnight Oct. 14-15, he added, when assailants “broke into the office/rectory” of St. John the Evangelist Parish “and spray-painted ‘no fags’ on the conference room wall.”

The “final straw,” he said, was an Oct. 17 internet posting of “pictures my family, including a photo of my deceased mother” and revealing “where I live.”

Headlined “Bp. McElroy Defends Diocesan Employee in Same-Sex ‘Marriage,’ ” a Lepanto Institute-generated narrative was posted Oct. 17 on its website and also carried online by LifeSiteNews.

The account focused largely on “Bianco’s pro-homosexual activism,” Bianco’s “sodomitical ‘marriage,’ ” and McElroy’s support for Bianco and LGBT ministry.

McElroy and Bianco have been the target of a previous LifeSiteNews article.

Both the FBI and the San Diego Police Department are investigating the St. John the Evangelist break-in.

In an Oct. 17 media statement about “the vandalism at the parish St. John the Evangelist in Hillcrest and the social media attacks against one of its staff members,” McElroy condemned the vandalism as “vile and reprehensible” and pledged “solidarity with the staff and community of St. John’s Parish at this moment.”

“The hatred that lies behind them constitutes a dark and vicious corner in the life of our Church that every member of the Catholic community must reject,” he stated.

Bianco’s email reported he had submitted his resignation during an Oct. 18 meeting with McElroy.

“He has always stood behind me 100%,” he added. “I am always thankful for his steadfastness to keeping the LGBT Ministry going at St. John’s, even though he also has been disparaged by these hate groups.”

Bianco emailed that he plans to address the parish community this Sunday at the 6 p.m. Mass, his only planned public appearance before his resignation takes effect Oct. 31.

Writing that he “will not back down from confronting such evil in our Church,” Bianco said he intends “to work on a larger scale to make sure groups like this do not make their way into the lives of everyday Catholics.”

Meanwhile, the San Diego Diocese has been in the midst of eight “listening sessions” with McElroy about the church sexual abuse crisis, the sessions staged across the see of 1.3 million Catholics that runs the length of California’s border with Mexico.

According to multiple sources, questions about a homosexual man in a same-sex marriage being a primary administrator at a diocesan parish were raised at all the gatherings.

At the seventh session on Oct. 18 at St. Gabriel Parish in Poway, McElroy received a scattering of boos when he said, “If the church eliminated all the employees who are not living out the teachings of the church in its fullness, we would be employing only angels.”

More than 300 attended the Poway session, packing the parish hall. Each of the meetings has drawn overflow crowds.

At nearly every meeting, security personnel have had to escort someone from the room for disruptive behavior.

At Poway, a man was forcibly removed after he stood and began shouting questions at McElroy. Crowd noise drowned the questions.

Full story at National Catholic Reporter.


  1. Destroying the Catholic Family as instituted by Jesus is one of the goals of Cultural Marxists. They understand that they need to control institutions. Instead of Proletariat versus Bourgesie, it is now about Gay against normal, woman against man, illegal migrants against citizens, Globalism against country, euthanasia against life, Global Warming against wealth, and so on. Archbishop McElroy had a seat reserved by the Vatican leadership even before San Diego became available, according to the Testimony of Archbishop Viganò.

  2. Vandalism against Church property and physical or emotional threats against an individual or family are, in my opinion, ‘over the line’. Perhaps the vandalism is a federal hate crime.
    Protest against the employee and the Bishop, in a peaceful manner.

    • The better question to ask:

      Was the vandalism perpetrated by one of Aaron Bianco’s sympathazires? Even more, by the LGBT lobby itself so as to make Bianco as a martyr for the LGBT agenda?

      • Sienna Sam says:

        It wouldn’t be the first time that something like this was actually “staged” or at least planned by a purported victim in order to get sympathy, or at least cast the opposition in a negative light.

        The same goes also to the those who want to portray Aaron Bianco as the “poster-child for those who deny the Catechism’s teaching that same sex attraction and practices are “inherently disordered.”

      • Anonymous says:

        Why would they do that? Why don’t you ask the real question: Why isn’t Church Militant and Life Site News and CCD condmening WHOEVER did this, regardless of their motivations? It is illegal, it is condemned by the catechism, it is condemned by the local ordinary.

      • Let’s see. Jesus said Those without sin shall cast the first stone! Jesus spent His entire life in the company of 12 Men and one prostitute~ Maybe you self righteous should speak out against that!

        • No accusations were made.

          All that was done was posing a reasonable question.

          • Anonymous says:

            Hardly a reasonable question, Carpoli. When your child comes to you when he was beaten up at school by bullies, do you turn around and ask him, “Did you do this to yourself so you’d get ice cream tonight?” What compassionate human being asks that?

        • Do not twist the Gospels to fit your agenda. Jesus did not spend his life with “one prostitute”. Mary Magdalene, it that is who you are referring to, was a repentant sinner, who TURNED AWAY FROM SINFUL LIFE, after Jesus excorcized 7 demons out of her, and followed Jesus as one of His most failthful followers.As opposed to Mr, Bianco who continues to live sinful life, and wants to spread his poison in the Church. With the blessings of McElroy.

        • Frank Johnson says:

          I assume that you are (wink-wink) accusing Jesus of having homosexual relations with the twelve Apostles?

        • Euthyphro says:

          you forgot the part about Jesus saying to the woman, neither do I condemn you…Go and sin no more (John 8:11). Maybe you know-it-all should remember the Church’s teaching about the sin of homosexuality, and the call to avoid sin. Anyone living a life open defiance to Church teaching should not be in a leadership role in the Church….simple

          • No condemnations made. There habe been other instances of “staging” things like this to draw attention

          • Carpoli, if you have no evidence that the attacks were staged by LGBT people, then you shouldn’t blame the victim. It’s really bad form. It’s also calumny, which is a sin.

        • John F. there is no evidence that the Lord Jesus spent time with a prostitute alone. The Bible clearly teaches that He was without sin and kept ALL the Commandments, including the ones against sexual sins .He and the Apostle even kept Kosher as the Bible clearly states that they separated the good and bad fish in their nets, and threw back the bad Only after St.Paul had the vision of the resurrected Christ was non Kosher food allowed.

        • Mchicha Wacheza says:

          Jesus spent only three years in the company of sinners, and 30 years in the company of his most holy mother, and her most chaste spouse St. Joseph.

          By the way, Mary Magdalene is not ‘a prostitute’ but a Saint

      • My thoughts exactly. I think they “staged” it. Catholics adhering to Church teachings, speak out against pro-LGBT, watering down of the Jesus’ teachings, would never vandalize.

  3. The bishop would not really want hire angels since they would make sure that he,the bishop, no longer held membership in the clergy

  4. I am betting that the Bishop is glad that he is gone.
    He was drawing way too much heat . Bishops do not like heat. (especially this Bishop)
    No Bishop will not go to the mat over the LGBTQIACRAPOLA agenda. They get nothing out of it except a headache.

    And how did the pics of your “family” and your deceased Mother get into someone’s hands anyway? Did you post them publicly at one time, on the internet? If you did, then they are public.

    And as far as finding someone’s home address: In case you never noticed, it is very easy to locate someone.

  5. One cannot be in a same sex so-called marriage and pretend to be a follower of the faith. He has rejected the Church’s moral teachings and has found himself a new job with an anti-Catholic group that will embrace his sin without comment. Too bad because his soul is in mortal danger and he is surrounded by those who will not tell him so.

  6. Anonymous says:

    This explains why the bishop reacted the way he did at El Cajon.

  7. Alex Farnese says:

    “Physical and emotional violence from Church Militant and LifeSite News”? If so, how come no investigations6or arrests. If there was physical violence, was it not reported to civil authorities?

    Are we sure that whatever vandalism which occurred was committed by LGBT haters?

    It is just as plausible to speculate that the damages claimed by Aaron Bianco were self-inflicted with the aid of those who stand to garner sympathy for the LGBT agenda.

    This is straight from the Tawana Brawley playbook.

  8. Anonymous says:

    He’ll be offered a job with a LGBT organization and make $140k per year.

  9. Good…Let the FBI and police investigate and find out the truth of the situation.

  10. What is doctrinally incorrect with this?


    Must the teaching of the Church be changed?

    Prayers for curing those who suffer from same sex attraction disorder is entirely allowable, particularly for those who engage in same sex acts.

  11. St. Christopher says:

    No, Mr. Bianco, the objections to your employment were well founded and necessary. You had no business occupying the position that you had. Please do reconsider the terrible life style that you follow and accept Christ. Return to His Church and remain free.

  12. Your Fellow Catholic says:

    It is unfathomable to me that Catholics of all political stripes haven’t been outraged by the treatment of this man. Cardinal Ratzinger, later Pope Benedict, through the CDF, issued a pastoral letter on the matter, saying, ” It is deplorable that homosexual persons have been and are the object of violent malice in speech or in action. Such treatment deserves condemnation from the Church’s pastors wherever it occurs.”

    • If you would only show that same concern for the treatment of unborn babies who are KILLED and dismembered daily in this country. Now that is deplorable and deserves condemnation form Church’s pastors wherever it occurs.

    • ” It is deplorable that homosexual persons have been and are the object of violent malice in speech or in action.” Of this we are of one mind, YFC, but it is not possible that Church Militant and Lifesite News could of themselves inflict physical violence on Mr. Bianco. Nor would they ever call for violence to be done to him. Now if someone reads about the incongruity of Mr. Bianco working at a parish in an official capacity and got lathered up and slit his tires, issued death threats etc., yes, that should be addressed by CM and LS News. But an additional villain, if this is not too strong a word, in all this is Bishop McElroy, whose stance amounted to an acceptance of gay marriage.

      • Salvatore Manella says:

        You presume that Aaron Bianco’ allegations and claims are true. There has been speculation here that it was staged to get him and others in the LGBTQ movement within the Church sympathy.

        Here are sources that show Bianco’s clis may also be staged. These are basically an instruction book for the LGBTQ faction for staging fake LGBTQ hate crimes:


        • I don’t really know any LGBTQ people who read lifesitenews.

          A hate crime was performed. Why do you have to speculate? Why not just let the investigation progress before you make up fake news?

          • Salvatore Manella says:

            It is not a haye crime until it is proven. If it is a hoax perpetrated by pro- LGBTQ persons in order to gain sympathy or approval of a lifestyle that is unnatural, then it is fraud.

            Time will tell whether which is true.

          • Salvatore Manella says:

            It doesn’t matter whether or not they read LifeSite News. The reports are there.

    • Let’s find out the “truth” first before we jump to any conclusions, verifying his claims and whether they are true, or whether this was orchestrated by the gay sympathizers or by the so-called “victim” himself. It is a disordered condition and was referred to as a “mental disorder” before the gays hijacked the medical community and demanded a change so let the facts come out first.

    • Anonymous says:

      YFC, God bless you and I was outraged. Gay people are accepted in the Church and welcomed in the Church. It wasn’t about his being gay. Like always, it’s about power.

      • Power??!!?? I don’t think so. There’s something about church teaching on the nature of marriage being rooted in Divinely ordered Natural Law which binds us whether we like it or not.

        • Anonymous says:

          We don’t know the mind of the criminal. It may not have even been aimed at Bianco. It may have been someone mad about the child abuse scandal. It doesn’t sound like something a trad Catholic would do. I don’t know that blaming CM and Lifesitenews makes any sense. Until they find the person or persons, we don’t know. Father Marin is in a longstanding fued with them so he blames them.
          We know the Lepanto article is what triggered Bianco’s resignation. But that happened after the break-in.

          • Your Fellow Catholic says:

            I think it was the violence and threats that triggered the resignation, not the LifeSite article.
            There are crazy people out there, who don’t represent either side of this “debate”.It’svery clear that when we deamonize people we disagree with, crazy people feel justified in acting out. That is clearly what happenned in the Bianco affair, just as it happenned in the pipe bomb attempts aimed at liberal politicians & news organizations offices. Don’t dehumanize people in your posts. Bad stuff happens when we do.

          • Anonymous says:

            He said it was the posting of his address and the pictures of his family that caused him to resign after he saw someone in his yard. No doubt the threats and property damage put him in a mind frame to be aware of what could happen. If there was violence, it was only once. He said he was attacked after Mass once but he didn’t really say if it was a physical assault.
            No one knows who the culprit is so they don’t really know why he did it. Everybody is quick to come up with a theory that fits their own narrative.

  13. St. Christopher says:

    You throw pixie-dust on the real issue here, “YFC.” No one is advocating “violence” against Mr. Bianco, which is the true focus of prior entreaties not to mistreat homosexuals. The issue is that the Catholic Church is entirely within its legal, moral and theological rights to “discriminate” against Mr. Bianco. His lifestyle is a matter of his own choosing. However, Mr. Bianco cannot force, by his own voluntary lifestyle choices, the Church to accommodate the unconscionable. Mr. Bianco cannot demand that the Church treat him as a valued member of the Church staff when he brazenly elects the life of a sodomite. Mr. Bianco is welcome, as we all are, to confess his sins, to amend his life, and to avoid even the near occasion of sin.

  14. Elizabeth T says:

    I would not be surprised at all if it was all staged by the homosexual activists.

    And we all need to pray for Bishop McElroy. It is SO very SAD because I personally have seen his great heart and mind in the past…..he has gone totally off the rails 🙁

  15. The Church’s teaching about the disorder of same-sex attraction does not mean that it is license to shun, attack or ostracize gay men and women. Rather, sexual intimacy between persons of the same gender is the true mortal sin.

    Here is something from the former prefect of tje CDF:


    Those suffering from same-sex attraction disorder who maintain continence and chastity within a same-sex relationship would not be committing mortal sin and would be free to take the Eucharist if in a state of grace.

  16. Eagle Tom says:
  17. By letting this man go, they just might be saving his life and the life of the other man. Acts of sodomy are destructive to the body, no matter who does it. It leads to colon and rectal cancer and a host of other diseases and bodily injuries. Marriages are expected to be consummated, so people who approve of this are telling the person that it is all right to destroy someone else’s body or their own. That is not love but LUST. One of the seven capital vices.

    • Anne TE, please!
      Sodomy DOES NOT automatically lead to colon and rectal cancer as you are insinuating. And if the truth be know, all types of sex (yes heterosexual sex included) can lead to ‘a host of other diseases and bodily injuries’

      • Tony H., the simple fact is that that part of the body is not constructed for such trauma. It tears more easily which leaves openings for disease. It is just wrong to use an excretory part of the body as a reproductive one. Anyone can google “damages to the body from anal sex” to find out the truth. Heterosexual couples rarely get anal cancer, but it is common among practicing homosexuals. By the grace of God, I have been married to the same man for over fifty years, had children and never had an STD.

        • Anne TE
          I am agreeing with you that damage CAN occur that way, (but certainly not everytime and with every person) it is not however automatic as your original post insinuated.

          • Never said it was automatic. STD’s do not usually come the first time, although they have. Condoms do not give total protection for anything. Sooner or later they break, etc. Many young men during the Reagan era did not listen to Surgeon General Koop, they got deadly diseases, some blaming everyone else for it, and ended up dead. Koop had had to repair much of the bodily damage caused by this behavior.

          • Yuor Fellow Catholic says:

            Anne TE you seem confused. You can’t even transmit an STD if you are only having sex with one person & they with you, regardless of what kind of sex and which two people, which is presumably why you have never had an STD. STD’s are about viruses and bacteria, not about how you transmit them. Bacteria and viruses don’t have special rules for gay people. This is why even pre-sexually active straight teens are urged to get vaccinated against HPV, to prevent cancer later on, even if they intend to marry and stay faithful to the one they marry. It’s also why it is urgent that we continue our great advocacy against HIV transmission, especially in Africa.

          • I am not the least bit “confused”. One does not have to be promiscuous to get certain fungal and other infections from germs already in that part of the body. People can find out about all the dangers on line themselves.

          • In my last post I should have said that one does not have to have intercourse with more than one person to get such infections, instead of using the word promiscuous because sex outside of a marriage between a man and a woman IS a type of promiscuity called “fornication”. Let us called a spade a spade and stop all the nonsensical euphemisms..

        • Anonymous says:

          It is not ok to do anything outside of a sacramental marriage. Be a good Catholic.

  18. FogBeltBoy says:

    Notice the source of this article: National “Catholic” Reporter and notice the bias in statements such as “McElroy and Bianco have been the target of a previous LifeSiteNews article.” Did the NCR try to contact Mr. Bianco directly and question him as to why he felt he should be employed as “pastoral associate” of any Catholic parish, given his “apparent homosexual lifestyle and support for gay causes”?

    • I checked out the NC Reporter’s (not to be confused with the NC Registre) “about us” page. Read the text under the caption “Core Values.” Nowhere is the teaching or evangalizing is mentioned. Rather, nice flowery platitudes which can be used as excuses for advancing the LGBTQ agenda are written.


  19. Mchicha Wacheza says:

    How does he get to meet the Bishop while regular employees meet with Nasty HR. I get the feeling, this violence is stage managed, and the Diocese will pay him after a law suit threat. It’s all manufactured

  20. As an outsider I would really like to understand both sides of this argument. So could the people who post her please let me (and please leave you religion aside for a moment, if thats possible, and by the way your religion is something that i have the utmost respect for) and tell me how this man, Aaron, being married to another man (or just simply being gay) affects YOU, your life, PERSONALLY on a day to day basis. I’m not asking you to agree with his lifestyle, we all have personal beliefs, but I’m interested in how it affects you personally, nothing more than that.

    • Larry Northon says:

      Tony H: If a religious organization to which you do not belong wishes to employ only those who live by its teachings, how does that affect you personally on a day-to-day basis?

    • Anonymous says:

      The problem is how it effects the people who are weak in faith on a day to day basis.

  21. LifeSite News formally responds to the charges made by Aaron Bianco. The article also raises the question of the possibility that the events noted in the National Catholic Reporter’s article could have been staged.


  22. Daniel Tracy says:

    “If the church eliminated all the employees who are not living out the teachings of the church in its fullness, we would be employing only angels.”

    This is true, but what about those who are deliberately choose to flaunt their opposition to Church teachings? This is a different matter compared to someone who falls to temptation.

  23. Keyser Soze says:

    What is a heresy? It is a belief or teaching that contradicts the authorized teachings of the Catholic Church and the deposit of faith. When do heresies arise? When the leaders of the Church fail to sufficiently address any given problem of faith and morals.

    The Church has failed to sufficiently address several phenomena that mark our modern world: Most seriously, it has not dealt with the problem of moral relativism–instead, many bishops and priests have embraced it. The Church has failed to help the family. Instead of helping men to be better husbands and fathers, it has cowered in the face of radical feminism and demeaned the family by handing out cheap and easy annulments to the point that many mistakenly believe we have “Catholic…

  24. I am sure that the police must have noticed the same things I did about the graffiti
    The color
    The neatness of the writing
    The proximity to the ceiling:

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