Diocese refuses to cancel pro-gay priest’s speech despite lay protests

Statement from Orange diocese: "While this is indeed disturbing, Rev. Boyle will not be speaking on these topics"

Jesuit Fr. Greg Boyle (image from LifeSiteNews)

A group of California Catholics has questioned their diocese’s plan to host a dissident priest to keynote a lay ministry event.

Jesuit Father Greg Boyle is scheduled for a presentation on October 14 at the Diocese of Orange Institute for Pastoral Ministry Diocesan Ministries Celebration.

The Diocese of Orange expects 1,500 people to attend the daylong “Encounter, Connect, Evangelize” event at which Father Boyle will appear. It is sponsored by the diocese’s Institute for Pastoral Ministry, which trains lay ministers.

Some Catholics decided to draft a petition after expressing their concerns to the diocese and getting insufficient response. Their hope is that Bishop Kevin Vann will reconsider inviting Father Boyle to its event for catechists. Vann has served as bishop since 2012, having been appointed by Pope Benedict XVI.

The local concerned Catholics have been told by various diocesan representatives that the issue was being dealt with, that Father Boyle’s appearance had been scheduled last year, and that his topic would not be gay “marriage” or women’s ordination.

LifeSiteNews inquired with the diocese regarding Father Boyle’s appearance and received the same statement issued to the concerned local Catholics.

In the statement, the diocese admitted that Father Boyle’s comments were “indeed disturbing,” but downplayed his remarks. It said in part:

We understand that there is concern about video footage in which he appears to contradict Church teaching on women’s ordination and same-sex marriage. While this is indeed disturbing, Rev. Boyle will not be speaking on these topics. In fact, he has frequently participated in events in Orange County to promote the good work of his ministry and to inspire others in their ministries.

In a 2010 interview during the debate on California’s Proposition 8 referendum banning same-sex “marriage” he criticized the U.S. Bishops’ opposition to homosexual “marriage.” He also described opposition to gay “marriage” as “demonizing people.” Father Boyle said that what the Church teaches on same-sex attraction and gay “marriage” was the opposite of what God says.

The priest stated in the interview that the Church’s teaching on women’s ordination was “shameful, “nonsense” and not “honest.” Father Boyle said those opposed to women’s ordination were “frightened that women will be ordained.”

He also mocked Church teaching on reception of the Eucharist for individuals married outside the Church in the television interview.

Full story at LifeSiteNews.


  1. Father Boyle is entitled to his opinions. He is a priest who has done much that is good for his parishioners, his community and, yes…the Church. God Bless Father Boyle!

  2. How much public dissent can a priest have before he is silenced and/or reprimanded? Sadly, the answer is LOADS.

  3. Bishops that allow for this to happen are flat out “COWARDS”.

  4. This is disappointing. I knew there was something off about Fr. Boyle but wasn’t in on the details.

  5. Michael McDermott says:

    The relentless attacks on the Wise Moral Teachings of the Church carried out by a small but aggressive group of monomaniacal homosex activists, has only caused greater harm than that already created by the small but aggressive group of Homosex Ephebophiles Infiltrating the Priesthood targeting Adolescent Boys

    Would that the leadership pushing this embraced the COURAGE that a Church Ministry is showing:
    Courage https://couragerc.org/
    A Fraternal Invitation to Bishop McElroy and Father Martin
    The Courage apostolate has been doing this work since 1980, and we truly know what successful pastoral outreach to those with same-sex attraction really looks…

    • Your Fellow Catholic says:

      Courage had been doing WHAT work, exactly? It’s metings are hidden, its members live in the shadows. It has basically zero effect in the world. On the other hand, there are tens of thousands of Church members out about their sexual orientation, leading others towards faith in Christ and participation in the Church and her sacraments.

      • Why are you so afraid of the Courage apostolate, YFC? Why does the idea of people desiring to be faithfully chaste anger you so much? I suspect I know.

      • YFC the so called ten of thousands of sodomites that you gush over are leading people to Hell. They are corrupting the Church from the inside, and please don’t give me your social justice examples I am not interested. Active, out and proud homosexuals clergy and laity need to be purged from the Church. They are unrepentant and liars. The only thing you care about is the promotion of homosexuality and sodomy in the Church being on par with REAL marriage, Like all liberals in the Church you want Christ on your terms not His.

        • Anonymous says:

          Active out and proud homosexuals are like any other Catholic. They need to attend Mass on Sunday but they should not receive communion if they are are aware of any grave sin.

          • “Active out and proud homosexuals are like any other Catholic.” They are not Catholic end of story

          • Anonymous says:

            It is heretical to claim that a baptized person who professes the Catholic Faith yet lives immorally is no longer Catholic.

  6. Michael McDermott says:

    A worthwhile discussion about:
    “5 Big Fat Myths About LGBT Discrimination Laws
    Those on the Left cheering as anti-discrimination law is turned into a weapon against the First Amendment freedoms should consider whether they really want to weaken these rights.

    Remember how LGBT activists promised that same-sex marriage would harm no one and infringe on no one’s freedoms? They lied.
    Christians and other nonconformists now face financial ruin and even imprisonment if they decline to participate in promoting and celebrating same-sex wedding ceremonies

  7. Anonymous 2 says:

    “…There is concern about video footage in which he appears to contradict Church teaching..”

    “Appears”? Can’t the facts be known? Are not his words taped? More phenomenology, that objective facts can never be known? A church of nonsense, making statements that are nonsense.

    Meanwhile “the [heretics] come and go, speaking of Michelangelo.”

  8. Anonymous says:

    Father Boyle admittedly has done much good. None of his good works reduces the evil and scandal done by a priest who openly–and frequently–dissents from the teachings of the Catholic Church which he swore to uphold and preach upon his priestly ordination. He suffers from hubris—the “I know better than anybody”—syndrome.
    If his Jesuit superiors won’t rein him in [and they won’t], the Bishops where he proposes to spread his “stuff” should. Shame on his Jesuit Provincial. Shame on Bishop Vann. He’ll only shut up if you cut off his money supply.

  9. Fr. Boyle will also be speaking on Thursday, November 9, 2017, 6pm at The Great Hall at UC San Diego’s International House (Eleanor Roosevelt College Campus) if anyone in the San Diego area is interested in attending.

  10. Fr Boyle is a long time left wing community activist posing as a priest.. How much will he be paid to speak? The bishop is worthless.

    • Alex , I would also add he believes in and advocates Liberation Theology , from my reading of his works coved in the LA Times and elsewhere his views are based on a Marxist analysis , which explains his financial troubles with Homeboy Industries some time ago. It saddens me to say this about a priest that his judgment is not to be trusted .

  11. Can you imagine if a pro-Hitler man had been invited to speak and the bishop said, “This is disturbing but Fr Boyle will not speak about the Jews.”

  12. That man is a priest? He doesn’t dress like one.

  13. Elizabeth says:


  14. The diocese’s Institute for Pastoral Ministry trains lay ministers where they can learn that you can become a minister and not really believe in Catholic doctrine, right?

  15. Michael McDermott says:

    Would that Academentia allowed Diverse Viewpoints, as opposed to the PC Party Line Only
    University Refuses Research On Growing Numbers Of Trans People Who Want To Go Back
    All expressed they were convinced by trans activists that transition was the answer and now they live with the negative consequences of that decision.
    By Walt Heyer
    In late September, the United Kingdom’s Bath Spa University turned down an application by James Caspian, a psychotherapist who specializes in working with transgender people, to conduct research on gender reassignment reversals. The university deemed the subject “potentially politically…

  16. Old joke,

    Diocesan and Jesuits go petition the Pope to smoke. The Diocesan goes in and is denied. What did you request for, asked the Jesuit. Whether I could smoke while I prayed, was the a answer.

    Next the Jesuit goes in and is allowed. What did you ask for asked the surprised Diocesan priest: “Whether I could pray while I smoked.”

    Spanish-speaking Jesuits now are now found in the white Pope, the Black (Jesuit) Pope, and the Holy Office congregation in defense of the Faith. They have us surrounded, and for Jesuits the ends justify the means.

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