Did San Diego bishop McElroy boost Trump among Catholics?

Unintended consequence of rebuking pro-life Father Perozich

“Bishop McElroy’s insertion of his comments spread my parish conscience-guidance to Catholics and others nationwide.” Photo from the Times of San Diego.

Bishop Robert McElroy of San Diego, calling for disruption of Trump’s America, suggested during a conference in Modesto in mid-February that establishing a $15 minimum wage is part of “our work (as) co-creators with God.”

McElroy claimed that “the tradition of Catholic social teaching is unequivocally on the side of strong governmental and societal protections,” and also that free markets “must be structured by government to accomplish the common good.”

[But] a priest McElroy rebuked before Trump’s election, San Diego pastor Richard Perozich, who had pointed out the traditional five “non-negotiable” issues of Catholic teaching to his congregation as the November 8 national election approached, including abortion and euthanasia, made an interesting point following the Modesto conference.

In a February 21 email to the Wanderer, Perozich, a San Diego pastor at Immaculate Conception church in Old Town, suggested that McElroy’s rebuke of him before the election, which drew national attention, may have had an effect contrary to McElroy’s intention and had helped Trump win.

“When I made my election guidance statements, my target audience was the 300 families of Immaculate Conception (parish),” Perozich said. “Bishop McElroy’s insertion of his comments into the situation at Immaculate Conception with the San Diego press spread my parish conscience-guidance to Catholics and others nationwide, rather than containing it locally.

“His manner of speaking and rebuke which went nationwide in November may have contributed to the election of Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton, rather than just to my parishioners in formation of their consciences as I intended. Now the response of that unintended consequence may be in play,” Perozich said.

See the entire text in the Feb. 26 story in the Wanderer.





  2. Michael McDermott says:

    San Diego Bishop: Disrupt America!
    The San Diego version of the Catholic Church has appeared to declare war on America—and on its elected President.
    The San Diego Bishop has issued a call to arms—to disrupt the President and our nation.

    Bishop McElroy has called for chaos and anarchy—because his candidate for President, the favorite of Planned Parenthood, Hillary Clinton lost. Amazing, a Catholic leader demanding anarchy because a proponent of abortion LOST. The world has gone crazy.

  3. Fr, Perozich may be giving himself and his Ordinary too much credit, but if he is right, it’s the first good thing His Grace ever did.

    • Anonymous,

      Never once did Father Perozich give himself credit. Father Perozich merely taught the truth. No one, is more aware than Father Perozich, of God’s Almighty assistance that will always eventually supersede in justice…and in this case, a justice that absolutely DID backfire on Bishop McElroy.

      • Your Fellow Catholic says:

        Father P didn’t deliver a single electoral vote for Trump. In fact his home state of California voted so overwhelmingly for Clinton that she won the nationwide popular vote by 3 million votes.

        But if you all want to go on pretending that the Bishop v the Priest had any notion in this election….go for it!

  4. Greg the Geologist says:

    Not looking forward to explaining to my pastor why I can’t in good conscience support our SD bishop in the context of the Annual Catholic Appeal. Unfortunately there’s one way, and only one way, to get a bishop’s attention. Until he realizes that his partisan political activism is hurting his diocese, and realigns his priorities. But as long as he acts like a politician, he can expect to be treated like a politician. That is, I have to vote with my checkbook, the only vote I have in this situation. Absolutely awful that it’s come to this – no previous Ordinary in San Diego has come close to alienating such a large proportion of his flock.

    • Michael McDermott says:

      Greg – Don’t let this gang be your Only Funnel to support worthy works, but find faithful servants to support.
      Be grateful you are alive for the final battle!

      For the past year or so, we here at Church Militant have been witnessing a convergence between the fate of the Church and the fate of the United States

      – Here in America, the fight is still ongoing, and the evil forces recognize the inherent Catholicism present in much of the Trump administration and agenda. Even many of the inner circle and the next ring flowing out are deeply committed Catholics, or at a minimum, those who are respectful and embracing of Catholic ideals.


  5. Subsidiarity anyone? Bishop should resign. The faithful won’t support the Church he is in charge, because we do not want our money going to liberal anarchists like PICO. NO to the Catholic appeal.

  6. Sheppard of Christ or running for Political Office ?

  7. Yes! Bishop McElroy’s rebuke of Fr. Perozich helped elect President Trump.

  8. Finally, something good to say about Bp. McElroy!! It was Bp. McElroy, not the Russians, who interfered with the election. Thank you, Bishop, for helping get Trump elected.

  9. The things that Bishop McElroy said against President Trump at the Modesto Conference were the worst things I have ever heard from a priest. It is such a crime that Catholics cannot vote for their Bishops and Cardinals. There would be a long list of those we would not want in the office of the Catholic Church. President Trump was elected by the people of the United States. So get over it Bishop McElroy. Go back to school and take some civic lessons. In my opinion, Bishop McElroy was calling for treason and should be called on it – not only by the Catholic Church but by the U.S. Government. Bishop McElroy truly needs our prayers.

  10. Thanks be to God! God can bring Good out of any situation, which appears to be what He did here. Pray that God will correct Bishop McElory. What a sad thing it is when those charged with leading the Flock of Christ fall for the specious Secular societal agenda.

  11. All of my life I have respected and loved the Pope and Bishops, but now that they have becomes pawns of the leftist, socialist, communist, one world government, I have lost all respect for them. The jobs of Pope Francis and Bishop McElroy is to teach faith and morals, not instigate anarchy and civil disobedience. Bishop McElroy does not like Trump and obviously wanted Clinton to win. I disliked Obama, but I did not take to the streets blocking traffic and burning cars. As I have said before, my only way to voice my displeasure with McElroy is my purse: I will not donate one cent to the Annual Catholic Appeal, and no money to my parish since are mandated to give to the Diocese. Oh how I wish we could get rid of…

  12. The liberals don’t get it and that’s fine with me. I hope they continue their childish antics and continue to spout their Socialist agenda because it will ensure Trump’s reelection. And, as Obama’s role in the disruption becomes increasingly clear, that too will ensure Trump’s reelection. “We, the people” are not stupid anymore.

  13. Not only rebuked, McElroy censored Perozich.

  14. I would like to get together with some other like minded folks and brain storm as to what we can do to make life miserable for Bishop McElroy – picketing events where he appears, no financial contributions, etc.

    • Steve Seitz says:

      Keep in mind that in most dioceses, a percent of your parish contributions will be sent to the diocese. Therefore, if you give to a parish, it has to be to a parish program that won’t be “taxed” by the diocese.

  15. For everyone whom is very upset at Bishop McElroy’s talk at the Modesto Conference recently, what I did is called the PAPAL NUNCIO for the United States.

    The Phone number is: (202) 333 – 7121 And please be respectful!

    You can visit the site of the conference and I believe see the past video: popularmovements.org

    And please note that two of the ‘partners’ for the conference were PICO (and we all know that George Soros is behind them) and Catholic Campaign for Human Development (who knows why they were a partner with such a group, so sad!).

    And pray for Bishop McElroy.

  16. Since bishops and priests should be leading Catholics to proclaim Jesus and Him crucified, why not contact me at Immaculate Conception and I can direct you toward positive evangelistic efforts

  17. The best thing we can do for Bishop McElroy is to pray for him….and mainly the Rosary. Like at the Battle of Lepanto. How Bishop McElroy could support PICO and promote it – is beyond comprehension. PICO is supported by George Soros – one of the biggest endorsers of abortion there is. And a Jesuit, John Baumann was the founder of this EVIL organization many years ago….all with the help of money from George Soros. Anyone with a computer can do a Good Search and discover what I have. Wanting to make life miserable for Bishop McElroy is an easy task. He does not have far to go. Anyone talking like this man against his own Church is already a very sad, miserable, unhappy person. God have mercy on him.

  18. Bishop McElroy showed disobedience before in San Francisco when he ignored the Vatican instructions regarding homosexual adoptions. Now, in San Diego, Bishop McElroy has turned leftist politician and he is railing against the Catholic Church. He is attacking his own sheep from within and treating them like Hillary’s basket of Catholic deplorables. Bishop McElroy’s dangerously misleading actions are not only undermining the authentic teachings Catholic Church, they are also undermining our country’s rule of law and our nation’s military.


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