Democratic Party is facing a Catholic apocalypse

Big problems ahead for liberals

The following comes from a March 15 Salon article by Patricia Miller:


Pope Francis, Catholic president John F. Kennedy (Credit: AP/Andrew Medichini/Photo montage by Salon)

Pope Francis, Catholic president John F. Kennedy (Credit: AP/Andrew Medichini/Photo montage by Salon)

It’s one of the central contradictions of American politics: that there’s no such thing as the “Catholic vote,” yet the Catholics vote still matters.


There’s no “Catholic vote” in terms of Catholics representing an electoral bloc that votes according to what their bishops tell them, or in lockstep with the tenets of their religion. Yet winning Catholic voters has been essential to almost every presidential victory in modern times. And the defection of Catholics voters has played a role in some of the most consequential congressional turnovers in recent history — from 1994 to 2014 — making Catholics the ultimate swing voters. And for Democrats, that could be bad news.


While Catholics have been swing voters since Richard Nixon’s second term, white Catholics are now identifying as Republican by historic margins. According to the most recent polling from the Pew Research Center, 53 percent of white Catholics now favor the GOP, versus 39 percent who favor the Democrats—the largest point spread in the history of the Pew poll. And for the first time, white Catholics are more Republican than the voting group usually considered the ultimate Republicans: white Protestants (a designation that includes both mainline and evangelical Protestants).


These are ominous signs for the Democrats, evincing a new and growing allegiance with the Republican Party that has long-term implications.


So why are white Catholics abandoning the Democratic Party? There are some long-term trends at play. Steve Krueger, head of the group Catholic Democrats, notes that conservative bishops have been beating the war drums since the George W. Bush administration, even going so far in some cases as to argue that “good” Catholics can’t vote for Democrats because of their support for abortion rights and, more recently, same-sex marriage — which has resulted in an increased politicization of the church.


Stephen Schneck of Catholic University’s Institute for Policy Research and Catholic Studies has noted that there’s been a certain “distillation” of the Catholic vote as a record number of presumably more liberal-leaning Catholics — some one-third of those raised Catholic — have left the faith altogether. “More and more of those who remain are those who actively choose to embrace the church and its teachings,” he wrote.


But neither of these trends explains why white Catholics have abandoned the Democratic Party so suddenly and so dramatically. After all, in 2008 Barack Obama managed to keep his margin of loss of white Catholic voters to John McCain to just 5 points. But four years later, he lost the white Catholic vote to Mitt Romney by a stunning 19 points.


Krueger points to the Catholic bishop’s demonization in 2011 of the “contraceptive mandate” in the Affordable Care Act, and their subsequent ginning up of the war on “religious liberty” — which was joined by elements of the religious right and fused with its war on Obamacare — as another factor helping to drive Catholics toward the GOP. And the numbers bear Krueger out. According to Pew, between 2009 and 2014, the number of white Catholics who said the Obama administration — and by inference the Democratic Party — was “unfriendly to religion” more than doubled from 17 percent to 36 percent.


“The shift in the Catholic vote should really be a wakeup call to the Democrats,” says Krueger. “White Catholics are 18 percent of the electorate and Catholics vote 1 to 2 percentage points above their representation in the overall population. This is a significant voting bloc that now perceives Republicans as being more welcoming to people of faith.”


  1. I am 50 and I can remember when no white Catholic would vote Republican. Now it is completely the opposite. I do not know a white Catholic under the age of 65 who is Democrat (those who attend Mass on Sunday).

    • Your Fellow Catholic says

      Well, there’s me, and you see where that gets me on a site like this!

    • Has everyone forgotten what the great Archbishop Fulton Sheen said that the democratic party had left the moorings of democracy and embraced radical socialism. now people are waking up to the high jacking. it is high time to get acquainted with archbishop Sheen and dust out the cobwebs ad see again clearly the damages done by those radicals. 65 plus millions and growing the count of murdered innocents. their blood cries up to heaven for vengeance and we sleep. the chastaisement has begun. penance, penance penance

  2. Catholic citizens must vote. (CCC 2240).
    Read most recent Party Platforms for their goals (available on the internet) ;
    Public votes of incumbents, public statements of all candidates must be reviewed.
    The 2014 State – California Democratic Platform includes: taxpayer funded abortions, contraception, euthanasia (death with dignity), sex change operations and hormones for life, and supports homosexual marriage.
    Anyone running under this banner is evil.

  3. Listening to some Bishops can lead you astray when voting.

    – They support ILLEGAL immigration without any border control which exacerbates drug trafficking, sex trafficking, murder,
    and the enormous growing US debt and State debts.

    – They support 100% exclusion of the death penalty which violates the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC 2267).

    – They do not support paying down the National Debt of over $18,000,000,000,000.00 which continues to grow – in violation of CCC # 2411.

    – They support a partnership with the Federal Government to do the government’s bidding / job receiving over $63 MILLION annually in government Grants for their CCHD, Catholic Charities, and CRS to keep these bureaucracies fully funded.

    It is very unfortunate that Catholics can not trust ALL Bishops to teach and act according to Doctrine of the Faith in the ‘Catechism of the Catholic Church’.
    We must use our CCC to teach us accurately.

    It would seem that some Bishops do not encourage the reading of the CCC, against the directives of Pope’s John Paul II, Benedict XVI, and Francis – so that they can control Catholics politically.
    Ignorant people will follow blindly.

    • Catholic Former Democrat says

      Exactly right. That’s why it is incumbent on all of us to be very familiar with the CCC because not all our bishops seem to be. If they are, they are choosing to ignore it, trusting the (mal)formation of their own consciences over what the Church teaches.

      My opinion, if one disagrees with some fundamental teachings and values of a particular church, why even be a member? I’m sure if one looks hard enough, they can find one that fits their views. Me? I’m a Catholic because I accept and deeply believe in everything it teaches, even if there are a few things that are difficult to me, I accept the teaching authority of the Church and abide by the laws and traditions. If I didn’t, I’d get out.

  4. Regarding VOTING –
    “WORTHINESS to RECEIVE HOLY COMMUNION, General Principles” – Cardinal Ratzinger 2004 (Pope Benedict XVI).

    ” 3. Not all moral issues have the same moral weight as abortion and euthanasia.
    For example, if a Catholic were to be at odds with the Holy Father on the application of capital punishment or on the decision to wage war, he would not for that reason be considered unworthy to present himself to receive Holy Communion.
    While the Church exhorts civil authorities to seek peace, not war, and to exercise discretion and mercy in imposing punishment on criminals, it may still be permissible to take up arms to repel an aggressor or to have recourse to capital punishment.
    There may be a legitimate diversity of opinion even among Catholics about waging war and applying the death penalty,
    but not however with regard to abortion and euthanasia.”
    ” A Catholic would be guilty of formal cooperation in evil, and so unworthy to present himself for Holy Communion, if he were to deliberately vote for a candidate precisely because of the candidate’s permissive stand on abortion and/or euthanasia.
    When a Catholic does not share a candidate’s stand in favour of abortion and/or euthanasia, but votes for that candidate for other reasons, it is considered remote material cooperation,
    which can be permitted in the presence of proportionate reasons. ”

    There are no proportionate reasons in the USA today to the murder and torture of approx. 1 MILLION innocent human beings annually through abortion.

  5. This is the best that I have found.
    It is difficult to find on the internet – so you may want to save the link
    and share with others.

    “VOTER’S GUIDE for SERIOUS CATHOLICS ” (2004 by Catholic Answers)
    It covers –
    * HOW NOT to VOTE
    * HOW to VOTE

    • Mike, excellent resource. Whenever I try to pass out at my parish the pastor said it was too Republican and not welcomed.

      • SandraD, ask your Pastor to “help you understand” by explaining his position.

        “VOTER’S GUIDE for SERIOUS CATHOLICS ” (2004 by Catholic Answers) does not mention any candidates, or any political party, as we both know.

        Tactfully remind him it is his job to teach & support the “CATHOLIC” position – per the CCC.

        He may get some flack from Catholic heretics who support: taxpayer funded – Abortion, Contraception, Euthanasia, Embryonic Stem Cell Research; as well as homosexual marriage – but then he may save their Souls as well.

        He does not have to take the “heat” for anything – merely point them to the “Catechism of the Catholic Church” which contains the Doctrine of the Faith.

        • Catholic Former Democrat says

          I love my pastor and my parish. VERY pro life. Political parties and candidates are never mentioned from the pulpit, but they are very unequivocally pro life and make no bones about it. I remember one Sunday a couple of years ago the homile was commemorating the Roe v Wade decision. One of our deacons, a retired federal judge, gave the homile. I’m an EMHC and as I was distributing the Eucharist, one woman came up and I said “The body of Christ” and instead of “Amen” she said “I’m glad I did it.” I couldn’t refuse her sacrilege and had to give her the host. Sadly, people call themselves Catholic for who knows WHAT reason. They need prayers.

          • Catholic Former Democrat – check with your Pastor and your Diocese Bishop.
            Never participate in Sacrilege.

            See Code of Canon Law; 897 – 958.
            ” Can. 915 Those who have been excommunicated or interdicted after the imposition or declaration of the penalty
            and others obstinately persevering in manifest grave sin are not to be admitted to holy communion.”

            It would be better for you to resign being an EMHC rather than knowingly participate in Sacrilege against the Body and Blood of our Lord.

            CCC: ” 1868 Sin is a personal act. Moreover, we have a responsibility for the sins committed by others when we cooperate in them:
            – by participating directly and voluntarily in them;
            – by ordering, advising, praising, or approving them;
            – by not disclosing or not hindering them when we have an obligation to do so;
            – by protecting evil-doers. “

  6. Steve Krueger, is the President of “Catholics for Obama” as well as heading up “Catholic Democrats”.

    Obama is the most
    1) actively pro-abortion President in the history of the USA;
    2) the most anti-freedom of religion President in the history of the USA,
    which is evidenced through his actions – by statements, executive orders, Cabinet appointees;
    3) and completely supports the immoral aspects of the homosexual agenda.
    4) and refuses to work on lowering our National debt which violates the Catholic Faith – regarding debts.
    5) and violates the US Constitution frequently by ignoring the separation of powers with his executive orders.

    OBAMA makes fun of Sacred Scripture, and Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount – takes them out of context.
    Share this link with others.

  7. Rita Brigerman says

    I am a cradle catholic and became a Republican in 1981, voted for Pres.Regan and am now active in the Republican Party on a local level, working for a real change in our political leadership. We must work and pray for our nation’s emergence from political lethargy and get busy in making true changes in the way we elect our leaders, holding them accountable for their decisions and actions. May God Bless and save America.

    • Hi Rita, kind of sounds like my story and many others……problem is the Republicans have been taken over by RINOs. I tried to work in the party on the local level, but those in power—in leadership think they know best and the rank and file know nothing. It’s the same in the Church, Rebublicans, judges and our current government. We elect leaders that “cave” once they gain power. I’m a faithful Catholic and will vote and speak out from that platform.

      • Catholic Former Democrat says

        I can’t call myself a Republican any more, for that very reason. In fact, I got a call from the Republican National Committee (got my number because I donated to Mitt Romney’s campaign and they make you provide a phone number). They wanted a donation and started with $200. I gave him a piece of my mind about the Republican leadership. Right now, I’m only Republican so I can vote in the primaries. The candidates I vote for tend to be Republican because they’re the ones that say they hold conservative (Catholic) values. I’ve been lucky in my state that our representatives pretty much mostly hold to their stated positions, but if independents could vote in primaries, I’d go back to being an Independent.

  8. Bob Bugiada says

    Republicans today are evolving into Democrats Lite. Soon, we pro-life, pro-family, pro sound economy, pro strong defense, and law-and-order Catholics will have nowhere to go.

    • Bob, We have each other and it’s a huge voice when we come together–and we must!

    • Tom Byrne says

      I am a Republican and we must not extrapolate trends in California to the rest of the country without qualification. The national party is not showing these shifts. Remember that politics works quid pro quo. If we want attention we have to give it. Flipping things around: when the national GOP hears our more liberal bishops, how reliable do they regard Catholic support for the GOP? The Democrats lost us in part because we refused to change the party while we had the power: the party and the American Church drifted too long with the liberal tide before they drifted apart. We have to fight for what we want from the Republicans, too, then reward them with votes when they back us.

    • Bop B. that is because Catholics and others who have been voting for pro-death Dems have shown the Republicans that being pro-death is the best way to win.

    • Catholic Former Democrat says

      Tea Party. Or the Constitution Party (what resulted from the merge of the Conservative and US Taxpayer parties). If enough of us did that, we would have a viable third party list of candidates to challenge the stranglehold the two parties have now.

  9. Stephen Schneck of Catholic University’s Institute for Policy Research and Catholic Studies is a ‘Democrat for Obama’ as well.
    (You can find him listed as such on the internet.)

  10. “…Krueger points to the Catholic bishop’s demonization in 2011 of the “contraceptive mandate” in the Affordable Care Act, and their subsequent ginning up of the war on “religious liberty” — which was joined by elements of the religious right and fused with its war on Obamacare…”

    Why are you quoting a man like this who characterizes the bishops’ dutiful admonition to the faithful as ‘demonization’ and ‘ginning up of the war on religious liberty’? Every time the media prints a quote like this, it spreads the attitude and lie that the bishops are manipulative evil men controlling their flocks. Find a more Catholic-friendly person to quote, someone who understands the Church and the Catholic mind.

  11. OneoftheSheep says

    “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15 Yes, my grandfather was prominent in the Democratic party of his day. But a party that bullies the unborn child and promotes values contrary to my Catholic faith can never be a party that I would embrace. “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil.” Wake up, fellow Catholics, and abandon the principles of the world! Serve God alone!

  12. St. Christopher says

    No practicing Catholic, who is trying to live his Faith, can vote Democratic Party — no one. The Democratic Party emphasis on sexual license, without morality, and that Party’s insistence on dogmatic allegiance to everything — no “conscience” clause — means that you are giving up your Faith if you vote Democratic.

    This admonition includes homosexual sexualists voters, as well. You may like the idea of “marriage” and other civil promises that the Democrats love to make. But, with these things, you also must swallow abortion — gleefully insisted upon — by the Democrats, and all manner of other “sex based-without responsibility” freedoms.

    Further, the Democrats are behind the de-militarization of America. And this at a time when we are faced with deadly peril from Islam (some of it “militant” — you see, the entirety of Islam is a threat, not just the fools you see shouting into the sky on TV). With the Democrats, especially Hillary Clinton, you get nothing but “vote for a woman”, and give up the notion of America First. Hillary and Democrats are very willing to compromise American safety for power and for protection.

    That’s right. With cowards you get a craven outlook on life; look for support instead of squaring up and fighting the good, and necessary, fight. Obama is the male version of this kind of neutered political animal; with Hillary Clinton the female type. No Catholic can vote for them; ever.

  13. I can only say that I vote and support PROLIFE!!!

  14. Manuel Paleologus says

    The Catholics should be part of Democratic Party since they
    support all the unnatural aspects of the human life as : homsexuality, abortion, had distorted the meaning of marriage, they support Islam and directly they become a national treat. A Democrat Catholic should not receive the communion in the Catholic Church since they support non-Catholic heretical and perverse aspect of the human life.
    As of know the democrats are succesfully destroying America.
    I also blame many American bishops for their “ostrich policy’. Many of them intend to be political correct and punish many good honest clergies like Fr. Marcel Guarnizo. The Cardinal Dolan went to give a blessing/prayer to the National Democrat Convention. Does he thinks he will bring them to Christ and to the moral values? No way.

    People and Catholics of this country must change. It is already getting late.

    A Catholic

  15. At 18 I became Democrat because my family was. After having my first child at age 21 I changed that to Republican. I consciously could not identify myself w/a party who advocates abortion. Now at 55, I identify myself as an Independent who always vote GOP because of these moral issues we face today. I’m Union who is thankful for what the union has done for our family of 6; a decent wage, medical/dental insurance and a retirement we will soon using. But I’m Catholic first and foremost; a moral conscience formed by Her teachings trumps all even if it hurts the Union. Im demonized at times from family as though being ignorant. There is defiantly a presumption devout equates to being simpleminded and unsophisticated.

  16. The Catholic bishops need to break from the Democrat Party; only then will the Culture of Life begin to revive! The Democrats have embraced same sex marriage, and abortion, and have become the party of death!

  17. Michael McDermott says

    Reason Enough:

    “At NJ School, Chalk It up to Intolerance

    Is it possible to be too Catholic to teach at Catholic school? New Jersey’s Immaculata High School – suspended a long-time teacher for defending what its own church espouses about marriage!

    Patricia Jannuzzi didn’t make the comments in class — or even during school time. But when she used her personal Facebook…

    Like Dr. Ben Carson (and science!), Patricia believes homosexual behavior is a choice. So when the popular Republican came under fire for saying as much, Jannuzzi backed him up in a post….

    – Somehow, the openly gay nephew of actress Susan Sarandon… all across the Internet…

    Jannuzzi’s beliefs are the same as Pope Francis’s himself! “The family,” he said, “based on the marriage of a man and a woman . . . not a simple social convention, but rather the fundamental cell of every society.”

    If she could be fired for agreeing with the Pope at a Catholic school, then these are scary times indeed. To placate Hollywood, Immaculata put Patricia on administrative leave…

    Patricia’s sons have an urgent plea: “Our family is about to lose our health benefits. Our mother has recently and successfully battled breast cancer without missing a single day of teaching, except for the day of her operation. Health benefits are important to our family…

    Due to the overwhelming attacks in the media on her statement of Catholic belief, we do not believe she will be able to find another teaching position.”

  18. John Patrick says

    Sadly, Democrats are persecuting the Church, trying to force nuns to pay for abortions and birth control in Obamacare regulations. The supervisors of the City of San Francisco, all Democrats, are carrying out a campaign against the Archbishop, and legislators from Sacramento are criticizing the Archbishop publicly for the same reason, that is demanding of unionized teachers in public schools that they stop criticizing Catholic Doctrine. They are trying to turn parents and students against the Church. One wonders why some people are sending children to Catholic schools.

  19. Anonymous says

    Stephen Schneck of Catholic University’s Institute for Policy Research and Catholic Studies is also a publically advertised “Catholic for Obama”.

    • As Catholics educate themselves more on the support for immoral activities by Democratic incumbents and candidates
      – it is more difficult for Stephen Schneck and Steve Krueger to continue to fool Catholics by using the name “Catholic” to support them.
      This is what they are really concerned about.

      Both have been falsely using the name “Catholic” in support of INTRINSIC EVIL candidates for several years.

      INTRINSIC EVILS included in the 2012 National DEMOCRATIC Platform
      and / or
      the 2014 CA State DEMOCRATIC Platform include but are not limited to:
      ABORTION on demand;
      EUTHANASIA (death with dignity);
      SEX CHANGE OPERATIONS on demand with hormones for life;

      And the DEMOCRATS want all the intrinsically evil medical procedures to be paid for by ALL the taxpayers – per their own adopted platforms,
      not merely having the individual pay for his/her own immoral activities.

      It would not surprise me if eventually the Democrats support killing the elderly and infirm through involuntary euthanasia, or not giving them proper medical care,
      so that those wanting intrinsic evils can fulfill their own desires.

      Medical care costs money; and how money (a limited resource) gets spent depends entirely on what politicians value.

      Be careful whom you elect at all levels of government.

  20. As Catholics they should know that is a Mortal Sin to support abortion, same sex marriages. And you can’t go to Heaven with a Mortal Sin on your Soul ! !

  21. The open borders which fill the Church coffers with gov’t. money also fill the voting booths with votes for sexual immorality. Wasn’t it Abraham Lincoln who said a house divided against itself cannot stand.

    • Your Fellow Catholic says

      You’re kidding, right?

      • YFC – Follow the money. $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $
        Approximately $63 MILLION annually in government Grants goes a long way in supporting the USCCB’s costly bureaucracies of: CCHD, Catholic Charities, and CRS.
        Many Bishops will not bite the hand that feeds them;
        and they must adhere to the Government’s rules even when these rules violate any tenants of the Catholic Faith.

        This is why many Bishops are silent on teaching about Catholics voting responsibilities – and TRUE intrinsic evils as stated in the CCC.
        And why some Bishops continue to support Democrats who support intrinsic evils. M-O-N-E-Y and access to power.

        Silence is a sin of OMISSION on their part. And when purposeful silence involves Mortal Sin, their sin of Omission is a Mortal Sin.

        ” For where your TRASURE is, there will your heart be also.” – JESUS.
        Mt 6:21.

        Regarding Bishops and Priests who by omission do not teach –
        Hosea 4:6 ” My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge;
        because you have rejected knowledge,
        I reject you from being a priest to me.
        And since you have forgotten the law of your God,
        I also will forget your children.”

    • Texas you got that right – Government Money – GRANTS, are the reason that many Bishops support open borders,
      and ILLEGAL immigration in violation of the law.

    • The U.S. Church relies on massive immigration from the south to keep its membership stable.

      • Because of lousy catechesis, not telling people to read the Bible and CCC,
        after one generation – even immigrant Catholics leave the Faith.

        Money is no excuse to break immigration laws.
        Even if the Church in the USA becomes much smaller.

        The roots of the problem are two:
        1) Lack of education for all Catholics including adults (reading the Bible and CCC at home, in disobedience to Popes John Paul II, Benedict XVI, and Francis) ;
        2) Priests and Laity abusing the liturgy by adlibbing – not adhering fully to the General Instruction of the Roman Missal (GIRM).

  22. Father Karl says

    Religion is supposed to be a part of our daily life. By the way we car in public, others should identify us as Catholics. For example, look at the Norman Rockwell painting of a mother and her son saying grace before eating their meal in a restaurant. You can easily surmise that those two are Christians. It was JFK who said, in Houston, TX that his religion would not influence how he governed the country. Basically that is taking God out of one’s life. Up until then, you could tell the difference between Catholics and non Catholics. Today there is hardly any difference because the majority of people have morphed into a pan Christian religion. Because of this Unitarian Church like philosophy, everyone can believe what they want, they do not have to wear their religion on their sleeves, and if it feels good, do it. Two things did great damage to the conservative moment in the 1960’s. First, most conservatives were for the Vietnam War, and second, most conservatives were not active enough in the civil rights movement. So now the conservative movement is rather small. It was LBJ and his great society program that turned the Democratic party into the anti-God party that it is today. Unfortunately, unless the Republicans start acting with some back bone and intestinal fortitude, and not try to make the other party like them by compromising, the GOP will become obsolete.

    • JFK did not let his religion stand in the way of his sexual cavorting either.
      (Hopefully he went to confession before his unexpected death.)

  23. I thínk the article is disingenous. Cardinals Wuherl and Dolan, Archbishop Gomez, and the Catholic Bishops Conference show that the Church is not interested in keeping the Faith but in settling more Latinos here illegally with help of massive Federal Obamadollars. At my Novus Ordo white parish I can pretty much guarantee the vote will be mostly Democratic. If you polled Latino Catholics, which are the majority of pewsitters here in California you will get a massive Democratic majority. Last, but not least, we have Your Fellow Catholic whom I congratulate for the witty post above.

  24. Michael McDermott says

    “ provides this solely for educational purposes
    and does not support or oppose candidates for public office.

    By now, you’ve probably heard that the California Republican Party, for all practical purposes, has embraced the “LGBT” agenda. How?

    Despite their now-nearly-meaningless pro-family platform for man-woman marriage and against the homosexual agenda the state GOP has officially partnered with the pro-homosexuality-bisexuality-transsexuality “Log Cabin” group, making them an official chapter of the state party.

    It’s another downward slide for California’s “Grand Old Party” that’s already been redefined by pro-“LGBT” Republicans Arnold Schwarzenegger and Neel Kashkari…

    – I left the Republican Party in 2003 when Arnold Schwarzenegger became its standard-bearer..

    With California’s “jungle primary,” there’s no penalty for becoming an independent / decline to state / no party preference. You can vote for whomever you want — Republicans or Democrats or other — in the June primary election.
    You can vote, act, and speak on the issues and values you believe in — even when Republican leaders push the opposite.

    So, for the sake of your principles and your moral character – there’s everything to gain and nothing to lose by declaring independence and leaving the major political parties behind. You can still vote and work for candidates of your own choosing. ]

    The Democratic Party joined the forces of wickedness a long time ago. Now the Republican Party is calling bad good, which should give you moral indigestion.

    Ready to separate yourself from the perversity of the main political parties?”

    • Anonymous says

      Sometimes we have to vote for the lessor of the evils.

      Many Catholics have caused these evils by voting for the Democratic Party of Death – teaching politicians of both Parties that evil politicians are preferred.

      We have met the enemy, and he is us.

    • I know what you mean, Michael McDermott. I did not vote for the office of governor of California last time because I thought they were both unfit: one was as bad as the other.

  25. Michael McDermott says

    FYFI –
    “A Shamrocky Road for Dems and Catholics http://www.FRC.Org

    On this St. Patrick’s Day, Democrats are pressing their luck with one constituency: Catholics… Longtime bans on LGBT displays vanished — along with a large contingent of Catholic support.

    -Knights of Columbus were forced to pull out of their own parades, as new exceptions to old rules marched in direct defiance to everything Catholicism stands for…

    – upheaval between the Left and American Catholics – finally saying, “enough.” The liberal assault on faith has consequences — and the hemorrhaging of Catholic votes is one of them.

    In a titanic shift, Catholics are redrawing the political lines in a way that could rewrite the landscape of 2016 and beyond…. Catholics are bolting from the Democratic Party so rapidly…

    The number of Catholics who said Obama was “unfriendly to religion” has more than doubled in the President’s two terms — from 17% to 36%.

    While the White House is busy building his legacy on the debris of the First Amendment, more churchgoers are turning their backs on his open aggression to the Christian faith.

    No wonder the Democratic Party is facing a ” Catholic apocalypse!”

    Everything the Left does seems to put them at odds with core values of Christianity. Stephen Schneckat – pointed out that “more and more of (Catholics) who remain are those who actively choose to embrace the church and its teachings.”

    – significant voting bloc that now perceives Republicans as being more welcoming to people of faith.”

  26. The Democratic party is at the opposite end of where the heart of Catholicism lies. It would seem that any Catholic who votes for a ‘normal’ democrat would be betraying the Catholic faith.

  27. Because of the namby pamby attitude of the Republican party, many Catholics are getting upset. Because they have no backbone, and always want to be liked by the Democrats, many have caved in or have done nothing to further the conservative cause. Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and maybe Scott Walker are the exceptions. The Tea Party seems to be the only group that listens to the voices of the ones who got them elected. Abortion, gay marriage, the illegal immigrant problem, the budget, terrorism, these were all topics that could have been voted on, and won because the Republicans have the majority votes. But no. Rinos like McCain and others are basically just Democrats at heart, and all they desire is fame and power. Ave Maria Purrissima!

    • Jesusita, the Republicans are not trying to be liked by the Democrats.
      Both Parties want to be elected, and will do what it takes unfortunately.

      When Catholics vote for those who support intrinsic evils – such as abortion, euthanasia, homosexual marriage, contraception, etc – (especially at taxpayer expense) – the Catholics cement what it takes to be elected.

      We must always look at the Voting record of ALL incumbents regardless of Party.
      But we must also look at the Party Platforms – which clearly state each Party’s GOALS.

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