Compton College: Heaven isn’t REAL real

Two Compton College students explain their views on the afterlife and morality

Interviews with Karen, who is studying nursing, and Ivone, who is studying radiology, took place in the center quad at Compton College on February 20, 2019.

Interview with Karen, nursing student


California Catholic Daily: Do you consider yourself religious?

Karen: Yeah, I was raised going to church. I believe in God and the Virgin Mary.

What do you believe about God?

Karen: He can heal and He can make things appear in your life. And the same thing with the Virgin Mary. She can do things that are technically more like God, like same thing.

Does your faith affect how you live your life?

Karen: Yes, because that’s how I was raised. I always pray at night for my life and work.

Does your faith affect how you view things like abortion?

Karen: No, because that’s each person’s business. Even though I wouldn’t want that, I still think that everyone has their own point of view and their own belief.

Karen is a student at Compton College (image: Mary Rose/California Catholic Daily)

Do you also think people should choose for themselves about driving drunk or abusing a child?

Karen: No, they shouldn’t. They shouldn’t do that. They’re hurting somebody else. But the baby’s still not born and it doesn’t have any fingers. If the woman thinks she won’t do a good job of raising it, she has other options, but if that’s what she thinks she should do, that’s her choice.

Can she kill the baby right after it’s born?

Karen: No.

What about the day before it’s born?

Karen: [shaking head] Uh – uh.

At what point in the pregnancy do you think it’s okay?

Karen: Man, now I’m thinking. I don’t know. I always thought that everybody has their own problems and it’s their own personal business.

What do you believe about the afterlife?

Karen: I believe that we are all in a sleep but the afterlife is when you go into another world. I believe in heaven like they say, but I don’t think it’s like real real.


Interview with Ivone, radiology major


California Catholic Daily: Do you consider yourself religious?

Ivone: Yes. I was raised in religion. I was raised Catholic and then my mom’s side of the family became Christian, so I was always raised inside religion. I was baptized in the Catholic Church before I was one year old and then I got baptized in the Christian church when I was 13. Religion means a lot to me. I believe in religion, I believe in God. I think God is the creator of life. I love religion. I think that I wouldn’t be here without God and nobody would be here without God.

Student passing the Compton College Gymnasium (image: Mary Rose/California Catholic Daily)

Do you hold the traditional Christian views that abortion is wrong, that marriage is between one man and one woman, and that sex is reserved for marriage?

Ivone: Oh no. Even though I’m religious, I don’t discriminate against those things. Abortion, I think, is just a woman’s choice because everybody has a choice. I don’t have anything against the LGBT community either. Some of my friends are bi, gay, you know. I think it’s just one’s moral beliefs if you really want to be judgmental toward it. If you want to put religion into it, then that’s you. Me, I don’t think so. I don’t think that religion affects it in my beliefs.

How do you reconcile your view that God is the creator of life and your support for abortion?

Ivone: It’s a woman’s choice. You cannot force someone to keep a baby if they don’t want to. It’s against their rights. A lot of people don’t agree with it in their religion or Christianity because they are pro-life and all that, but I don’t think so. It’s contradicting myself, yeah. Wow, I’m listening to myself right now. I think it’s just one’s choice. Just because I’m a Christian doesn’t mean, if I’m pregnant and I don’t want it, I’m not going to abort. I don’t know. That’s just me.

Does your support for a woman’s right to choose include her choice to abuse a child or drive drunk?

Ivone: Oh no. Why would you have the baby if you’re not going to be a good mom?

But what if she thought she was going to be a good mom but then her partner left her and she lost her job?

Ivone: I don’t know. That’s a tricky question. I have no idea. That’s a tricky question. Damn. I don’t know.

What do you believe about the afterlife?

Ivone: I believe that we go to hell or you go to heaven. It depends, when your judgment day comes.

What does God base His judgment on?

Ivone: If you follow what the Bible says, His path.

A California Catholic Daily exclusive by Mary Rose.




  1. One of the best ways to plant seeds is by asking simple questions. Great job, CCD.

  2. Have any of these children even taken a basic course in logic and reason?

  3. Clinton R. says

    It is just stunning how poorly people are catechized. This has been going on for decades. Religion now, for the few young people that have one, is all about being “nice” and non judgmental.

  4. helen wheels says

    is it just me?
    why did the Muslim girl from
    CSU Dominguez have better
    responses than most
    Catholic/Christian students ??

  5. Steve Seitz says

    I recently read the book “iGen” by Jean Twenge. It should be noted that the comments of these two young women are typical for this generation (those currently between the age of 6 and 26 years old).

    Their answers are philosophical gibberish, but we need to get use to dealing with it. We’re going to hear more of it in the future.

    • Steve Seitz says

      I’d like to add that asking the girls simple questions of truth seemed to crack their generational dogma.

  6. Walking contradictions…. Schools have failed these 2… and so have their parents…

  7. Oh, yes. I’ve watched what I call the “degradation in the quality of education” for several decades now, and realized AT THE TIME that THESE PEOPLE would be ascending in life to… attorneys, judges, senators, representatives, doctors, nurses, police, PRESIDENTS, etc., etc., with SERIOUS consequences for all of us.

    These responses should HORRIFY each and every one of us because of where it will end up. Are you ready for euthanasia for the elderly? What do you think the response will be of these young people in the position to determine those things for US, the elderly?

  8. Modern, arrogant humans have created what fallen humans think would be heaven on earth: unlimited food and drink, easy accessible sex and pornography, conscious changing drugs, 24 hour entertainment through games, videos and gambling and, of course, glamour and greed. Look around…there are many obese, wounded, addicted, broken people trying to live their fake lives. We have really created our own hell on earth…and the father of lies is very pleased.

  9. 95% of high school and college students think like this-
    It is beyond depressing. Every Catholic Bishop; priest and layperson should read a few of these.
    Affordable Catholic schools stem this tide somewhat; although,they’re sabotaged by liberal; poorly catechized
    faculty and administrators.
    These kids have bought into moral relativism and secular humanism, (instead of holiness and righteousness).
    We as parents/mentors will be held to account by God.
    All of these students appear to be Latino/Filipino–traditionally Catholic.
    At the very least, a new BALTIMORE CATECHISM should be distributed to all Catholics starting in 2020.
    Secondly, all C.C.D./ all religious mentors should be well-catechized themselves, (as well as faithful to…

  10. Prof.Helen says

    The fruits of 40 years of teaching RELATIVISM.

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