Visiting cardinal ‘anxious to share his concern’ for climate change

Cardinal John Ribat to visit at least 2 parishes in the Diocese of San Bernardino

Cardinal John Ribat, MSC (image from Missionaries of the Sacred Heart)

This coming week Cardinal John Ribat will visit the MSC Community here in California. Forty years ago John Ribat, a young man from Papua New Guinea, made his profession of religious vows as a member of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart. After being ordained a priest in 1985, he began his ministry as a parish priest in his native country. With a capacity for pastoral leadership, he was made bishop of the Diocese of Bereina. Six years later he became the archbishop of Port Moresby, the nation’s capital.

Cardinal Ribat is anxious to share his concern for the environment and climate change. He has a great appreciation for Pope Francis’ encyclical letter (Laudato Si) on the environment which recognizes the earth as our common home. For Cardinal Ribat, climate change is personal. The climate changes are having a great impact on the people of his native Papua New Guinea. Many of the people in that part of the world live on islands or along coastal land which is near sea level. Rising seas are putting many of the families in danger of losing their homes and land. Some are already experiencing being forced to abandon their homes or are experiencing salt water coming into the wells they depend on for drinking water. He realizes that climate change needs the cooperation of all nations, and he is deeply concerned that the United States has withdrawn from the Paris climate accord. For him and his people climate change is here and now and is disrupting lives and uprooting people.

Cardinal Ribat knows some of the MSCs working here in our California Community from when they were missionaries in Papua New Guinea. He is going to spend a few days here with us in Palm Springs and with the MSCs working in the Riverside area. We are hoping he will be able to visit our three parishes here in Palm Springs. We are planning to invite him to celebrate a Mass at Our Lady of Solitude on Friday, March 29, around 6:00 PM and then go to our Lady of Guadalupe for a reception on the patio. On Saturday he will celebrate the 5:00 PM Mass at St. Theresa. He will go to St. Catherine of Alexandria, the MSC parish in Riverside, for the 10:00 AM Mass on Sunday, March 31.

Full story at Missionaries of the Sacred Heart site.


  1. Anonymous says

    No thanks.

  2. “Cardinal Ribat is anxious to share his concern for the environment and climate change. ”

    Oh yeah, I can’t wait to attend church and listen to a priest speak about climate change. Maybe I should go to MIT and listen to a scientist speak about Jesus Christ.

    • Anonymous says

      why not? My physics professor was an organist at the local cathedral.

      • Keith w Petersen says

        Did he proselitize during you advanced particle theory class?

        • Anonymous says

          No, i was never smart or advanced enough to take advanced particle theory. But he did bemoan the loss of the latin mass. He once said to a fellow student, ” By golly, back then when you sang Kyrie Eleison, you really knew what you were singing”. Smart catholic student responded, “Um, but Professor, Kyrie Eleison is Greek.”

  3. Clinton R. says

    How about a concern for the salvation of souls?

    • Anonymous says

      Is that what you told Mother Theresa? You scolded her for taking care of the sick in their physical need instead of the salvation of their souls, did you?

      • Dear Anonymous,
        Mother Teresa would have been the FIRST to tell you that her primary concern was for souls. She cared for the sick in their physical need as if they were Jesus and in her direct care for them she showed them Jesus – and many came to believe. And she had no problem scolding the US, naming abortion and the abandonment of our elderly as our biggest poverty problems. And she always noted how it was through prayer and love for Jesus that she did her work. She adamantly refused to be called merely a “humanitarian.”

        • Your Fellow Catholic says

          Why not be the FIRST to preserve the place where Jesus was born and died? Why not be the FIRST to alleviate the suffering caused by global climate change? Why not be the FIRST to build an economy of the future instead of the economy of the 19th century? If you pro-life, then why not be the FIRST to insist that we not so change our climate that the elderly have to be evacuated via a helicopter the next time a “century flood” happens next year, in 5 years, in 8 years? Maybe climate change isn’t the FIRST thing you think we should be doing, but why in the name of the Good Lord would you work against it?

      • Clinton R. says

        I never met Mother Theresa. I wouldn’t have scolded her if I had. The prelates of the Church bloviate constantly about the environment as if are reading from a script given to them by George Soros or Al Gore. Yes, the environment is important (ie clean drinking water), but the reason for Christ entering the world and the raison d’ etre of the Church is the salvation of souls. With churches emptying in Europe and in the US, it is imperative for prelates to be most concerned with whether their spiritual children spend eternity in Heaven or hell. I found this article from Boston Catholic Journal that further expounds on the topic.

  4. Joan of El Cajon says

    The good cardinal should instead share his concern about the “change of climate”/orthodoxy in the Church, with its declining membership, RICO-worthy chancery investigations, and revelations of a sodomite clerical network reaching all the way to the top of the Vatican.

  5. Margaret says

    EXACTLY Xavier……

  6. Ckementine says

    He should be “anxious” to save souls for Christ.

  7. Laudato si is a part of the Church’s teaching as much as Humanae Vitae. Orthodox Roman Catholics understand this fact! Both are encyclicals provided by legitimate Popes for the Catholic faithful and for people of good will. It is impossible to “save souls” if people do not have a viable planet that sustains life.

    • Clinton R. says

      God sustains life and desires the salvation of souls. His Eminence should be first and foremost concerned with educating the faithful on the Last Four Things. We tend to forget, we will not dwell on earth for a long period of time. Leading souls to Christ and His Holy Catholic Church is THE mission of the Church.

      • Anonymous says

        “God sustains life” is your excuse for not taking action to prevent human-caused climate change? Then why do we care so much about abortion? Do you scold priests at March for Life for not educating the faithful on the Last Four Things?

        • Anonymous says

          Conservatives have long argued that anthropogenic global warming (AGW) is a politically motivated distortion of climate science. Now that argument is being bolstered by an unexpected source: the co-founder of the leading environmental organization Greenpeace.

          • Anonymous says

            Who cares what any single person says about climate Anonymous? Seriously, the data, the evidence is overwhelming. It’s not political, or at least it shoudln’t be. See the evidence yourself:

            Now back to that “god sustains life” as an excuse for not taking acction. If God sustains life then we shouldn’t need to take any action to prevent abortion either.

        • Robert Ferrez says

          “It is my devout belief in God that gives me every bit of confidence that man is not destroying — and furthermore, cannot — destroy the climate.”
          They’re no closer to being right because of the weather this weekend anywhere than they’ve ever been closer to being right because all they’ve got is computer models. They don’t even have any data. Climate change is all 100% politics.
          Humanity has little to do with climate change on a global scale. The very worst we can do is to make a local mess. Globally, we are completely powerless. Climate is driven by the sun, not the concentration of a trace gas in the atmosphere
          Let me go through a little exercise in logic, of which we are in sad short supply. Okay? A person predicts global…

          • Anonymous says

            Robert Ferrez says “They don’t even have ANY data”.

            “Concentration of trace gas”: There are three trillion tons of Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Humans add about 35 billion tons of carbon dioxide every year. That’s data.

            Stop pretending there is no data. There is TONS of data. See it for yourself and then get back to us.

  8. Palm Springs? Hmm… I think he should be more anxious to share a message about something other than climate change in that city.

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