Papal nuncio lectures U.S. bishops
Adopting missionary impulse is barometer of communion with the pope

The apostolic nuncio to the United States told the nation’s bishops that their commitment to evangelization is the measure of their communion with Pope Francis. Archbishop Christoph Pierre addressed the bishops during the opening session of the USCCB general

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Former papal nuncio Vigano goes after Pachamama
Watch video of man who tossed idol into the Tiber

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò is urging the re-consecration of St. Peter’s Basilica, in light of what he calls “the appalling idolatrous profanations” that have been committed in its walls through the veneration of the Pachamama statue. In a Nov. 6

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Who’s in favor of women deacons?
In first for a U.S. bishop, San Diego's Robert McElroy declares himself sympathetic to the idea

San Diego Bishop Robert McElroy said he supports allowing women to serve as deacons in the Catholic Church, in what appears as the first such public disclosure of a U.S. prelate since Pope Francis reopened consideration of the history

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Not a surprise
Recommendation to allow married priests passes Amazon Synod by vote of 128-41

The meeting for the Synod of Bishops for the Pan-Amazonian region has approved a final document which calls for the ordination of married men as priests and for women to be considered for diaconal ordination. One of the document’s

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We’re not going broke
In response to a book published Oct. 21 that claims the Holy See is facing a serious cash shortage, Vatican says it's not on the verge of financial collapse

Bishop Galantino (photo LifeSiteNews) The head of the Vatican’s sovereign asset management body has insisted that the Holy See is not headed for financial “collapse.” Bishop Nunzio Galantino made the comments in response to a book published on

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Who said it is the Virgin Mary?
Amazon synod spokesman says wooden figure of nude pregnant woman present at synod-related events is not the Virgin Mary: "It is an indigenous woman who represents life”

Fr. Giacomo Costa, a communications official for the Amazon synod, said Wednesday a wooden figure of a nude pregnant woman, which has been present at events related to the synod, is not the Virgin Mary, but is instead a

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Ban on female priests not final word, says Amazon Synod organizer
Bishop Erwin Kräutler, retired bishop of Xingu, Brazil, says despite Pope John Paul II's attempt to definitively resolve question of women's ordination, "it is nevertheless not a dogma”

The bishop credited with writing the Amazon Synod’s controversial working document has stated that Pope John Paul II's teaching about the impossibility of female priests is “not a dogma.”  Bishop Erwin Kräutler, the retired bishop of Xingu, Brazil, made

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Red ink at the Vatican
Top-level meeting held on how to reverse rapidly growing deficit in Holy See’s budget

The heads of dicasteries and Vatican City State institutions met Friday to discuss finances and how to reverse a reportedly rapidly growing deficit in the Holy See’s budget. Matteo Bruni, Holy See press office director, confirmed to CNA that

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McElroy picked for Amazon Synod post
Cardinal Sean O’Malley and Bishop Robert McElroy nominated by Pope Francis, the only bishops from the United States to be selected as synod fathers

Cardinal Sean O’Malley, archbishop of Boston, and Bishop Robert McElroy of San Diego are among those chosen by Pope Francis as synod fathers in next month’s Amazon synod. A full list of the 185 participants in the Special Assembly for the

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U.S. not the only source of heartburn for pope
Francis to reporters on papal plane: “Criticism comes not only from the Americans, they’re coming from all over”

Responding to a mini-fracas set off by his recent declaration that he considers it “an honor when Americans are attacking me,” Pope Francis told reporters during an inflight news conference Tuesday that the U.S. is not his only source

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