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More Catholics, fewer priests

Vatican reports number of Catholics has risen to its highest level in history, but number of priests has declined for first time since 2010

The Vatican releases an annual compendium of figures that offers insight into changes in the worldwide Church. Known as the Annuarium Statisticum Ecclesiae, it is compiled by the Central Office of Church Statistics in Rome. The 2019 edition, published last week, presents the figures for 2017 – the most recent year available. The headline news is that the number of Catholics … [Read more...]

California mom dissects Vatican meeting schedule

An "increasingly obvious waste of time" in Rome

The following comes from a Feb. 21 post on One Mad Mom. Can we just look at the program for this increasingly obvious waste of time in Rome this week?  The Protection of Minors in the Church THURSDAY 21 FEBRUARY: RESPONSIBILITY 9.30 1st PRESENTATION by Sig. Card. Luis Antonio Tagle: Smell of the sheep. Knowing their pain and healing their wounds is at the heart of the … [Read more...]

Pope Francis: Those always accusing the Church are ‘relatives of the devil’

Accusing the accuser of accusing?

ROME— Those who spend their lives accusing the Church are the “friends, cousins and relatives of the devil,” Pope Francis said on the eve of the Vatican clergy sex abuse summit. The statement comes as the world’s media is focused on the Vatican as it tackles accusations of clergy sexual abuse, silence and coverup.  In a Feb. 20 address to pilgrims from the southern Italian … [Read more...]

Pope Francis names Cardinal Farrell camerlengo

Duties include managing papal conclave and election of new pontiff

The following is from a Feb. 14 story by Catholic News Agency. Vatican City—  Pope Francis nominated a new camerlengo, Irish-American Cardinal Kevin Joseph Farrell, prefect of the Dicastery for Laity, Family, and Life, and a former bishop of Dallas. The responsibilities of camerlengo include overseeing the preparations for a papal conclave and managing the administration of … [Read more...]

Abuses will continue, “it’s a human problem”

Pope Francis on Vatican sex-abuse summit

The following comes from a Jan. 28 story from Catholic News Agency. Vatican City — Pope Francis said that he sensed “inflated expectation” surrounding the Vatican’s February sex abuse summit, and outlined his specific aims for the meeting. Speaking on the papal flight returning from Panama, the pope said he wanted the world’s bishops to receive a “catechesis” on the suffering … [Read more...]

Vatican looking at third charge against McCarrick

Contact via family friends

  The following comes from a Jan. 5 story on Crux. Six months after the scandal surrounding former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick first came to light - wherein accusations of sexual abuse from a former altar boy prompted subsequent revelations of abuse and misconduct - Crux has learned that the Vatican is now investigating a total of three cases of abuse against the … [Read more...]

Firing of Pope’s mouthpieces not a surprise

Burke and Garcia Ovejero are journalists at heart

The following comes from a Jan. 2 story on CruxNow by John Allen. When news broke on New Year’s Eve that the Vatican’s two official spokespersons, American Greg Burke and Spaniard Paloma Garcia Ovejero, had resigned, words such as “sudden” and “unexpected” figured in many headlines. One understands the point, as there had been no advance indication their exits were … [Read more...]

The railroading of Cardinal Pell

John Paul II's biographer to the defense

The following comes from a Dec. 31 story by George Weigel, Pope John Paul II's biographer, in the New York Post. No one with a sense of justice can fail to be outraged when, in To Kill a Mockingbird, a jury in Maycomb, Ala., bows to social pressure and convicts an innocent man of a crime he couldn’t have committed. Something similar took place last month in real-world … [Read more...]

The Catholic year from hell

Vigano August letter still unanswered

The following comes from a Dec. 28 story posted by CNN. A prominent cardinal resigned in disgrace. Grand jurors accused hundreds of Catholic clerics of secretly abusing children. A former Vatican ambassador urged the Pope himself to step down. It was enough for New York's Cardinal Timothy Dolan to call it the Catholic Church's "summer of hell." The cardinal may have … [Read more...]

“The Church will spare no effort”

With his hands visibly shaking, Pope Francis spoke directly to abusive clergy, telling them to prepare to face justice, both human and divine

Pope Francis strongly condemned clerical sex abuse in his annual Christmas speech to the Roman Curia Friday, promising that the Church leadership will never again cover-up abuse or treat such cases lightly. “Let it be clear that before these abominations the Church will spare no effort to do all that is necessary to bring to justice whosoever has committed such crimes. The … [Read more...]