Weigel cuts through the Martini curve
Those churches trying desperately to catch up are collapsing

Cardinal Martini: "The Church is 200 years behind the times." (Photo from the Guardian- U.K.) Pope Francis concluded his pre-Christmas address to the Roman Curia by invoking the memory of Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, SJ, who died in

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“Christendom no longer exists!”
Pope Francis warns against rigidity as Church undergoes a period of epochal change

In his annual Christmas address, Pope Francis advised the Vatican civil service not to allow “rigidity” to get in the way of “epochal change.” In his Dec. 21 address to the Curia, the Argentinian pontiff discussed the inevitability and necessity of

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The Two Popes movie – all that is politically correct
You could get up and leave

"Ratzinger resigned because he was inspired by God to leave his place to Bergoglio." The Daily Compass watched the Netflix movie, The Two Popes. Read this and you won’t need to watch it: it is ideological, ridiculous and

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The political vision of Pope Francis
The time has come to make a leap

Tim Cook of Apple with the Holy Father at the Vatican (Photo from YouTube) ...According to Bergoglio, “it takes a myth to understand the people.” And he has recounted this myth, as pope, above all when he called around

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Amazon Synod attacks fossil fuels, plastics, Western eating habits
Vatican veers near enthusiasm for blood and soil

Pachamamma idols in Rome: "theology with an Amazonian face" (Photo from Catholic World Report) The Vatican’s Amazon Synod is done. But its mischief lives on in the ideological distortions of its final document, “Amazonia: New Ways For The Church

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Pope Benedict XVI “the deepest thinker”
So says filmmaker Werner Herzog

Benedict XVI at the German Bundestag in 2011 Werner Herzog, the well-known film director and film legend [Aguirre, the Wrath of God (1972), Nosferatu the Vampyre (1978), Fitzcarraldo (1982)], praised Benedict XVI in a December 7 interview with German

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Peter’s Pence money ends up behind Elton John biopic
What were Vatican officials thinking?

From Rocketman trailer A fund in which the Vatican’s Secretariat of State has invested tens of millions of euros has links to two Swiss banks investigated or implicated in bribery and money laundering scandals involving more than one billion

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Cardinal Zen blunt on Vatican secretaries of state
Cardinal Jozef Tomko was effective

Cardinal Zen: Pope "doesn’t answer my letters." (Photo from AsiaNews.it) Cardinal Joseph Zen has described Vatican policy toward China as “terrible, terrible, terrible” in a new interview. Cardinal Zen said that he strongly suspects that a diplomatic agreement between

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Bergoglio, the young Peronist
Retired bishop Gracida cites Sandro Magister on pope's closeness to Bolivian ex-president Morales

Evo Morales presents Pope Francis with crucifix on hammer and sickle, 2015. (Photo from NBC News) In Argentina, the student and labor uprisings flared up shortly after those in Paris or Los Angeles, in 1969, the year in which

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Papal nuncio lectures U.S. bishops
Adopting missionary impulse is barometer of communion with the pope

The apostolic nuncio to the United States told the nation’s bishops that their commitment to evangelization is the measure of their communion with Pope Francis. Archbishop Christoph Pierre addressed the bishops during the opening session of the USCCB general

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