Catholic professional group coming to LA archdiocese
Program developed in Phoenix diocese helps participants share their faith in their personal and professional lives

A two-year program created to develop Catholic leaders within the professional world is expanding beyond the Diocese of Phoenix in a move that reflects the success and popularity of the still relatively young initiative. Leaders of the program, now

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From late-night DJ to Catholic priest
Newly-ordained Father John Hoang celebrates one of his first Masses in cemetery where his parents are buried

With great joy, newly ordained priest, Father John Hoang, celebrated one of his first Masses with 51 relatives and friends on June 8th at Calvary Catholic Cemetery, the resting place of his parents, Pierre Dam Hoang and Teresa Tuyet Hoang.

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One of the big draws is the ability to pick and choose
Growing number of young people have turned away from traditional religion to embrace practices like tarot, astrology, meditation, energy healing and crystals

A growing number of young people — largely millennials, though the trend extends to younger Gen Xers, now cresting 40, and down to Gen Z, the oldest of whom are freshly minted college grads — have turned away from

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As close as you can get without having to get on a plane and fly to Spain
Santiago de Compostela Church in Lake Forest recreates caminos of its namesake

For the fifth year, Santiago de Compostela Church in Lake Forest, prepares to celebrate the Feast Day of its namesake, St. James the Elder. This year the Feast Day will take place on Saturday, July 20, and will kick

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Archbishop Fulton Sheen to be beatified
Pope Francis approved a miracle attributed to Sheen on July 5, nine days after the archbishop's remains were transferred from New York to Peoria, making the beatification possible

Pope Francis approved the miracle attributed to Archbishop Fulton Sheen Friday, making possible the American television catechist's beatification. The Vatican Congregation for the Causes of Saints promulgated the decree approving Sheen’s miracle on July 6. The miracle involves the unexplained

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Booming monasteries have common attributes
Their common characteristics: living and praying together in community, wearing an identifiable religious habit, and fidelity to the teaching authority of the Church

Among the most startling aspects of the post-Vatican II era of the Catholic Church has been the dramatic decline of vocations to the religious life in the Western world. According to the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate

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Blessed John Henry Newman to be canonized October 13

The Vatican announced Monday that Blessed Cardinal John Henry Newman will be canonized on October 13 in Rome. During a consistory of cardinals July 1, Pope Francis decreed that Newman and four other blesseds will be canonized together in

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He brought 54 converts with him

Father Andrew Bartus is a member of the expanding ordinariate of pastors in Southern California and Orange County. But there is nothing ordinary about the 36-year-old priest.   He is married, has four children and a day job as a

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Beatification cause for Archbishop Sheen has resumed

The following press release was issued this morning (June 27, 2019) by the Diocese of Peoria. Most Rev. Daniel Jenky, Bishop of Peoria, is happy to announce that the remains of Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen have been transferred from St.

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Girlfriend led Fr. Quan Tran of Orange Diocese to priesthood

    Growing up in a “lukewarm Catholic family,” Fr. Quan Tran dutifully carried out his parents’ wishes that he pursue financial success. He studied law at Pepperdine University and then served for 10 years as an Orange County deputy

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