Janet Smith gave advice to David Daleiden
Moral theologian asked about undercover work

Janet Smith taught at Notre Dame, University of Dallas, and Sacred Heart Seminary in Detroit.   The following is an excerpt from theOctober 8  opening statement of Charles LiMandri, attorney for the Center for Medical Progress in the

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Dreamers, gay rights, abortion, religious liberty
Supreme Court begins term today facing cases nearly certain to cause ideological rifts

The Supreme Court opens its new term Monday facing decisions on the so-called Dreamers, LGBTQ rights, religion and abortion. The justices will decide whether President Trump may revoke the Obama-era protections for more than 700,000 young immigrants, known as Dreamers, who

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Foster families to be recognized in Los Angeles
Archbishop José Gomez to celebrate Mass in honor of Catholic foster families on Sunday, October 13 at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels

Archbishop José H. Gomez will celebrate the Mass in honor of Catholic foster families on Sunday, October 13 at 10 a.m. at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in downtown Los Angeles, to mark the Archdiocese of Los

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The theology of suffering
San Bernardino diocese's Office of Respect Life and Pastoral Care holds conference to raise awareness of Catholic approach to caring for the sick and dying

The Diocesan Office of Respect Life and Pastoral Care continued in its efforts to raise awareness of the Catholic pastoral and theological approach to caring for the sick and dying with a conference, “Embracing Our Dying—Preparing for End of

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Study: 6% of seminarians report sexual misconduct
80% of those who experienced abuse pointed to a fellow seminary student or religious in formation as the alleged perpetrator

A new study has found that six percent of U.S. seminarians have experienced some form of sexual harassment, abuse or misconduct; another four percent said they might have experienced misconduct but were not sure; while 89% report none. The survey comes

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Pope Francis: Assisted suicide is false compassion
Francis tells doctors to resist temptation of euthanasia

Pope Francis told a group of Italian doctors Friday they must resist the temptation to participate in assisted suicide or euthanasia, which trades the dignity of the patient for a “false compassion.” “It is important that the doctor does

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Is pension crisis looming for retirees of religious organizations?
For Catholic-affiliated organizations alone, about 1 million pensioners are now estimated to be at risk of having reduced or zero benefits

For Catholic-affiliated organizations alone, about 1 million pensioners are now estimated to be at risk of having reduced or zero pension benefits due to a federal law that exempts religious organizations from providing regulated and guaranteed pensions. “It’s estimated to be

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LA Christ Scientist chairman allegedly stole over $11 million
Also accused of embezzlement from Catholic missionary group

The former chairman of the board for the Fifth Church of Christ, Scientist, Los Angeles, has been indicted in the theft of more than $11 million in church money. According to a federal grand jury indictment released Monday, Charles T.

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Twitter to ban ‘dehumanizing’ language toward religious groups
Company will expand policy to other marginalized groups in the future

Twitter on Tuesday announced it will begin removing tweets that feature "dehumanizing" language toward religious groups, marking the company's latest effort to combat the scourge of harassment and bigoted content that has plagued its platform for years. In a

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Who’s to blame for mass violence?
Archbishop Chaput decries culture of sexual anarchy, personal excess, political hatreds

Gun control laws alone will not stop mass shootings effectively, Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia, said in a column written in response to the recent shootings in Gilroy, Calif., El Paso, and Dayton, Ohio. Chaput belives that there needs

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