Norbertine nuns work the Poverty Program in Wilmington

Sister Ana Paula was on the “other side of the gate" 

The following comes from a Jan. 10 story in Angelus News. Every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday throughout the year, people within the Wilmington neighborhood line up outside the convent gate in great need of food or clothing. One might wonder why these people, a great number of whom are homeless, would gather outside of a convent, of all places. But attached to the Norbertine … [Read more...]

California bishops back push to end childhood poverty

California Catholic Conference joins press conference in support of package of legislation that would increase state funding for multiple services to children and low-income families

Last week, on the first official day of the new California legislative session, the California Catholic Conference (CCC) joined numerous faith leaders and lawmakers at a press event to introduce several ambitious recommendations aimed at curbing childhood poverty in the state. The measures are based on the recently released report by The Lifting Children and Families Out of … [Read more...]

Hearing the cry of Hollywood’s poor

After a Mass at Blessed Sacrament Church, 700 people poured into the streets carrying signs that read “Sacred Silence,” and processing through the busiest part of downtown Hollywood

Catholics in the heart of LA answered the Pope’s call to “hear the cry of the poor” in a very literal way last week, with a Eucharistic procession, organized by the Beloved Movement, that covered the busiest section of Hollywood’s Walk of Fame.  After a Mass at Blessed Sacrament Church in Hollywood, celebrated by several of the Jesuits who work in the adjacent Center for … [Read more...]

LA archdiocese sponsors website recognizing Catholics who perform works of mercy

Life, Justice and Peace Office posts volunteer opportunities to house the homeless, feed the poor, care for foster kids, visit prisoners, help needy pregnant women, and assist the ill and dying

The following is an excerpt of a piece written by Archbishop Jose Gomez of Los Angeles: This past weekend, we marked the second annual World Day of the Poor, established by Pope Francis. There are many kinds of poverty, material and spiritual. For some in our community, poverty means loneliness; they need someone to talk to, to make them feel they are worth something to … [Read more...]

No fees, no questions, no one turned away

Dining hall at St. Anthony of Padua Parish in the North Fair Oaks section of San Mateo County provides meals to the area's working poor

As a small group of children played outside, the noise from the dining hall at St. Anthony of Padua overflowed with dozens of conversations. Seated at long rows of tables, a few hundred men and women talked Monday Nov. 5 over trays of beef stew, rice and salad or lingered over cups of coffee. All were guests of the Padua Dining Room, which has served hundreds of lunches six … [Read more...]

“Mass of the Dead for Our Homeless Brethren” held in San Francisco

About 200 people gathered at St. Patrick Church on Nov. 8 to pray for the eternal rest of the human lives ended unceremoniously on city's streets

In the heart of a city becoming as well known for the size of its homeless population as it is for its golden-hued bridge, about 200 people gathered at St. Patrick Church Nov. 8 to pray for the eternal rest of the human lives ended unceremoniously on the streets of San Francisco. Students from Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory High School, ICA Cristo Rey, St. Ignatius … [Read more...]

Meals on Wheels asks California recipients: Are you gay?

Questions about sexual orientation and transgender status required by state law

Carol Alexander received a phone call from Sacramento County’s Meals on Wheels program last Friday and it wasn’t her usual case worker. Alexander, 83, said she was hit with a barrage of about a half-dozen questions she considered invasive or unnecessary: What is your sex? Do you still associate with your gender? Are you heterosexual? Are you white or Hispanic? “I was in … [Read more...]

Little Sisters still begging in LA

The first Little Sisters of the Poor -- "the begging sisters" -- to come to Los Angeles arrived on a train from Chicago on Jan. 18, 1905

The 2007 GMC Savana Cargo Van with 200,000 miles on the odometer pulls off the exit a little past 9 o’clock on this Friday morning. It’s August 31, one day after the Little Sisters of the Poor marked the 150th anniversary of the religious community’s arrival in the United States from France. Two of these “begging sisters” in full white habits are in the back seat, silently … [Read more...]

Small band of friars and nuns in habits feed homeless in Los Angeles

Archbishop José Gomez invited Friars and Sisters of the Poor Jesus to Los Angeles earlier this year; four friars and four sisters set out for Skid Row every weekend offering free food and water to the homeless

Friar Benjamin of the Most Holy Trinity walked down Towne Avenue in Skid Row, one hand wheeling an ice chest filled with oranges and bottled water, the other clutching plastic bags of peanut butter and ham and cheese sandwiches, chips and fruit snacks. Dressed in a full habit, a straw hat and brown flip-flops, Friar Benjamin, 42, along with a group of three other friars, one … [Read more...]

How Catholic Charities is tackling California’s housing crisis

The Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors has approved a $1.5-million contract with Catholic Charities to connect renters with housing providers

Catholic Charities of Santa Clara has partnered with the local county to launch a shared housing program, connecting renters with housing providers amid California’s high housing costs. “We are incredibly excited to be partnering alongside the County of Santa Clara’s Office of Supportive Housing for this much needed housing resource for our community,” said Lindsey Caldwell, … [Read more...]