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Two pastors running for city council say abortion is issue in Corona election

Are more candidates going public with their pro-life positions?

Standing in front of a Planned Parenthood office, Corona City Council candidate and pastor Shawn Kelly delivers a blunt message to voters: “(a) vote for me would stop them from coming into our city.” Kelly posted the 44-second video — titled “Help keep them out of our town” — to his Facebook page last month, the latest example of religious and national political issues … [Read more...]

Pro-choice till nine months, no exceptions

Jeff Denham has been running an unusual ad against his opponent

California Congressman Jeff Denham, CD -10, has been running a 30-second TV ad with a very unusually strong pro-life, anti-abortion message against his extremely pro-abortion, heavily-funded, Democratic Party opponent, Josh Harder. Both men are running in the 10th Congressional District. In the ad, Denham states that Harder has "San Francisco" values that have no place in … [Read more...]

Trump proclaims November as National Adoption Month

“Adoption affirms the inherent value of human life and signals that every child ‑‑ born or unborn ‑‑ is wanted and loved,” read the president’s proclamation

President Donald Trump issued a presidential proclamation Oct. 31 declaring November 2018 to be “National Adoption Month.” The president called adoption a “life-changing act” and a “blessing for all involved.”In addition to assisting families who seek to adopt, Trump said, “we must also encourage all Americans to recognize that adoption is a powerful way to show women they are … [Read more...]

“No position”

California bishops offer analysis of each of 12 propositions on Nov. 6 ballot, but decline to offer advice on how citizens should vote

The following is an analysis provided by the California Conference of Catholic Bishops on the State of California General Election Propositions:   Proposition 1 – Veterans and Affordable Housing Bond Act of 2018 The high cost of housing in California has been a significant point of discussion in recent years. Housing in California has long been more expensive than the … [Read more...]

Important pro-life voter information

Election is one week away

Pro-Life Voter Recommendations for the November 6th, 2018 California General Election Pro-Life Candidates to statewide offices: GOVERNOR: John Cox  Businessman, CPA, and Attorney John Cox is fervently pro-life. He is polling well and has funds for a successful statewide campaign for Governor.  If there is ONE THING you can do to protect life in our state, it is to elect a … [Read more...]

California drags Little Sisters of the Poor back into court

Despite nuns' Supreme Court victory, state Attorney General Xavier Becerra seeks to end 2017 regulation providing legal protection to religious nonprofits from HHS contraceptive mandate

An order of nuns that was in the national spotlight during the Obama years is due back in federal court this week, defending their right to live according to their religious beliefs. In State of California v. Little Sisters of the Poor, California is suing to end a 2017 regulation that gives religious nonprofits – including the order of Catholic nuns – legal protection from … [Read more...]

What do tensions among Orthodox believers mean for modern Christianity?

Russia is protesting complete Church independence to the Orthodox Christians of Ukraine

In 2014, Russia prompted an international uproar when it annexed the Ukrainian territory of Crimea, while also backing a separatist movement in Eastern Ukraine, part of a war that has claimed thousands of lives. But now there’s another kind of Ukrainian territory in dispute: the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, and this time, it’s Russia that’s protesting. On April 20 of this year, … [Read more...]

Church tax battle in trial

City of San Rafael wants to tax church buildings, normally exempt from property tax, calling it a “special tax”

Can cities tax church buildings, normally exempt from property tax, if they call it a “special tax”?  That’s the question that was argued today in Marin County Superior Court. Pacific Justice Institute (PJI), representing Valley Baptist Church in San Rafael, took the church’s case to trial. 
In 2010, San Rafael adopted the Paramedic Services Special Tax, which would allow … [Read more...]

Governor Brown vetoes bill extending time for victims to file sexual abuse claims

The measure, which was opposed by California's bishops, would have allowed victims of childhood sexual abuse to file civil suits until they are 40 years old

Gov. Jerry Brown has rejected a bill that would have given survivors of childhood sexual assault in California more time to file suits against those who could have stopped their abuse. The bill, written by Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher (D-San Diego), would have allowed victims to file abuse claims until they are 40 years old. It also would have permitted those who … [Read more...]

What will Governor Brown do?

California Catholic Conference says it's pleased that governor has signed several educational and environmental bills, awaits news on other measures "that could have devastating impacts"

It has been three weeks since the California Legislature adjourned for the session and sent a stack of more than 1,000 bills to Governor Jerry Brown for his signature or veto. The California Catholic Conference (CCC) is pleased to report that the Governor has signed several educational and environmental bills that will benefit all Californians, while we continue to await news … [Read more...]