Biden denied Communion for supporting abortion
South Carolina priest: "Any public figure who advocates for abortion places himself or herself outside of Church teaching”

A South Carolina Catholic priest denied Holy Communion to  presidential candidate Joe Biden on Sunday, because of the candidate’s support for legal abortion. Fr. Robert Morey, pastor of St. Anthony Catholic Church in the Diocese of Charleston, South Carolina,

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Budget deadlock appears inevitable
Democrats accused of inserting pro-abortion "poison pills" in appropriations bills

With the end-of-the-month deadline for Congress to pass legislation to fund the federal government fast approaching, lawmakers remain at odds over a series of issues, including key pro-life policies, making the need for a short-term extension agreement likely. Such

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Legislature moves toward Sept. 13 adjournment
Several life and dignity bills being closely watched by California Catholic Conference

The California Legislative Session will officially end at midnight on September 13 and bills are moving at a frantic pace in the Capitol Building as lawmakers hurry to get their bills passed before the deadline. Numerous bills that the

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Democrats pander to nones
Say the religiously unaffiliated have been marginalized from society and from politics

The Democratic National Committee last week passed a resolution recognizing so-called “nones” as “the largest religious group” in the party and warning of threats caused by “misplaced claims of ‘religious liberty.’” At its annual summer meeting in San Francisco,

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LA mayor meets with Pope Francis
The two discussed climate change, poverty, and immigration at Vatican

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti met Pope Francis in a private audience at the Vatican Friday, where the two discussed “the priorities of climate change, young people, poverty, and immigration.” “I’m so grateful to Pope Francis for the deep

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Kamala Harris slammed for pro-abortion extremism
In her presidential campaign, California senator pushes "Medicare for All" plan that covers abortion

A leading pro-life advocate is speaking out against the "Medicare for All" plan proposed by 2020 Democrat presidential candidate Kamala Harris, concerned that it would allow taxpayer funding for abortion.  Harris, a U.S. senator and former attorney general of

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San Francisco bans official travel to pro-life states
Extends 2016 ban on city-paid travel to states with anti-LGBT laws

Building on a 2016 ban on city-funded travel to states with anti-LGBT laws, San Francisco officials July 23 voted unanimously to extend that ban to states with restrictive abortion laws. “It will expand the existing ordinance to states that

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Catholic Health Association urges appeals court to uphold Obamacare
"We believe, as a matter of human dignity, everyone is entitled to health care"

The following is an excerpt of a statement by Sr. Mary Haddad, RSM, president and chief executive officer, Catholic Health Association of the United States: As the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit considers the constitutionality of

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Archbishop Gomez stirs Los Angeles Catholics to protect confessional seal

  My dear brothers and sisters in Christ: On this Solemnity of the Holy Trinity, I am writing to you about an important matter. The California legislature is considering a bill that would take away the full right to confession

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Archbishop Chaput cites Thomas More in Biden abortion reversal

Speaking at the University of Notre Dame in October 2016, just a few weeks before a national election that seemed sure to put a second Clinton in the White House, I noted that [Q]uite a few of us American Catholics

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