Supreme Court rejects appeal from states seeking to defund Planned Parenthood

High court refuses to re-examine ruling that prevents Kansas and Louisiana from cutting funding to Planned Parenthood; justices Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito and Neil Grouch dissented

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday rejected appeals by Louisiana and Kansas seeking to end their public funding to women’s healthcare and abortion provider Planned Parenthood through the Medicaid program, with President Donald Trump’s appointee Brett Kavanaugh among the justices who rebuffed the states. The justices left intact lower court rulings that prevented the two states … [Read more...]

Dismissal of charges sought in baby-parts videos case

Motion filed to dismiss all racketeering, conspiracy, and fraud claims in Planned Parenthood v. Center for Medical Progress

Life Legal Defense Foundation has filed a motion to dismiss all racketeering, conspiracy, and fraud claims in Planned Parenthood v. Center for Medical Progress (CMP). Planned Parenthood sued CMP and its board of directors shortly after CMP released a series of videos showing Planned Parenthood officials negotiating the sale of baby parts for profit. Planned Parenthood … [Read more...]

Average compensation for Planned Parenthood executives is $255,523 a year

Among highest paid is Darrah Johnson of San Diego-based Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest who earns $523,677 a year

A recent STOPP report documented the following: •The average compensation for a CEO at a Planned Parenthood affiliate rose from $237,999 in 2015 to $255,523 in 2017 (a 7.4 percent increase). •The total compensation paid to all affiliate CEOs increased from $13.3 million in 2015 to $14.3 million in 2017. •The average compensation to top executives at Planned Parenthood … [Read more...]

California Planned Parenthood affiliate income tops $100 million

Planned Parenthood Mar Monte, headquartered in San Jose, reported income of $109.7 million in its 2016-2017 tax filings

For the first time in the history of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, one of its 56 affiliates documented that its annual income surpassed $100 million. The affiliate is Planned Parenthood Mar Monte, headquartered in San Jose, California. In its latest official document (Federal Form 990) filed with the federal government, PPMM reported that in the fiscal year, July … [Read more...]

Did Planned Parenthood lie to Congress about aborted baby part profits?

Center for Medical Progress has submitted evidence to a federal judge in Oakland to back up its accusation that Planned Parenthood and partners may have doctored records about their revenues

Late last week, the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) submitted evidence to a federal judge in Oakland, Calif., to back up a new accusation Planned Parenthood and partners may have doctored records about their revenues from aborted fetal body parts and lied to Congress about them during 2015 testimony. In 2016, Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley referred Planned Parenthood to the … [Read more...]

“Planned Parenthood is weaponizing taxpayer’s money against them”

Live Action report documents how taxpayer funding allows Planned Parenthood to fund political races

On October 30, Live Action released a report detailing how millions of dollars in taxpayer funding to Planned Parenthood are allowing it to turn around and spend millions of dollars in the 2018 midterms to elect pro-abortion politicians who will fight against abortion industry regulations and keep the taxpayer funding flowing. Taxpayer funding frees up donors to direct their … [Read more...]

Women accuse ex-Planned Parenthood official of sexual harassment

Pedro Elias, once the face of Fresno Planned Parenthood, accused of sexually harassing and assaulting multiple women for years

For years, Pedro Elias was the face of Fresno’s branch of Planned Parenthood. At news conferences and events, as the director of public affairs, he stood out in a sea of women advocating for reproductive rights: A muscular man often wearing a bright pink Planned Parenthood T-shirt. But when his employment ended in September after working for the organization since 2000, his … [Read more...]

Planned Parenthood announces new president

Dr. Leana Wen is the former Baltimore City Commissioner of Health

Dr. Leana Wen, a former Baltimore City Commissioner of Health, is the new president of Planned Parenthood. The abortion provider announced Wen’s appointment on Sept. 12. She replaces Dr. Cecile Richards, who was appointed to the role in 2006. In a three-minute video posted by Planned Parenthood announcing her hiring, Wen described her immigrant background--she moved to the … [Read more...]

Abortion and Congress – what will local Catholics and Evangelicals do?

49th District hangs in balance between pro-life Harkey and pro-abortion Levin

The following comes from an August 9 press release Planned Parenthood Action Fund today endorsed Mike Levin for Congress in California’s 49th District. “Voters face a stark choice in California’s 49th District this November. On one side, you have Diane Harkey, an unyielding opponent of a woman’s right to reproductive freedom. …., Mike Levin is a stalwart champion of … [Read more...]

Report: United Way gave more than $2.7 million to Planned Parenthood

Charity paid for the equivalent of at least 2,901 Planned Parenthood abortions over the course of a single year

2ndVote, the conservative watchdog for corporate activism, released its annual findings on United Way’s financial support for Planned Parenthood. “Every year, 2ndVote takes an extensive look at United Way affiliates that help fund the world’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood,” said Executive Director Robert Kuykendall. “Our research is designed to give … [Read more...]