Pope honors Courage International
"Our identity is not in our sexual orientation"

Father Bochansky: "It’s a real liberation." Papal honors for Father Phillip Bochanski have been announced and priest says they are a recognition of the Courage apostolate’s ministry for people with same-sex attraction at a time when the world, and

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Trans boycott threat scares away Dignity Health
Hospital attacked for not doing gender-change surgery

Broadway theater group brought Spamalot to Sacramento in 2010 (Photo by Charr Crail) Dignity Health announced that it has withdrawn from a sponsorship deal to put its name on Broadway Sacramento’s popular theater-in-the-round on H Street, bowing to concerns

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Words matter
U.S. bishops ask Supreme Court not to redefine 'sex' to include sexual orientation

The bishops of the United States have urged the Supreme Court not to "redefine a fundamental element of humanity" by reinterpreting sex discrimination laws.  The bishops' intervention came as the court heard oral arguments Tuesday in a trio of cases

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Chula Vista parents fight drag queens teaching kids
Oct. 4 letter from Mass Resistance

Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence at the Chula Vista event In two previous posts, we reported how MassResistance helped residents in Chula Vista, California (a suburb of San Diego) push back hard against the “Drag Queen Story Hour” scheduled for

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Archbishop Chaput warns about Fr. James Martin, S.J
In statement published on archdiocesan website, archbishop says of Martin there is "a pattern of ambiguity in his teachings" that undermines the faith and confuses the faithful

After Fr. James Martin, SJ, spoke at a Philadelphia university, the Archbishop of Philadelphia urged caution about the priest’s message, especially regarding the possibility that Catholic teaching on sexuality might change. “Father Martin has sought in a dedicated way

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Lawsuit reinstated against Catholic hospital
State appeals court says transsexual man can sue Mercy San Juan Medical Center for refusing to perform hysterectomy

The 1st District Court of Appeal in San Francisco ruled that a Sacramento-area transgender man can sue Mercy San Juan Medical Center over the last-minute cancellation of his hysterectomy, overturning a lower-court ruling that dismissed the case. Dignity Health,

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Study: No gay gene
What that means for Catholic morality depends on who you ask

After a major scientific study found there is not a singular genetic marker for homosexuality, a Catholic theologian explained that the findings are fully in accord with Catholic teaching. The study was published Aug. 30 in Science. It examined data

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Lesbian rabbi latest member of USF Ministry
Joins open homosexual Donal Godfrey, SJ on Catholic university's staff

On August 6, the (Jesuit) University of San Francisco introduced the newest member of the school’s University Ministry, “Rabbi-in-Residence” Camille Angel. From the press release: “For the first time in its 164-year history, the University of San Francisco has appointed

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Visalia parish gave kids ‘gender neutral’ option
Good Shepherd Parish had choice for students, now removed

A Catholic parish in California gave parents the option to register their children as “gender neutral” when signing them up for faith formation classes. Good Shepherd Catholic Parish in Visalia, whose pastor was recently put on administrative leave over

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“A direct attack on St. Joseph’s right to be a Catholic hospital”
Eureka hospital seeks dismissal of lawsuit filed by transgender patient who was denied a hysterectomy because it would have violated Church teachings

Attorneys for St. Joseph Hospital in Eureka filed a motion to quash a lawsuit alleging discrimination by the hospital for refusing to perform hysterectomy because the patient was transgender. The motion, filed July 12, claims the complaint fails to

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