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Inquiring Minds features interviews with California college students on religion and truth.

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Cuesta College: Christianity has evolved to where you don’t have to follow the Bible

Student says his Catholic faith and youth group are important to him, but still believes in gay marriage

Interview with Lyndon Livingston, who is studying film and TV entertainment, took place outside the cafeteria at Cuesta College in San Luis Obispo on April 8, 2019. Do you consider yourself religious? Lyndon: Yes, I do. I'm a Christian, I'm Catholic, same thing I think. Religion in many ways has helped me become who I am today through meeting new people, through my youth … [Read more...]

I’m Catholic and LGBT

Cal State LA student tries to keep his religious views, moral views, and political views all separate Interview with Alonzo, who is studying theatre, took place outside King Hall at Cal State LA on March 18, 2019. Do you consider yourself religious? Alonzo: Yes, I’m Catholic. It’s not like praying 24/7 or anything, but I consider myself religious and I go to Mass with my family at the cathedral when I’m … [Read more...]

Rio Hondo College: miracles happen

Two students explain how they don't believe in abortion except for cases of rape, and that miracles lead them to believe in God

Interviews with Maria Urbina and with Gildra, who is studying anthropology, took place in the Upper Quad and Lower Quads, respectively, at Rio Hondo College in Whittier on March 18, 2019. Maria California Catholic Daily: Do you consider yourself religious? Maria: Yeah. I consider myself Catholic. I go to church every Sunday. What do you think about the Church’s moral … [Read more...]

East Los Angeles College: perspective from a Catholic youth leader

Student explains that everyone will get to Heaven, and why we need a new chapter in the Bible

Interview with Ramiro Cervantes, who is studying history at East Los Angeles College, took place outside Bailey Library. California Catholic Daily: Do you consider yourself religious? Ramiro: Yes. I’m actually a youth leader at my local church, St. Mary’s in Boyle Heights, and I play a big role. I plan events. We have a big event this coming April 21 for Easter at the … [Read more...]

Compton College: Heaven isn’t REAL real

Two Compton College students explain their views on the afterlife and morality

Interviews with Karen, who is studying nursing, and Ivone, who is studying radiology, took place in the center quad at Compton College on February 20, 2019. Interview with Karen, nursing student   California Catholic Daily: Do you consider yourself religious? Karen: Yeah, I was raised going to church. I believe in God and the Virgin Mary. What do you believe … [Read more...]

Cerritos College: I’m a flexible Catholic

Cerritos College student explains role of religion in his own life

Interview with Cody, who is studying kinesiology, took place next to the Cerritos College Library on February 20, 2019. Do you consider yourself religious? Cody: Yeah. I believe in a God and that He has a lot to do with our world and what’s happened to us and what we’re planned to do in life. I believe that people can choose who they believe in, but, for me personally, I … [Read more...]

El Camino College: I’m a witch

Student explains how she left Christianity for atheism and witchcraft

This interview with Ashley, who is studying business and plans to go into real estate, took place in front of the El Camino College Music building in Torrance on February 20, 2019. Do you consider yourself religious? Ashley: I’m a witch. I don't really believe in any gods or anything like that. My being a witch has more to do with the power of my emotions than the whole … [Read more...]

Los Angeles Harbor College: you made us flip our perspective

Students answer questions about abortion

Part 2 of an interview with Rosemarie and Erin outside the Science Complex at Los Angeles Harbor College. February 6, 2019. Read Part 1 here. You said you hold the Catholic standards - does that mean you believe marriage is between one man and one woman and that abortion shouldn't happen? Erin: Yes, I kind of do follow the standards. I'm not really that strict on it. You … [Read more...]

Los Angeles Harbor College: just live your best life

Students answer questions about God, religion and the Afterlife

Part 1 of an interview with Rosemarie and Erin outside the Science Complex at Los Angeles Harbor College. February 6, 2019.  Do you consider yourself religious? Rosemarie: Yes. I'm a Christian and I believe in God. I also believe you should do things that are the best for the greatest amount of people. Yeah, just live your best life, one that's very morally good and just … [Read more...]

Long Beach City College: We don’t really go to church but we say we are

It's not my place to say what other people should or shouldn't do

      Leah, studying psychology Long Beach City College Liberal Arts Campus “E” Quad. February 6 Do you consider yourself religious? Leah: I'm not sure. Do you believe in any sort of higher being? Leah: I think there could be. I'm not sure. My family is religious but we're kind of like the bad religious where we don't really go to … [Read more...]