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Viewpoint discrimination at Cal State San Marcos
Are pro-life and other conservative groups getting treated unfairly?

Feminist and LGBTQ organizations at California State University-San Marcos together receive nearly $300,000 from the student government each year to spend as they wish, with no strings attached. Student clubs at the taxpayer-funded institution, including its Students for Life

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$270,000 to analyze oppression, power, and privilege
Once-Catholic Dominican University adds major in social justice

Dominican University, which began as a Catholic school and now considers itself non-denominational with a “Catholic tradition,” has added a new major. The major, focused on social justice, will become available to new students in the fall. The school

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Shakeup at John Paul II Institute
An attempt to impose Amoris laetitia?

More than 150 students at the Pontifical John Paul II Institute in Rome have signed a letter saying that newly approved statutes will undermine the institute’s mission and identity. “We want to express our greatest concern: the loss of

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Santa Clara University elects trustees
Four new members were chosen at the June board meeting of the Jesuit university

Four new members have been selected to join Santa Clara University’s Board of Trustees, bringing to 46 the number of individuals who help set policies and strategy for the 168-year-old University. The newly elected trustees, elected at the board’s

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Parents urged to assert their rights in sex education

Parents concerned about what their children are taught in sexual education classes in California’s public schools have resources at their disposal to assert their values. Raymond Burnell, director of education at the California Catholic Conference, said “it’s absolutely critical”

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“We’re the phoenix rising from the ashes”

When All Souls World Language School in Alhambra held its June 7 graduation, four 13-year-old eighth-graders were ready for promotion. That in itself was quite a feat. The Catholic school that began in 1921 as an integral part of

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L.A. archdiocese paper’s depressing diagnosis of California schools

The recent introduction of a radical sex education curriculum by California’s Board of Education has roused the ire of parents across the state, and ought to serve as a strong warning to the rest of the country. Books for 8-year

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California bishops back federal education bills

The California Catholic Conference advocates for the quality education of all public and private school children, especially for those who are poor and most vulnerable. Furthermore, the CCC affirms every parents’ right to direct, and to be fully engaged in, their

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St. John Paul II STEM Academy will open its doors on Aug. 14

From the outside, the replica of Independence Hall in Burbank will not be changed.  Yet inside the walls of Bellarmine-Jefferson High School’s campus, an extensive overhaul inside is currently underway, leading up to its reopening as St. John Paul II

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