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Newsom vetoes student I.D. bill
Doesn't trust schools to put Planned Parenthood info on student cards

Newsom:"There are many agencies across this state that refuse to give women information" (Photo: L.A. Times) California Governor Gavin Newsom has vetoed the highly-controversial AB 624, which would have mandated that student identification cards of children in grades 7

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Newsom signs bill forcing abortion pills on California colleges
First in the nation

  Newsom: "in California we are moving forward." (photo from KPBS) California will become the first state in the nation to require public universities to provide access to abortion pills on campus under a bill signed by Gov.

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Cool with abortion at Santa Ana College
I know we're all different

Students pass Tessman Planetarium Photo by Mary Rose/California Catholic<?i> Interviews with Diana, who is studying to be a pharmacy technician, outside Nealley Library and Andrea, who is studying design, beside the fountain at Santa Ana College on

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Orange County teacher chooses religious life
Moved by example of fellow workers

Christina Perry: "When Sr. Deliah invited me to visit their convent, I couldn’t refuse." (Photo by Challenge Roddie) Christina Perry is a middle school social science and religion teacher at St. Polycarp School in Stanton. She received her

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Santa Clara University’s new president cares about migrants
Oct. 11 inauguration includes panel on family separation, posada, clothing drive

Father O'Brien worked on border near Nogales Media are invited to attend a formal, celebratory ceremony installing Kevin O’Brien, S.J., as the 29th president of Santa Clara University... Delegates representing more than five dozen universities across the United States—including

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Chula Vista parents fight drag queens teaching kids
Oct. 4 letter from Mass Resistance

Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence at the Chula Vista event In two previous posts, we reported how MassResistance helped residents in Chula Vista, California (a suburb of San Diego) push back hard against the “Drag Queen Story Hour” scheduled for

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From an A- to a D-
UC-Davis student says professor nearly flunked her after she made pro-life brochure for people who are transgender and pregnant

At the University of California-Davis, a pro-life student claims she faced discrimination by a professor, in an incident that threatened her graduation. Brianna Mangat made a brochure for people who are “transgender and pregnant,” or trans men, for her Queer

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No local dignitaries, regional bishops, or long speeches
Poor East LA Catholic school gets much-needed facelift thanks to a $1.7 million grant from the Dorothy Shea Foundation; Our Lady of Talpa School opened in 1951

“They’re cutting it, they’re cutting it!” There were no local dignitaries, regional bishops, or long speeches on this September morning — just a nun with a big pair of scissors, and nearly 300 Our Lady of Talpa School students

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Teen starts crowdfunding campaign for struggling Catholic school
Divine Saviour Elementary School in Los Angeles aims to increase enrollment from 70 to 100

Call it divine intervention this past summer when 14-year-old Adrienne Usher had an email answered by Armando Carvalho, the second-year principal of Divine Saviour Elementary School in northeast LA. The Pasadena teenager who grew up attending Catholic schools was looking for

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“They” teaching dance at Richmond Catholic School
Ideological colonization at Salesian High

The August 2019 issue of the e-newsletter of Salesian College Preparatory High School in Richmond, CA, under the heading “Welcome to the Family” included the following: “KJ Dahlaw. KJ joins us from ODC, East Bay Center for the Performing

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