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San Francisco’s Mercy High to close
All-girls school founded in 1952

From Channel 7 TV story on school's closing One of the last all-women's catholic high school in San Francisco announced that it'll close its doors at the end of this school year. Mercy High School, founded in 1952,

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Muslims and NAACP join sex-ed fight in Sacramento
Dr. Ahmed Sobah to testify for Morrell bill on Wednesday

Dr. Ahmed Sobah, chairman of the Islamic Shura Council of Southern California (Photo from YouTube) An Islamic advocacy organization and a branch of the NAACP are joining together with Christian organizations from around California to support a bill requiring

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The Planned Parenthood agenda for L.A. schools
Same-sex emphasis in videos

The third couple Cal Catholic published a story on December 13 detailing Planned Parenthood "well being" centers at 50 Los Angeles County high schools.To get an idea of what the abortion giant means by well-being, one can look at

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Sex ed reform rally in Sacramento Jan. 15
SB 673 asks curriculum to be put online

Mike Morrell:"This sensitive material needs to be transparent.” (Photo from Parental rights and faith-based organizations from around California will be gathering at the state capitol next week to support a bill that prevents elementary schools from hiding

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Cardinal Burke criticizes global pact for schools
Vatican conference set for May, 2020

Cardinal Raymond Burke is calling on faithful Catholics to “stand up and give witness to the truth” of Jesus Christ’s Kingship in the face of the rise of Islam as well as the Vatican’s push for a "global pact" that will,

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“I’ll let you know if I get the raise”
UCLA professor wryly notes that Republicans, Protestants and Catholics are most under-represented groups on faculty at UCLA and other law schools

Stephen Bainbridge, a distinguished professor at the UCLA School of Law, posted to his website this week the text of his recently submitted diversity testimony. Bainbridge is “up for a merit raise at UCLAW this year,” and is thus required to

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L.A. archdiocese schools get SCOTUS scrutiny

The U.S. Supreme Court will decide two religious freedom cases concerning Catholic schools during its upcoming term, the court announced on Wednesday, Dec. 18. The court consolidated the cases Our Lady of Guadalupe School v. Morrissey-Berru and St. James Catholic

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Archbishop Gomez talks with religion teachers
They ask for inclusive messaging, social justice projects

The archbishop listens. (Photo by John Rueda) Archbishop José Gomez heard “catechized questioning” when he met with 75 Catholics at Bishop Alemany High School in Mission Hills. They and their principals were invited by the Department of Catholic Schools

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Planned Parenthood opening 50 Wellbeing Centers in L.A. high schools
Will train hundreds of teens to be “peer advocates”

The real agenda (Screenshot from Planned Parenthood website) Planned Parenthood is pioneering a new model of reproductive health services for Los Angeles County teens by opening 50 clinics at area high schools. The program — announced Wednesday and launched

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Slain Jesuits in El Salvador eulogized
USF's Father Godfrey says university rector was target

Nov. 17 Mass marked 30th anniversary of priests' deaths. (Photo by Dennis Callahan/Catholic San Francisco) Members of the University of San Francisco community gathered at St. Ignatius Church Nov. 17 to remember the lives and take inspiration from the

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