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L.A. archdiocese seminary celebrates 80 years
Juan Camarillo gave farm land for St. John's

From St. John's seminary website St. John’s Seminary opened its doors to about 70 students on September 12, 1939 on 100 acres of what had been farmland donated to the Archdiocese by Juan Camarillo. The seminary celebrated its

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Cardinal Sarah: Amazon Synod proposal contradicts Vatican II
Push by some Westerners an "insult to God"

Cardinal Sarah: "I fear that some Westerners are seizing this assembly to advance their plans," (Photo from visit to St, Michael', Toronto) The push by some Westerners to use the Vatican’s Amazon synod to advance their personal agendas

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Some states, including California, suing Little Sisters of the Poor again
Back to the Supreme Court

Little Sisters of the Poor outside Supreme Court, 2016. (Photo by Addie Mena/CNA) The Little Sisters of the Poor have filed a petition requesting that the Supreme Court affirm the religious exemption protecting them from having to comply

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San Francisco rosary rally draws hundreds
Football players lead eucharistic procession following Mass at St. Mary's Cathedral

Traffic came to a stop in San Francisco as hundreds walked in a Eucharistic procession down McAllister Street toward U.N. Plaza during the Rosary Rally on Oct. 5, part of an increased emphasis on public witness to faith. “To

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No ordinary visitor
Catholicos-Patriarch of the Assyrian Church of the East visits Christ Cathedral

The visitor to Christ Cathedral gazed in wonder at the interior of the church, the afternoon light filtering through the 10,000-plus quatrefoils above him.    “By the grace of God, we are all assembled here together,” he said in his native tongue, Syriac,

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Ideas come from philosophy that the family is the domestic Church
New marriage preparation program in Diocese of Orange emphasizes relationships and virtues

Parishes in the Diocese of Orange approach marriage preparation in the same way they have for many years – in fact, since my husband and I were married in 1985. Like Les and me, engaged couples can either choose

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“The collection was not even enough to buy a light bulb”
Venezuelan priests in Los Angeles reflect on plight of their homeland, look for ways to help

Only seven months ago, Father Miguel Acevedo was the pastor of the Church of Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria, in Caracas, where he was in daily contact with the misery and hunger that is gripping large swaths of the

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Breakdancing priests spread message at Catholic high school
Three California priests come together for unconventional method of ministry

Spreading their message in a unique way, three priests connected with students at Knoxville Catholic High School during an all-school assembly on Sept. 24. It was Spirit Week, so students and faculty were pumped up and ready for the energetic morning

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Pope Francis declares Sunday of the Word of God
Replaces Third Sunday in Ordinary Time on liturgical calendar

Pope Francis Monday declared the Third Sunday in Ordinary Time to be the Sunday of the Word of God in order to promote a closer relationship with holy scripture and its dissemination in the world. “A day devoted to

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Fr. James Martin, SJ is “encouraged, consoled and inspired”
Pope Francis grants 30-minute private audience to author of "Building a Bridge"

Pope Francis met Monday with Fr. James Martin, SJ, in a private audience in the apostolic palace inside the Vatican. Martin said on Twitter Sept. 30, that his meeting with Pope Francis lasted 30 minutes, and that he shared

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