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Clergy abuse leads to fall-off in visible acts of faith

As the U.S. Catholic bishops meet this week in an effort to turn the tide on the clergy abuse crisis, a new study reveals that a majority of Americans believe abuse at the hands of priests and bishops to be

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Dominican nuns ‘swept away’ by bees at Mission San Jose

Dominican Sisters of Mission San Jose Barbara Hagel and Jeanette De Young became accidental beekeepers after a friend offered the community a single beehive two years ago. Both said they have been “swept away” by what they have learned since

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Girlfriend led Fr. Quan Tran of Orange Diocese to priesthood

    Growing up in a “lukewarm Catholic family,” Fr. Quan Tran dutifully carried out his parents’ wishes that he pursue financial success. He studied law at Pepperdine University and then served for 10 years as an Orange County deputy

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