Catholic bishops (and cardinals) national and worldwide.

Baja bishops join California bishops at Christ Cathedral
Listen to ICE officials

Alta and Baja California bishops (Photo by Doug Morino) “....There was a strong desire from the other bishops, especially the ones from Baja,” said Bishop Timothy Freyer, auxiliary bishop of the Diocese of Orange, of their interest in seeing

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Bishop Cantu prays for poor, the homeless, the sick, pregnant women considering abortion
San Jose's Catholic leader cites John Henry Newman in preparation for Advent

Bishop Oscar Cantu, the youngest bishop in the U.S. when appointed auxiliary in San Antonio in 2008, was installed as San Jose's bishop in May, 2019. Dear brothers and sisters, ....As we reflect on God’s goodness and give thanks

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U.S. bishops remind author of John Paul II’s teacher at Angelicum
Charity and intelligence refute relativism

Archbishop Chaput responds to watering down opposition to abortion at Nov. 2019 bishops meeting This past week, during the general assembly of the US bishops, one bishop insisted that defending innocent life in the womb was not a “preeminent

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Bishop Soto may not use Twitter again
Blowback from vets on his immigration tweet

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops tweeted Tuesday (Nov. 12) that Bishop Jaime Soto thinks President Donald Trump’s recent action on immigration is a “betrayal” of U.S. veterans. Soto’s quote came from a Tuesday bishops meeting on immigration in Baltimore

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One third of U.S. bishops vote to soften abortion stand
McElroy and Cupich lead the charge to weaken policy

Bishop McElroy: “It is not Catholic teaching that abortion is the pre-eminent issue...." (Photo from Philly Catholic) American Catholic bishops showed Nov. 12 that the current pontificate has divided them on fighting abortion as a social justice priority, voting

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Archbishop Gomez now head of U.S. bishops
Influence of Opus Dei, John Paul II, Archbishop Chaput

Archbishop Gomez in Rome in September (Photo by Daniel Ibáñez/CNA) When he became a priest four decades ago, Archbishop Jose Gomez did not expect that he would one day lead the largest archdiocese in the U.S., or the country’s

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The real split among U.S. bishops
Concilium faction biding its time

Archbishop Gomez, though modest and a bridge-builder, falls squarely in the Communio school. (Photo by Victor Aleman) The U.S. bishops’ conference fall meeting is unlikely to offer any surprises to Church observers watching the assembly. In fact, while the

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Bishop McElroy brings Amazon to the U.S.
A "bunker mentality has arisen"

On November 6, San Diego Bishop Robert McElroy delivered the MacTaggart Lecture at St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas. In his talk, entitled “Rekindle the Fire,” Bishop McElroy discusses his experience attending the recent Pan-Amazon Regional Synod in Rome

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The anti-Cordileone priests
Archbishop more popular with younger clergy

Archbishop Cordileone leads the rosary at the Cathedral of St. Mary before Mass to conclude the Novena for Life Aug. 11 Simmering acrimony over the decision-making, communications and mindset of the much-watched seven-year episcopacy of San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore

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Bishop Barron avoids hot-button issues in Congress visit
Turns to “really deep and abiding points of contact"

Bishop Barron at Library of Congress (Credit: Joseph Gloor/Word on Fire) Lawmakers must rediscover their call by God to pursue justice, Bishop Robert Barron told members of Congress and staff on Tuesday. “In Catholic theology truth itself, goodness

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