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Benedict XVI name off celibacy book
Intense pressure on Pope-emeritus, Cardinal Sarah, and Archbishop Ganswein

Archbishop Ganswein: “A misunderstanding, without questioning the good faith of Cardinal Sarah.” (Photo from Business Insider) Pope-emeritus Benedict has requested that his name not be listed as the co-author of a new book defending the Church’s tradition of

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Cupich and McElroy and priesthood gibberish
Leftists today not as subtle

Cardinal Cupich, Bishop McElroy (Photo from We are, once again, being encouraged to “reimagine” not only priestly formation but the priesthood itself and the Church herself. I’ve been there, and it was a hell-hole of oppression by the

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Why McCarrick report may be delayed
New York and New Jersey statute of limitations

Cardinal Sean O'Malley on McCarrick report: “soon, if not before Christmas, soon in the new year.” (Photo from Catholic News agency) The news that Theodore McCarrick recently moved from the Kansas friary where he had been living has

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McCarrick’s largesse
Disgraced former cardinal sent $600,000 in cash gifts to high-ranking Vatican prelates

The disgraced former cardinal Theodore McCarrick sent more than $600,000 in cash gifts to Vatican officials and other influential prelates during his term as Archbishop of Washington, the Washington Post has revealed. A legendary fundraiser, McCarrick brought in $6 million in

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Cardinal Mueller in Phoenix: Church crisis man-made
Some long for Catholicism without dogmas

Cardinal Mueller: "We have cozily adapted ourselves to the spirit of a life without God." (Photo from CNA) The crisis facing the Catholic Church today has arisen from an attempt – even by some within the Church -

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Archbishop Gomez at Men’s Central Jail
“God loves you whether you’re a Lakers or a Clippers fan”

Archbishop Gomez made the rounds through the restrictive housing unit. (Photo by John McCoy/Angelus) When the Mass’s celebrant, Los Angeles Archbishop José H. Gomez, preaches on the significance of what the Church is celebrating today, the message of

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How to avoid Nuns on the Bus at your church

Sister Simone Campbell from the group Network (Nuns on the Bus) was the keynote speaker December 6 at the California Catholic Ministry Conference in San Jose. Participants came from the dioceses of San José, Monterey, Oakland, Stockton, Fresno, Salt Lake

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“Like peeling a scab off”
During ad limina visit in Rome, U.S. bishops pressure Francis on promised McCarrick report

American bishops from the Midwest met with Pope Francis last week with questions about the outcome of the Vatican’s investigation of Theodore McCarrick. “I did ask about the McCarrick situation. That was something that all of us were very

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Xavier Becerra will send subpoenas to all 12 California dioceses
To check on mandatory reporting compliance

Bishop Soto responds to attorney general's announcement. (Photo from Sacramento Bee) The Roman Catholic Diocese of Sacramento, along with the other 11 dioceses in California, will be subpoenaed for additional records as the state attorney general continues to investigate

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Baja bishops join California bishops at Christ Cathedral
Listen to ICE officials

Alta and Baja California bishops (Photo by Doug Morino) “....There was a strong desire from the other bishops, especially the ones from Baja,” said Bishop Timothy Freyer, auxiliary bishop of the Diocese of Orange, of their interest in seeing

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