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State’s stem cell agency down to its last $67.3 million

California Institute for Regenerative Medicine, created by 2004 initiative, expects to run out of cash later this year; hoping voters ok $5 billion more in bonds in 2020 election

California’s state stem cell agency is down to its last $67.3 million following a decision today to back research to enhance bone healing in elderly patients who undergo spinal surgery. The $4 million award went to Ankasa Regenerative Therapeutics following little discussion among members of the governing board of the $3 billion California Institute for Regenerative Medicine … [Read more...]

An edgy voice for the pro-life cause

CHOICE42 uses satire to flip pro-abortion arguments on their head It’s not your typical pro-life organization that puts out a video with a pregnant woman wearing a pink wig and, at one point, even sporting a pair of purple fairy wings as she mocks talking points made by the “pro-choice” movement. But perhaps that’s why CHOICE42 (Choice for Two) is so unique. In that video, which currently has … [Read more...]

Why build suicide nets?

Fr. Joseph Illo puzzles over California's decision to spend $220 million on suicide prevention while simultaneously legalizing assisted suicide

Yesterday I was riding across the Golden Gate Bridge with a friend. “They’ve begun building the suicide net,” I said, pointing over the left side of the roadway. We stopped our bikes to have a look. Amazingly, an entire superstructure had appeared beneath the bridge, suspended 230 feet above the Bay. After decades of debate, the City and County of San Francisco finally decided … [Read more...]

“A good day for California”

Archbishop Jose Gomez praises governor's decision to declare death-penalty moratorium

Statement of Archbishop Gomez on Gov. Gavin Newsom’s Imposition of a Moratorium on the Death Penalty in California  March 13, 2019 For many years now, my brother Catholic bishops and I have been calling for an end to the death penalty, not only in California but throughout the United States. So this is a good day for California and a good day for our country. There are … [Read more...]

40 Days for Life under way in San Francisco archdiocese

Pro-life vigils outside Planned Parenthood clinics in Redwood City and San Francisco scheduled March 6-April 12

Participants wishing to join the prayerful pro-life presence outside Planned Parenthood clinics in Redwood City and San Francisco during the annual 40 Days for Life campaign March 6-April 12 can sign up for time slots directly on the organization’s website. The global campaign, which began Ash Wednesday and ends on Palm Sunday, has collectively helped prevent almost 15,000 … [Read more...]

Bishop Kevin Vann: “we are losing any sense of what it means to be human”

Bishop of Orange challenges parishes to help women facing difficult pregnancies

Estimates suggest that here in the United States, over 60 million children have been aborted since abortion was legalized.  As I consider the newly signed legislation in New York, along with proposed legislation in New Mexico, Illinois, Vermont, Rhode Island, and Maine that would remove most restrictions, I cannot help but be concerned that we are losing any sense of what it … [Read more...]

California governor imposes death-penalty moratorium

Gov. Gavin Newsom will suspend the practice through an executive order, giving state's 737 death row inmates reprieve from execution

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) on Wednesday will impose an indefinite moratorium on carrying out the death penalty, arguing that the cost, finality and racial imbalance among death-row inmates make the punishment immoral and a public policy “failure,” according to planned remarks released by his office. Newsom will suspend the practice through an executive order that will … [Read more...]

Fresno State professor ordered to pay $26,000 to pro-life students

Prof. Greg Thatcher loses lawsuit after he and some of his students purposefully wiped away pro-life chalk messages written by Fresno State Students for Life

Nearly two years ago, Fresno State Professor Greg Thatcher and some of his students purposefully wiped away pro-life chalk messages written by the Fresno State Students for Life group. The chalk messages were approved by the university, but Thatcher decided to censor the pro-life message claiming that “free speech is free speech in the free speech area” and that “college … [Read more...]

Medicare for All measure would fund abortions

Calls for radical transformation of health care in the United States

Pro-life and pro-abortion advocates have responded to a bill introduced February 28 which would radically transform health care in the United States and provide government funding for abortion services through Medicare expansion. The Medicare for All Act of 2019 was introduced February 28 by Reps. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) and Debbie Dingell (D-MI). The bill is co-sponsored by … [Read more...]

Bill could require Planned Parenthood phone number on all student IDs

Legal experts say the legislation is clearly unconstitutional

Assemblymember Jesse Gabriel recently introduced AB 624, a bill that could put Planned Parenthood’s phone number in the pocket of every California student age 12 – 24. The bill requires every student identification card in the state to include the number of “a sexual or reproductive health hotline.” This new law would not just apply to the ID cards issued by public middle … [Read more...]